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Top 7 Best Overhead Garage Storage Reviews

By Stella Grant

September 19, 2019

Is your garage disorganized due to the presence of items and tools on the floor? Then it is high time that you invested in one of the best overhead garage storage. Because if you don’t, it might cause damage to some of the items. In order to keep all the garage items and tools safely when they are not in use, you will have to get one of the best storage racks which can hold more weight and be able to keep a variety of items.

There are a variety of overhead garage storage racks which you can find in the market though not all of them are the quality. You will need to check out for some of the key features which include durability, maximum weight capacity, and installation ease amongst others.

Comparison Of Overhead Garage Storage


HyLoft 00540 45-Inch by 45-Inch Overhead Storage System, Ceiling Mount Garage Organization Rack, White

1. HyLoft Overhead Storage System

  • Constructed from scratch-resistant powder coated steel
  • Features an adjustable height
  • Installation manual included
  • Over 1,200 positive reviews

4.6 of 5 stars


 FLEXIMOUNTS 4x8 Overhead Garage Storage Rack Adjustable Ceiling Garage Rack Heavy Duty, 96

2. FLEXIMOUNTS Overhead Garage Storage Rack

  • Constructed from cold-rolled steel material 
  • Features an integrated grid design
  • Installation manual included
  • Over 2,600 positive reviews

4.6 of 5 stars


FLEXIMOUNTS 4x8 Overhead Garage Storage Rack w/Hooks Adjustable Ceiling Storage Racks, 96

3. FLEXIMOUNTS 4X8 OVERHEAD GARAGE STORAGE RACK WITH An Adjustable Ceiling Storage Racks, 96 Inches

  • Constructed from cold-rolled steel
  • Features an integrated grid design
  • Installation manual included
  • Over 400 positive reviews

4.7 of 5 stars


SafeRacks - 4x8 Overhead Garage Storage Rack Heavy Duty (18

4. SafeRacks Overhead Garage Storage Rack Heavy Duty

  • Constructed from powder coated industrial-grade steel
  • Lifetime warranty included
  • Easy to install
  • Over 400 positive reviews

4.6 of 5 stars


MonsterRax - 4x8 Overhead Garage Storage Rack Heavy Duty (24

5. MonsterRax Overhead Garage Storage Rack 4 x 8

  • Constructed from industrial-grade steel
  • Features a hammer tone powder coat finish 
  • Easy to install
  • Over 500 positive reviews

4.7 of 5 stars


MonsterRax - 4x8 Overhead Garage Storage Rack Heavy Duty (24

6. Quick Shelf Hangers Overhead Storage Rack

  • Constructed from high-quality material
  • Features a 1,400 lbs. weight capacity
  • Easy to install
  • Over 40 positive reviews

4.8 of 5 stars


MonsterRax - 4x8 Overhead Garage Storage Rack Heavy Duty (12

7. MonsterRax Heavy Duty 4 x 8 Overhead Garage Storage Rack

  • Constructed from powder coated industrial-grade steel
  • Features a 600 lbs. weight capacity
  • Lifetime warranty included
  • Over 50 positive reviews

4.5 of 5 stars

Overhead Garage Storage Reviews

1. HyLoft Overhead Storage System 

This is a storage system which seems to be very durable and it might be the best way to utilize the space which is unused in your storage. It will be able to provide you with an organization for your basement, attic, or garage. It is overhead garage storage which can fit with most joist configurations.

Its construction is made of steel for durability and innovation. It has a finish which is powder coated making itbe scratch resistant with a loading capacity of 250 pounds. You will be able to get a versatile ceiling storage system if you go for this particular rack which has an adjustable height which ranges between 17 inches to 28 inches. You will be provided with 30 cubic foot of storage on its vertical space.

If you have a roof with joists which are spaced at 24 inches apart, there is no need to worry. This overhead storage rack will be able to work with it. But you should remember that its stability will depend with its own the weight which you will place on it.

It is advisable that you use long screws to be able to prevent the hangers from moving. In the package, you will be able to get installation hardware for a quick fix. Its lightweight structure might be something which you might not like about this particular rack as it might make it not to be the best choice for items which are bulky.


1. It has a weight capacity of up to 250 pounds

2. It is made from durable steel material

3. It comes with clear installation instructions

4. It is a universal compatible rack

5. It has a height which is adjustable


1. Very lightweight and thus not good for storing heavy items

2. FLEXIMOUNTS Overhead Garage Storage Rack

If you are in the market shopping for one of the best overhead garage storage racks, this could be one of the many you should consider buying. It has adjustable features which you can utilize to adjust according to your needs.

This is a rack which is easy to use and when it comes to installation, it is also very easy. It is a model which has been designed from quality material and thus, it is sturdy, to be able to support up to 600 pounds.

It is large in size and thus, if you decide to purchase it, it will give you good storage space to place all of your equipment. It has a wider length which will allow you to store more goods easily. Due to the fact that it is resistant to harsh weather, it will survive in all types of weather and at the same time, it is likely going to last you for a very long time.


1. It is sturdy

2. Can keep things out of reach of children

3. It works great

4. It comes with six vertical posts for great storage

5. It has a clear step-by-step instruction manual

6. It comes with an integrated grid design


1. Not good for small spaces

3. FLEXIMOUNTS 4X8 OVERHEAD GARAGE STORAGE RACK WITH An Adjustable Ceiling Storage Racks, 96 Inches

Are you in search for a garage ceiling storage which has universal compatibility to the ceiling of your garage? Then this could be what you are exactly looking for. It is available in one and two packs respectively and you will get them in white or black colors.

It is metallic with an integrated grid design which is made of strong cold rolled steel with a loading capacity of up to 600 pounds which has been tested for its limits. You can adjust its height from 22 to 40 inches to decrease or increase down space. The dropdown will be able to offer you with up to 105 of storage cubic foot.

It is a rack which is suitable for both ceiling studs and solid concrete ceilings. But there is a need for you to make sure that you check the ceiling structure and space before you invest in this particular product.

Unlike the conventional overhead racks, it comes with M8 screws and bolts which are top quality and they will be able to offer maximum safety. To install it, you don’t require special skills. It has an installation template which makes it easier to follow the step by step installation. You will also get a YouTube installation video which can be of help.

There are also some hooks which you can buy separately and install the hooks on the joists and grid for hanging bicycles and hand tools among other things.


1. It can handle a maximum weight of 550 pounds

2. It has a universal compatibility

3. It is constructed from steel which is durable

4. It has clear instruction for installation together with a YouTube video

5. It is adjustable


1. The design is poor

4. SafeRacks Overhead Garage Storage Rack Heavy Duty

The ceiling brackets of this particular overhead garage storage is 27 inches and it is designed to be able to attach to 2 separate ceiling joists. It is safe and durable with a lifetime warranty to back it up.

Its weight is distributed evenly across the ceiling joists. It is a high-quality rack to make your garage space which is more functional for your items and vehicles. It is designed for durability and maximum strength and thus, it is likely going to hold a lot of weight.

Each of these particular rack isheavy-duty and designed usingindustrial-grade steel. Each of the racks independently supports up to 600 pounds. It has powder-coated finish and comes with a limited lifetime warranty. The installation is a DIY and thus, you will not necessarily require a professional to do the work for you.


1. It can be able to hold up to 600 pounds

2. It comes with a limited lifetime warranty

3. It is sturdy

4. You will have enough space for your items

5. You can customize the drop length of the ceiling


1. Return policy not clear

5. MonsterRax Overhead Garage Storage Rack 4 x 8

It is a unit which is affordable and thus, if you on a tight budget and still need garage storage, then this could be the overhead garage storage which you should go for. It comes with various features which you might find to be useful.

It is built in a sturdy way to ensure that it lasts for a long time, offering a space that is ideal to save solution for garage or any other storage space in your home.

It will be able to offer you with large storage space while at the same time, remaining compact meaning, it will be able to fit in any space. Though rated to accommodate up to 600 pounds, it can be engineered at over 1500 pounds breaking strength.

Its instructions are clear and thus, it will be easy for you to install it on your own. The rack is one that fits almost any garage and features a 600 pounds weight capacity. You can easily adjust it from 24 to 44 inches. It is a unit which features a hammer tone powder coat finish and industrial steel construction which is made of steel.


1. Full support center to be able to get assistance

2. Ceiling drop length which is customizable

3. Steel construction which has industrial strength

4. The capacity of 600 pounds

5. Clear instructions


1. It looks lightweight

6. Quick Shelf Hangers Overhead Storage Rack

I consider this one to be high quality yet affordable overhead storage rack which you should consider to purchase if you are on a tight budget. It will be able to carry up to 1400 lbs which are just impressive.

You will get the u-shaped metal bars and eye hooks with the installation involving mounting it to the ceiling studs. You will then be able to place it on melamine board or 24-inch wide plywood in between. You can use the board up to 12 feet long.

It is a unit which has eight ceiling attachment points for the entire shelves on the rack. All you will require for the installation to be successful is a screwdriver A 1- 1/8 inches, a drill, 6 point hex socket, 3/16 inch drill bit.

If you want storage which is wide with a weight capacity which is huge, then this could be the one for you. The cost is very low as compared to the same capacity of racks made from steel material.

You will find the difference in appearance and the fact that you will have to look for the wooden boards on your own and that is why the price is quite affordable. If you plan to store a lot of heavy stuff, then this could just be the ideal overhead garage storage rack.


1. Can be able to hold heavy items

2. It is affordable

3. It is high quality

4. Installation is very easy

5. It will give you a big storage


1. You will need to get the wooden boards on your own.

7. MonsterRax Heavy Duty 4 x 8 Overhead Garage Storage Rack

If you are looking for a heavy-duty overhead garage storage rack, then this particular one could be ideal for you. It has a ceiling drop-down the distance of between 12 to 21 inches and a dimension of 4 inches by 8 inches.

It is build withindustrial-grade strength and steels which are of high quality. It is expected to be in a position to hold up to 600 pounds which is a good weight. It comes with patented ceiling brackets which will provide you with safe connection as long as you do the installation correctly.  For durability, it comes with a white powder coat, matched with white walls and the color of the ceiling. It is backed with a lifetime warranty which you will utilize when using the item.

During installation, you might find it hard to install it on your own and thus, not a good \DIY as you will need more hands to hold up some of the parts as you do the installation. You will have to involve a professional to be sure that, it has been installed properly.


1. Backed with a lifetime warranty

2. Its height can be customized to fit in your garage

3. It can hold up to 600 pounds

4. Able to accommodate and hold several moderate-heavy items

5. Has a white powder coat finish that will ensure durability.


1. Hard to install

What Are Overhead Garage Storage Systems?

This is the inexpensive system to ensure that, there is no clutter which accumulates in the garage and other storage spaces causing you to want to avoid them. There is a lot of potential in your garage which is normally stolen away by stacks of items which are unorganized.

With the overhead garage storage system, you will be able to remove the obstacles found in your garage and make it more useful and productive to you. It will take the organization of your garage to new heights with a system which is lightweight, strong, easy to install, which will revolutionalize storage solution to your garage. It will be able to lift your stuff and ensure that everything is suspended above your head where you will be in a position to easily access them and yet, out of your way.

How Overhead Storage Could Benefit Your Garage

There are several benefits which you are going to get when you install overhead storage in your garage which include:

1. Space

The basic use of overhead garage storage is for storage.  It will ensure that you make use of the space which you neglected. Though you might end up going for it due to the style and fancy look, it is going to free space in your garage for other uses such as garage work, parking, and pet area.

2. Safe

When you use an overhead storage rack, is to clear the clutter in your garage or storage units. The garage becomes safe as there are a few risks of ending up stepping on clutter and encountering hazard on the floor. It is also in a position to keep some of the dangerous items out of reach of pets and children.

3. Save Money On Storage Unit

When your garage become overcrowded, you might be tempted to rent a space to store some of your items. But with the overhead garage storage, you will not have to waste your money as all your stuff will be able to stay in your garage but out of your way.

4. Organized

When you use the overhead garage rack, it will be able to keep your garage unit in a more organized way. Due to the fact that they are suspended, you will be able to see everything that they hold and know where to find everything.

5. Installation

It will be good if you get one which is easy to install and uninstall. This is because, they can be installed on any ceiling surface be it on concrete, wood studs, or even steel. They are easy to adjust to being able to fit in any size of the room.

Garage Overhead Storage Tips That Help You Use Your Space Wisely

To use your garage’s overhead space for storage is a way to be able to minimize the clutter in your garage. In most instances, the vertical space of your garage is not used to its full potential.

Here are some of what I consider garage overhead storage tips which will likely help you to be in a position to get the best out of this valuable storage space in your home.

1. Choose The Correct Garage Overhead Storage System

You have to start by ensuring that, you pick the right garage overhead storage system. Get to know what you want to use the overhead system for and then choose a solution for it which will satisfy your requirements.

In most instances, you might find that you will use it for bulkier, heavier items. That means that you have to choose one that is heavy-duty which will be in a position to handle your job and which is well made and be able to last for a longer time in a garage environment which is demanding.

2. Items That Are Alike To Be Grouped Together

You should ensure that, like items are grouped together. When you store items strategically, it reduces the chances of ever misplacing them and you will find things easier and save on time. When you follow this simple tip, it will be beneficial especially when it comes to finding tiny items in your garage.

3. The Garage Overhead Storage System Has To Store The Right Items 

Apart from tires, you can store a wide range of items which are better off up in the air than storing them on your garage floor which can be a hindrance to parking. You can use the system to store out of the season items which are not useful for a certain period of the year.

This will include things for maintenance like lawnmowers, grass trimmers, snow blowers, hedge trimmers, rakes, and shovels. Other out of season items such as patio furniture, sporting, and camping equipment, car roof racks, and holiday decorations can also be kept on the overhead garage storage.

You can also store the storage bins on the overhead garage rack. For any clothes which are being stored in the garage, it has to be stored in good bins which will be able to protect your clothes from insects, rodents, and moisture. For extra protection, you can vacuum seal the stored clothes.

4. Prepare Your Items Properly For Garage Overhead Storing

Ensure that you wash then dry your items before you store them in your overhead garage racks especially the ones which can easily corrode such as lawnmowers, bikes, and snowblowers. For equipment for motor, you will have to follow the instructions from the manufacturer such as making an oil change. When you take your time to do this, it will ensure that they will have a longer lifespan.

5. Label Your Items

Apart from grouping your items, you will need to label them as it will save you time too. If you have the storage bins, you should use labels especially if the bins are similar.

6. You Shouldn’t Waste Garage Overhead Storage Space Storing Unnecessary Clutter

You should determine how important the items you are storing are when you will need to use them again. Check out if it will be useful during the next use or you will not need it anymore. Weed out items which have outlived their usefulness to help in keeping the clutter in your garage to a minimum. That will ensure that you place your overhead garage storage space to be more functional.

7. Let It Be Handled By A Trusted Professional

For you to install garage overheads storage racks that will be able to handle weight loads that are heavy, you will require expertise. For suspended overhead racks you will need to ensure that they are properly attached to your ceiling joists or rafter, while for those which are wall-mounted, you will need a stable foundation for anchoring.

That could be the reason why, one of the main garage tips is that you should leave the storage to a professional. They know what size and types of specialty racking which will work best within the space of your garage.

What To Look For When Shopping for Garage Ceiling Storage

1. Size

The first thing that you will have to consider before you purchase one of the best overhead garage storage is the storage size. It will be wrong if you went ahead and chose storage which is too small for convenient use.

You have an option of choosing between expandable and fixed size. The fixed overhead storage might be the right one if you have the exact number of items that you want to store.

In case you anticipate that you will be needing more space in the future for storage, then you can consider purchasing a system which is expandable that is customized fully.

You have also an option of settling for extra capacity. If that is the case, you will need to choose an overhead storage system which will have wall mount brackets. This is the process, will allow you to be able to secure the overhead storage on the wall, increasing its weight capacity.

2. Ceiling Compatibility

This is another important feature that you will have to consider when you are out there trying to purchase one of the best overhead garage storage. It should have universal compatibility with your ceiling.

The ceiling joists should be compatible with your ceiling. You should be in a position to mount the ceiling rack on concrete wall or wall studs with ease.

3. Overhead Storage Safety

For an overhead garage rack to be considered best, it should be able to fulfill a number of safety features. The first of them is the clearance which will determine how much space you will require for installation. You should not measure the space when the garage storage door is open.

If you have plans to add a shelf in the void that is between the ceiling and the open overhead garage door, you will have to ensure that, you leave at least nineteen inches of open space which is clear to allow for storage that is usable without having to intrude the operations of the door.

You will need to try and avoid placing the racks too close in a location which is near the door of your garage. Ensure that there is enough clearance that you leave between the ceiling-mounted racks and the door.

Other than the clearance, ensure that the product comes with all the bolts for fastening. It has to be securely bolted. It should also have a safety lip which should be at least 2 inches to be able to prevent your stuff from being able to fall off.

4. Weight Capacity

This is also an important consideration when it comes to purchasing one of the best overhead garage storage in the market. The amount of weight you want to mount on it will determine the type of overhead rack that you will have to settle for.

The conventional garage overhead joists have the capacity of supporting up to fifty pounds per square feet. If you exceed the weight limit, then you will automatically damage the rack.

The best overhead rack will come with joists which are constructed from wood or steel materials. When compared with wood, the metal trusses don’t support the same weight as wood.

The capacity of the load will tend to differ depending on the construction of the beam. L-beam and Z-beam designs tend to have load capacity which is less. Those which are made from c-channel beams tend to have a high weight capacity.

5. Adjustable Heights

If your garage has a lot of items or has limited space, you will have to go for overhead storage that has adjustable heights. With such a design, you will be in a position to raise or lower the racks in order to decrease or increase vertical storage space to accommodate extra items.

Most of the adjustable models can be adjusted from 22 inches to 40 inches which in the process, will provide you with convenient and safe vertical space for storing your stuff.

6. Motorized Overhead Garage Storage

Do you want to ensure that, you avoid the dangers which are associated with arranging items on an overhead garage system on a daily basis? Then you will have to choose motorized overhead storage. With such, you will be able to conveniently raise or lower the racks through pressing a button. This makes unloading and loading to be safe and easy.

Most of the best motorized overhead garage storage system use a wall mount to be able to push button fitted with a lockout that is keyed to prevent use which is unsanctioned. 

In case you decide to buy a motorized system, make sure that it is made from the strongest and thickest steel.  The system should be able to attach to a minimum of four joists with its height being at least thirteen feet. The weight capacity should be at least 400 pounds.

7. DIY Installation

The last thing you want after you purchase your overhead garage storage rack is to find that, you will be unable to fix it and it is going to take you a long time to do it. A good storage system needs to be one that has clear installation instructions and tool-free. This will make it possible for you to DIY it quickly.

8. Keep It Clean And Simple

Choose an overhead garage rack that will make it possible for you to remove the mess from your garage in a simple way. If you are a person who is messy and you need your garage to be tidy, then get a cabinet overhead type. It will be able to help even with the children. If you are on a tight budget, then go for open shelves.

But if you are not messy and you are not on a budget, then you can combine both the cabinet and shelves racks. You can have a few shelves and a little bit of cabinet on the side to be able to store some stuff which you don’t want everyone to see.

SafeRacks Overhead Garage Storage Installation Instructions

Required Tools:

1. Safety glasses

2. Hammer or rubber mallet

3. Pen or pencil

4. Adjustable crescent wrench, socket set, or open-end wrench set

5. Sturdy ladder

6. Flathead screwdriver

7. Stud finder

8. Tape measure

Step By Step Installation

1. Start with ceiling bracket installations: per every corner, there is one ceiling bracket. Fasten each ceiling bracket to 2 separate joists.

2. Fasten the vertical posts to the ceiling brackets: 2 pieces are what makes each vertical post. The two pieces have to adjust and bolt to the length which you want the rack to hang from your ceiling.

3. The center support and the horizontal beams have to attach to the vertical posts. You will then place the decks on the beam to be able to complete the installation of the racks.

Finding The Perfect Location

1. You will have to identify the ceiling location where the overhead rack will be installed

2. You have to utilize at least the same area on the ceiling equivalent to the size of the rack which you are installing

3. You have to determine how far down from the ceiling the rack will be able to hang

4. Take into consideration objects which would come into contact with the rack such as the garage access door, garage doors, automobiles, overhead lights, and auto parts.

Installing The Ceiling Brackets:

1. Once you have identified the rack location, use a stud finder to be able to locate the joist on the sides where you want to hang the first vertical post.

2. Mark the center and the edges of each joist

3. You can verify the center and the edges of the joists using a small nail to punch holes along the pencil lines you made.

4. Ensure that the holes are in the center of each joist

5. If you are placing the ceiling bracket in the corner of the ceiling and the wall, and you don’t have 2 joists for anchoring, you can use the lag bolts into the header of the wall if it is available.

Assembling and attaching the vertical posts

1. You will have to adjust the length of the vertical posts to have your desired distance from the ceiling.

2. The lower section of the vertical post has to be in place on the inside of the two post pieces.

3. Secure the two posts together using two bolts, two nuts, and two washers.

4. Using a single bolt with two washers, and a locking nut, connect the first vertical post assembly to the ceiling bracket which you installed previously.

Ceiling brackets and vertical posts

You can use a minimum of two lag screws to install the ceiling brackets

Attaching the outside frame

1. Once you have connected all the vertical posts, you will have to install the side beams

2. Place the beams’ rivets in the 2 holes at the bottom of the vertical posts

3. Make sure that the small lip should be on the top, and the side beams have to be on the inside of the vertical posts.

4. Use a rubber mallet to be able to hammer into the bottom of the holes at the teardrop, the rivets.

5. You should be able to finish the installation of the C-channel beams

6. On the end of the small lip, line up the 45 degrees to the same angle on the side beams

Attaching the center support

1. Connect it using the remaining wing nuts and slot head bolts using a flat head screwdriver ensure that the bolts are fully tightened to the wing nuts

2. Once you install the center support, you will have to go back and tighten the vertical posts onto the ceiling brackets.

Placing the wire decking

1. Place it on the rack unit

2. It should remain in place by gravity and should be in a position to slide side by side freely.

3. Each deck should have a small space in between

4. Ensure that all the rivets have backed out during the installation

5. Ensure that the lag screws and ceiling brackets have not pulled out during the beam sealing process

6. Check that all the bolts and nuts on the ceiling brackets and vertical posts are tight.

7. It is time to load your rack and enjoy using the extra space.


A garage storage system is very important for ensuring that you clear out the clutter in your garage, making sure that there is space for your projects and car, and making finding stuff easy. The best garage overhead storage is one that is easy to use and be able to keep organized while at the same time, being large enough and durable to be able to accommodate all the things that you want to store away. To keep your belongings safe, you can opt for one that has an alarm.

Depending on the items you want to store and the available space, not all the overhead garage will fit your needs. If you have enough room, then you will need to go to the largest shelving unit that has the highest weight capacity.  If you are on a tight budget, then you will need to go for one that is within your limit and which will meet your needs in terms of garage storage.

My best pick is the MonsterRax heavy duty 4 x 8 overhead garage storage rack due to the fact that it is backed with a lifetime warranty, its height can be customized to fit in your garage, it can hold up to 600 pounds, it is able to accommodate and hold several moderate-heavy items and has a white powder coat finish that will ensure durability.

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