Best Gooseneck Hitch – Buying Guide & Reviews

Best Gooseneck Hitch – Buying Guide and Reviews

Do you know the difference between a gooseneck hitch and a fifth wheel hitch? The gooseneck is a class V hitch which is mainly designed to install on a truck bed. Unlike the fifth wheel hitch, it tends to be cheaper, smaller, and more robust when it comes to heavy duty usage.

Though it will not provide the smooth ride of a 5th wheel hitch, they will be able to handle a whole load of weight and thus, great when it comes to hauling horse trailers, toys and anything extra heavy. I wouldn’t say they are the best for recreational trailers, but its versatility and low cost might make them a great choice for those who want to haul heavy loads on terrains which are rough.

Comparison Of Gooseneck Hitch


CURT 16055 Bent Plate 5th Wheel to Gooseneck Adapter Hitch, Fits Industry-Standard Rails, 25,000 lbs., 2-5/16-Inch Ball

1. CURT 16055 Bent Plate Wheel To Gooseneck Adapter Hitch

  • Powder coat carbide finished gooseneck hitch
  • Features 4 pins and clip attachment points
  • One-year warranty included
  • Over 400 positive reviews

4.8 of 5 stars


B&W Trailer Hitches 1111 Gooseneck Hitch

2. Trailer Hitches Gooseneck Hitch 1111

  • 13.6 tonnes weight capacity
  • Features a powder coated hitch ball
  • 3.4 tonnes tongue capacity
  • Over 70 positive reviews

4.8 of 5 stars


Husky 31368 Gooseneck Hitch

3. Husky Gooseneck Hitch 31368

  • 11.3 tonnes weight capacity
  • Features built-in attachment slots
  • 2.8 tonnes tongue capacity
  • Over 200 positive reviews

4.8 of 5 stars


Reese 58079

4. Reese Gooseneck Hitch 58079

  • 25,000 lbs. weight capacity
  • Features a black powder coated finish
  • 6250 lbs. vertical load capacity
  • Over 70 positive reviews

4.5 of 5 stars


Pro Series 49080 Gooseneck Hitch Receiver

5. Pro Series Gooseneck Hitch Reciever 49080

  • 25,000 lbs. weight capacity
  • Features a black powder coated finish
  • 6250 lbs. vertical load capacity
  • Over 30 positive reviews

3.9 of 5 stars


Draw-Tite 9465-54 Hide-A-Goose Complete Kit for GM

6. Draw Tite Gooseneck Complete Kit 9465

  • 30,000 lbs. weight capacity
  • Features a chrome plated hitch ball
  • 7500 lbs. vertical load capacity
  • Over 20 positive reviews

3.6 of 5 stars


B&W Trailer Hitches Turnoverball 1314 2013-2018 RAM 3500 Trucks Gooseneck Hitch

7. B&W Trailer Hitch Gooseneck Hitch 1314

  • Constructed from powder coated steel
  • Features built-in spring loaded safety chain hookups
  • Custom mounting kit included
  • Over 20 positive reviews

4.8 of 5 stars

Gooseneck Hitch Review

1. CURT 16055 Bent Plate Wheel To Gooseneck Adapter Hitch

It is a gooseneck adapter hitch for a 5th wheel setup which will make your truck to be versatile for towing purposes. A gooseneck/5th wheel plate is essentially a gooseneck hitch which will be able to mount into a 5th wheel rail just the way a 5th wheel trailer hitch does. In the process, it allows you to be able to pull both the gooseneck trailers and 5th wheel trailers with the same truck.

It features 4 pins and clip attachment points to give you an installation which is solid and when necessary, quick removal to give you full access and entire use of the bed of your truck for other loads hauling.

Its gooseneck adapter plates are capable of mounting on standard rails from the manufacturer. The plates feature a weight capacity of the gross trailer of about 25000lbs, offers a 2 5/16 inches trailer ball, and a capacity of tongue weight of 6250lbs to be able to pull most of the gooseneck trailer types including chopper boxes, livestock trailers, industrial equipment, gravity boxes and flatbeds among others.

It features a black powder coat carbide to make it possible that it is highly resistant to scratching, rust, and UV damage.


1. It is able to mount on all standard industry 5th wheel rails

2. Allows for trucks which are equipped with 5th wheel rails to be able to tow gooseneck trailers

3. It is protected by a durable powder coated carbide finish

4. It is designed with built-in safety chain which attaches the slots

5. Comes with a one year warranty


1. Welded tabs not correctly done

2. Trailer Hitches Gooseneck Hitch 1111

This is an under the bed gooseneck hitch which has a fixed hitch ball. It is manufactured and designed by a US-based company, B&W Hitches.  It features a strong and durable gooseneck assembly which weighs 92.2 pounds. This means that it is heavy. Its assembly includes a plate assembly which fits on the rail system.

The rail assembly length is 28 inches with a width of 9 inches. On this plate, there is a trailer ball assembly fitted which is made up of a 2  5/16 inch hitch ball which is solid and has been machined to a plate which is underneath.

This particular gooseneck hitch has a powder coated hitch ball that is rust and resistant to scratch, durable material. On the end of the system of the rail , you will find at the plates ends, on each end which allows the hitch to securely bolt into the frame of the chassis of your flat truck bed. 

This means that, when you are installing this particular gooseneck, the truck bed has to be lifted off from the chassis so that you can be able to access the frame of the chassis. You will then select the right location on the frame of the chassis, and the hitch will be able to slide into position.


1. Tongue capacity of 3.4 tonnes

2. It can handle a weight of up to 13.6 tonnes

3. It comes with a limited lifetime warranty

4. It supports a secure attachment to the truck’s chassis

5. It is easy to mount


1. It is expensive

2. It is hard to fold the hitch ball

3. Husky Gooseneck Hitch 31368

It is a high-quality gooseneck hitch with superior quality. It is a sturdy product which is lightweight. It will provide you with the required durability in association with lightweight.

It has the capacity to connect to existing fifth wheel rails. It uses a ball with a diameter of 2 5/16 inches which has the capacity to offset 3 inches from the plate’s center.

When it comes to performance, it has the capacity to haul 25,000 gross trailer weight which is impressive bearing in mind that, it is a hitch which affordable. On the overall, it is a gooseneck hitch which is an excellent all round which is compatible with a majority of standard rails from the industry.


1. It features inbuilt attachment slots which provide safety chains

2. It has a tongue capacity of 2.8 tonnes

3. It can handle a gross weight of about 11.3 tonnes

4. Supports a secure four pin and clips installation

5. It can mount into any Husky 5th wheel rail assembly


1. A fifth wheel rail assembly which is weak can compromise its functionality

4. Reese Gooseneck Hitch 58079

If you are looking for a more affordable gooseneck hitch, then this could be one of the best options for you. It is built to last with high strength of 1 5/16inch zinc plated ball.

It has a black powder coated finish to make it durable and thus, it might stay to serve you for some time. It has a gross trailer weight of 25,000lbs with a vertical load of 6250lbs. With the 5th wheel hitch, it will be able to connect directly to the base rails. If this is the gooseneck hitch that you settle for, know that it is easy to remove and install within the shortest time possible.

On the other end, it is important to remember that, when you purchase it, you will have to separately purchase a rail kit. This is an additional cost but still, the full package put together is still affordable.

This gooseneck hitch will be able to handle heavy trailer weights and with a strong built, you will likely get good value for your money.


1. It doesn’t rust or tear down easily

2. It is easy to install for 5th wheel rails

3. It has a simple removal process

4. It can handle up to 25,000lbs

5. It can handle a maximum vertical load of up to 6250lbs


1. It is not compatible with many vehicles

2. It is not well packaged

5. Pro Series Gooseneck Hitch Reciever 49080

If this is your choice of a gooseneck hitch, then it is important to note that, it is a good one. It is designed with a plate which you can use with above the bed 5th wheel rail. This plate has a 2 5/16 inch hitch ball which is set into the fifth wheel rails’ holes. It is able to remain in place with clips and pins.

It is a gooseneck hitch that can accommodate a weight capacity of 25000lbs and a vertical load of up to 6250lbs. With the offset balls, you will be able to move the trailer further or closer away from your truck cab.

When it comes to mounting, it is easy as it is an above the bed mount to 5th wheel rails which you will have to buy separately. It can fit on husky, valley, Reese, hidden hitch, draw tite, and fits cuts brand rails.

The installation and removal is an easy one. When you remove, it will allow you to access your full truck bed. The finish is durable and it is made of black paint powder coat.


1. Can accommodate large weights of up to 25000lbs

2. It is durable

3. When removed it can allow for full access of your truck bed

4. It is easy to mount

5. Its safety chain locations will allow you to connect to the trailer easily


1. It doesn’t fit standard size rails

6. Draw Tite Gooseneck Complete Kit 9465

It is one of the below the bed gooseneck which I found to have great features that you might just like. It is a kit for anyone who wants everything in one package. If you purchase it, it will allow for a quick and easy to take the hitch out of the way which will allow you to gain full access of your truck bed.

It has a chrome plated ball which features heavy duty handle that locks and engages the ball so that, it gets stuck in place. The hitch is a heavy duty under the bed which will enable you to tow your gooseneck trailer.

Its lock pin on the handle end will go all the way through the ball shank to be able to secure the hitch in place. You will conveniently access the handle from the driver’s wheel well. The round shank and round sleeve on the hitch ball will provide for a fit which is tight than the design which is square.  This in the process, reduces the rattle while increasing the durability.


1. It can be able to haul up to 7500 pounds of vertical load and 30000 pounds of gross trailer weight

2. It has a strong ball which locks it in place

3. It has a complete installation kit for the gooseneck hitch system for your truck bed.

4. It has chrome plated hitch ball which resists rust

5. It has a magnetic cover which protects the hole of the ball from grime and dirt


1. It is hard to install

2. It is not compatible with all trucks

7. B&W Trailer Hitch Gooseneck Hitch 1314

It is a heavy duty hitch which you can install on your vehicle so that you be able to secure your gooseneck trailer. Two months ago, my dad bought it for his truck and to date, he is still happy with the services he is getting from the same.

When he is not towing it, he stores the removable ball upside down in the hitch to give you complete bed access.  It is a heavy duty hitch which will allow you to tow your gooseneck trailer.

The machined ball socket gives it durability which is rugged. With the square ball base, it will prevent the ball from turning in the hitch during a hookup. The installation is simple with an included custom mounting kit. There will be no welding required and you won't have to remove the truck bed from the truck. All you have to do is to ensure that, you cut a 4-inch diameter into the bed. Its powder coated steel which is corrosion resistant and sturdy will make this particular gooseneck hitch to last longer.


1. Made in the USA

2. You don’t have to remove the truck bed when doing its installation

3. It has built-in spring loaded safety chain hookups

4. It has a square ball which prevents the ball from being able to turn in hitch during the hookup

5. It is heavy duty


1. Watch your tailgate when you install this gooseneck hitch

2. Instructions enclosed are not clear

What Is A Gooseneck Hitch And How It Work? 

If you are looking to get something major to tow, then you will need the right equipment for the job. Apart from picking the right truck and trailer which is sturdy enough, you will need a strong hitch too. The classes I and II hitches are good for towing light loads with a drawback system. For classes III and IV hitches, they will be able to accommodate up to 10000 pounds of load which is under 4536 kilograms of the trailer weight gross. They are good for hauling boats and campers.

The class V hitches where the gooseneck belongs can be able to handle up to 30000 pounds which is equivalent to 13000kilograms. They are different from the regular hitches in that, the gooseneck hitches are anchored through the truck’s bed.

You will have to use a hitch ball to enable the gooseneck hitches to be able to lock in place. Apart from their strength, they tend to be popular due to the fact that, the trailers which they pull are in a position to make tighter turns than the ones which connect off the back of the vehicle for towing.

Depending on what model, the gooseneck tends to be affordable and you might find an installation kit included in the price. There are those which are easier to install while other models and makes are not. So if you are planning to DIY, you will need to put that into consideration when you are doing the purchase.

Fifth Wheel Vs Gooseneck Hitch: Which Is Better And What Is The Difference?

A gooseneck resembles a ball mount with the only difference being that it is mounted or welded in the bed of your truck on a rail.  For a fifth wheel hitch, it doesn’t have a ball mount, but instead, connects to your trailer through a downward facing pin which is known as the kingpin. It combines with a plate which normally rests on the plate of the fifth wheel.

1. Gooseneck Hitch

This is a metal plate which mounts under or on the truck bed box and you will have to use a coupler and a ball. They mount into the bed of your truck and thus, giving you a towing footprint which is shorter. It is capable of centering the weights overtop of the structure similar to a 5th wheel hitch.

It is installed over top of the axle at the rear but you don’t have to use any rails. In order to mount it, you are likely going to need to drill into the bed of your truck and this means that you will have to remove your spare tire before you do that.

If you have good DIY skills, tools, time and you are yearning to save money, then you can install it on your own.  But for a great installation, I would recommend that you involve a professional.

 In case of an accident or malfunction, you will have some protection against liability due to the fact that you will be able to go to the company which provided the professional who did the installation. But in case you did it on your own, you will incur all the losses and costs.


◆ It can be able to handle a lot of weight. A large truck can be able to maximize on the use of a gooseneck trailer hitch by towing over 30000 pounds.

◆It tends to provide a lot of flexibility. This means that you will be able to pull a large fifth wheel toy hauler and horse trailer that you would not have been able to mount was it a normal fifth wheel hitch you had mounted.


◆ It doesn’t provide a smooth ride as compared to a fifth wheel trailer hitch. This denotes that, you will have a lot of trailer sway and the ride will be very noisy. If you do a lot of traveling, I would recommend that you go with a fifth wheel trailer hitch than a gooseneck trailer hitch.

◆ At times, it might be hard to mount it on the trailer. As a driver, you might need to be able to perfectly position the mount of the ball underneath of your hitch adapter which might be very hard to do as compared to the bumper pull hitch.

2. Fifth Wheel Hitches

This type of hitches have rails and you will have to mount them into the truck’s frame. There is no ball attached to them and in case you are a newbie in the RV world, at first glance, you might not recognize them as towing equipment.

You will have to mount them just above the axle at the rear. A pair of rails is mounted into the bed of the truck and the hitch is then attached to the rails. It is not complicated to install the hitch but you will have to drill into the truck, remove the rear wheel in order to successfully mount it is properly.


◆ It is the standard hitch which is used by the 5th wheel camper. When you use it, it will give you great compatibility.

◆ It will give you a smooth ride as compared to gooseneck hitches. Less swaying will be experienced and the ride will be quiet as compared to the gooseneck hitches


◆ The main disadvantage is that it will not be able to tow much weight as compared to the gooseneck hitch. If you want to tow a larger trailer or you are going to have a heavy fifth wheel camper to be built for you, then you will have to use the gooseneck hitch instead.

◆ It is expensive as compared to the gooseneck hitch

◆ You cannot tow as much gooseneck trailer hitch.

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Installing Gooseneck Hitches 

Unlike the other standard ball hitches, the gooseneck hitches are normally mounted in your truck bed in front of the axle at the rear, leaving the ball protruding from the bed of your truck. Its installation requires at least a single hole to be drilled into the bed of your truck. you will find the alterations worth as it will enable you to be able to tow loads which are large and heavy.

Step By Step Installation Procedure Of A Gooseneck Hitch

#1. Mark the ball center of your hitch. This is the place where the hitch will be mounted at the end of it all which should be inside the truck bed. You should ensure that the ball is at the center located forward of the rear axle of your vehicle and the bed rails.

You have to measure to be sure that, the placement of the ball will provide clearance which is enough to avoid causing contact with gooseneck trailer when you are making turns. Check under the truck to make sure that the location of drilling will not cause interference with any other components in the truck bed.

#2. Using a saw, cut a 3.5-inch hole marking in the bed of your truck. you will need to file the hole to ensure that, the edges created when you cut are not rough.

#3. The hitch platform should be placed in the hole from beneath the truck. you can use the platform as a template to drill other holes which you will need for installation of the carriage u-bolts or hex bolts which are included in the purchase of the hitch.

Drill in the perimeter of the platform hole locations with the use of a 5/8inch drill bit and a cordless drill. Drill a hole of about  ¾ inch through all the locations which you require for installation of the u-bolts.

#4. The 5/8 inch hex bolts and the carriage should be slid through the platform of the hitch from the top of the bed the way it is indicated by the platform pattern. You will have to secure the bolts with a lock washer together with a nut from the truck bed underside. Using 150foot-pounds, torque all the bolts.

#5. In the installation kit, you will get two u-bolts, slide them through the ¾ inch holes which you drilled from the top side of your truck bed. Slip a spring on either side of the extension of the U-bolts and ensure that the assembly is secured in place using a lock washer and a nut underneath the truck bed. You will have to tighten the nut until you see three threads visible at the bottom of the nut.

#6. The ball hitch screw should be unscrewed from the gooseneck ball hitch top. You will have to slide through the platform of the gooseneck hitch from the side at the top of the truck bed. Ensure that the ball is secured on the hitch via tightening the screw of the ball hitch  which is on the ball’s top.

As you can see, the installation is better left to the professionals to ensure that, the job is done in the right way, especially if you are a newbie.

What To Look For When Buying A Gooseneck Hitch? 

1. Towing Capacity

It is important that you know the weight of what you are going to tow before you go buying a gooseneck hitch. If you are going to tow something that weighs over 30000 pounds and you purchase a gooseneck hitch can accommodate up to 20000 pounds, there you stand a high risk which might cause an accident or break.

2. Installation

When buying a gooseneck hitch, you have to keep in mind the type of installation that it will require. Will it be easy or complicated? Because if you don’t consider that, you will need to pay professionals a lot of money for them to install the hitch for you. If it is a gooseneck hitch which you will have to purchase other tools in order to connect, it might just end up being expensive for you. get one that is easy to install.

3. Hide Goose Hitches

This type takes things to the next level and comes with an electronic way to be able to hide the hitch when you are not using it. You will have to spend more money but it is worth it if you compare the added convenience which will be able to provide especially if you like switching back and forth.

4. Rail Mounted Hitches

This is the most popular hitches which are on the market for gooseneck type. They attach to the rail base making the installation easy to remove and install. But before you do the purchase, you need to ensure that it is compatible with the rails which are currently existing on your vehicle. Most of the ones available on the market tend to be compatible with the factory rails but it will be best if you double checked beforehand.

It will be best for you especially if your truck is dedicated to hauling. You will be able to utilize the gooseneck for heavy hauling and if you get the best then you can switch to a fifth wheel trailer when you feel like having a ride which is ultra smooth.

5. Types Of Hitches

There is three main types of hitches which you will have to choose from when you want to purchase a gooseneck hitch; fold down, above the bed, and under the bed. The one which I found out to be more popular with most customers is under the bed and the above the bed hitches.

Above the bed: This is the most popular gooseneck hitch which you can go for. It is mounted on the rails at the base which are the same rails which the fifth wheel hitch uses to install. It could be popular due to the fact that it can be removed and installed easily. Most of them are normally secured on the rails using 4 pins which takes the shortest time to remove.

Under the bed: These are hitches which tend to be specific to the vehicle. Different brands produce a variation in order to meet the various needs of specific vehicles. You will be able to install the rails under your truck.
It will require you to make a small hole so that the coupler will be able to pass through the bed of your truck. This particular gooseneck hitch has the capability of hauling trailers which are larger but it will cost you more when it comes to installation as it is a difficult one.

Fold down: Just like the under the bed type of gooseneck hitch installation, the fold down is normally attached to the rails which are found under the bed of the truck. The difference comes in hitch ball, which is normally mounted onto the plate. It requires a hole which is large insides. The main benefit of this type is that you will be able to fold down the ball of the hitch when you are not using it.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is A Gooseneck The Same As A Fifth Wheel?

The difference between the two is that the gooseneck uses a coupler and a ball instead of a pin receiver and a kingpin as is the case with the fifth wheel. Horse trailers are the ones which like using gooseneck hitch. Gooseneck hitches can be purchased as fold down, under the bed, or above bed models which allows you to be able to quickly fix and remove the ball from the truck bed when you are not using it.

One moment the hitch ball is very ready for the towing job and the next minute it is free from the truck, leaving the bed without any obstructions. The above the bed gooseneck hitches tend to utilize the same rails as the 5th wheel hitch thereby making it easy to switch between a gooseneck hitch and a fifth wheel especially if you have both.

2. Can You Tow More With A Gooseneck?

Compared to a bumper or 5th wheel hitch, the gooseneck hitch has the capacity to tow more. The gooseneck trailers have to be towed by a truck and you will require special equipment which is not found on most standard trucks.

3. Is Fifth Wheel To Gooseneck Adapters Safe For Towing A 33 Foot 12,000 Pound 5th Wheel Trailer?

It will be safe for pulling a 12,000-pound fifth wheel. It is an adapter which is rated up to 20000 pounds gross weight for trailer and thus, you are under the limit. Ensure that, the kingpin box which is on your trailer does not exceed 30 inches from the kingpin center to the center of the mounting bolt.

It is not good to use adapters continually. The 5th wheel trailer is constructed to use the fifth wheel hitch movement. When you adapt a fifth wheel to a gooseneck, it will eliminate the fifth wheel head movement, thereby producing a ride which is a bit rough.

I would recommend that you just use the adapter occasionally when you don’t have the fifth wheel hitch or when you are trying to convert the trailer to a gooseneck without the use of the adapter. Or go ahead and install a fifth wheel system on your truck.

4. What Is The Size Of A Gooseneck Ball?

The common size of a gooseneck ball is 2 inches in diameter. But if you get heavy duty balls, they can go up to 2 ¼ inches. The ball mount hole’s diameter shouldn’t be more than 1/16 inches greater than that of the diameter ball shank for it to fit.

5. How Is A Gooseneck Hitch Measured?

You will have to measure from the front bumper of the truck to the center of the axle at the rear. That is the place where the kingpin or the gooseneck ball should be able to sit. You then add that length to the overall length of your trailer and get the total length.


As a trucker, a gooseneck hitch is one of the best product made for you. because of the best gooseneck hitch, you will not have to go through a lot of labor when you are hauling larger cargo. It will save you time. When you are buying and installing it, ensure that you follow the attached instructions so that you don’t go wrong.

They are a cheaper alternative to the 5th wheel hitch which comes with a lot of benefits. Cost is the first benefit you will get when you purchase a gooseneck hitch with other factors such as installation being easy could make the difference to the hitch type you will choose. All that I have reviewed above are some of the popular in the market and are suitable for various budgets. Pick the best that will meet your specific needs and budget.


2. Curt Gooseneck Hitch Installation

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