Carlypso helps people get the best car at the best price, in a really simple way.
Carlypso = a Technology, Sales, and Logistics Company.
Who we are
We are a tightly-knit group of folks who are passionate about changing an outdated industry. // We are makers of technology, masters in customer satisfaction, and logistics mavens. // We are aspiring chefs, amateurs racers, dog lovers, balling bowlers, and everything in between.
We’re a growing venture-backed company based in the Bay Area. The idea started at Y-Combinator, Silicon Valley’s finest start-up incubator (Dropbox, AirBnB, Stripe). Since then we’ve recruited a rockstar team focused on improving everything about the used-car buying experience.
Kerry Champion
Nicholas Hinrichsen
Chris Coleman
Julie O'Connor
Brendan Stiffle
Head of Operations
Check out what people are saying
I came across Carlypso when I was looking for a pre-owned car. It turned out to be a great decision. They worked tirelessly to find me the car I wanted in exactly the same color, trim, options, etc. When they found the car, they suggested that I bid lower than what I expected to pay. They won the car the next day and had it ready for me in 2-weeks. The car arrived in excellent condition. Working with Carlypso is a wonderful way to buy a car.
Christine, September 2016
For someone who doesn't have the time or frankly, the desire, to spend my weekends traveling from dealership to dealership shopping and test driving vehicles for that perfect fit, Carlypso is a gift from God. The whole process makes me think of the difference between shopping for say, bikes at REI vs Amazon. You go to REI if you enjoy shopping and testing the feel and fit of various bikes while you just go to Amazon if you know exactly what you want.
David, June 2016
I dreaded the process of buying a used car, mostly because I don't have the time to shop around for the best deal and don't trust dealerships. Buying my Jeep through Carlypso only took about 48 hours before I had purchased and financed a car with my exact specifications. They are easily the next Uber-type disruptor of the used-car business model and I'm a huge fan.
Tina, September 2016