Best Cargo net for pickup truck bed

7 Best Truck Bed Cargo Net Reviews

Are you looking for the best cargo net for a truck? Then you are on the right truck to protecting your cargo while on the go. It will keep your cargo tied down. It is especially useful if you have an open truck bed. The nets are normally strong, elastic, and secure and thus, you will be sure that it will come in handy to keep your cargo in place as you transport it. Getting the best one for yourself might be tough since there are thousands of them out there and thus making the selection a hectic one. Care has to be taken to ensure that, what you pick has good value for money and it will work well for you.

Comparison Of Cargo Net For Truck


Gladiator Cargo Gear SGN-100 Cargo Net - Small 4.75' x 6'

1. Gladiator Cargo Gear Cargo Net

  • Constructed from industrial-grade mesh
  • Features a ripstop mesh design
  • Heavy-duty and weather proof
  • Over 500 positive reviews

4.8 of 5 stars



2. Extra Short Bed Truck Cargo Net

  • Constructed from industrial-grade webbing
  • Features 4 straps with vinyl s-hook
  • Easy to attach
  • Mostly positive reviews

4.8 of 5 stars


Rakapak Rugged Truck Bed Cargo Net with Additional Elastic Net Included, 8 feet x 6.75 feet

3. Rajapaksa Rugged Truck Bed Cargo Net

  • Constructed from heavy-duty lightweight material
  • Features steel grommets
  • Storage bag included
  • Over 20 positive reviews

4.4 of 5 stars


4'x6' Super Duty Bungee Cargo Net for Truck Bed Stretches to 8'x12' | 12 Tangle-Free D Clip Carabiners | Small 4”x4” Mesh Holds Small and Large Loads Tighter

4. Super Duty Bungee Cargo Net For Truck Bed 4 x 6

  • Constructed from bungee cargo net
  • Features adjustable metal carabiner D clips
  • Storage bag included
  • Over 1,900 positive reviews

4.7 of 5 stars



5. Super Duty Bungee Cargo Net Stretches 22 x 38 Inches

  • Constructed from weather proof bungee cargo net
  • Features 2x2 inch tight mesh squares
  • Zippered storage bag included
  • Over 300 positive reviews

4.6 of 5 stars


6. Cargo Net Mictuning Heavy Duty Truck Bed Bungee

  • Cargo net with 5x5 mesh squares
  • Features 16 aluminum alloy carabiners
  • Stretchable and versatile
  • Over 300 positive reviews

4.6 of 5 stars


Truck Bed Cargo Net Organizer 4.75'x 6' | Heavy Duty Bungee Webbing, Adjustable & Rip Proof Mesh with Grommet Anchoring Points & Tarp | for Pickup Trucks,...

7. Truck Bed Cargo Net Heavy Duty

  • PP webbing reinforced cargo net
  • Features 26 grommet anchoring points
  • Stretchable and lightweight
  • Over 100 positive reviews

4.4 of 5 stars

Truck Cargo Net Reviews

1. Gladiator Cargo Gear Cargo Net

When in the market to purchase the best cargo net for truck, you can look at this particular one. It could be in a position to eliminate the risk of having to encounter hefty fine or chances of losing your precious cargo. It is one that can be able to keep your load covered and safe.

Its ease of use makes those who have used it to rate it highly. It could be working well because of having ripstop mesh in its design. Snags are likely going to be prevented due to the availability of the meshing which makes it be smooth while securing your cargo. It will be able to hold even the smallest item.

It is constructed from a mesh which is of industrial quality, meaning that, even if a puncture is made in the net, it is hard for it to continue to tear. The construction material is heavy duty and waterproof with edges which have a triple layer.


1. It is heavy duty

2. It is weatherproof

3. It secures the cargo well

4. It has great versatility due to having many connections

5. The small objects are secured and snags prevented


1. It can only be used on small trucks.

2. Extra Short Bed Truck Cargo Net

Though it is a small cargo net, it is a good one for you to consider purchasing to protect your cargo while on the move. It has four straps which have a buckle assembly that have each 20-inch cam and a vinyl S-hook to ensure that attaching it to the truck is very fast. Each individual strap has a 5K D-ring for it to offer strength that is a maximum of about 44 inches.

Its construction is made from webbing that is industrial grade which is likely going to provide strength which is maximum and to hold your cargo while transporting it from one place to the next, safe and secure. Its webbing strength is 10000lbs and it has a width of 2 inches and holes that are of 6x6 inches. This net size is 42 x 50 inches.


1. It is versatile

2. It is made from materials which are industrial grade

3. Good value for money

4. Provides strength which is maximum, holding cargo while it is in transit

5. Offers a fast attachment


1. The straps are not great as they at times get stuck in the gaps

3. Rajapaksa Rugged Truck Bed Cargo Net

I consider this particular truck bed cargo net to be one of the best to use in ensuring that your cargo will be secure while you are on the move. It has great features, quality, and functionality which ensures that there is the security of your load. It is one which allows for stacking your load on the bed of your truck while at the same time, being able to fasten it lightly down.

Its features include a corner tie down which will ensure that, your load is able to hold well, steel grommets which are durable to latch your net’s elasticity, heavy duty double stitch straps which are made of nylon materials; a carrying bag which will make it possible to store your cargo net when you are not on use. There is a strong D-string which, if you purchase this particular cargo net, will ensure that it holds your tie downs firmly as you are on the move.


1. It is heavy duty

2. It comes with a carry bag for storage

3. It is lightweight

4. It tends to be compatible with most of the beds of trucks

5. It has grommets which are durable due to steel construction


1. It is too heavy for small trucks

2. It tends to be too wide for some trucks

4. Super Duty Bungee Cargo Net For Truck Bed 4 x 6

With this particular truck bed cargo net, you will forget about individual ropes and bungees. And you will even forget about having to learn about the knot for a trucker.

It is a versatile, durable bungee cargo net and that is what has qualified it to be among my best cargo net for the truck. If you are moving, going camping, hitting the dunes, or making a dump run, then this could be what you should try out to ensure that your cargo is secure at the back of your truck.

With each net comes an adjustable metal carabiner D clips, 12 in number. This strength and versatility will give you a whole lot of control over how tightly your net will be over your cargo. It will prevent a tangled mess as the clips will close and ensure that, everything is intact.

The cargo is held down tightly and the small items will not be able to fall due to the fact that the net is made of a mesh netting of 4 x 4 inches. It is designed to fit on large loads on large trucks.

With each purchase, you are going to get a zipper bag to store it whenever you are not using it for easy storage. The bag is large enough so that you can easily fold the net and store it in.


1. The durability of heavy-duty superiority

2. Ideal for both small and large cargo items

3. It gives tangle free tie-down

4. Easy storage due to the availability of a storage bag

5. It comes with a lifetime guarantee


1. Cannot be used on small trucks

5. Super Duty Bungee Cargo Net Stretches 22 x 38 Inches

I recommend this particular cargo net due to the fact that it is constructed with  webbing materials which are at 5mm extra thick, which makes it be too long. It might one of the cargo nets for trucks which are thick. It tends to hold well even during weather conditions which are harsh.

Due to its 2x2 inch tight mesh squares, you can use it to ensure that you keep small things in your truck bed without them having to roll all over. It is a cargo net that is likely going to provide protection and strength even when it is stretched over the cargo which is large like ice chests and luggage.

It tends to be easy to strap it down on to your cargo due to the fact that, it has a free tie down and thus, you will simply have to move the clips from the square f the mesh from one to the next. it could be the perfect solution when you are carrying large loads, especially on a camping truck, moving or dumping on your truck or trailer.

When you purchase it, it will come with a zipper bag which you can use to store it whenever it is not in use. It has a lifetime warranty and thus, you don’t have to worry in case you get any defect after you have done your purchase.


1. It has a lifetime warranty

2. It comes with a zippered bag for storage

3. It is easy to use

4. Even in harsh weather, it holds strong

5. It can be used to hold both large and small cargo


1. It is too small for some trucks

2. Low-quality metal hooks

6. Cargo Net Mictuning Heavy Duty Truck Bed Bungee

Why did this particular truck bed cargo net find its way on my list of the best cargo net for a truck? Because of the properties that it possesses. It is a heavy duty cargo net with mesh 5x5 squares which easily stretches to 10 inches when holding large items.

It is a black cargo net which you can upgrade to ¼ inch thickness to be able to handle strong heavy loads, which also easily stretches to accommodate large items without having to tangle.

It comes with16 pieces of aluminum alloy carabiners which are sturdy, durable to fit around hooks. It is a cargo net which is versatile and you will be in a position to add a lot of options if needed to carry cargo on trucks, pickup, UTV, trailer, Jeep, ATV, boat, van, and many other places. It is good for most cargo carriers, vehicle rooftops, cargo hitch racks, luggage trucks, truck beds, and several other places.


1.It is a stretchable truck bed mesh

2. Can be accommodated in various trucks

3. Suitable for all types of occasions

4. It has a reliable sturdy carabiner

5. It offers flexible towing


1. Carabiners not strong for heavy duty cargo

7. Truck Bed Cargo Net Heavy Duty

Though last on my list, it doesn’t make it any less best cargo net for trucks. It is one that is designed to ensure that, your travel and life are facilitated to the maximum. It has 26 grommet anchoring points which are inside and around. It is important that, if you decide that this is the cargo net for you, then choose the fixed points and shape according to your truck bed size.

With this particular cargo net, then you will have to forget about the hassle of a tangled up net and webs of cargo as it will do all the organization for you.  your carry cargo and travel gear will be organized on the sport once you place them in this cargo net. It is great for moving home boxes, grocery shopping bags, suitcases and much more.

Its high quality, being PP webbing reinforced, and rip resistant, this cargo net will be able to withstand heavy-duty use. It is sturdy, lightweight, easy to use, tangle free, store, carry along and pack


1.It can fit anywhere that you want it to due to being stretchable

2. It will organize your cargo in the shortest time possible

3. It has a webbing which is rip resistant

4. It will definitely conform to your needs of carrying your cargo safely

5. It will make your cargo on your truck bed, risk-free as it will not fall while on transit.


1. Grommets are weak especially on large cargo

Features To Consider In Good Trunk Cargo Nets

When you are moving with cargo in your truck, it is important that you ensure you are using the best cargo net for a truck to keep them secure. That is the best way that will make it possible for you to safely and securely transport your cargo from one place to the next. Though there are several options which you can choose from, you need to have the criteria for choosing the best from the rest.

1. Fastener Attachments

How you are going to fasten the net will determine whether it is a good choice or not. There are those which come with a mechanism to utilize in order to make it tight to your truck and ensure that the cargo is safe. This can be in the form of a buckle or ratcheting system. Some of the various types of straps which you should consider when you are buying your cargo nets include:

▶︎ Cum buckle strap: This type has a buckle with a thumb release which you will be able to press while feeding the strap and at the same time pulling it until you feel that it has become tight enough. Once you release your thumb, the teeth will bite each other on the strap, thereby preventing it from moving.

▶︎ Retractable ratchet straps: As compared to the other types, it gives a better way to deal with the strap which is unused. Any strap which is unused is stuffed into the housing.

▶︎ Ratchet straps: Its mechanical pro is better due to the fact that it will give you leverage when you are tightening your cargo. On one end, there is a ratcheting assembly which is able to open and enable you to be able to insert the net end and then close it. You can use the lever to ensure that your net is tight on the cargo to your satisfaction.

▶︎ Truck winch straps: When you are trying to handle cargo which is heavy duty, this might be the straps for your cargo net. One part of the strap is normally fitted to the cargo net which then is attached to the anchor of the truck. The other end is winched using a winching system.

2. Strength Capacity

You have to pay attention to the amount of cargo the net is going to handle. This is because, if you give the cargo net more weight than it can handle, then during use, it is likely going to come out.

Ensure that you check out for the working load limit of the net which you are about to purchase because it is the one which is going to determine the amount of weight which it will safely accommodate. The cargo amount need not be greater than the weight of the net which you are planning to use.

3. Getting One With Pockets

When you get a cargo net which has pockets, it becomes more advantageous to you as it increases the storage capacity of the product. You will be able to use the pockets to store some things and thus, ensuring that your truck bed is organized. You will have less worry about things being thrown around when you are driving.

4. Perfect Fit

It has to be a perfect fit for your vehicle model. If you are planning to buy a vehicle fit, it might be expensive for you and thus, I would advise you to go for a universal one. But before you purchase, ensure that you take the measurements of your truck to ensure a good fit. I would recommend that you ask the manufacturer or brand whether the product is going to fit the model and make of your vehicle.

5. Length Of The Cargo Net

You have to consider the length of the cargo net which you are purchasing. If you purchase one which is too short, it will not be able to go over the cargo and thus, not secure it very well. If the net happens to be wider than your cargo, it could be loose and thus, during transportation, become loose and in the process, the cargo will be damaged.

 But some nets are made in such a way that, when they are too long, you can easily be able to adjust it in order to fit your cargo size. This means that you are better purchasing a larger net than a smaller one.

6. Budget

Ensure that what you are buying is within your budget. It doesn’t add up that the most expensive cargo net is the best. Just check out if it meets your needs and if it is within your budget, then go for it.  In most instances, the expensive cargo nets are normally like that due to the fact that they are following a certain vehicle’s specification. It is possible for a car manufacturer to charge you more for a product which you can get for a cheaper price. Do your research well.

7. Pick According To Your Specific Needs

You might be requiring a cargo net for heavy duty cargo and thus, the need to be careful to choose one which is very sturdy. For heavy duty use, you will require a cargo net that is strong and sturdy. It will need to have extra support.

Most of the truck cargo nets in the market are made for day to day use such as ensuring that the groceries are kept in place and thus not suitable for heavy-duty use. So if you have a specific use in mind, you will need to buy a cargo net which is designed just for that. You have to know its function before you buy.

8. Weather Protections

There are cargo nets which come with built-in tarp elements to help protect your cargo from weather elements. And if you think that is important for you, then check out for the feature. You have an option of just tarping over your load and ensuring that you strap your cargo net on top of it.

9. Don’t Plan To Drill Holes

There are cargo nets which will require you to drill some extra holes when installing them and thus, a need to drill a hole to accommodate them. If that is not your idea of a cargo net, then avoid such cargo nets. Purchase one which comes with adhesive tape or attachment hooks.

10. Color

Most of the cargo nets tends to be in gray or black color. This is due to the fact that the two colors ensure that sunlight doesn’t distract and reflect other drivers. In case you get cargo nets which are in other different colors, I would recommend that you stick with the standard colors.

11. Materials

Most of the cargo nets are constructed from synthetic fabric mesh made out of polyester. This type of material is sturdy and durable, but at the same time, stretchable.

When you choose a cargo net, you are supposed to know whether its material is tear resistant and long lasting. This is due to the fact that the synthetic material which most cargo nets are made from, tend to be quite resilient. And thus, no need to worry about the material unless you see specifics such as “ made from cotton material”.

The Importance Of Cargo Nets And Installation Step

1. They Are Flexible

Using cargo nets offers flexibility the way they are shaped, make them the best to use when holding down oddly or unevenly shaped loads. This is a great benefit bearing in mind that, most of the time, you are hauling items which might be hard to strap down without the cargo net.

2. Transparency

Due to the fact that the cargo nets help in seeing through them, you will easily be able to check on your cargo. It is also easy to slip extra items under the net without having to remove it, thus, offering convenience.

3. Heavy Duty

Lots of cargo nets which are on the market tend to be able to hold heavy duty and thus the heavy loads will be held with ease. You have to ensure that, you get one that is high quality especially if you are into hauling heavy objects. The material of constructions makes the difference in whether the net is durable or not.

4. UV Protected

Unlike chains, ropes, and bungees, most of the cargo nets which are available on the market are UV protective which makes them not to disintegrate in the sun. This makes them be more durable than other options.

5. Convenience

When it comes to strapping cargo on your truck bed using cargo nets, it is easier as compared to using bungees, ropes, or any other device. They are easy to detach and attach yet at the same time, secure. When you are frequently unloading and loading, it makes everything easier.


Whenever you secure your load on your truck, imagine the worst scenario and then prepare accordingly. When you lose your load while on the road could be like losing money, cause danger to you and other road users and it might be dangerous to the other drivers. Ensure that when you are buying the best cargo net for truck, get one that will make it possible for your load to be safe in the truck.

Get to check the weight rating on the anchor points to be sure if it will be able to handle the type of cargo that you will be carrying. Buy a good quality cargo net to avoid unnecessary hazards. Never forget to stop along the way when you are on the road, just to check if your cargo is still holding well in the cargo net especially if the weather is bad or you are on a long trip.


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