Best Rivet Gun in 2021: Top 9 Rivet Guns to Make Your Job Easier

A rivet gun is the most overlooked tool in every handyman’s kit. However, it is one of the essential tools due to the purpose it serves. Riveting metal parts require a powerful gun that’s lightweight and handy. And that’s the reason why many craftsmen and workers find it daunting to choose the best rivet gun. Choosing a gun depends on several factors, such as type, pull pressure, and more.

Here in this article, I’ve included the top 9 rivet guns for every type of job. Whether you are looking for an air-pressure gun or a cordless riveter, you’ll find the best options in this post. Moreover, there is a detailed buying guide that highlights some important features to look for before buying a rivet gun. Check out the top picks, and decide the riveter that fits your needs and makes your job easier and quicker.

3 Best Pneumatic Rivet Guns: Top Air-Compressed Riveters 

Considered as one of the best pneumatic rivet guns, Astro Pneumatic Tool PR14 Air Riveter should be your choice if you want to do a heavy-duty task. Entirely made using metal, the gun is highly durable but lightweight as well.

The brand offers it with multiple nosepieces, and you can attach the one depending on the type of rivet you want to use. The riveting speed is just amazing, and that makes it a great option for commercial jobs.

The quick-release valve permits the cylinder to return quickly, and you can fire maximum rivets every minute. The best part about this Astro Pneumatic tool is that it averts overloading, so you can use it for long hours.

Talking about the pulling pressure, it is around 2423 pounds, and that’s massive. I loved the sleek handle that makes this riveter easy to hold without any hand fatigue. Lastly, it’s very safe and has a big trigger, so you get full control over the gun when firing rivets.


  • It comes with multiple nosepieces
  • Highly durable and robust rivet gun
  • The big base lets you rest it anywhere
  • High pulling pressure makes it suitable for any type of job


  • The handle doesn’t have a rubber grip
  • Not manufactured in the United States

Next on the list is an amazing riveter from DoubleSun. Everything in this gun is great and makes it perfect for household as well as commercial tasks. Installing it is pretty easy, and you can quickly connect it with the air compressor’s hose.

The gun feels heavy, and that’s obvious because it is made using heavy-duty metal. However, you won’t feel any hand fatigue if you are habitual of using riveters. Inside the box, there are multiple nose pieces available that you can use depending on the size of the rivets.

The gun features a big frame head that makes riveting safe and easier. Furthermore, it has a big nail container, and you do not have to refill it numerous times. I loved the big steel river, and it makes things pretty convenient.

Moreover, the silencer under the liver reduces the noise, so your neighbors won’t complain about the loud noises your riveter makes. As per DoubleSun, the pulling power of this machine varies from 2000 – 2650 lbs, which makes it a heavy-duty machine.

Lastly, the quick-release air valve is there to make the machine run at full speed. Several users mentioned that DoubleSun Heavy Duty Air Hydraulic Riveter can run on a high capacity for long times, so it offers overload protection as well.


  • Designed to work with different types of rivets including stainless steel rivets
  • The manufacturer offers lifetime maintenance on it
  • Made using heavy-duty metal
  • It has a comfortable and long handle


  • The paint chips off after some time
  • Some users said contacting customer care is challenging

If you are looking for a lightweight pneumatic riveter, Chicago Pneumatic Tool CP9882 is your way to go! It's a compact gun, which makes it travel-friendly and easy to operate. However, its short size doesn't mean it lacks performance.

The rivet gun is ideal for number plates, trailer panels, and riveting other types of panels and materials. The handheld tool feels like it was designed thoughtfully. The handle is big, and the lever gives you decent feedback. The best part is that it doesn’t wobble, so you can use the riveter safely to do the job. Furthermore, it has a big and nearly transparent cap that holds the rivets, so you never run out of them.

Compatible with variable nosepieces, this gun works well with copper, aluminum, and other types of rivets. Users appreciated the compact size and said working in confined spaces is now easier with this gun. 

It doesn’t need a lot of maintenance, and regular lubrication and cleaning are enough to keep the riveter up and running flawlessly. Lastly, it offers a superb pulling force of up to 2200 lbs, making it perfect for any type of work. vinyl grips


  • It isn’t a loud riveter
  • Work well with different types of rivets
  • It has a bigger rivet cap
  • Compact and handy gun


  • No rubber base on the cylinder
  • The pulling pressure could’ve been better

3 Best Cordless Rivet Guns: Top Battery-Powered Riveters 

Whether you rivet occasionally or daily, this powerful rivet gun from Girapow is the best choice. Despite being a battery-operated gun, it offers immense power and has a pulling capacity of around 2030 lbs.

Equipped with a brushless motor, this riveter is perfect to use for heavy-duty tasks, and the motor runs for longer without any issues. Powered by a 2.0 A li-ion battery, the gun offers a decent runtime, but it depends on how you use it. There is an LED indicator that tells you about the charging status, and it starts blinking if the battery runs low on charge.

Girapow has added everything you need for proper riveting, and that’s why folks love using this machine. It has multiple touch-sensitive buttons you can use to adjust the riveting speed.

To sum up, Girapow Cordless Rivet Gun Tool is a bang for the buck as the machine works well with different types of rivets. It’s light, handy, and can be used anywhere and anytime.

You get it packed inside a robust case, so traveling with this rivet gun is easy, and you do not have to worry about misplacing the nose pieces and other parts.


  • It offers a considerable runtime on a single charge
  • The automatic riveting function reduces hand fatigue
  • It has a big and comfortable handle
  • It isn’t noisy at all


  • The charger is finicky
  • It wobbles sometimes

2. Best Low-Noise Riveter: King Showden Cordless Rivet Gun

Here’s another fabulous cordless rivet gun that makes riveting easy and almost noise-free. It uses a powerful brushless motor that can easily rivet the panels, so you can use it for different types of jobs.

The intelligent one-touch button makes the operation really easy, and you can engage it to set the machine on an automatic mode. Just beside the main button, there is a forward/reverse switch you can use conveniently, depending on your requirements. Just beside the main button, there is a forward/reverse switch you can use conveniently, depending on your requirements

King Showden offers this machine with an 18V battery for an improved run time. You’ll find two batteries inside the case, which makes this cordless rivet gun ideal for remote work. Charge both batteries and get a combined run time to do the task in one go.

The riveter feels light, and you can operate it with one hand. Talking about durability, the machine feels robust, and there are no shoddy parts. You receive multiple nose pieces inside the case, and you can use them depending on the size of the rivets. Lastly, the machine has a pull force up to 2023, which is pretty good for a battery-powered riveter.


  • You get two batteries with it
  • The machine comes packed in a shockproof housing
  • Built-in LED work light
  • The big trigger eliminates finger fatigue


  • Engaging the forward-reverse mode is a bit problematic sometimes
  • Replacing the nail pull head is hard

3. Best Lightweight Cordless Riveter: WOGQX 26V Electric Portable Cordless Charging Rivet Gun

If you need a really lightweight gun that does the riveting job well, have a look at WOGQX 26V Electric Portable Cordless Charging Rivet Gun.

Made using plastic and metal, this machine is highly durable and sturdy. There are just two buttons on board, and even newbies can use it without any problems. The big trigger engages the brushless motor, and the gun starts riveting. On the side of the trigger, there is a forward-reverse switch to deal with improper rivet installation.

The design is ergonomic, and the handle has a rubberized grip, so the gun doesn't slip off your hands. It doesn’t wobble as well, and you can install the rivets with precision. Powered by a 3,000 mAh battery, the runtime is average. If you want to use the riveter occasionally, then this is the best cordless rivet gun for you.

WOGQX offers everything inside the case, including the charger, battery, main unit, and nosepieces. So, you can start installing rivets right away after taking the gun out of the box.


  • The big head makes riveting easy
  • Installing the battery is easy
  • You get the machine packed in a durable case
  • Built-in overload, overcharging and overheating protection


  • Average battery life
  • The pull force could’ve been better

3 Best Pop Rivet Guns: Top Hand-operable Riveters

Every riveting task becomes easy when you have WORKPRO 10-inch Heavy Duty Rivet Gun in your hands. It’s a lightweight yet durable riveter you can use to install multiple rivets quickly. The ergonomic handle helps you hold it easily, and you can install the rivets without any hassles.

On the top, there is a 3/16” nosepiece that you can change according to the type of rivet. You get five interchangeable nose pieces inside the box, and this hand riveter can install almost every type of rivet.

You do not have to apply a lot of pressure, and that's what makes it a great choice. However, you cannot use it for heavy-duty applications.

Lastly, it requires no installation at all and is ready to rivet anything you want.


  • It has large handles with a rubber grip
  • You receive 100 rivets in the box
  • Super durable and sturdy
  • You can easily carry it around


  • Some users said unclogging this riveter is hard
  • The extra nose pieces fall off sometimes

2. Best Rivet Gun for Leather, Metal, and Plastic: BEETRO Heavy Duty Hand Riveter

Irrespective of the type of material, this riveter can apply a rivet on it. BEETRO has designed this heavy-duty riveter to offer you convenience. It’s operable with one hand, and the built-in spring mechanism helps you apply the rivets.

Just like other branded guns, this one also comes with different nose pieces that you can use according to the type of job. I loved the plastic handle and the finger grooves over it that prevent the riveter from slipping off.

Made using metal, the riveter feels extremely durable, and you can expect it to last longer. Lastly, it has a metal loop at one end of the handle that keeps both tongs in place and makes the riveter portable.


  • It works well with different types of rivets
  • Big and comfortable handle
  • You can operate it with one hand
  • It is perfect for working in a remote area


  • You may need to squeeze a lot for riveting metal panels
  • Some users said it is flimsy

Marson 39000 is a choice of hundreds of craftsmen, thanks to its durable body! Made using high-strength aluminum, the riveter feels lightweight, and you do not feel any hand fatigue when riveting with it. The tool features a big handle with a vinyl grip wrapped around it. 

Furthermore, the handle doesn’t slip from your hands, and you can easily apply rivets on different types of materials. There are three extra nose pieces mounted on the rivet gun that you can quickly screw in place to apply different rivets.

Overall, this is an amazing pop rivet gun you can use to rivet metal, plastic, and leather. Lastly, you can use it with one hand, so doing the job becomes pretty easy.


  • It comes with a rust-resistant coating
  • The vinyl grip on the handle improves comfort
  • It’s lightweight and portable
  • The square shoulder fulcrum pin prevents premature tool



  • Sometimes the pin stays stuck
  • Poor after-sales service

Buying Guide: Factors to Look for When Buying the Best Rivet Gun 

The best rivet guns are available in a wide range of options. From different types to functionality, there are plenty of things one should look for. If you want to do a basic task, you do not need a powerful pneumatic rivet gun, whereas a heavy-duty task cannot be done with a cordless riveter.

Here is a list of factors you should look for in the best rivet gun.

Types of Rivet Guns 

There are multiple types available in riveters, and each type has different power, weight, and handiness. The most common types of riveters include:

Pneumatic Rivet Gun 

These guns use compressed air and have ultimate capacity. The pressure pushes the rivet at high speed so it can be used for heavy-duty tasks. Moreover, there is a built-in catch that enhances the riveting speed. The biggest downside to using these guns is that you need a long hose connected to a compressor. Also, installing the rivet gun is not that easy.

Cordless Rivet Gun 

Also known as battery-powered riveters, these guns have a built-in battery. These tools are really convenient and handy, thanks to the lightweight design! There is no fuss about long cables, and you can use the riveter anywhere for any type of work. Some of these guns feature a manual clutch to adjust the riveting speed. Also, it prevents the motor from getting overloaded.

Hand-powered or Pop Rivet Gun 

Operable by hands, pop rivet guns do not feature a battery, nor do they need an air compressor. You can use the gun by squeezing the handle or pressing the lever, and a rivet pops out. These best rivet guns are great for occasional riveting, as it requires a lot of hand power and proper technique to rivet properly. Using these guns for a long time will result in stressing your hands, forearms, and wrist muscles.


Choose a rivet gun based on where you will use it. If you need a gun for outdoors, where there is no access to an air compressor, you should go for a cordless or pop riveter. On the other hand, for indoor jobs, you can use a pneumatic gun. If you want to do both types of jobs, i.e., indoors and outdoors, it would be great to buy two riveters. Check out these best rivet gun reviews, and ensure buying a fantastic gun for riveting.


Usually, the best rivet guns are highly durable because they are designed to serve a heavy-duty purpose. When looking for a riveter, always consider branded options. Moreover, make sure that the gun has most of its body made up using iron or any other metal. Some guns have a plastic handle, so check if the handle is durable or not. In a nutshell, every component of the rivet gun should be highly durable so that it offers a decent lifespan.


You’ll operate the gun with its handle, which makes it important to look at the type of handle you are getting with it. The handle should be ergonomic, comfortable, and easy to hold. Moreover, it should have a good grip so that the riveter doesn't slip off your hands.

Compatibility with Rivets 

Rivets are available in a wide range of options, so choose a gun that’s compatible with the rivets you want to use. There are some good riveters that are compatible with all types of rivets. It is indispensable to check the specifications of the gun before buying it. 

Size of the Gun 

A lot of users often overlook the size of the gun, but this is not a great thing. Large guns are bulky and hard to carry for a long duration. Also, transporting them can be a challenge, making these guns unfit for household chores. Choose the gun size depending on the task you want to do with it. In this post, I’ve reviewed some super compact as well as high-end riveters to suit your needs. 

What are the Benefits of Owning a Rivet Gun?

Some of you might be wondering if owning a rivet gun really makes sense when you can get the job done at the local shop! Well, having the best rivet gun can save you hundreds of dollars while rewarding you with the freedom to work any time. Check out these advantages of having the best rivet gun.

Easy to Operate 

Operating a riveter is extremely easy, and modern models are very handy. Even if you don’t have any experience using a riveter, you can still use it without any hassles. As the guns are light, so there is no hand fatigue at all, and you can rivet the metal parts with added safety.

Perfect for Remote Work

If you hire someone to do the riveting job, expect to pay a Marson 39000 hp 2 hefty amount, especially if you live in a remote area. However, this isn't the case with a rivet gun. You can use it anytime and anywhere, depending on your professional hand riveter professional hand riveter preference. heavy duty hand riveter heavy duty hand riveter In short, you can save a lot of money while doing the job with ultimate precision using a fantastic riveter.

They are Safe 

A lot of homeowners ask me if using a rivet gun is safe, and my only answer is yes! Using a rivet gun is easy and safe, so you don’t have to worry about anything. Just ensure wearing safety gloves and goggles for added protection. Moreover, you should follow a set of safety tips when operating a rivet gun. I’ve covered the safety tips section below, so read that out before getting your hands on a riveter.

Safety Tips to Know Before Using a Rivet Gun 

Modern riveters are safe, but it would be great to be extra sure when using them. I've been using riveters for a long time and have got my hands on almost every type, including commercial rivet guns. Here are some important safety tips you should keep in mind when riveting with a gun.

Always Read the Instruction Manual

The instruction manual isn’t just a piece of paper, but it talks about some essential things about the machine. From how to set the gun to how to operate it, you can learn everything from the manual. Go through it thoroughly and understand every part of the riveter. It’ll also help you repair the gun if it gets damaged, as you already know about every part and its functionality.

Do Not Use It Around Explosive or Combustible Materials 

The best rivet guns are powerful and can easily thwack through a hard surface. So, you should avoid using them near explosives and combustibles. If you have a gasoline tank in your garage, place it somewhere else before using the riveter. 

Always Wear Safety Gear 

Make a safety gear kit that includes a leather apron, safety goggles, and gloves. Make sure to get dressed in the gear before operating the rivet gun. The safety gear curtails the chances of any fatal injuries while you can work without any issues. 

Do Not Point the Gun Towards Anyone 

Pointing the rivet gun towards anyone can lead to serious accidents, so always use it carefully. Keep the gun on your table so that it faces the ground or an empty wall. 

Perform Regular Maintenance 

Just like any other machinery, a rivet gun also requires regular maintenance. Always inspect the gun properly and make sure every component is working fine before you start riveting with it. Furthermore, regular maintenance helps avoid costly repairs, and you can have a decent experience using the gun.

Do Not Repair It Yourself 

If you have any problems with the rivet gun, contact the manufacturer or get in touch with an expert. Repairing the gun yourself can result in malfunctioning, and it may void the warranty as well.

Frequently Asked Questions: Best Rivet Gun 

Q: What’s the most powerful rivet gun?

A: The most powerful rivet gun is the pneumatic one that uses air pressure to apply the rivets properly. If you want to attach metal panels, you should consider the best pneumatic rivet gun. However, these tools need an air compressor, and there is limited mobility because of the air hose.

Q: Can I take a rivet out using a gun?

A: No, taking the rivet out is not possible with a gun, so make sure to install it properly. Removing the rivet needs a chisel, hammer, and some other tools. Also, it’s a time-consuming task. Here is a YouTube video that covers three ways to remove the rivets.

Q: Can you install different types of with one gun?

A: Yes, it is possible to install rivets of different sizes with one gun. Make sure to choose a rivet gun that comes with interchangeable nose pieces. And use the right nose piece depending on the size of the rivet.

Q: Do rivet guns require maintenance?

A: Just like any other machine or tool, rivet guns also need timely maintenance. Read the instruction manual carefully, and then invest some time in maintenance to ensure your gun runs flawlessly.

Q: Which is the best rivet gun brand?

A: There are multiple reputable brands out there that offer good riveters. Some of these brands include Astro Pneumatic, DoubleSun, WorkPro, and more.

Final Thoughts 

After reading these best rivet gun reviews, you can make an informed choice, as the post has everything you need to know. Read the entire buying guide, make some points, and then compare different riveters to get your hands on the best value-for-money tool. This post even covers safety tips that you need to follow when using a riveting tool. Lastly, all riveters that I’ve reviewed in this post belong to reputable brands and are highly durable. If you ask me for a recommendation, I'd say go for Astro Pneumatic Tool PR14 Air Riveteras it is an all-in-one riveter. 

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