Best Come Along Winch – Buying Guide and Reviews

Best Come Along Winch – Buying Guide and Reviews

Why get the best come along winch for yourself? It is likely going to make your work easier and also save time and effort. You will mostly need it if you are involved in automobile, construction or tree care businesses just to mention but a few.

Although the come-along winch is great, using it might become a nightmare if you happen to use it in the wrong way or if you purchase a poor quality one. There is a lot which might go wrong as far as come along winches are concerned. Things like bodily injury, finger amputations, and even death can result if you don’t use it properly. And in most instances, it is when you use a poor quality come along winch which might put your life in jeopardy as they are not safe to use.

There is a variety of them in the market and thus, you have to be careful before you settle for any of them. Here are some of what I think might just do the perfect job for you.

Comparison Of Come Along Winch


TEKTON 5547 4-Ton Dual Gear Power Puller

1. Tekton Dual Gear Power Puller 5547 4 - Ton

  • Constructed from hardened all steel with galvanized finish
  • Can work as a single or double line
  • 2000 lbs. rate on single line and 4000 lbs. rate on double line
  • Over 600 positive reviews

4.2 of 5 stars


Maasdam Pow'R Pull A-100 3/4 Ton Capacitty Rope Puller with 100' of 1/2

2. Maasdam Pow’r Rope Puller

  • Dacron polyester rope with 1500 lifting load capacity
  • OSHA approved safety latches
  • Non-slip plastic grip
  • Over 100 positive reviews

4.6 of 5 stars


Neiko 02256A Power Cable Puller, Dual Gears | 5-Ton Pulling Capacity

3. Neiko Power Cable Puller

  • Constructed from high-end steel with zinc-plated gears
  • 5-ton lifting load capacity
  • Non-slip PVC coated grip
  • Over 300 positive reviews

4.3 of 5 stars


ABN Heavy-Duty Hand Puller with Cable Rope - 4 Ton Capacity, Dual (2) Gear, 3 Hooks - Come Along Cable Puller Tool

4. Heavy Duty ABN Hand Puller With Cable Rope

  • Constructed from heavy-duty gauge flat steel stock 
  • Features a 12-inch aircraft-grade cable
  • Non-slip 17-inch steel ratchet handle
  • Over 200 positive reviews

4.1 of 5 stars


Maasdam Pow'R Pull A-50 3/4 Ton Capacitty Rope Puller with 50' of 1/2

5. Maasdam Pow’r Rope Puller

  • Dacron polyester rope with 3/4 ton lifting load capacity
  • OSHA approved safety latches
  • Non-slip plastic grip
  • Over 70 positive reviews

4.3 of 5 stars


Torin Big Red Come-Along Double Gear Hand Cable Puller with 3 Hooks: 4 Ton (8,000 lb) Capacity

6. Torin Big Red Chrome Cable Puller

  • Constructed from high-end steel
  • Features a double claw and a double wheel
  • 4-ton weight capacity
  • Over 100 positive reviews

TR Industrial Portable 4-Ton Dual Gear Power Puller

7. TR Industrial Dual Gear Power Puller

  • Constructed from hardened steel with galvanized finish
  • Features an aircraft-grade braided cable
  • 4-ton weight capacity
  • Over 200 positive reviews

4.3 of 5 stars


3 Ton Ratchet Puller With 35' Of 5/16

8. Wyeth 3 Ton Ratchet Puller

  • Constructed from iron and steel materials
  • Features a synthetic amsteel blue rope
  • 3-ton weight capacity
  • Over 80 positive reviews

4.9 of 5 stars

Come Along Winch Reviews

1. Tekton Dual Gear Power Puller 5547 4 - Ton

It is a one-handed effort ratcheting gear pulley system which allows for you to be able to pull heavy loads. It has locking pawls and dual gears which distribute pulling forces evenly across the come-along winch. The construction is of hardened all steel and a galvanized finish which is corrosion resistant.

This is a complete value for money tool with a ratchet capacity of being able to pull 4 tons and can be used as both double and single line. It is rated at 8000lbs. On a single line, it rates at 2000lbs while on a double line it rates 4000lbs. according to the rating, it can be a good tool for farm use, small construction, and landscaping.

It is very easy to use and has self-closing hooks which ensure that the cable is well secured. Most of its parts are made of steel and thus,  you can use it in all weather types which is a good sign. The grip of the ratchet is comfortable and it is hard for it to slip.

When you are working with the ratchet, it will be able to take the load once a notch at every minute which ensures that the load is well secured.


  • Value for money
  • Works as both single and double line
  • All parts are made of steel
  • Self-closing hook
  • Corrosion-resistant finish


  • It can only take a maximum load of 2000lbs

2. Maasdam Pow’r Rope Puller

If this is the puller you will decide to purchase, then it is good to know that, it has a top-notch and durable rope which is used for pulling everything. It can load materials, recover vehicles, move and lift logs, pull up stumps and trees, move trailers and boats, lifts and move furniture, and clear from sites the debris.

It has a rope which lifts and pulls objects. The rope is free from wear and tear due to the fact that it is made up of dacron polyester. It has a capacity of lifting up to 1500 load capacity.

Due to the fact that it is a rope winch, with the help of the ratchets, you can get unlimited rope length. Being a rope puller, in a winch which is cable pulling, the drum will be able to winds a length of cable which is fixed on to it but in a rope puller like this one, you can use length which is unlimited as there is no winding the drum. The ratchets help pull the rope.

The rope is durably made with strands of poly dacron. It is wear and tear-free and thus, you will not encounter shreds or cuts coming out of it even after using it extensively.  And because it uses a rope and not a cable, its flexibility is improved making it easier to do both pulling and lifting. But you will need to be cautious when doing the lifting.

It has a handle made out of non-slip materials that ensures that you get a strong grip even when the weather is unfavorable. The comfortable and flexible handle means that you will not have to deal with pain and fatigue when you use it for a very long time.

The safety latches on this come along winch are recommended by OSHA and thus, you are sure that, you are dealing with a safe product.


  • It offers a firm grip
  • It offers flexibility
  • The safety latches are OSHA approved
  • The rope is durable
  • It has an unlimited length of rope


  • At times the rope slips

3. Neiko Power Cable Puller

If you are in the market looking for a power puller which will be able to pull heavy loads then this could be one of the best choices for you. You can widely use it for construction, farming, and any other tasks which involve moving loads which are heavy.

It is constructed from high-end steel with gears made of zinc plated, and hooks which are resistant to rust. That is why this particular come along winch is able to last for a longer time and its durable.

You can use it to pull up to 5 tons of heavy load very easy. But when handled single-handedly, it can be unable to perform as what other powerful pullers do. What makes it be powerful is the double geared lock which balances the weight and force, distributing it equally to the gears to make it easy to pull the heavy loads.

It is a tool which is ratchet handled, having PVC coating to ensure that you get the ultimate results of a handle which is nonslip. This makes it hard for it to slip from your hand. It might be the best come along winch when you know how to use it. In case you don’t operate it well, then it might prove to be difficult to use.


  • The handle comes with a non-slip PVC coat
  • It can bear easily 5-ton load
  • The load is evenly distributed to both the gears to enhance ease pull off
  • Hooks and gears are rust-resistant
  • It is easy to use if you know how to operate it


  • Tough to use for newbies
  • The handle is not very durable

  • 4. Heavy Duty ABN Hand Puller With Cable Rope

    It is a come-along winch which is at 4000 pounds. It is made from heavy-duty gauge flat steel stock material, and the pawl and ratchet are constructed from steel. The hooks tend to be drop forged to offer strength and there is a spring latch which is included for extra safety.  Its cable is 12-inch aircraft material.

    The above features make it ideal to use for tasks such as tightening fences, moving equipment which is heavy, removing tree stumps, or having to winch a boat into a trailer. It has a 3 plate high strength ratchet and a pawl system that might make it suitable for use also for farming and landscaping.

    It is a come-along winch which is operated by a 17-inch steel ratchet handle that has a nonslip, cushioned rubber grip, which allows for easier and more productive operation.


    • It is affordable
    • Safety measures in place
    • 12 inches aircraft cable
    • Comfortable grip
    • 3 hooks for a variety of application


    • Hooks bend easily after a few uses

    5. Maasdam Pow’r Rope Puller

    It is a model which is less heavy duty with a 50 inch of ½ inch rope which is longer for flexible reach. It will be able to protect and conform to your load. You will have trouble-free, positive control notch a time which will make it a bliss to use it.

    The safety latches are OSHA recommended and thus, you will use it knowing very well that, it is a product which has placed safety first. The hooks stay connected while it is in use to add to its safety.

    The handle is made of non-slip plastic materials making it hard to slip and thus, you are sure that, you will be in control of the come-along winch while it is in use. The grip is comfortable and thus, it reduces the hand fatigue.

    The rope is constructed from wear-resistant dacron polyester braided or twisted. It can accommodate the unlimited length of rope and thus, great for recovering vehicles, handling logs, securing materials on trucks, moving trailers and boats, clearing debris and transporting furniture. It is a product which is made in the USA.


    • Made in the USA
    • Constructed from dacron polyester material which is tear-resistant
    • The rope can accommodate the unlimited length
    • The handle is made from non-slip plastic materials
    • Latches are OSHA approved


  • It is not of high quality

  • 6. Torin Big Red Chrome Cable Puller

    It is a 4-ton puller which is capable of pulling up to 8000 pounds of load. You will find it mostly being used by construction workers, ranch workers, farm and home projects, workshops, and automotive use.

    It is a heavy come along winch due to the high-end steel material that it is constructed from which in the process, makes it more durable. It is a product which is meant to last longer. On the negative, it is too heavy and thus, you might find it problematic to operate it.

    But if most of the time you are dealing with heavy-duty jobs, then this could be your choice of the puller. As it is a power puller meant for a heavyweight, it comes with dual gears to be able to distribute the force evenly and thus, minimizing the stress which the winch is able to go through. This promotes safety as you will not have to put in a lot of effort on the handle to remove the tension in the cable.

    Its cable is strong and it is very hard for it to break under extreme force and stress. It has a ratchet system which is able to work in a manner which is safe, with a handle offering a grip that is firm to you to reduce fatigue.


    • Affordable
    • 4 tons capacity of weight
    • Double claw and double wheel
    • Durable cable
    • Heavy duty to handle heavy loads


  • Too heavy to operate
  • Cable length short at only 5 feet long

  • 7. TR Industrial Dual Gear Power Puller

    It is a come-along winch which is made to be able to provide you with the ability to be able to move about 4 tonnes. With a tool that weighs less than ten pounds, it can give you eight thousand pounds. It is a bit lighter as compared to some of the winches that are in the market.

    In case your vehicle gets stuck in mud then this come along winch can be able to sort you out by pulling back the vehicle onto the solid ground. Being compact, you can easily store it behind your truck seat so that, you carry it wherever you go just in case you need it.

    In case you want to move a large weight, you will need a tool which you are sure that, it will not break or buckle under the load’s pressure. This particular come along winch is designed in such a way that, it is strong. It is constructed from hardened steel and thus, it can be able to handle any strain you put it under. It has a galvanized coating to ensure that, you don’t have to worry about corrosion or rust.

    The cable is made out of aircraft-grade which is ¼ inch but it can as well handle up to ½ inch chains. The hooks which are 3/8 inch are drop forged and have a latch for safety purposes which will ensure that the load is well secured.


    • It can move 4 tons
    • It is lighter
    • It doesn’t break or buckle under pressure
    • Braided cable made from aircraft-grade material
    • Safety latches to keep the load securely in place


    • Cable not very long

    8. Wyeth 3 Ton Ratchet Puller

    In case you are looking for a much bulkier design of a come-along winch, then this might just be your pick. Made from iron and steel, it is much bulkier, weighing 24 lbs. it features a 5/16 inches synthetic amsteel blue rope which has an impressive length of about 35 feet. This makes it very suitable for various uses.

    The amsteel blue is believed to be stronger as compared to cable but at the same time lighter. It is constructed from a single 12 strand braid of SK fiber Dyneema with a coating of Samthane. All of these makes it be easier to use and operate, eliminating the risk of whiplash which is associated with cables.

    The ratchet has a capacity of moving 3 tons of deadlift weight and 6 tons of drag and pull weight. The construction is solid, thus making it be durable and long-lasting. In case the rope was to snap, unlike the cable, the backlash will not cause any serious injuries.


    • One of the safer models on the market
    • Impressive length of the rope at 35 feet
    • Samthane coating
    • It is easier to operate and use
    • It is a heavy-duty rope which is durable


    • The amsteel blue rope at times refuse to wind properly

    What Is A Come Along Winch And How To Use?

    A come-along winch is an equipment which allows you to be able to pull weights which are heavy using a ratcheting gear pulley system. They are usually made of metal and feature coil, strong cable or rope which is able to coil gradually using a handle. This makes it possible for you to move the objects slowly. There are various applications which you can use them for including loading trailers, installing equipment, construction and clearing debris.

    How To Use It

    To use a come-along winch you only require the object which you want to move and an object which is stationery and strong, which you can be able to attach the other side of the winch to obtain tension.

    You will have to decide on your stationary object before you commence your operation of winching. To be able to use the come-along winch, you have to use a chain in order to secure the hook which is at the end of the cable to the object which you want to move.

    The free spool lever has to be depressed and the cable has to be let out until you are in a position to reach the object which is stationary. You will have to use another chain to be able to attach the fixed hook which is at the opposite end of your winch to this object and be able to use the handwheel to ensure any slack is removed.

    To be able to winch, you will have to stand on the lever side, then move the handle to and fro to ensure the cable is leveraged and slowly, you will have to move the load which is heavy. As a result of mechanical advantage, you will be in a position to move much heavier weights than you would ordinarily be able to move. This normally applies to the single rigging set up. There are some come along winch which will allow you to double up the cable to be able to increase the force which is applied to the weight, and in the process, give you a greater mechanical advantage. This will in the process, halve the length of the cable.

    Come-Along Tool Basics

    With a lot of construction going on, there is a need for you to be able to move heavy loads and objects. With lighter objects, you can easily move them using manpower. But once they become heavy, you will require something like the come-along winch for worker safety and effectiveness.

    Also referred to as a power puller, a come-along winch is a device which is handheld which can lift objects and conveniently pull. It operates using a ratchet and a winch system and is beneficial to use in various situations which call for pulling such as putting up fences, logging, or pulling items which are heavy to a location which you desire them to be.

    It is important that you understand how to use a come-along winch by having much knowledge of what type of winch it is. Since its inception in 1922 by Abraham Maasdam, it has undergone a lot of modifications with each of the changes bringing into the market different models. A few of the models involves the wire cable, the strap, and the rope with each model having its own pros and cons.

    It is commonly used together with pulleys and levers and thus, making a two man’s job into a one man’s job. The hooks are constructed from steel with other steel parts being heavily plated. It is important to note that, due to the fact that it will allow the wires to be able to be tightened without too much damaging tension on the device, it might be the best for this type of job.

    When you are using the come-along winch to remove a tree root, you will have to attach one of the cables to a stationary object while the other one to the root. The lever is then cranked to be able to remove the root. The dirt which is around the stump has to be first of all loosened to make the removing easier. The cable has to always be tightened when you are pulling something which is heavy from the ground. For the purpose of safety, it is important that you wear gear and make sure that you stand aside while turning the crank lever.

    A come-along winch normally has a catch and cog. The catch has always to be used for safety reasons. A latch is always present and has to be removed from the hinge when the winch cable has tension.  You can remove the tension by using a lever and relieving the tension which is in the cable cord. To avoid any slipping when the notch is released, you will have to fit the lever into the notches.  This will make it possible for you to create leverage.

    Depending on the type of construction that you are performing, you can utilize a come-along winch to apply a lot of pressure to the object which is being removed. When you want to wind the cable up, you will have to use the ratchet wheel and the lever. When you move the weight using the pulley, the object decreases by at least a half. The winch lever length will assist you in being able to determine the various mechanical advantages.

    Benefits Of Come Along Winch

    There are various benefits which come with using a come-along winch. They are allowed to pull weights which in normal circumstances, it could be hard for you to pull. Here are some of the benefits which you will get:

    1. Move Heavy Equipment

    You can use a come-along winch to be able to move and install equipment which is heavy like in an office or factory environment.

    2. Recover Vehicles

    One of the most useful applications of a come-along winch is to move vehicles which are stalled like the ones involved in an accident or are stuck in the mud. This will in the process, save you expensive fees of having to recover your vehicle.

    3. Clearing Debris

    You can use the come-along winches to clear large heaps of debris like after a flood or storm.

    4. Landscaping

    Another use for a come-along winch is in the area of landscaping. This is mostly in the moving and felling of trees and tree stump which you might have found hard to move on your own.

    5. Load Onto A Trailer

    You can use it to load cargo or vehicle onto a trailer and secure them well for transportation. There are some come along winches which are designed specifically for the purposes of loading boats on trailers.

    6. Tighten Belts

    You can use a come-along winch to be able to tighten belts such as conveyor belts. It will do it more tautly than you would do it using your necked hand.

    7. Construction

    During construction, come along winches can become very helpful. Especially where heavy materials and furniture supporting windows or walls may need to be lifted carefully into a certain place.

    Come Along Winch Safety Tips

    When using a come-along winch to lift heavy weights, it can be very dangerous and thus, it is important to know some of the safety tips which you need to adhere to.

    1. Ensure You Observe The Maximum Weight Limits

    You should never try to use a come-along winch to move heavier weights than the maximum recommended allowance. If you do so, then there is a possibility of causing the handle to bend, cable to snap or parts to fly off. All which in the process, could result in serious injuries.

    2. Use Chains

    To attach the hooks to your stationary and moveable parts, use chains. In case either of the objects happens to move unexpectedly, the extra tension will be able to transfer to the chain and not to the cable in your come-along winch. It will also be good to lay a chain or any other object which is weighty, over the cable while it is in operation. In case of the cable snaps, it will be forced safely back into the ground by the chain instead of rebounding back into you and in the process, causing injuries.

    3. Check The Cable

    You will have to do a visual check of your come-along winch and the rope or cable before you start using it on any load. If you see signs of wear and tear, of a cable which is fraying, then you should not use it as there is a likelihood of the cable snapping under pressure.

    4. Be Aware Of Your Hands

    There are various moving parts made from metal in your come along winch especially around the drum which could be harmful to your fingers. Ensure that, when you are operating it, you keep your hand clear from the gears especially when you are removing cable tension after you are done with an operation to avoid them being caught.

    5. Use Only Manufacturer-Approved Parts

    In case a part in your come along winch breaks, you should only make a replacement using the recommended spare parts by the manufacturer. If you start using non-recommended parts, there is a likelihood of reducing the safety factor of your come-along winch.

    Features To Consider When Buying A New Come Along Winch

    When purchasing any product, you will have to understand what factors you will have to consider that affect its functionality. You don’t have to go for the most priced or premium product, instead, get one that will help you in achieving the results you are looking out for. For a come-along winch, you might be looking out for one which can work in all types of weather or one that could be able to handle the highest level of load limit.

    Here are some of the factors which I consider might be important to check out before you settle for one of the best come along winch.

    1. Capacity

    When it comes to a come-along winch, capacity is very important. Its main work is to be able to hold or pull an object. So before you settle for one, you must be in a position to know what load you are going to use it on. In case you are going to use it on home improvement project or just gardening, then a 2000lbs pulley capacity will do the job. But if you are going to use it to pull vehicles or on a construction site, then you will have to get one that has a capacity of 4000lbs or more.

    2. Material

    The material which is used to manufacture the come-along winch is important for durability and security of the tool. Most of the come-along winch which is considered to be the best are made from steel which is hardened, and which is corrosion resistant and durable.

    For the cable wire, the material is normally different. You can get it constructed from steel which is aircraft grade that is tough material in terms of strength. Apart from the steel, there are manufacturers who use a layer of galvanized to ensure that the material is corrosion-resistant. When you are purchasing a come-along winch, ensure that the parts are made of steel which is hardened and the cable is constructed from aircraft-grade steel.

    3. Electric Vs Ratchet

    Whenever you are in the market to purchase the best come along winch, you will find options for electric and ratchet pulley.

    A ratchet pulley is one which is mechanical, using a ratchet to be able to pull the cable using a system of gear. Most of the puller which is heavy-duty are ratchet types as they are in a position to withstand extreme working conditions and heavy loads. You will have to come close to the puller in order to operate it

    An electric puller is the one which allows you to be able to stay away from the zone which is dangerous due to the fact that, you will be in a position to operate remotely. There are some which are connected to a battery and operated using a remote. Most of the electric come along winch don’t have a high load capacity when compared to the ratchet type.

    To choose either the ratchet or electric type, you will first of all, have to look at your needs. If the load is above 4000lbs, then you will have to go for a ratchet puller but if it something which is lower, then you can consider purchasing an electric puller.

    4. Price

    It is important to consider the price of the winch which you are going to purchase beforehand and most especially if you are on a tight budget. You could be willing to pay a higher price for a high premium come along winch but at the same time, it is important that you stick to your budget. Combine the budget together with a come-along winch which will be able to do the job for you.

    5. Durability

    Tools build to last are the best in any field. It is important that you choose a come-along winch which can be able to hold up to use which is intense for a longer period of time.

    This is also necessary for the sake of safety. You will want to use the tool, feeling secure knowing that, it is not going to snap or break while you are in the middle of doing a job. The best should be durable, able to do the job for a longer time.

    6. Cable wire

    The weakest point of come along winch is the cable which is used. If it is not made for certain types of load, it is definitely going to snap very fast. So before you purchase any puller, ensure that you know the load maximum rate for it. This will eliminate the chance of pushing the cable to its limit

    7. Ease of use

    Come along winch operate by use of your hand. That is why ease of use is an important factor to consider when you are selecting it. Choose one which is straightforward to attach, crank, and set up. While each come along winch requires that you grease it to operate, it is still possible to make it as easy as possible to operate.

    8. Length

    Apart from its built, you will need to consider the length. In the market, there are two types of length for come along winch; single line length and double line length. The single line is the length of the wire of the cable while the double line is the cable’s half-length. So depending on what work you want to use the winch for, you will choose the right length.

    9. Warranty

    It is important to go for a come-along winch which has the highest service guarantee and warranties. This is due to the fact that it will give you peace of mind as far as quality is concerned. When the warranty is high, it makes owning the tool more enjoyable, giving you peace of mind. With a high warranty, it means that the manufacturer is willing to stand by their products because they believe in them.


    1. How Does A Come Along Work?

    This is one of the most common tools which is used to lift up heavy weights on trucks. It is a mechanical or electrical operated tool which is convenient and portable. Getting a tree to fall in a certain direction or having to load a heavy cargo on a truck can be very hard for a single person but the come-along winch will be able to do just that.

    The main parts of a come-along winch are the handle, cable, levers, and hooks which enable the adjusting of the cable. You as the operator have the option of using a single rig or double rig set up.

    You have to attach one end of the come-along winch to an object which is stationary while the other end you place it on a tree stump or whatever you want to be moved. I would advise that you carry out the set up using chains so that the come along is secured to the object which is being moved instead of a direct connection.

    2. How Much Weight Can A Come-Along Winch Pull?

    The amount of weight which a come-along winch can be able to pull varies from one winch to the next but in most instances, it is between 0.5 tonnes to 5 tons.

    3. How To Lift Push Up Pole Higher With A Winch Or Come Along Etc?

    A winch will help you to be able to maneuver any object; hoist bridges, lift heavy objects and use in major architectural projects. It is a technology although old school, it tends to still be more helpful when you find your vehicle stuck.

    A winch contains various components with each having its own purpose to aid in the final goal of lifting heavy objects higher. Its basic components are:

    • Cable wire: Which is mostly made of steel or synthetic that will be able to wrap around the drum to avoid any entanglement. It can be between 40 feet to 100 feet in length.
    • Drum:  It is normally shaped in a circle and  will allow the cable wire wrapped neatly   on it. There is a spool in the winch which makes the drum  to be able to rotate in a motion which is circular, winding the cable in and out.
    • Motor: It is the one which powers the drum to be able to turn to enable the pulling and wrapping of the wire around itself. While not all winches have motors, most of the vehicle winches are electrical and thus, include a motor to be able to speed up the operation.
    • Gear train: It is a component which takes power is converted from the motor to pulling power, giving it the power to pull in whatever heavy material that you engage it on.

    With the above components, the come-along winch is able to complete the winch work of lifting heavy objects. The cable wire is able to be pulled and attached to the object which you are pulling or towing.

    Once you attach it, the motor is able to turn on the spool and pull the cable back towards the truck and around the drum. The item which is being towed comes along.


    I have tried to offer some of the best come along winches which fulfill the requirements of most of the users in the market. All you have to do is to make sure that, you identify your requirements and how much you are able to spend. On my list, you will get some of the most budget-friendly options which are also performance-oriented. In case you don’t know how to determine your requirements, I would recommend that you go through my buyer’s guide above keenly and you will be able to find your bearing. It is going to help you to be able to learn a lot in regard to come along winches and the factors that you will have to consider before purchasing one.

    My best come along winch among the ones I have reviewed is the TR industrial dual gear power puller because it can move 4 tons, it is lighter, it doesn’t break or buckle under pressure, it is braided cable made from aircraft-grade material, and it has safety latches to keep the load securely in place. Pick one that will be able to work for you well.

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