Best Floor Jack: Top Low-Profile, 3-Ton, and 4-Ton Floor Jacks in 2021

A floor jack is important to lift your car and speed up the process so that you can quickly change the brake pads, replace the oil, and do other things to make your ride perform better. 

However, choosing a floor jack is not a piece of cake! As it is a matter of your and your car’s safety, you should opt for a jack that’s highly durable, sturdy, and easy to use.

Moreover, there are plenty of factors to consider, including the weight capacity, the height range, and the profile of the jack. 

I’m a passionate hot-rodder and love customizing my car, so I have good knowledge about floor jacks. In this post, I’ve reviewed the top best floor jacks you can get to experience safety and convenience.

The article rounds up the best low-profile, 3-ton, and 4-ton floor jacks to lift your vehicle safely and get extra lift.

Let’s get started:

3 Best 3-Ton Floor Jack: Top Compact Jacks

Blackhawk B6350 is the best floor jack that assures safety and is perfect for lifting any vehicle up to a good height. I loved the big 4-inch saddle, and there are fewer chances of the saddle caving through the frame or damaging any components.

The heavy-duty steel construction makes it super durable, so you don’t have to worry about the jack breaking down. Furthermore, it has a fast-lifting mechanism equipped with springs, and less pumping will help you lift the vehicle.

The saddle swivels, which makes engaging it easier and convenient. The lift range of this jack is 5.5 to 22 inches, and you can use it with hatchbacks, sedans, and SUVs. 

Blackhawk claims that this jack is very safe, and there’s a safety valve as well that prevents the car from descending rapidly. There’s a bypass device as well, and it prevents the jack from getting overloaded. 

This best floor jack has four wheels and maneuvering it is easy. Lastly, the handle is pretty big, and you can grip your hand over it to pump effectively.

More Details: 

  • Maximum Lifting Capacity: 3.5 Ton
  • Lifting Range: 5-22 inches 
  • Saddle Diameter: 4 inches 


  • The swivel saddle makes positioning it easy 
  • Rugged universal joint for precise control 
  • Pumping the jack is quick and easy 
  • Built-in vent plug maximizes safety 


  • It doesn’t have lockable casters
  • This is a heavy jack

Another impressive floor jack on the list is BIG RED T83006. If you love modifying your muscle car, this could be a bang for the buck! This jack is the lightest of all I've come across and weighs 18 pounds only.

Made using heavy-duty steel, BIG RED T83006 provides ultimate durability. No matter what type of conditions you work in, you will find this jack as a great companion. The handle is big and comes with a rubberized grip for ease of pumping. 

The max height this jack can lift your car is 24.5 inches, and you can quickly replace the wheels or change the rims if required. Furthermore, there is a single-piston pump that saves your time and lifts the vehicle quickly and safely.

Designed with an extra-long saddle neck, placing the jack is a piece of cake. BIG RED T83006 has a 3-inch saddle that's perfect for lifting any type of vehicle. However, it does not support swivel support.

The rubber-tipped tongs keep the jack in place, and it doesn’t move when lifting the vehicle. Overall, BIG RED T83006 is an amazing choice for lifting a car safely. In addition, the jack has two steel and two rubber casters for added durability and stability. 

More Details: 

  • Maximum Lifting Capacity: 3 Ton
  • Lifting Range: 5-24.5 inches 
  • Saddle Diameter: 3 inches 


  • The swivel casters provide maximum maneuverability. 
  • It comes with a one-year warranty 
  • The removable handle makes it a portable option 
  • Promising durability 


  • The paint gets chipped off easily 
  • The rubber grip on the handle is of poor quality 

Pro-Lift offers the F-2315PE at a reasonable price, making it one of the best floor jacks under $50. This super-compact jack trolley comes packed in a carrying case, so it’s extremely portable.

Ideal for hatchbacks and sedans, this is a good jack with a maximum lift of 12 inches. The entire body is heavy-duty steel, and the welds are high quality, so be assured about its durability.

There are four wheels, including two steel casters, and you can roll the jack on any type of surface. Lifting your car gets easy with the bigger saddle. Furthermore, the saddle has big teeth to prevent the jack from slipping. 

The handle that you get isn't very big, but it is pretty decent. Also, there is a rubber grip so you can safely pump the jack. 

You don't have to spend a lot of time maintaining the jack, as it has a rust-resistant coating. The plastic handle on the jack makes it convenient to carry around, and you can quickly place the jack stands. 

In a nutshell, if you need a cheap and portable floor jack, Pro-LifT F-2315PE Grey Hydraulic Trolley Jack is the best choice. 

More Details: 

  • Maximum Lifting Capacity: 3 Ton
  • Lifting Range: 4-12 inches 
  • Saddle Diameter: 3 inches 


  • Durably weld frame with a corrosion-resistant body 
  • Sturdy carrying handle 
  • It comes with a superb carrying case 
  • The jack requires less maintenance


  • It doesn’t feature a safety valve 
  • The handle could be a little longer

3 Best 4-Ton Floor Jack: Top Heavy-Duty Jacks 

Torin AT84007NB is a dual-piston floor jack that lifts your car five times faster than a regular jack. Moreover, it assures safety, and you can lift any type of vehicle with it. 

Expert mechanics love using this jack because of its massive load-carrying capacity. This jack has a pretty big saddle, and it has a large rubber pad, so the saddle doesn’t slip accidentally. 

Moreover, this best floor jack protects the paint of the chassis, and there are fewer or no chances of rust. Torin ships a two-piece handle that's big and makes jacking up the car easy. 

Talking about the construction, it has a full steel body with bigger welds. The four wheels provide maximum maneuverability and move in all directions, which makes the job quicker and easier.

With a built-in safety system, the jack bypasses overload, and there are fewer chances of the pistons getting damaged. The best thing about this jack is that it meets the ASME standards, so you get promising safety.

The lift range is between 4-20 inches, and you can do plenty of mods to your car by lifting it with this jack.

More Details: 

  • Maximum Lifting Capacity: 4 Ton
  • Lifting Range: 4-20 inches 
  • Saddle Diameter: 5 inches 


  • The saddle has a rubber plate over it 
  • A Dual-piston system makes it quicker and safer 
  • It meets all ASME standards 
  • The jack comes with a bigger handle 


  • It’s bulky and not portable 
  • Lift range could be better 

Here’s another best floor jack that comes equipped with a dual-piston mechanism. This piece of equipment has everything that assures safety and prevents overload. An exclusive feature of this jack is the adjustable legs, and it is essential to get a good lift height. 

Also, the foldable legs make it easy to transport. However, the jack is heavy, so call someone to help you out. This is an updated model from AFF that features a Safety ADF Cartridge with multiple welding helmets.

Furthermore, a tripod with an above-the-head assembly provides you with more headroom to get a smoother operation. I loved the big saddle, and there is a rubber plate over it to reduce slippage while it safeguards the chassis’ paint.

It has a four-wheel assembly, and the two rear casters move smoothly, so you can move it in any direction. AFF ships a big handle in two pieces that you can assemble quickly to jack up the car. 

Lastly, it has a bypass valve that sheds the overload and safeguards the pistons from any damages. 

More Details: 

  • Maximum Lifting Capacity: 4 Ton
  • Lifting Range: 5-24 inches 
  • Saddle Diameter: 4 inches 


  • It has swivel casters for easy movements 
  • The safety valve bypasses the overload 
  • Dual pistons for quicker lift 
  • Certified safety: OSHA and ANSI certified 


  • Not a great choice for low profile vehicles 
  • Not a portable choice

3. Best Electric Jack: BEETRO 5 Ton Electric Hydraulic Jack

BEETRO offers this versatile floor jack that serves you as a tire inflator as well. It is a 5-ton hydraulic jack that takes electricity from your car and jacks up the car quickly. With a lifting range of 6 to 17 inches, this is an amazing jack to change the flat tire.

Made using aluminum and steel, the jack is highly durable, but it is lightweight, which makes it a portable choice. You can even use this device as an electric wrench to make things sorted and easier.

Plugging it in and using it is pretty convenient. Just connect it with the cigarette lighter port or directly with the car battery using alligator clips.

The saddle may not be very big, it fits perfectly under the chassis to lift the vehicle safely. Furthermore, the saddle features manual rotation, so you can easily get a good lift height.

The power cord is 11.5 feet big, making the connectivity quick. Lastly, this electric floor jack has a built-in LED to help you work during dark hours. 

More Details: 

  • Maximum Lifting Capacity: 5 Ton
  • Lifting Range: 6-17.7 inches 
  • Saddle Diameter: 3 inches 


  • It’s a durable aluminum floor jack 
  • Works as a tire inflator, electric wrench, and floor jack 
  • The non-slip saddle assures safety 
  • The jack has a warning light to tell you about overload 


  • It is good for emergency use only 
  • You cannot use it without power

3 Best Low Profile Floor Jack: Top Sleek Jacks for Hot Rods 

This best floor jack can easily slide under any hot road, thanks to its sleek design and low height! The extra low-profile jack has a height range of 3-1/2 inches to 14 inches, and you can lift the vehicle to a good height.

The heavy-duty construction offers promising durability, and you can easily lift a load of up to 2 tons. Furthermore, the jack features a bypass safety valve that sheds the extra load to keep the piston safe and functional. 

It has a single-piston, but that doesn't make it underpowered. The lifting speed is good, so a lot of pumping isn’t required. 

Talking about the portability, the jack features a big plastic handle, and you can carry it around the garage.

Furthermore, it features four wheels with two 360-degree swivel casters for the ease of maneuvering it. To sum up, Pro-Lift F-767 Grey Low Profile Floor Jack is a great choice on a budget. If you have a low-profile hatch or sedan, this could be the best jack you’ll need.

More Details: 

  • Maximum Lifting Capacity: 2 Ton
  • Lifting Range:  3-1/2 to 14 inches
  • Saddle Diameter: 3 inches 


  • It has a big saddle with metal teeth 
  • Lightweight and durable 
  • The bypass valve makes it safer 
  • Convenient handle with a rubber grip


  • The saddle may damage the paintwork 
  • The weight capacity could’ve been better

Lifting a heavy car with promising safety is only possible with a floor jack like LiftMaster 2.5 Ton Low Profile Jack Ver. 2. It’s one of the sleekest jacks I’ve come across and weighs light as well.

The full alloy steel body makes the jack highly durable while protecting it from rust and corrosion. It features a single-piston mechanism, but the piston is strong enough to lift the vehicle within a few pumps.

The lowest height is 3.15," and the jack can easily slide under any car, including the S-class. You can be sure about safety, as the bypass valve is there to do its job.

LiftMaster claims that they have used an improved hydraulic piston in this jack which assures safety while prolongs the lifespan of the equipment.

Talking about warranty, you get a 3-year warranty on the piston and a 1-year warranty on the entire setup.

The only thing I didn’t like is the absence of rust-resistant coating on the frame. You can paint it in your workshop to ensure rust doesn’t affect its structural integrity.

 More Details: 

  • Maximum Lifting Capacity: 2.5 Ton
  • Lifting Range:  3.15” to 14 inches
  • Saddle Diameter: 3 inches 


  • The jack uses a new and advanced piston 
  • Built-in overload protection valve 
  • The casters make it maneuverable 
  • It’s built to last


  • The casters could be slightly bigger 
  • The saddle may cave through a rusted chassis 

Here’s another low-profile jack from the house of Pro-Lift that can lift your hot rod up to 14-7/8 inches, so you can change the tires while placing floor stands under the vehicle. 

Ergonomically designed, the jack looks sleek, and it easily slides under any low clearance car. The durable build is certainly impressive and makes this jack support a heavy vehicle.

With an improved hydraulic piston, this equipment requires less pumping. As per several customers, 6 to 8 full strokes are enough to jack the car to full height. The saddle here is small, and you won't have a hard time maneuvering it under the vehicle.

However, be extra careful as it will put a lot of pressure on the vehicle’s components. You get uncompromised safety, as Pro-Lift has equipped this floor jack with a bypass valve.

As it’s a portable option, don't hesitate to carry it with the big handle. You get a one-piece handle with a slight curve, and anyone, including the elderly, can pump with ease.

Lastly, the jack has bigger casters for maneuverability.

More Details: 

  • Maximum Lifting Capacity: 2.5 Ton
  • Lifting Range:  3-3/8 to 14-7/8 inches  
  • Saddle Diameter: 2 inches 


  • It’s compact and light 
  • Built-in carry handle 
  • Large swiveling casters make moving it convenient 
  • The curved handle makes pumping easier 


  • It has a small saddle 
  • The piston oil may leak if not maintained properly 

Buying Guide: Factors to Look for When Buying the Best Floor Jack 

A car can be considerably heavy, and you cannot go wrong when choosing a floor jack. The jack should lift the car with ease while giving it the appropriate height that you need to work under it.

Here are a few things to look for when buying a floor jack. 

Types of Floor Jacks

There are two types of floor hacks available in the market, these include:

  • Electric 
  • Manual

Electric jacks are great for the disabled and the elderly since the electric motor lifts the vehicle, and all you need to do is place the jack properly. 

On the other hand, manual jacks have a long arm that you need to push in order to lift the car. The best part about manual jacks is that you can use them anywhere, as they don’t need an electric connection.

Weight Capacity 

The most important factor to check when buying a floor jack is the weight capacity. Check the curb weight of your vehicle, and then make an informed choice. 

If you own a hatchback or a sedan, a three or 4-ton floor jack will easily do the job, whereas lifting a heavy car needs a more robust jack. 

Type of Vehicle 

The type of vehicle you own affects the choice of the floor jack. Ground clearance is an essential thing here. Sedans and hatchbacks are comparatively lower than SUVs, so you need the best low-profile jacks for these vehicles.

On the other hand, a low profile that fits under a sedan won’t fit under an SUV or truck due to the low height.

Size of the Saddle

Choose the saddle size depending on the type of job you want to do. Floor jacks come with a 1-2 inches saddle and are great to position under the frame. But they are not so great when it comes to placing them under the suspension component. 

Also, there are higher chances of caving through the frame, as the small saddle puts a lot of pressure on the concentrated area. 

Bigger saddles, on the other hand, are great to position under the ball joint or suspension. But they are hard to maneuver.

I’d recommend owning both floor jacks and using them accordingly depending on the need of the task. 

Lift Range

The lift range of the floor jack depends on how higher you want to lift the car. If you are looking to change those big tires, you are going to need a jack with a higher lift range. The typical floor jack used by car owners has a height range of 3 to 19 inches, whereas some people prefer a 5 to 22 inches lift range.

Build Quality 

You are smart enough to figure out why the floor jack should be durable. Well, it will lift an extremely heavy car while you are working on it, so the jack should be able to withstand the extreme load.

Usually, these jacks are made using steel and cast iron. Moreover, pay attention to the hydraulic system and ensure it is super strong and lifts the car with ease.


Well, all the best floor jacks have wheels, but some have two, whereas some have four. I’d recommend going for a two-wheel assembly jack since they are more stable. 

Also, make sure the wheels are lockable so that the jack doesn't move from its place when you lift the vehicle.

The Handle 

The handle should be big enough so that you can hold it comfortably to lift the car up and down. Some floor hacks even have a sheath over the handle, so it doesn't hurt your hand while you get a better grip to work with. 


Floor jacks are available at a range of budget options, so having a figure in mind would be great. However, you can easily find a good jack under $100. Just check out the products I’ve reviewed above to make an informed choice. 

How to Use a Best Floor Jack the Right Way: Tips by Expert Mechanics 

Mishandling the floor jack can lead to serious accidents, which can damage the vehicle and be fatal for you. As per a report by NEISS, floor jacks have been causing serious injuries if not used properly. 

But there’s no need to worry, as here’s a step-by-step process to place the jack correctly and then lift your car safely.

Step 1: Park Your Car on a Flat Surface 

Look for a flat surface, and then park your car. Pull the handbrake if you have a manual vehicle, whereas set in on parking mode if you have an automatic car. 

Step 2: Put the Jack Under the Car, and Locate a Safe Position to Engage It 

Start with placing anti-slip tire blocks to ensure the vehicle doesn’t move. Now put the jack under the car while looking for a secure position to focus the saddle. 

Do not place the saddle under the plastic parts, as they may break. Place it under the steel frame, and inspect it for any leaks and damages before you jack up the car. 

Step 3: Pump the Handle 

Start pumping the handle gently, and make sure the jack is jacking up the vehicle. Once you've got your vehicle on the desired height, place the best jack stand(s) under it to ensure the car doesn't move and it is safe to work under it. 

Step 4: Remove the Floor Jack 

Once you are sure the car is lifted with the jack stand, you are ready to remove the floor jack. Some jacks have a switch to retract the piston, whereas some require you to turn the handle counterclockwise, and you’ll see the vehicle descending slowly. Avoid rapid descent, as it may damage the suspension. 

Make sure to inspect the floor jack fully before you engage it under the car. Look for the piston, and check if there are any leaks. Also, look at the wheels and look at the welds so that the jack doesn’t break down while working.

Safety Tips to Follow When Using a Floor Jack 

In order to work safely, you need to engage the floor jack properly with the aforementioned tips. However, there are some safety tips you should keep in mind to avert any accidents.

Don't Forget to Engage the Parking Mode. 

If you don’t want your car to roll over while you lift it, engage the parking brake. Also, use anti-slip tire blocks for added safety. 

Stay Away from Traffic 

Look for a flat place away from traffic, and jack up your car. Working near traffic is not the best approach.

Empty the Car 

Don’t leave anyone in the car or empty the boot so that the jack gets less load and the vehicle remains balanced.

Don’t Lay Underneath the Car Without Using Jack Stands 

Do not lay under the car unless you engage the jack stands. Try to shake the car, and then remove the floor jack. 

Frequently Asked Questions: Best Floor Jack 

Q: Do I need a 3- or 4-ton floor jack?

A: The choice of floor jacks entirely depends on your requirement and the weight of your vehicle. Most car owners prefer a 3-ton jack as it is lightweight and does the job pretty well. However, workshop owners prefer the 4-ton option as they don’t know what they will be lifting the other day.

Q: Can a 2-ton jack lift an SUV?

A: A 2-ton jack will be sufficient to raise the vehicle’s corner, but it won’t lift it fully. Consider buying a 3-ton floor jack or a 4-ton floor jack for this task.

Q: Are the best floor jacks expensive?

A: The price of the jack depends on several factors, including the brand you are going for. Typically, a good 2-ton floor jack is available for around $100, whereas three and 4-ton jacks cost more.

Q: How does the bypass valve work?

A: The bypass valve is there to shed the extra load, and it relieves the pressure from the piston to prevent it from breaking. You’ll see the vehicle descending if you overload the floor jack.

Q: Is buying floor jacks worth it?

A: It is worth every penny! You should own a jack even if you are not a hot-rodder. Floor jacks are helpful in changing flat tires and doing the basic things to your car.

Final Thoughts 

A floor jack is a necessity for every car owner, so you should go for a durable one and keep it in your garage. This post covers the top floor jacks, including manual and electric ones that are loved by the customers and are safe for use. Make sure to follow the safety tips and step-by-step process of using a floor jack. 

Now it’s the time to make a choice, if you ask me for a recommendation, I’d say Torin AT84007NB Hydraulic 4-ton Floor Jack is the best overall choice. It has a decent weight capacity and a near low-profile design, which makes it a versatile choice.

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