Best Soft Top For Jeep Wrangler

Best Soft Top For Jeep Wrangler – Buying Guide

Is it time to change the soft top for Jeep Wrangler? With so many options to select from, it can be hard for you to know which one is the best soft top for Jeep Wrangler. The good thing is that there are a few things you can do which can help you in making your final decision. Though it might take some time, you will definitely get one that will meet your needs.

The entire Jeep community tends to see itself to be very unique and I am sure you are part of this thinking. You have the advantage of being able to cruise the twisty backroads with a top which is open in the company of friends and family as long as you have a quality soft top for the Jeep Wrangler.

Comparison Of Soft Top For Jeep Wrangler


Smittybilt 9970235 Black Diamond OE Style Replacement Top with Tinted Window for Jeep Wrangler

1. Smittybilt Black Diamond Soft Top 9970235

  • Constructed from marine-grade vinyl coated fabric
  • Features heavy-duty self-correcting zippers
  • DOT-approved window materials
  • Over 500 positive reviews

4.4 of 5 stars



Pavement Ends by Bestop 51197-35 Black Diamond Replay Replacement Soft Top Tinted Back Windows w/Upper Door Skins for 1997-2006 Jeep Wrangler

2. Pavement Ends By Bestop Soft Top 51197-35

  • Constructed from marine-grade vinyl coated cotton fabric
  • Features zippers with jam-resistant technology
  • DOT approved heat-sealed vinyl material
  • Over 400 positive reviews

4.5 of 5 stars



Bestop 56820-35 Black Diamond Trektop NX Complete Frameless Replacement Soft Top with Sunrider Sunroof Feature for 1997-2006 Wrangler (except Unlimited)

3. Bestop Diamond Trektop 56820-35

  • Constructed from fade-free UV-resistant sailcloth
  • Features a lightweight aluminum frame
  • 2-year warranty included
  • Over 200 positive reviews

4.6 of 5 stars



Bestop 54853-17 Trektop Pro Hybrid Soft Top w/ Tinted Sliding Side Panels for 2007-2018 Wrangler 4-Door

4. Bestop Trektop 54853-17

  • Soft top with Patented Sunrider flip-back panel
  • Features a rear glass defroster grid
  • Removable side window panel and rear hatch included
  • Over 60 positive reviews

4.2 of 5 stars



Pavement Ends Bestop 51148-35 Black Diamond Reply Replacement Soft Top

5. Pavement Ends Soft Top 51148-35

  • Constructed from mildew and UV resistant cotton fabric
  • Features a DOT-approved heat sealed vinyl window
  • Tinted back and side windows
  • Over 100 positive reviews

4.3 of 5 stars



 Bestop 56823-35 Black Diamond Trektop NX Complete Frameless Replacement Soft Top

6. Bestop Trektop NX Soft Top 56823-35

  • Constructed from marine-grade fabric
  • Features a DOT-approved tinted window
  • Easy to install
  • Over 400 positive reviews


Sierra Offroad TJ 2003-06 Factory Style Soft Top with Tinted Windows in Black Diamond. (except Unlimited)

7. Sierra Offroad Soft Top TJ 2003-06

  • Constructed from vinyl coated fabric
  • Features a DOT-approved window
  • Self-correcting zippers included
  • Over 100 positive reviews

4.4 of 5 stars



Bestop 54823-17 Supertop NX Black Twill Complete Replacement Soft Top w/ Tinted Windows for 2007-2018 Wrangler 4-Door

8. Bestop Supertop 54823-17 Twill Complete Replacement

  • Constructed from black matte twill layers with a rubber layer in between
  • Features a tinted vinyl windows
  • 135 gauge polyester thread, powder-coated hardware, and sun rider roof hardware included
  • Over 100 positive reviews

4.1 of 5 stars



RAMPAGE PRODUCTS 99835 Factory Replacement Soft Top for 2007-2010 Jeep Wrangler JK Unlimited, Black Diamond w/Tinted Windows

9. Rampage Products Factory Replacement Soft Top 99835

  • Constructed from fade-resistant OEM grade fabric
  • Features a self-correcting zipper technology
  • Removable rear and side windows included
  • Over 100 positive reviews

4.2 of 5 stars



Sierra Offroad Jeep Wrangler TJ (1997-2002) Factory Style Soft Top with Tinted Windows, without Upper Doors (Denim Spice)

10. Sierra Offroad Soft Top For Jeep Wrangler 1997 -2002

  • Constructed from denim vinyl coated marine-grade sailcloth
  • Features a self-correcting zipper technology
  • DOT-approved windows
  • Over 300 positive reviews

4.5 of 5 stars

Soft Top For Jeep Reviews

1. Smittybilt Black Diamond Soft Top 9970235

If you are looking for something good but affordable for your Wrangler, then this might be the way to go. Apart from replacing your top, it will be able to give your Jeep a look which is charming that will make it look as if it is new.

Its marine-grade fabric which is vinyl coated is long-lasting and it doesn’t stretch or fade and thus, maintaining the original shape. The manufacturer uses self-correcting zippers which are heavy duty and are designed in such a way that, they offer a smooth closing and opening.

The materials on the windows are DOT approved. The gauge threads which are waxed coated resist mildew and mold. If you need more ventilation in your jeep, you have an option of zipping out the rear window.

They are available in a variety of colors and thus, you can choose the right color that is appealing to you. With this particular cover, you will be able to enjoy those road trips without being affected by extreme weather.


  • Self-correcting zippers which run smoother and are durable
  • It fits the original factory OE frame or hardware
  • It has seams which are sealed using heat in order to inhibit leakage
  • Fantastic quality wick stop threads and helps seal the stitch holes
  • Made from marine-grade vinyl coated which are durable


  • No driver side skin

2. Pavement Ends By Bestop Soft Top 51197-35

It is one of the affordable soft tops for Jeep which you can get on the market. Its quality is good and thus, it will do the work you are yearning for your jeep. I found it to be one of the best soft tops which are of high quality. Due to the fact that it can fit over your factory hardware, it is an economical option.

It is made from high-grade fabric which makes it durable not to mention that they have an appearance which is hard. The fabric is made from marine grade cotton fabric which is vinyl coated, make it resist any weather which comes its way. Apart from its durability, it will give your jeep a stylish appearance. It comes with a window which is DOT approved, made of vinyl and it is heat-sealed to be able to prevent leaks. The windows are both on the side and rear with a 31% tint.

When it comes to installation of this particular it is simple and you will be able to do it on your own. It will be able to snap very fast in your original setting without a lot of struggle. It comes with quality zippers which have a jam-resistant technology. The instructions are detailed making it even much easier to understand and install it on your own.


  • Quick and easy to install
  • Rear and side window
  • Exterior grade automotive fabric
  • Upper door skin replacement
  • Heat-sealed windows
  • UV and mildew resistant


  • Corners tend to be saggy

3. Bestop Diamond Trektop 56820-35

It is one of the affordable soft tops for Jeep which you can get on the market. Its quality is good and thus, With this particular soft top, you might not go wrong. It is a modern styled soft top replacement which might make your Wrangler look even better. It will fit on your Jeep snuggly giving it a fresh, new and clean look. When it comes to its installation, you will DIY as it has clear instruction and simple to do it. There is no need for traditional bows or frames.

Apart from improving the look of your Wrangler, it is a soft-top which will provide great functionality. If you are a newbie in this field of soft tops, then it is important that you know that, this particular top has a full-frame made of aluminum, reducing the overall weight to your Jeep, thereby improving the gas mileage. Its exterior which is textured features a sailcloth fabric, which has fade-free durability and it is UV resistant.

It might just be the cover to provide you with everything that you are looking for in a modern soft top. It comes when it is equipped with a sunroof that is Sunrider style fold back and windows which are tinted and removable. By removing the windows and folding down the sunroof, you will be able to convert your Wrangler into a weekend, fun car from a day to day vehicle.


  • It is easy to fit and function
  • Comes with a two-year limited warranty
  • For more air and sunlight, it has a foldback sunroof
  • It is a next-generation styling
  • It is constructed from an aluminum frame which makes it lightweight.


  • Not durable

4. Bestop Trektop 54853-17

With this particular soft top, you will get the feeling you first got when you set your eyes on your Wrangler when it was brand new. It is a soft-top which will bring together durability, versatility, and extreme ease of operation to your Wrangler.  That is the reason which made me include it in my list of the best soft top for jeep wrangler.

Being a top from Bestop, it comes with patented features which as a Wrangler enthusiast, you will love to have it on your jeep. Apart from the great features that it has, it still comes with an affordable price and thus, if you are on a tight budget, you might still be able to afford it. It is lightweight and easy to remove as compared to some of the other tops on the market.

It comes with a real glass rear hatch that has a complete gas-assist strut so that you can have an operation which is hassle-free. There is a rear glass defroster grid which is integrated into this soft top as well as electrical connectors which are compatible with OEM. The side windows are sliding glass panels which will ensure that you get increased ventilation.

You will be able to get this soft top in twill premium fabric and various colors including granite, black, navy blue, oak tan, pebble beige, and crushed red pepper.


  • Integrated defroster connect
  • Easily removable and installable side window panels  and  a rear hatch
  • Patented Sunrider flip-back panel which conveniently converts it into a safari bikini
  • Rear glass hatch for hassle-free operation
  • Easy accessibility to the cargo area


  • The Sunrider flip-back panel can easily cause an accident if you are driving at high speed

  • 5. Pavement Ends Soft Top 51148-35

    I am sure you will not go wrong with this particular soft top in case you decide to purchase it for your Wrangler. It is designed with a belief that your factory tailgate bar, bow, and frames will be in a condition which is good. It comes with side and back windows and fabric.

    There is no hardware which is included in the kit. Its vinyl windows are DOT approved and heat sealed to ensure that you get maximum protection against rain. That is why, when you purchase it, you are likely going to get a product which is highly durable.

    It is a product which works well in all types of weather and for installation, you will be able to do it in an easy way. The side and back windows are tinted to ensure that you get reduced temperatures inside your vehicle when it is very hot outside.


    • Tinted side and back windows
    • It is easy to install
    • Mildew/UV resistant fabric cotton
    • Removable windows that are DOT approved
    • Vinyl windows which are heat-sealed


    • You will require your Wrangler to have the factory hardware for the installation to take place

    6. Bestop Trektop NX Soft Top 56823-35

    If you want to get a bowless top for your jeep, then this might just work for you. Among the first thing, you will notice about this particular soft cover is that it has seams which have been heat sealed to ensure that there are no leaks. This means that it will be good for you even if you find yourself in the middle of rain while hiking out with your Wrangler. The zippers are also great, designed to be able to work smoothly and are at the same time, heavy-duty and self-correcting.

    It is designed with high-quality materials and built with factory setting specifications so that it will be able to fit your jeep perfectly well. It is waterproof due to the marine grade material which is used. It is an option which comes in either black or spice and it is two-ply material which is medium weight, giving it a denim appearance.

    There are others which are made from sailcloth vinyl material which will be good for jeep models of between 2007 and 2013. It is a material which is heavy and consists of two-ply composite, giving it a sail grain appearance pattern in the vinyl. You should know that the sailcloth tends to be stronger than the denim or diamond and it might last longer. So you have an option to choose the one which will work well for you.

    It will also give you better sound quality and very low noise levels if you use the sailcloth as compared to other materials. That is something you are going to notice when you are at high speeds on the highway. It is very easy to install this particular soft top even if you are a newbie and it will take you less than an hour and you will be done with the installation.


    • Made from tough fabrics
    • Easy to install
    • Sunroof option available to allow for open-air driving
    • DOT-approved tinted windows on the side
    • Extra protection against heavy rains and snow


    • The rear tailgate bar doesn’t roll into the clip provided well

    7. Sierra Offroad Soft Top TJ 2003-06

    If you are in the market looking for a high-quality soft top for your Wrangler which is durable then this might be the right product for you. The material which is used on this softcover is quite an extraordinary with the vinyl coating providing it with exceptional protection against any fading.

    It is a product which contains oversized zippers. With the top quality zippers, you are assured of superior performance improving the return to an extent. The zipper’s quality also makes it possible for a smooth operation.

    This soft top comes with windows which are excellent and which are DOT approved. For the durability of the product, the usual standards are maintained. Its quality is enhanced to an extent by it having optimal performance in heavy-duty zippers and windowing. This will ensure that, if you decide to purchase it, you will have smooth driving experience.


    • DOT-approved windows
    • Fabrics are of high quality
    • Vinyl coated to protect against UV fading
    • Heavy-duty zippers
    • High-quality windows


    • Only perform well on Wrangler models 2003 – 06 TJ

    8. Bestop Supertop 54823-17 Twill Complete Replacement

    in case you are into durability as far as the soft top for your jeep soft top replacement is concerned, this might just be for you. It is an upscale top which is constructed from black matte twill layers with a rubber layer in between. It is made of high-quality twill layers which are then separated with a rubber waterproofing layer, making it be durable and giving it long-lasting lifespan. The windows which are constructed from 40mil thick vinyl, have 31% tint which ensures that the interior remains nice and cool during summer.

    It features a 135 gauge polyester thread, powder-coated hardware, and sun rider roof hardware. The gauge is a polymer which ensures that the seams are shut for great strength.  The sun rider roof is standard on this soft top, giving amazing thrills from open air.

    The rubber layers and thick twills tend to give it a very quiet cabin, making it produce less noise. It comes with all hardware with powder-coated brackets so that the life and look of the parts are improved. The kit also includes a top arch which makes the fitment even better. There are quick-release bow knuckles to make the removal of the top to be tool-free and at the same time, very fast. For tension, there is an adjustable plate.


    • Adjustable for top functions
    • UV inhibitors
    • Quick-release bow knuckles
    • Sunrider sunroof
    • Thermoplastic polymer hardware that is OEM


    • There are no doors which are included

    9. Rampage Products Factory Replacement Soft Top 99835

    This is a factory fit soft top for a vintage Suzuki Sidekick, Geo Tracker, Vitara or samurai. It is designed in such a way that, it will be a direct replacement for your worn out soft top on your Suzuki.

    It is constructed with a factory-grade precision and the specifications are made for easy fit and functional installation. All holes, hooks, and other points for mounting will align perfectly with your Suzuki. What it means is that you won’t have to drill, cut or weld in order to do the installation. But what you will need is the old original hardware.


    It is a soft-top which features OEM grade fabric which is built to last for a very long time.  The material will be able to withstand all type of weather conditions with UV resistant and water repellant properties. It is also built and optimized for easy function and use. The zippers are self-correcting on the windows for user-friendly and ease of use functionality.


    • Heavy-duty zippers with self-correcting technology
    • The marine-grade which is fade resistant
    • Removable rear and side windows which are tinted
    • It comes with a one-year limited manufacturer warranty
    • Easy to install


    • Straps not durable

    10. Sierra Offroad Soft Top For Jeep Wrangler 1997 -2002

    If you are a proud owner of a vintage Jeep Wrangler TJ, then this could be the best soft top for you. It features a factory-style design which will fit well on your jeep’s OEM frame, making it be the best replacement that you could have for your worn, old soft top.

    This particular brand is unique as you will have an option of choosing from various patterns and colors to match your jeep contrast. The materials which have been used to construct it are of top-notch quality and thus nothing to worry about in case you will decide to purchase it.


    The fabric is a combination of sailcloth and denim vinyl. Sailcloth vinyl is known to be more durable as compared to diamond vinyl and it will consist of acoustic properties which will be able to cancel noise when you are driving at high speeds. The exterior which is constructed using denim is laced with UV resistant and waterproof polyester threads.

    On the part of functionality, you will be glad to learn that, there are several features which you will find on this soft top. There is the self-correcting zipper which will allow you to operate smoothly while the windows which are removable will create an open-air driving experience for you.


    • Its color matches the wick stop thread
    • It has DOT approved windows
    • Easy to function and fit installation
    • Velcro straps for the mount which is secure
    • Vinyl coated fabrics that are marine grade


    • Not durable

    Reasons To Buy A Soft Top For Jeep Wrangler

    While the hardtop for Jeep Wrangler might offer more protection as compared to the soft tops, with soft tops, they offer more versatility. They are easily removable due to the fact that they are lightweight which is great when it comes to the need to put the top on faster.

    Soft tops are easily foldable meaning that, you can easily store them in your Jeep for easy access when the need arises. If you are offroading with the top off and from nowhere a thunderstorm rolls, you will easily and swiftly put the soft top back on and be able to save your seats from getting wet.

    If you are a Jeep Wrangler owner, then the soft tops are the best choice for all your activities outdoor while at the same time, offering the best cover-up when the need arises. It will turn your vehicle into something very versatile especially if a hardtop is on standby for the month which is colder.

    With a soft top for the Jeep Wrangler, you will easily pop it down whenever the weather is warm, open up your Jeep Wrangler back to easily access your cargo space for whatever you have stored there. This is because it is lighter and easy to put up and down. When the weather is not favorable, you can pop it back to cover your precious Jeep Wrangler.

    The soft top for Jeep Wranglers are available in various types meaning, you have a variety of options to choose from as compared to hardtops. This denotes that,  you will be in a position to get one that you love which will showcase your preferences and personality.

    Types Of Jeep Soft Tops

    Choosing which top to use boils down to what you are going to use your Jeep Wrangler for. Many enthusiasts and offroaders have various Jeep tops and tend to change them as per the season or for a certain event. You have to take into consideration the weather in your local area, your habits of offroading, and budget as you choose your next Jeep Wrangler top.

    1. Wrangler Modular Soft Tops

    It is made from several layers of heavy fabrics which are sturdy which gives your soft top an insulating factor which is greater as compared to the traditional models. It is water and mold resistant to be able to tackle the various weather challenges which are found in an area which is rainy. If you are planning to have a trip into the terrain whether most of the time the weather is extreme, this particular soft top for your Jeep Wrangler might just be the right choice for you.

    2. The Bikini

    This is specifically designed for warmer climates so that, the cabin is kept covered while the back remains open. They are easy to install and have a zip down windows and folding sunroofs. They might just come in handy during summer driving either off or on road.

    What most drivers tend to complain about this particular soft cover for the Jeep Wrangler is they tend to leave passengers of the rear open to elements while the one in front is protected. In case there happens to be a sudden summer storm, those seated in the back seat will definitely be rained on.

    They are not the type of tops that you can use for rugged outback riding as you will not get any protection from mud splatters or flying rocks. But the good thing is that it is likely going to increase your enjoyment while you are cruising on the road or beach when the temperature goes high.

    3. Emergency Tops And Cab Covers/The Safari

    Even if you enjoy your Jeep being topless, you will need to protect it when you are out on a night camp or when you are wheeling and the weather turns for the worst. Instead of allowing the rain or the morning dew to soak your Wrangler, you can carry with you these particular covers for your overnight outing or long-distance trips.

    Utilize a full cover kit on your Wrangler when it is in storage. It is going to protect you in climates which are extreme with snow or heavy rains and keep grime and dirt from settling on it when you are not using it.

    4. The Windjammers

    It is more of an accessory than a soft-top which will help you to seal up your cabin when the weather becomes bad. It protects it from dirt, rain, dust, and wind. They are easy to install with only the need for several straps and buckles fastened into place. You can also roll it up to get access to the back of the vehicle. Due to the fact that they are constructed from materials which are light, they cannot withstand weather which is harsh.

    5. Duster Tops

    5. Duster TopsThis particular soft tops for the Jeep Wrangler redesigned in such a way that, they will be able to protect your Jeep rear from elements. They are more of cargo area covers than tops. They are constructed for warmer climates and you will find them especially used by campers, fishermen, and hunters. They are easy to attach to the sports bars at the rear and prevent any leakage going into the cargo area. They have the capacity to hide your valuables from view and also, improve the gas mileage on the blusters days.

    6. Safari Tops

    While their style is in the bikini class, there is a big difference altogether. Unlike a regular bikini soft top, this one goes up to the back of the jeep. What it means is that everyone will be protected and even those seated at the back will not have to worry about harsh elements along the way. You will not also need to worry about your cargo at the back being destroyed by elements.

    Though larger than a bikini, you will find it easy to attach it on your jeep and also when it comes to removing, it will be easy also.

    7. Wrangler Flip Tops And Sun Riders

    These are the soft tops which are the most versatile for Jeep Wranglers. It will allow you to enjoy the sunshine on golden days with your top flicked at the back. Or you can decide to go for a full enclosure for protection from rain and wind.

    If your style is a convertible one, or you stay in an area where the weather is mild but at times throws rain or wind without a warning, then this type of soft top will work well for you. It is mildew and stain resistant, sturdy and thus, will last for several years with proper storage when not in use and regular cleaning.

    Jeep Hard Tops vs. Soft Tops

    At times it might be hard to figure out if you want a soft-top or a hard one for your Jeep Wrangler. While both of them look great and they ensure that they get the job done, they have some differences which I think you should know. To pick which one you want will depend largely on your preference and the specifics you are looking for in a Jeep top. Let's go ahead and check out the differences.

    1. Hard Tops

    It is durable and has superior insulation against noise when traveling at a speed which is high and cold weather. It means that it is a bit quieter as compared to the soft tops. Their main drawback is that they are bulky and heavy. When removing and installing them, you will need at least two or several other people to assist you in doing it.

    2. Soft Tops

    It is lighter and less bulky. This means that, when it comes to removing and installing it, you will do it with less hassle and you can even do it on your own. The problem with them is that they are short-lived and they have a low level when it comes to insulation.

    The wind catches differently into it and as a result, causing it to make a lot of noise.  While during summer you can comfortably use it, during winter you will have to struggle with it. It is terrible when it comes to insulating the cabin from the cold.

    Frameless vs Framed Soft Tops For Wranglers

    To differentiate between the frameless and the framed wrangler soft tops, it is all about the attachment/supporting system. A soft-top which is frameless uses various rails which connect to the roll cage to support the fabric material which is on top. For the framed top, it has a skeletal aluminum frame which attaches to the roll bar in order to support the fabric material.

    Both of the configurations have their pros and cons. Frameless tops are little flimsy due to the fact that they don’t have sufficient structural support. But on the positive, the frameless makes it have enough cargo space as well as easier unloading and loading of goods as there are no obstructions. With the framed soft tops, they tend to be sturdy but their frames which are skeletal limits space available for cargo when unloading and loading.

    Soft Top Material Differences

    There are various materials which are used to construct a soft-top which includes:

    1. Vinyl

    This is a very thin material which weighs about 18 oz as far as fabric weight is concerned and it is mostly associated with the earlier Wranglers like YJ. It has a plastic feel to it with an appearance which is glossy when you clean it. Its underside is made of a thin cloth layer.

    If you are after a look which is classic offroader while not minding to have some extra wind noise and road, then you can go ahead and use the vinyl material. It is generally UV and weather resistant while being very easy to clean.

    2. Sailcloth

    They were introduced in the market in 2001. They normally weigh around 28 oz which makes them be quieter as compared to vinyl and denim material. They have three layers; two vinyl layers which boost weather and a UV resistant over the other two. Its interior is cotton/polyester covered weave. With the extra layers it means that it will cost you more and thus if you are on a budget, it might not be the best option for you.

    3. Denim

    It is a type of material which has a vinyl coating to make it weather resistant. Beneath the coat, there is the denim material which is cotton/polyester hybrid. If you go for aftermarket denim, then they are usually thicker as compared to the vinyl weighing between 18 oz to 23 oz.

    When you do a replacement of the OEM denim top, it will be less when it comes to the 18 oz. get aftermarket denim that is on the sturdier side. This type of materials is good if you want to maintain a factory appearance and yet, a ride that is quieter.

    4. Twill

    It might be the best of the four types of materials for soft tops for your Jeep Wrangler. At 30 oz, it is the thickest of them all. It is a material you will find on luxury sedans so you expect that, you will get the quietest ride among all the four materials.

    It might be the material choice for Jeeps which are daily driven due to the fact that it provides insulation from the weather as well as when it comes to noise. It is also very flexible as you will not have to deal with tears and creases due to the rigid, vinyl base. It is the most expensive among the four materials for soft tops for Jeep Wrangler.

    What To Look For When Buying The Jeep Soft Top

    1. Correct Fit

    If you want to replace the soft top of your Jeep, you have to ensure that the hardware of the new model will be able to fit in your vehicle. This includes the framework which may be different from your OEM as well as any half windows and door both glass sider and plastic roll-up. Also, you have to consider whether you want to go for a new frame that is sturdier, straightforward canopy replacement or a frameless that is space releasing.

    2. Build And Cost

    The construction material’s quality largely affects how durable your Wrangler’s soft top. In most instances, you will find that the soft tops break down due to wear and tear. So if you are planning to utilize your soft top every day, it makes sense to buy one with the highest quality soft top.  It is always wise to buy things which are high quality for their long lifespan and reliability.

    If where you stay in an area which is cold most of the time without experiencing summer, it means that, you will take your Jeep Wrangler on a few days in a year. If that is the case, then you can go for the options which are cheaper. For you to get the best, you will have to prepare to spend more.

    3. Installation And Removal

    What if you want to take it off completely? How hard is it to remove the cover and install it when you require it? Can you do it alone or you will require friends to help you do it? How long is it going to take you to do it? You have to consider the removal and installation process of a softcover before you start purchasing it.

    This is especially true if you use the Jeep quite often and stay in an area which has weather that is unpredictable. If that is your case, you will have to keep on changing between the soft and hardtop with the fluctuation in the weather.

    4. Quality

    You have to consider how well the built of the soft top you are considering to buy is in comparison to its price. Sometime you might end up purchasing a a Jeep Wrangler soft to that is cheap only for it to break down after using it for few times. If you are planning to use the soft top regularly, it is important that you use more money to get the best soft top which is quality.

    5. Maintaining

    Get one that is easy to maintain cleanliness and store while not in use. It is supposed to be maintained on a regular basis. With different seasons throughout the year and the age of your soft top, you will need to give it more upkeep. After every 30 to 90 days, you will need to apply a soft top protectant for your Jeep Wrangler cover.

    Concentrate on the material, the windows, and the zippers when doing the maintenance. You should not ignore the zipper until it is too late. Purchase an oil which will keep the zipper to work well. For maintenance of your soft top, you will require, oil, polisher, protectant, and cleaner.

    Jeep Soft Top Removal And Replacement – Step By Step

    1. Removing

    Step 1: Unzip and remove all the soft top windows

    Step 2: The windows should be stored away from the children, high activity and pets. Put padding between the windows to prevent them from getting scratches

    Step 3: Undo all the clips and then lower down the soft top

    Step 4: Fold the soft top neatly and keep it together as it might help you with bungee cords

    Step 5: To separate the roll cage of the Jeep, undo the two Torx bolts from the tubular frame on the top.

    Step 6: Wriggle the soft top loose and remove it from  your Jeep Wrangler

    2. Replacing or Installing

    Now that you have bought a new soft top cover and you have removed the old one it is time to install it following the steps below:

    Step 1: Start with the metal frame aligning it and locking the clips in to their place at the Jeep’s front and on the rear runner.

    Step 2: Place the soft top material on the metal frame ensuring that everything is aligned.

    Step 3: Secure the bottom rear in place by using the plastic runners and inserting them into their sockets

    Step 4: Secure the rear and the upper-middle soft top material to the frame. To get better access, go inside the Jeep.

    Step 5: Fasten the window retainers using the zippers provided. Fasten the both zippers and the retainers on each side. The rear window will require three zippers in order to hold its retainer bar which is large.

    Step 6: Insert the pins strategically into the grommets to make sure that you have secured the  windows in place.

    Step 7: Your new soft top for your Jeep Wrangler is up and ready for use.

    How To Clean A Jeep Soft Top

    With the hardtop for Jeep Wrangler, it is very easy to clean as you can drive it through a car wash without having any issue. But when it comes to a soft top for a Wrangler, you will need to avoid automatic car wash. Using a brush type should be the last thing as it has the capacity to scratch the windows which are soft due to either dirt which is left on the brushes from a vehicle that went through before you or through stiff bristles.

    Using a touchless automatic will not damage your top though it might cause leakages due to the high-pressure nozzles which point at the soft top from various directions. Another con of an automatic is that it is likely going to be loud to the extreme from the sounds made from the water with high pressure.

    It is best to clean a Wrangler soft top using a hand. If you utilize the manual at the carwash station, wash your top first. Start washing from the roof and then wash the foam off from the brush or wash rag in a thorough manner before you move to the windows. Ensure that the rag or brush is clean due to the fact that, any dirt which is left on the rag or brush might scratch the window severely.

    When you are done with cleaning the top, rinse all the soap off to prevent the soap to dry on it. To prevent water spots on your soft windows, wipe them using a soft cloth which is dry. What to remember about your soft windows is that, at no any time should you wipe them using your hand or a towel. It has to be done using a soft wet cloth to ensure that the dirt is picked up and not to be dragged across the window while in the process, scratching the windows.

    There is a common misconception in regard to the vinyl soft top for Wranglers that, it requires extreme caution and care when you are doing the cleaning. To clean your top, you can use the general car wash, but for a much better job, you should use vinyl specific cleaners.

    There are also available in the market, various specific fabric cleaners for the soft top for the Wrangler but it is possible to just use a basic car soap to do the cleaning. To get the best results, using a soft horse hairbrush and a vinyl dedicated or fabric cleaner could be the best way to go. For the vinyl windows, you will have to use a soft cloth to avoid scratches.

    Jeep Soft Top Frequently Asked Questions

    1. How Do I Know Which Soft-Top Will Fit On My Jeep?

    It all depends on the make of your Jeep, model and year. When you are purchasing a new soft top, work with your retailer to check out if it will be able to fit your Jeep model. To make sure that it is going to give you an accurate fit, you can decide to go for the factory replacement top which will automatically fit your model.

    If not, then you will have to make sure that, the details of your Jeep essentials are at hand when you are purchasing a new soft top so that you can be able to check it against the soft top’s specifications to the fullest.

    2. Why Won't My New Soft Doors Seal To My Soft Top?

    The hard plastic piece on the window side is supposed to fit into a recessed clip on your pillar. In case you are just laying the plastic piece on the pillar, then it means that the window is not properly installed. Try unzipping your side window and let it hang while tacking lightly with the velcro which is supporting the window. Get the hard plastic piece and insert it in and then zip the window inside. It will be able to tighten in very well and it will not flap around even when you are driving at speed.

    3. How To Store A Jeep Soft Top?

    Fold it nicely and store it in a cool place where you will retrieve it when the need arises.

    4. Can You Take Your Top With You On The Trail?

    Yes. You never know when you might require it as there might be a change in the weather and thus, a need for a top to shield your Jeep Wrangler.

    5. Can You Put A Hard Top On A Soft Top Jeep?

    It is advisable that you remove the soft top before installing the hardtop.

    6. What’s The Average Life Expectancy Of New Soft Tops?

    It all depends on how well you use your soft top, how you take care of it, and the way you handle it during storage. The way you drive your Jeep is also very important. But on average the life expectancy of a soft top for your Wrangler is between three and five years.


    Have you finally made up your mind in regard to the best soft top for Jeep Wrangler that you are going to purchase? My Jeep soft top reviews above have everything for everyone. There are both high end and budget options and you should always remember that, with the best soft tops for jeeps, you will need to pay high for them.

    Don’t forget to buy a soft top for a jeep which will work best for your model, year and make of jeep. Through my links, you can get to Amazon and you will see a part where you will be able to enter your model specifics and year to be able to see if what is there will fit your vehicle and your preference. Ensure that you remember all the features that you want in your specific soft top to ensure that you get the best quality.

    My best pick is Bestop Diamond Trektop 56820-35 due to the fact that: It is easy to fit and function; comes with a two year limited warranty; for more air and sunlight, it has a foldback sunroof; it is a next-generation styling, and it is constructed from an aluminum frame which makes it lightweight.  But for you, you have to get an option which you think will work for you as per your preference and taste.


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