Best Foam Cannons: Top 7 Foam Guns to Clean Your Ride Easily

Out of the twenty foam cannons that I shortlisted, "Tool Daily Foam Cannon came out as the best cannon gun that sprays gently, has a decent soap-carrying capacity, and fits well with multiple nozzle tips." 

Let’s face it, the most challenging part of cleaning a car is applying shampoo. Things are fine if you have a hatchback, but when it comes to applying the shampoo on a truck, it can take a lot of time.

Thankfully, the market has foam cannons that spray the foam evenly, cutting down the cleaning time in half. 

Foam cannons may seem like a simple device, but they are quite complicated, actually. Thus, I'm here with these best foam cannon reviews to help you choose the right foam gun.

If you are in a rush, choose Tool Daily Foam Cannon. It's a versatile foam cannon, and you can use it to clean cars, bikes, patios, and the list goes beyond. The cannon easily fits with the pressure washer hose, and you get four nozzle tips to switch the spray and coverage.

Keep reading to know more about the most-preferred foam cannons that’ll surely make the cleaning job easier. 

Best Foam Cannons: Reviewed and Compared 

I spent hours researching on the web the most-used foam cannons. Furthermore, I asked several automotive experts about the foam cannons they recommend. 

With all the details, I was able to shortlist the top 7 foam cannons you can use to wash cars, patios, decks, and more.

1. Best Overall: Tool Daily Foam Cannon

If you need a foam cannon that’s easy to install and works seamlessly, Tool Daily Foam Cannon is your way to go! This is a quick-release foam cannon with a ¼ inch quick connector so you can quickly snap it with the pressure washer hose and then attach the gun.

With a 1-liter bottle, the cannon can carry enough automotive soap to clean your car multiple times without the need of refilling it. Furthermore, Tool Daily ships this cannon with multiple nozzle tips, and you get good coverage or little spray, depending on what you need.

All nozzle tips have different spraying angles, and they have a different colored ribbon, so you can easily distinguish which nozzle is perfect for a particular task.

Talking about the build quality, the foam cannon is super durable and lasts longer. You’ll also find the nozzles to be of good quality but wash them often in order to prevent blockages.

The knob on the top helps you control the flow of foam, so you can decide if you want to spray less or more soap. As the bottle is translucent, you can check the remaining soap at a glance.

To sum up, this foam cannon from Tool Daily is an amazing product if you love seeing your vehicle in a spick and span condition. The cannon is easy to use, compatible with almost every pressure washer and comes with multiple nozzles so you can adjust the spray quickly.

More Details: 

  • Type: Quick release 
  • Compatibility: Almost all pressure washers 
  • Capacity: 1-liter 
  • Specifications: 1000 PSI to 3000 PSI


  • Excellent build quality 
  • You can quickly change the nozzles on the go 
  • The bottle is translucent, so you can quickly check the remaining car wash soap 
  • Lightweight and easy to maintain 


  • You cannot use it with pressure washers below 1000 PSI pressure 
  • No carrying case is provided with the nozzle tips 

Here's another quick-release foam cannon that'll make washing your car easier than ever! The cannon comes with an ergonomic gun, so you get complete control over the foam spray. 

It has a ¼ inch connector that fits with almost every pressure washer. However, you cannot connect this cannon with a garden hose. Adjusting the spray does not require changing the nozzle, and all you need to do is twist the nozzle, and you'll see the change in the spray.

With pressure compatibility of 1500 to 4350 PSI, this cannon works well with electric as well as gas pressure washers. 

Also, you can use this cannon for commercial tasks, as it can handle immense pressure easily.

Ejecting the bottle from the main cannon body is a cakewalk, and you get a dedicated tool for it. Twinkle Star also ships multiple nozzles with this cannon, and you can use it for multiple tasks.

The exterior brass finish prolongs the lifespan while protecting the cannon from rust and corrosion. Also, it does not require a lot of maintenance, and regular cleaning will do the job.

Overall, this Twinkle Star Foam Cannon is an easy-to-use foam blaster that’s available at a reasonable price. Just snap it with the pressure washer hose, and you can start spraying thick foam for effective cleaning.

More Details: 

  • Type: Quick release 
  • Compatibility: Almost all pressure washers 
  • Capacity: 0.75-liter 
  • Specifications: 1500 PSI to 4350 PSI


  • The brass body enhances its lifespan 
  • The O-rings prevent leakage 
  • Variable jet pattern 
  • Easy to use and maintain 


  • You cannot use it with a garden hose 
  • The nozzle tips get too tight sometimes 

When it comes to a fantastic professional-grade foam cannon, there's no better choice than Chemical Guys EQP324 Big Mouth Max Release Foam Cannon. If you own a car, a boat, a dirt bike, and other vehicles, this is the cannon you need.

It may not have the biggest car wash soap bottle, but it sprays a thick layer of foam evenly, helping you remove dirt, grime, and mud. The big mouth sprays more quantities of soap, and you can instantly cover the entire car in foam.

The big trigger gives you complete control over the foam, and you can extract the exact quantity you need. Perfect to fit with any modern gas or electric pressure washer, the foam blaster lets you blow pressurized foam over the vehicle, patio, or more.

The transparent bottle shows you the exact quantity of remaining soap, and you never run out of the cleaning liquid. There's a big knob over the cannon, and adjusting the knob helps control the flow.

Talking about durability, the foam sprayer is built to last, and you’ll feel the same after getting your hands over it.  There are no extra nozzles provided with this cannon, but you can twist the big blow nozzle to adjust the spray setting.

Lastly, cleaning and maintaining this Chemical Guys cannon is a cakewalk, and you can use it for years to clean your drive.

More Details: 

  • Type: Professional Grade  
  • Compatibility: Almost all pressure washers 
  • Capacity: 1-liter 
  • Specifications: 800 PSI to 2500 PSI


  • Lubricates the surface with thick foam 
  • The ergonomic handle makes foaming easier 
  • Easy to adjust foam knob 
  • Full flow technology helps spray a wide fan of foam 


  • You don’t get additional nozzles with this cannon
  • It’s heavy 

4. Best Garden-hose Compatible Cannon: Ontel Car Wash Foam Cannon

If you need a lightweight foam cannon that does not cause hand fatigue, you are probably looking for an Ontel Car Wash Foam Cannon. It resembles a crossbow and helps you spray the foam evenly in the direction you want.

Equipped with foam blasting technology, the cannon starts blasting foam as you engage the trigger. The spring holding the trigger helps you adjust the flow, and you don't have to worry about adjusting any knobs.

There are five spray settings in total, so there's no need to scrub or sponge the car using mitts. This is the first foam cannon in this list that's compatible with a regular garden hose. Just attach the hose to the cannon, and it'll start spraying thick foam over the vehicle.

In addition, the precision spray top prevents the foam from spritzing all around, and this, in return, reduces the wastage. The solid construction makes the foam cannon last longer, and the plastic nozzle also has a fair lifespan.  

The only problem with this foam blaster is that you cannot change the nozzles. However, you can twist the nozzle to adjust the spray setting, sadly there are limited options available only.

More Details: 

  • Type: Quick Release 
  • Compatibility: Almost all pressure washers and Garden Hose 
  • Capacity: 1-liter 
  • Specifications: 1000 PSI to 2000 PSI


  • The precision tip sprays the foam evenly 
  • You have complete control over the foam 
  • The quick-connect fitting helps you attach it with garden hose and pressure washers  
  • You can lock the trigger to reduce hand fatigue 


  • No nozzle tips available with this foam cannon 
  • The foam cannon blasts car wash soap in some settings

5. Best Foam Cannon for Cars and Bikes: DUSICHIN SFL-001 Foam Cannon

When cleaning cars and bikes, you don’t need a lot of pressure, so a foam cannon like DUSICHIN SFL-001 Foam Cannon will be the best pick. It works well with electric pressure washers up to 1000 PSI and sprays the foam in a very controlled manner.

The bigger spray nozzle helps spray the foam wherever you want, thus saving your expensive automotive soap. Installing this foam blaster is pretty easy, and you can quickly attach it with the pressure washer hose.

The ¼ inch connector does not require any adaptors, making it quick to attach or remove this foam cannon. 

The bigger bottle can accommodate enough soap you need to wash multiple cars. The best part about the bottle is it’s translucent, so you don’t run out of soap. 

Just have a glance over the bottle, and you are good to go. At full pressure, the foam cannon can spray 1.2 gallons of foam per minute. Twisting the nozzle helps change the flow and angle of the foam. 

Also, there is a nozzle on the top that helps you control the flow, and the foam cannon does not spray more than what you want. In terms of durability, this is a pretty impressive foam cannon, and you can expect it to last longer.

Lastly, DUSICHIN provides five nozzle tips with the cannon, and you can quickly change the nozzle to adjust the angle, flow, and stream of the foam.

More Details: 

  • Type: Quick Release 
  • Compatibility: Almost all pressure washers  
  • Capacity: 1-liter 
  • Specifications: 70 PSI – 3000 PSI 


  • The foam cannon spritzes an even mix of water, air, and car wash soap 
  • You can quickly change the nozzle whenever required
  • Highly durable plastic bottle 
  • The foam cannon requires minimum maintenance 


  • It does not fit with a garden hose 
  • It does not have a lockable trigger 

6. Best Handy Foam Cannon: Foam King Car Foam Gun

Usually, foam cannons don’t come with an ergonomic handle, and that’s why Foam King Car Foam Gun is here. This foam blaster has a big ergonomic that lets you spray foam with ease. 

The solid brass fittings ensure a leak-free assembly, and you can attach this cannon system to any pressure washer including electric, and gas ones. The premium foam nozzle sprays a thick coat and offers good coverage, accelerating the car cleaning process.

There’s a rotatable dial on the cannon with multiple levels printed on it, and you can change these levels to adjust the flow of the foam stream. Furthermore, the car wash soap container attached to the cannon is highly durable, but it is not transparent, unfortunately.

If you use a clear soap, you won’t be able to judge its level. However, colored automotive soaps are clearly visible through the bottle. Foam King offers a full kit that includes the cannon and the gun.

As it comes with a foam gun, you can attach it with a garden hose in case the pressure washer is not available. Another downside to this foam cannon is the unavailability of nozzle tips, but you can adjust the spray setting by twisting the plastic nozzle cap.

Lastly, the brand offers a lifetime warranty on this cannon, making it a bang for the buck. 

More Details: 

  • Type: Quick Release 
  • Compatibility: Almost all pressure washers and Garden Hose 
  • Capacity: 0.75-liter 
  • Specifications: 500 PSI – 2200 PSI 


  • It easily connects with any standard garden hose 
  • Leak-free nozzle prevents wastage 
  • The bottle fill lines eliminate the need for guessing 
  • Works well with low and high-pressure washers 


  • You don’t get additional nozzle tips with this foam cannon 
  • Clear soap isn’t visible through the bottle

7. Best Adjustable Foam Cannon: Blisstime Snow Foam Cannon

Blisstime is here with a quick-release foam cannon that offers next-level adjustability. Made using pure brass, the connectors are highly durable and do not catch rust easily.

You can attach this foam cannon to almost any pressure washer, but it is not compatible with a garden hose due to low water pressure. The big control knob on the top lets you flow of the foam oozing out of the cannon.

The nozzle tip attached to the cannon supports twist movements, and you can twist it to change the angle. In addition, the 1000 ml bottle can hold enough car wash soap so you can wash multiple vehicles, patio, deck, and more in one go.

The soap is visible through the translucent bottle, and you can quickly refill the bottle when required. Blisstime provides three nozzle tips with this foam cannon, and you can quickly swap the nozzle tip depending on the flow of foam you need.

Lastly, the maximum pressure this cannon can support is 2.0 GPM, and it works well with any pressure washer with up to 1000 PSI pressure.

More Details: 

  • Type: Quick Release 
  • Compatibility: Almost all pressure washers 
  • Capacity: 1.0-liter 
  • Specifications: 800 PSI – 1000 PSI 


  • High-quality brass construction 
  • You get multiple nozzle tips with this cannon 
  • It has a big flow control knob 
  • You can see the soap through the translucent bottle 


  • Not compatible with a garden hose 
  • After-sales service is not that good 

Buying Guide: Factors to Keep in Mind When Buying the Best Foam Cannon 

Always choose a foam cannon that’s easy to use, is compatible with your pressure washer, has decent capacity, and is durable. Here are some factors explained in detail that you should look for when buying a foam cannon.

Type of Foam cannon 

There are multiple types of foam cannons available, and each of them serves a specific purpose. You cannot use a regular cannon for professional-grade cleaning and vice versa.

Check out these common types of foam cannon, and choose the right one:


Cannons with this function can be easily adjusted to spray less or more foam as well as in a stream or regular pattern.

With both of these characteristics configurable, you may vary the ratio depending on how filthy the car is. Also, you can adjust the canon depending on different automotive parts that you want to wash including the tires, trailer and more. 

The direct stream allows you to target specific regions such as the wheels, while the fan pattern is great for covering the entire car.

Quick Release 

These are the most common types of foam cannons you'll find on the market. With a 1/4-inch male fitting, the cannon quickly attaches to the pressure washer, and you can detach it in a snap as well.

The ability to swiftly and easily remove the foam blaster whenever you wish makes switching between rinsing and cleaning your vehicle much easier. There isn't any need to buy a specialized accessory.

Professional Grade 

Many manufacturers focus on offering a good-quality foam blaster and they often call them "professional grade."

Typically, professional-grade foam canons are similar to the quick release ones, but they are more durable, and are ideal for commercial purposes. 

Quick detach fittings are constructed of harder metals. Furthermore, the car wash soap containers are also durable and meant to last, and thicker foam is frequently available. Higher-quality materials usually come at a higher cost, so these foam cannons are expensive.

Interchangeable Nozzle Tips 

Several foam cannons also include replaceable nozzles that are distinguished by the angle at which they discharge. Angles of 40, 25, 15 degrees, for example, are frequent.

Designed to attach at the end of the foam cannon spray, these nozzle tips help adjust the flow and angle of the foam getting discharged out of the cannon. 


Although most pressure washer companies include adaptors for foam cannons, be sure the one you desire has the right connector before buying it. Also, instead of using a plastic connector, use a metal (typically brass) one. While plastic may function for a short time, it is likely to shatter after a few usages.  


You should also think about the foam cannon's capacity. If you have a big truck, for example, you'll need a bigger foam cannon than if you have a small automobile.

A 30-ounce bottle is adequate for automobiles of all sizes and should prevent you from having to refill the foam several times during your wash.

I would recommend choosing a 1-liter foam cannon if you have multiple vehicles because it eliminates the need to refill the car wash soap multiple times.


A foam cannon has to withstand a lot, so it is indispensable to get a cannon that’s durable and can easily resist damage. All the best foam cannons that I’ve reviewed in this article are durable and can last for years if properly maintained.

Bottle Size and Shape 

The size and shape of the bottle vary from brand to brand. Some bottles are huge, whereas some are compact, making it easy to store the foam cannon. 

The choice is ultimately up to you. Bigger bottles are ideal for carrying more car wash soap, thus you can wash multiple cars in one go. On the other hand, smaller bottles are handier.

Preferred Platform 

Not everyone has a pressure washer, and if you also do not own one, you need a foam cannon that operates with the garden hose. Yes, the pressure won’t be that good, but you don’t have to spend a fortune to get a pressure washer first in order to clean your car.

What are the Advantages of Using a Foam Cannon?

Do I really need a foam cannon, when I can wash my car with my hands? Well, using a cannon cuts the cleaning time in half, and you don’t have to spend time scrubbing and sponging the car.

Here are some benefits of using foam cannons:

It Saves Shampoo 

When you wash the car by hand there are high chances of wasting the expensive automotive soap. However, this is not the case with a foam cannon, you can only spray the amount of foam required, and then rinse the car with water.

Leave the Shampoo for Another Job 

Let’s admit, you toss the leftover cleaning solution after washing the car, and this can cause a lot of wastage. But this is not the case with a foam cannon. You can leave the remaining cleaning solution inside the bottle for the next washing session.

Work with Garden Hose and Pressure Washers 

Most of these best foam cannons are compatible with pressure washers and garden hoses. So you don’t need any special equipment to spray foam on your vehicles, patios, decks or more. 

Tips and Tricks for Effective Cleaning Using a Foam Cannon

Even if you have the best foam cannon in hand, if you do not know how to use it properly, you won’t be able to harness its true potential. Here are some tips and tricks from professional cleaners that will help you clean your car effectively using a foam cannon.

Use the Right Pressure Washer 

It's not all about the foam cannon, but a good pressure washer is also essential.

Electric pressure washers are preferable to gas pressure washers because they are quieter, smaller, and easier to maneuver.

Gas pressure washers, on the other hand, often have higher PSI and GPM, resulting in thicker foam and a safer wash.

All you have to do now is make sure your pressure washer meets the foam cannon's PSI and GPM specifications!

Invest in a Quality Automotive Soap 

While most automotive soaps produce some sort of suds, certain formulas are specifically designed to produce thick foam. Most soaps are designed to be used with a foam cannon or foam gun.

With just a few ounces in your dilution bottle, you can turn any vehicle wash into a foam party. Also, using a quality car wash soap prolongs the lifespan of the paint, keeping your vehicle look great.

Mix the Soap with Warm Water 

To shoot thick foam, your foam cannon uses innovative technology to mix the correct blend of air, water, and soap.

Warm water will help aerate the soap and water mixture, allowing you to shoot thick suds with ease. After you've diluted the soap in your canister, don't shake it forcefully.

To avoid excessive foam buildup inside the canister, gently mix the solution by twisting the bottle in circular motions.

Thoroughly Rinse the Car 

Rinse your vehicle before foaming it to make it easier on your car and foam cannon! Rinsing your vehicle removes the largest dirt and debris, ensuring that they are never rubbed into the paintwork. 

Simply use your pressure washer to clean your automobile from top to bottom before foaming it.

Clean the Foam cannon 

After your car looks squeaky-clean, it is time to pack and store the foam cannon. Clean the cannon thoroughly and ensure its bottle is empty if you are not looking to wash your car for a few days.

Storing the cannon properly is essential to keep the cannon in good shape for longer. Check out this video on how to maintain the foam cannon before you store it. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: What PSI is good for foam cannon?

A: Pressure between 1,200 and 3,200 PSI is usually good for foam cannons. Make sure to check the pressure specifications of the canon to ensure it is compatible with your washer and will do the job properly.

For your ease I’ve listed the pressure specification of even canon below its review. 

Q: How do I make my foam cannon foamier?

A: The easiest way to get more foam is using the cannon with a good pressure washer. Furthermore, you can mix more hot water to get extra foam from the shampoo.

Q: How long does a foam cannon last?

A: The lifespan of the foam cannons depends on several factors such as durability, quality, and how you use the cannon. It would be great to buy a good foam cannon like Tool Daily Foam Cannon to ensure it lasts longer.

Q: What is the difference between a foam gun and foam cannon?

A: A foam gun sprays a thin film, whereas foam cannons spray a thick layer of soap. If you are looking to wash your car or clean the patio, you should opt for a foam cannon. On the other hand, if you need runnier foam, you should choose a foam gun.

Q: Why is my foam cannon watery?

A: There can be many reasons why the foam cannon sprays water instead of thick foam, and the most common reason is not using good automotive soap. Mix less water to the soap so that you can get thick foam whenever you press the foam cannon trigger.

Final Thoughts 

Foam cannons make things really easy, and you can quickly wash your car, patio, deck without the hassles of scrubbing and sponging. 

The overall best foam cannon is Tool Daily Foam Cannon. It is compatible with all pressure washers and is easy to use. If you need something that works with a garden hose, consider Ontel Car Wash Foam Cannon.  

Ensure following the tips listed in this article to make the most out of the foam cannon, and use it like a pro. twinkle star foam cannon 

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