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5 Best Jeep Hardtop Hoist Reviews

The hardtop of your jeep is a necessary accessory due to the fact that it helps in ensuring your vehicle is converted into an open or closed design depending on the weather conditions. During rainy and winter seasons, the hardtop will be able to protect you from the wrath of cold. When some come around, you will be able to remove the hardtop and enjoy the refreshing breeze and the great scenery while it is there with you.

But the entire process of uninstalling and installing the hardtop might end up being a nightmare. It might require a combined effort from friends and relatives in order to get their help in dealing with the hardtop. It is a risky process as you might just end up getting hurt or your hardtop might be damaged.

With the purchase of the best jeep hardtop hoist, you will save yourself the hassle of looking for someone to help you with the uninstalling and installing your jeep hardtop. With it, you will be able to do it on your own.  The hardtop hoists have more importance than just ensuring that you get your jeep’s hardtop is up or down.

Comparison Of Jeep Hardtop Hoist


 HARKEN Jeep Hardtop Garage Storage Hoist with Bonus 6 T Knobs for Quick Hardtop Removal

1. Harken Jeep Hardtop Hoist

  • Constructed from stainless steel and double-braided rope 
  • Features an anti-drop mechanism
  • Easy to install
  • Over 300 positive reviews

4.6 of 5 stars


Bestop 42806-01 Black HOSS Hardtop Cart

2. Bestop 42806-01 Hardtop Cart

  • Hardtop hoist with heavy-duty casters with front locking wheels
  • Features a unique rear support bar
  • Foam padding for scratch resistance
  • Over 60 positive reviews

3.6 of 5 stars


Garage Smart Hard Top Lifter, Motorized Jeep Hard Top Hoist and Storage System, Powered by MyLifter

3. Garage Smart Hardtop Lifter

  • 200 lbs. lifting capacity
  • Features a powder coated steel frame with protective pads and rubber hooks
  • Automatic break system included
  • Over 20 positive reviews

4.7 of 5 stars


014-210 formerly 014-601 Lange Originals Power Hoist a Top Hard Top, Hardtop Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Top Removal System

4. 041-210 Lange Original Power Hoist For Hardtop

  • Electric-powered winch system
  • Features a powder coated steel frame 
  • Safety and breaking locks included
  • Over 40 positive reviews

4.4 of 5 stars


Smittybilt 510001 Hard Top Hoist for Jeep CJ/YJ/TJ/JK

5. Smittybilt Hardtop Hoist 510001

  • Electric-powered winch system
  • Features a heavy-duty rolled steel frame with rubber stops 
  • 1000 lbs. lifting capacity
  • Over 30 positive reviews

4.2 of 5 stars

Jeep Hardtop Hoist Reviews

1. Harken Jeep Hardtop Hoist

This is a budget-friendly model which is one of the best design for lighting hardtops which weigh up to 145lbs. apart from lifting, you can utilize it when storing the hardtop in your garage. It is a hoist which uses a four-point pulley and hoist system designed specifically for ensuring that all the four corners of your jeep’s hardtop are lifted from one point.

The pulley system will be able to allow you to operate easily the hoist without any further assistance. There is a braking system on the pulley which prevents control loss when operating it.

It is a hardtop hoist which is designed bearing in mind functionality. It has several safety features such as anti-drop system which lifts evenly and lifting straps constructed from nylon. The anti-drop system is also capable of preventing and locking the ropes to stop any unexpected release.

A great feature which makes this particular jeep hardtop hoist to be unique is the set of six bolts which are free screws designed for you to easily remove the jeep hardtop. With these particular screws, removing your hardtop will be something easy and faster.


  • Fits all models of jeeps
  • It is easy to install
  • Distributes and lifts weights evenly
  • Safety provided by an anti-drop mechanism
  • Easy to install
  • Features removal bolts which are easy


  • It comes with an incomplete kit

  • 2. Bestop 42806-01 Hardtop Cart

    If you are looking for ways to store your hardtop after use, then this particular cart will ensure that you enjoy it. Your hardtop will be stored securely with mobility that is roll around. It has paddings which will help in preventing the hardtop from getting scratched.

    Its rear support bar will make it possible for the rear window to be kept in place when you are installing or removing the hardtop. For easier removal, you can place it on while the hardtop is still on your jeep. It comes with a one year warranty.

    It will help in removing the headache of storing after removing the hardtop from your jeep. It is a unique integrated storage system which has everything that you as a jeep owner, would want in order to protect, organize and store your hardtops, accessories, and doors all in a single place.

    It is a unique and sturdy hardtop cart which attaches to the back of hardtop which is on your vehicle to enable you to have it easy while removing it. During installation, there is no need for additional clamps.


    • Easy to install and remove
    • It is unique
    • It is sturdy
    • Has a one year warranty
    • A support bar helps in eliminating your hardtop getting scratches


  • It is expensive

  • 3. Garage Smart Hardtop Lifter

    If you are looking for a technological savvy hardtop hoist, this should be one of them.  It incorporates an app for the smartphone to lower and lift your hardtop from and to the jeep.

    It is a hardtop lifter which comes in a pair of two lifters which are small and easy to install. When it comes to ceiling space, they occupy a small part of it. It has a capacity of 200lbs maximum making it possible to lift and at the same time store your hardtop. 

    To ensure that it doesn’t store/lift more that it can be able to handle, it contains a technology for weight sensing which ensures that you are warned and stops further lifting. This is the process, increases your safety and that of your jeep.

    Its steel frames are sturdy and powder-coated and connect to either 2 doors or 4 door hardtops very easily. There are protective pads to avoid any damage on your jeep. It has rubberized hooks to prevent damage.

    It has an automated system for braking to ensure that the whole process is technology savvy and safe for you, your hardtop and your jeep. Whenever the motor fails, the brakes get in.


    • Rubberized hooks to prevent damage
    • Sturdy powdered steel frame for longevity
    • Smartphone app to install and uninstall the hardtop
    • It has a capacity of up to 200lbs
    • Easy installation


  • The overall design is not appealing

  • 4. 041-210 Lange Original Power Hoist For Hardtop

    It is a system which allows for the accessory attachment to its frame but it is designed for JK models as from 2007. It has an electric which ensures that you will have it easy when lifting. The cable that is there attaches to one lifting point on the frame of the lift, but you will have a number of options available for you to find the right balancing point for your particular model.

    It comes with safety and braking locks to preventing any dropping accident. There is a heavy-duty steel frame which is powder-coated so that it has the capacity to support the weight of your hardtop and any other accessories attached to it.

    The foam panels on this hoist are large and durable, separating the lifting frame from the hardtop to be able to prevent scratches or any other damage, while at the same time, serving as an accessories’ mounting frame.

    With the rear window closed, you will be in a position to lift your hardtop using this hoist. It is a design which will enable you to store your hardtop near the ceiling of your carport or garage until you are ready for it to be installed on your jeep.

    If you are comfortable with storing your hardtop in your garage top and want the convenience of a winch which is powered electrically, then this could be the option you can be able to consider.


    • Designed for JK jeep models
    • Works with ceiling heights from 7 feet up to 25 feet
    • The winch is electric-powered with various lifting points on steel frames which are heavy-duty
    • Allows for storage and lifting with the window at the rear closed
    • Nothing to attach or drill to your hardtop


  • It is very heavy
  • It is expensive

  • 5. Smittybilt Hardtop Hoist 510001

    If you own a TJ, CJ, JK, and YJ,  then this hoist could be appropriate for you. It has an electric winch which can be able to lift hardtops up to 1000 pounds. This is due to the fact that it has a 200 amp motor and an electric winch system which is in a position to remove the top from one point to the next on the lifting frame.

    The frame is made of steel tubing which is heavy duty and comes with roll pins together with pulley for easy lowering and lifting. It is able to attach to the hardtop at three different points and the lifting can be done with the rear window closed.  To stop your jeep’s top from being damaged, its assembly is cushioned with rubber stops and rollers.

    Due to the fact that the hoist is constructed to run electronically, the lifting is not done using ropes. Once it lifts and stores your hardtop, you will need to mount it. Apart from the hardtop, the winch could be in a position to be set up differently to store and lift other items. If you have a few technical skills, you will be able to utilize it more.


    • Operates electronically
    • Constructed from materials which are heavy-duty
    • The capacity of weight is at 1000 pounds
    • Easy to use and mount
    • Great for space which is limited


    • The instructions are not clear

    Advantage And Disadvantage Of Jeep Hardtop Hoist

    A hoist for the jeep hardtop will help you in being able to easily remove the hardtop. It is the easiest and safest way to remove the jeep hardtop without having to damage it or having to cause any injury to yourself. In most instances, hardtops are known to be quite heavy and thus, to install or uninstall, it might require several people to help you. If you decide to do it on your own it is likely going to cause injury to yourself and damage to your hardtop and jeep.

    Its disadvantage is that it might be an extra expense to you after the purchase of your hardtop which you might not have budgeted for.

    Jeep Hardtop Hoist Buying Guide

    Before you buy a jeep hardtop hoist, you will need to ensure that, you know what you exactly are looking for. There are a few things which you need to check out before you decide which one to get  which include:

    1. Garage space

    This is a consideration which is very important. The question that you will need to ask yourself is whether the lift is going to work perfectly in your garage. This is because of the top-mounted ones, you will need to have instructions and follow them to the latter.

    2. Suitability

    Jeep tops are available in different shapes and sizes, and the hoists which are in the market are made to suit these various sizes and shapes as per the jeep’s model. So before you decide the hoist is what you are looking for, you will need to first check the specs and make sure that the lifts suit your exact model.

    You should realize that, if you get a hoist which is not compatible with your type of hardtop, you will end up damaging your hardtop or it might make the hardtop to drop from its suspended position.

    If you find it hard to tell what hoist will be suitable for your jeep, then it is best if you went to the jeep wrangler’s dealer who has hoists that are rated as being compatible with several models, and that way, chances of you getting the correct product.

    3. Installation

    If you get top-mounted hoist, you will need to follow an installation process. You need to know how difficult or hard the process will be and you will need to have a picture that is reliable of this. You have to check what people who have the used it are saying about the same. It is important to have reliable instructions for you to have an easy time of installation. If you get a hoist which is easy to install, then it should take you less than 3 hours.

    4. Operating Clearance

    Most hardtop hoists require at least 10 feet of ceiling clearance for proper function and installation. There are those which allow for a minimum ceiling of at least 7 feet but they fail to come with some features which might be important to you. If the garage has a ceiling height of about 7 feet or below, you should consider choosing a portable hoist unit.

    5. Powered-Mechanical Hoists

    This is a factor which is related to ease of use but at the same time, it affects cost. If you think ease of use is important to you, then you will have to go for powered hoists which come with a motor. That will make it possible for you to be pressing a button or even the use of a remote to lower or raise the hardtop. But you will have to be prepared to pay for it expensively

    But if you are on a tight budget and at the same time, okay with pulling a rope in order to operate the lift, then you can go for a mechanical hoist. This is a hoist which doesn’t have a motor making to be less expensive than a powered one.

    6. Weight Capacity

    Before you decide to purchase a hardtop hoist, you will need to know exactly how much you will be pulling.  Different hoists have different weight capacity with some going up to 300 pounds of maximum capacity. If you have an idea of how you will be pulling your hoist, it will be easier for you to choose the right one for your particular needs.

    7. Construction

    If you get hoists which are constructed from materials which are high quality, then it is likely going to stand the test of time than the ones with poor construction. During the stage where you are selecting, you need to ensure that, the hardware is very strong and is only made from materials which are high quality. With that, you will be sure that the unit will serve you for a long period of time.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. How To Remove And Store Wrangler Hard Top

    The following are the several steps which you will need to follow to be able to remove a jeep top successfully with a hoist and store it:

    • Start by removing the freedom panels if you have a four-door model jeep
    • Unlock the back clips in order to free the panels first. The clips are normally black in color and six in number and you will use them to hold the panel to the jeep’s frame.
    • Remove the panels and the two screws should be unscrewed on the sounder.
    • The wire connector should be removed by ensuring that the tab is pushed upward. Once you are done unplugging the wire connector, remove the fluid hose washer.
    • Each side has three bolts of the hardtop. Remove each of them for the hardtop to be released
    • Strap it to the hoist’s hooks and follow the instructions given. The hardtop should be lifted from the jeep using either a mechanical crank or electrical switch.
    • If the winch has a frame to be able to support the top,  you have to make sure that the hooks are attached to the frame to ensure that you can easily get it off together when you are getting the top.
    • In case there are wheels beneath the frame, you can use them to help you in rolling the hardtop away to where you store it.
    • If you are not ready to store the hardtop while it is attached to the winch that is on the ceiling, you have to make sure that you build a frame inside your garage where you can be able to store them. You have an option of building a rack on top to be able to secure your hardtop.

    2. How To Store A Jeep Hard Top

    Once you have removed it successfully, you could be concerned about the storage space due to the fact that it requires awkward, large space. Another storage option is using a carrier dolly. Once you have removed the hardtop, you can propel it on a dolly carrier and  ensure that it is tied into place with straps. It is a solution which gives you the power to be able to remove the top much easier. You should know that it still requires a lot of space, but you have the option of moving it out of your way.

    3. How To Clean And Maintain A Wrangler Hard Top

    You might be having that desire of keeping the new shine on your jeep after off-roading for a long day. This is something which is not easy at all. So many jeep drivers have an issue with it but it is a simple as it sounds. When at a car wash, treat it the same way you do with the other part of the jeep body.

    Use a cleaner which is mild, use water to rinse it, tower dry it to ensure that it is well dried. Due to the fact that hard tops are constructed from fiberglass, you need to avoid using cleaners which are harsh to avoid deteriorating the material underneath the paint.

    4. Can You Wax A Jeep Hardtop?

    Yes as it doesn’t harm the painted surface underneath

    5. Can You Put A Hardtop Over A Soft Top Jeep?

    There will be no need to remove a hardtop. If the soft top is folded down, it is possible to leave it installed on your jeep and place the hardtop over it.

    6. How Much Is A Hard Top For A Jeep?

    Due to the high-quality materials of the hardtop, they tend to be slightly expensive as compared to the soft-top which can be as cheap as $200

    7. Is A Hardtop Or Soft Top Jeep Better?

    Depends what you are looking for. If your priority is durability, then the hardtops are the best option for you. They will also be able to provide for more insulation and thus, be able to shield you from the hot summer sun and chilly winter wind. But if you are tight on budget, then the hardtops will be far much out of your reach and thus, the soft top will the better option.

    8. Will The Hoist Work With A 2-door JK With Freedom Panels?

    The best would be to go with a system which will be able to comfortably accommodate 2 door or 4 door tops. You have to make sure that, there is enough protection for the freedom panels or you can place a blanket on the rear portion top of your hardtop. You will have to place the freedom panels upside down on a blanket top for the best protection to be provided while you have stored them.

    9. Will The Hoist Work For A Rooftop Tent?

    It doesn’t matter what you have attached on the hardtop’s top due to the fact that the concept remains the same. But you will need to remember that, the extra weight of the rooftop tent and how the hoist is rated in terms of how much weight it can accommodate.

    10. What’s The Minimum Height That The Ceiling Can Be To Use The Hoist?

    Majority of the hoist can accommodate a minimum height of 7 feet for it to have enough clearance for the hardtop but there are certain systems which you will need to have up to 10 feet of minimum height clearance.

    11. How Long Is The Cable On The Hoist?

    The length of the cable varies depending on the hoist. The consideration of cable length will be able to make a great difference if you want to lift your hardtop in a shop with a ceiling which is high. But for most hoist, they have enough cable length to accommodate most of the garage ceiling heights available.

    12. Can One Person Operate The Hoist To Remove A Hardtop?

    For top-rated models of hoists for hardtops, it is possible for one person to be able to operate them without the assistance of anyone else.


    There is no need for you to keep struggling with having to install and uninstall your Jeep’s hardtop the manual way.  It is tedious and the same time it has several risks. You are better off getting the best jeep hardtop hoist to do the job for you. They are different in terms of weight capacity and operation. You will need to choose one that has a weight limit which is higher than the hardtop for it to easily to support it. It has to also be easy to use and versatile.

    My pick is the Garage Smart Hardtop Lifter due to the fact that it has rubberized hooks to prevent damage, it is sturdy powdered steel frame for longevity, it has a smartphone app to install and uninstall the hardtop, has a capacity of up to 200lbs, and you will be able to install it easily. You have the option of going through the above reviews and choose the best that will work for you.

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