Best Truck Bed Tent Reviews

Best Truck Bed Tent – Reviews and Buying Guide

Are you planning to go out camping? Then it is necessary that you get the best truck bed tent so that you get the much-needed protection and comfort of sleeping off the ground which it provides. It will create in you a great feeling, knowing that, after your traveling in your truck, you will be able to sleep away from home, in a bed which is equivalent to your bed at home.

There are several truck bed tents available in the market to choose from and you will be spoilt for choice. There are those which are easy to tear down when you no longer require them and easy to put them up when the need to use them arises. Such a tent will ensure that you enjoy your adventures whenever and wherever you want.

Comparison Of Truck Bed Tent


Napier Backroadz Truck Tent - Full Size Regular Bed (6'4

1. Napier Backroadz Truck Tent

  • Constructed from polyester taffeta
  • Features durable poles and strappings
  • One year warranty included
  • Over 1,100 positive reviews

4.5 of 5 stars


Rightline Gear 110750 Full-Size Short Truck Bed Tent 5.5'

2. Rightline Gear Truck Tent

  • Lightweight truck tent
  • Features a tubular steel frame
  • Fiberglass poles included
  • Over 900 positive reviews

4.2 of 5 stars


Kodiak Canvas Truck Bed Tent

3. Kodiak Canvas Truck Bed Tent

  • Constructed from cotton duck fabric
  • Features 5 windows and cab access
  • Tubular frame included
  • Over 300 positive reviews

4.6 of 5 stars


Sportz SUV Blue/Grey Tent with Screen Room (10 x10 x7.25-Feet)

4. Sportz Outdoor SUV Tent

  • Truck tent with sewn-in floor
  • Features color-coded poles
  • Two mesh doors included
  • Over 200 positive reviews

4.5 of 5 stars


Sportz Truck Tent Blue/Grey (Full Size Crew Cab 5.5-Feet Box)

5. Sportz Truck Tent

  • Truck tent with patented sewn-in floor
  • Features color-coded poles and sleeve
  • No guide ropes required
  • Over 100 positive reviews

4.6 of 5 stars


Guide Gear Compact Truck Tent

6. Guide Gear Compact Truck Tent

  • Constructed from waterproof coated material
  • Features a sewn-in polyethylene flooring 
  • Easy to install
  • Over 300 positive reviews

4.3 of 5 stars


Milliard Truck Tent | Standard 6.5ft Bed

7. Milliard Truck Tent

  • Truck tent with built-in floor
  • Features a shaded window
  • Lantern hook attachment included
  • Over 100 positive reviews

4.2 of 5 stars


Guide Gear Full Size Truck Tent

8. Truck Tent For Full Size Truck By Guide Gear

  • Constructed from waterproof material
  • Features a sewn-in polyethylene floor 
  • 2 storage pockets and mesh windows included
  • Over 400 positive reviews

4.4 of 5 stars


ARB 804100 Simpson III Brown Rooftop Tent Annex/Changing Room

9. ARB 804100 Simpson Rooftop Tent

  • Constructed from lightweight waterproof material
  • Features a built-in single layer foam mattress 
  • Made by ARB company
  • Mostly positive reviews

Truck Bed Tent Review

1. Napier Backroadz Truck Tent

It could be one of the most acclaimed truck bed tents that I have come across n the market. If you want the best value for money, then I would recommend that you try it out.

The Napier company is well known for producing some of the high-quality products in the market and thus, you can be sure that you will be getting good value for your money with this particular tent.

It is made from tough material of polyester taffeta and comes with a headroom of 5 feet and plenty of interior space to accommodate two people comfortably. It has 4 large windows to ensure that you get enough ventilation.  You will stay dry all seasons due to the presence of a rain fly.

It comes with a storm flap which will be able to add privacy and protection. It has a sewn-in the floor which will be able to prevent debris and dust. To carry it easily around, it comes with a travel bag. Another impressive part of the tent is that it has an excellent built which is of high quality and it comes with a one year warranty.


1. Excellent ventilation

2. Excellent poles and strapping

3. Has a sewn in the floor for the protection

4. Comes with a one year warranty

5. Heavy duty construction


1. It has a lot of mesh and thus unsuitable for cold weather

2. Rightline Gear Truck Tent

The Rightline product tends to bring quite some great useful features in this particular tent. It is designed to allow it to have a quick and easy installation. When you are camping, you require a tent which you can easily put up easily and pull down as fast as possible, several times. You want each time you do this process, it is an easy one.

It is a tent without a floor and it could be the contributing factor to faster installation and making it be lightweight. When you combine it together with the fiberglass poles, this tent weighs around 9 pounds.

Its poles are color coordinated with pockets which they slip into, which makes the installation quite easy and straightforward. It has strapping which adds to its solidity. The straps are coated with polypropylene which is soft to ensure that the framework of the vehicle is protected.

It has a sky view ventilation, allowing for decent airflow and a nice view of the skies as you sleep. There is a rainfly which you can easily clip over the tent to provide you with protection from water.


1. Roomy

2. Easy to set up

3. It is well designed

4. Lightweight design

5. Good ventilation


1. Not waterproof

3. Kodiak Canvas Truck Bed Tent

I think this is one of the best truck bed tents on the market due to the fact that it is waterproof, durable, and widely compatible. The fabric is made of cotton duck, which is 100% and very durable and hard for water to penetrate through. It is a material which is breathable and thus, providing circulation inside which is decent.

It has numerous windows which create a great breeze and it has an access window which you can use to enter the tent. It is currently available in the mid-sized model which can fit truck beds which are narrow. It has a high-quality frame which is made of a tubular steel frame, ¾ inches in thickness and the entire structure is surrounded.

It is a robust and strong design which can be used in all the 4 seasons, although it is important to note that, you don’t allow snowfall to build upon it if you are doing your camping during winter as it will not be able to hold the weight.


1. Tough, durable zippers

2. It has storage pockets

3. It has a tubular steel frame

4. It has 5 windows with cab access

5. It has a cotton duck canvas which is 100%


1. It doesn’t have a floor

2. Canvas collects snow

4. Sportz Outdoor SUV Tent

It is a product from Sportz company which has an innovative design and according to what I have observed, several campers tend to like its features. It is available in 6 different sizes which range from 5.5 feet up to 8 feet and thus, it is possible that you will get something which will work for your truck.

It is a truck tent which provides enough space for two people to comfortably sleep in it and still leave enough headroom and thus, you will find it to be spacious. Unlike some other products on the market, it has sewn on the floor which is going to give you an added level of convenience.

It comes with a large rear access panel and an entrance door which is large enough to give you easy access. It also comes with two mesh windows as well as side ventilations which will give you a large amount of ventilation. It's color-coded poles ensure that you have the tent up in the shortest time possible.


1. Has a sewn in floor

2. Very spacious

3. Large entrance door

4. Innovative design

5. Available in various sizes


1. It is too heavy

5. Sportz Truck Tent

It is a tent for the truck which has sufficient room for two people. It has headroom of over 5.6 feet and a sewn in floor. It has a large rear access panel which ensures that you can easily access the truck and conveniently. It has enough storage for your other gears.

It has an extra large entrance door which has two mesh windows and side vents for ventilation to ensure that you get enough air ventilation. It has a 4x4 foot awning which creates an extra shade during the summer period. It is also important during the rainy season.

It has a design of the sleeve and color-coded poles, which makes it easy to set up the tent. It comes with straps that will give you protection which is extra on the straps of the tent. Just like other truck bed tent, it comes with a bag for carrying it whenever not in use.  It is a tent which is not very expensive if you compare its quality and the price and thus, a good option when on a tight budget.


1. The large rear access panel

2. It has strap protectors

3. It has sufficient headroom

4. Color coded pole and sleeve

5. Patented sewn in floor

6. No guide ropes needed


1. The poles are a bit too long

6. Guide Gear Compact Truck Tent

If you are looking for a compact truck tent, then this could be a good option for you. I loved its functionality, but a little confused about its instructions when it comes to installation. They are a bit confusing.

It is a product I found out that, it has mesh windors  and a high quality construction  great ventilation, a coating which is water resistant, flooring of polyethylene which is sewn in and an interior area with 4.75 inches of headroom.

It is easy to install and lightweight with 4 poles. It comes with a full rain fly, which will keep you totally dry. It is a compact truck bed which could be a good choice if you want a comfortable shelter, which gets them off the ground within no time.

This truck tent is capable of fitting a variety of truck beds, leaving plenty of room which is good for rainy and windy weather.


1. Easy to install

2. It has a spacious design

3. It is water resistant

4. It is lightweight

5. It is affordable


1. It is of low quality

7. Milliard Truck Tent

If you don’t have the capacity of buying a recreational vehicle, you can still make your pickup truck to be great for camping. All you have to do is to get a reliable tent such as this particular one and it will be able to convert your vehicle into a temporal recreational vehicle. It is a good option which is superior and ready for all standard trucks.

If your truck is standard, measuring 6.5 feet, you can utilize this particular tent. It is designed for such a truck bed and thus, will fit snugly without any struggle. It can be used in most trucks. If your floor has moisture or dirt, you don’t have to worry as it is built with a built-in floor. This means that you will enjoy a clean comfortable environment.

Besides enjoying a floor which is covered, the interior of the tent has several enhancements. It is fitted with pockets which come in handy for storing your stuff. It also has a lantern hook which will be able to keep your lamp in position while you are reading your novel.

It has enhanced privacy as it comes with a door and a mesh window. This means that you will enjoy great privacy without having to worry. Whether relaxing or sleeping, you will enjoy your privacy without a breach from other campers.

Setting this particular is effortless as its installation guide is clear and thus, installing it in the shortest time possible.


1. Easy installation guide

2. It has a shaded privacy window

3. It is economical

4. It has a lantern hook attachment

5. Large and ample size


1. Has only two tent vents

8. Truck Tent For Full Size Truck By Guide Gear

This truck bed is a good option if you are looking for a truck bed tent which is full size. It will provide for you a fast and comfortable shelter over your head. Its interior at 5.25 inches of headroom is large, has a large D-shaped door, has flooring of polyethylene which is sewn in, water-resistant ventilation, 2 storage pockets, and mesh windows for ventilation.

If you want to experience camping off the ground, in a tent which is fully enclosed, that will keep you totally dry, then this could be a good option. Though the D shape of poles which are overlapping will not provide enough strength when the weather is extreme like when it is snowing, it will be able to withstand the normal conditions and thus, good for summer and spring season.

It weighs around 11 pounds meaning that it is not one of the lightest I have reviewed neither is it the heaviest. Due to its simple installation which is straightforward, you will take the shortest time to install. Note that, it doesn’t come with any instruction so it will be best if you practiced it at home before going out camping with it, just to be sure.


1. It is a low price

2. It has a construction which is waterproof

3. It has a simple, basic design

4. It is heavily constructed and thus durable

5. Good for the full sized truck.


1. No instructions

9. ARB 804100 Simpson Rooftop Tent

If you are shopping around for a rooftop tent for your truck, then you got one here. It can act as an annex and a changing room and it is big enough for you to use it on SUVs and trucks. It is very lightweight as it weighs around 13 pounds. When it comes to price, it is quite affordable with a well-built body to standard, too cheap if you compare it to its quality.

It is a durable truck tent if you are camping in rainy days, you will not be seeped by rain due to its great make. The fabrics used are top notch and thus, good value for money and long lasting.

It will offer you a single layer foam mattress which is inbuilt which will cradle you with extra comfort as you relax. The window exterior has an awning and its large windows ensure that you will get an increased flow of air as well as an additional light into space increasing visibility.

In case there is severe rain, it has an extended fly sheet which protects your interior from the water. It is possible to seal all the windows when there is inclement weather for you to be provided with enhanced camping experience.


1. It is lightweight

2. It is waterproof

3. It is all weather and strong to withstand bad weather

4. It is big enough to be used on SUVs and trucks

5. It is manufactured by a reputable company – ARB


1. Some customers find the price to be expensive.

What Is A Truck Bed Tent?

This is a tent which is designed to work in a truck. Before its invention in 1990 by the founder of Napier Enterprises, Roman Napieraj, campers used to construct makeshift tents from the normal tents. When you have a truck bed tent, it will give you an experience of camping outdoor that is great.

 It will offer added comfort and protection of sleeping off the ground. They tend to be similar to sport utility vehicle tents and roof tent. Its only limitation is that it is limited to where the truck will be able to go and for you to use it, you must have a truck.

Due to the fact that it is raised, it will provide protection from wildlife as you have raised up the ground and together with the truck sides which are solid, it makes it hard for smaller animals or bugs to be able to attack you in the tent.

Why You Should Consider A Pickup Truck Bed Tent

As compared to traditional tents, truck bed tents tend to be better due to their portability and thus, you don’t have to worry about taking your tent with you to the camp and setting it up. You will also be able to sleep above the ground, which apart from adding to your level of security, it will give you comfort and also you don’t have to worry about having to pitch a tent on the icy or muddy ground.

Factors To Consider When Choosing A Truck Bed Tent

1. Type

There are two types of tents in regard to truck bed tents with one being able to fit on your truck bed while the other type will be able to attach at the back of your SUV. 

The type to choose will depend on the type of vehicle you have and the solution you are looking for. If you get one that uses your cargo space, then it will allow you to sleep off the floor and also have a part of the tent which is extendable which you can use for storage of your gear and get changed in. 

There are other types which will sit completely in the bed of your truck and allow you to have space which is more enclosed. This particular type will give you more privacy, but not more space. Your type of vehicle will dictate the type of tent that you will get for your truck.

2. Weatherproof

Apart from the tent offering you with protection and privacy from things such as the wind, it will be able to protect you from rain. For the tent to be able to offer you with weatherproofing, you will need one that has a material which is water resistant so that, no water is going to be able to get through it in case you get caught in a storm. 

The tent needs to have a rain fly, which denotes a second covering over your tent. This then acts as another layer for protection of rain but mainly, it stops the formation of any condensation which could form the inside of your tent so that, there is nothing inside your tent which gets wet.  

When you sleep in the truck, you have the ability to sleep off the floor, giving you extra protection from the rain as nothing can come in from the sides. If your tent extends out to the ground, then it could be great if get one which has a floor bathtub so that you get a higher level of rain protection which might be useful when there is heavy rain which will not be an issue if you are sleeping in the truck.

3. Storage

When you purchase a truck bed tent which has additional pockets for storage, it can be advantageous to you. this is due to the fact that items will be within your reach which then add to the convenience of the tent. Most tents have this feature and it could help in space which is normally cramped and locating thing can be difficult.

This is normally not the case with standard tents as you have your vehicle with you.  Meaning, most of your gear will be kept in the vehicle and thus, pockets are not necessary as compared to truck bed tents. 

4. Size

You need to consider the size of your truck in order to get the right size of truck bed tent. If you get a tent which doesn’t fit your truck bed properly, then chances are that it will be irrelevant. You have to first determine your truck size before going out in the market to look for the best tent.

The good news is that there are a variety of sizes in the market from different companies which will sort out your sizing issue. There are some products which tend to be more flexible as compared to others and thus, will be able to fit several truck beds while others are meant for specific truck beds. 

But when it comes to SUVs, size is less important due to the fact that this type of vehicles has a sleeve which is capable of fitting over your particular vehicle. With truck bed tents, the part which extends to the floor can be gotten in a various range of sizes which you can pick from depending on your personal preference.

5. Seasonability

When it comes to products of the tent, they are normally ranked according to how many seasons they are compatible with. The seasons are normally ranked from the warmest to the coldest in the order of summer, spring, fall, and winter. 

So if the tent is described as one season, then it might just be covering the summer season alone. Two season tent could be covering summer and spring while a three-season could be covering summer, spring, and fall.

Most of the products on the market describe themselves as tents for three seasons as they don’t have the capability to give you protection for the harshest environments but suitable for most of the year. so if you are looking for a tent which will protect you all seasons, then they are available and you will get them in canvas materials.

6. Length

If you are 8 feet tall and you get yourself a tent which is 6 feet tall, then you are going to have a problem. You have to purchase a tent which is at least long enough as you are in order to avoid cramping. But if you are someone who likes sleeping in a tucked position, then it will not matter much. When you are checking out the length of your tent, consider what else you will have in the tent with you.if you want a change of clothes or your gear with you, then it has to be considered. Get a tent which is at least a foot or two longer than you are but it can be down to your own preference. Check it out before you make your purchase.  

7. Material

When choosing the right material for your tent, you will need to strike a balance between its durability and is easy and light to use. Durability tends to be a very important factor as you will need to place your tent on the truck, which will wear it faster. If you will be dealing with a tent which rips or has zips that keep on breaking, then it can make your trip very uncomfortable.

Weight should not be a factor in your decision making since you will not be hiking with your tent and thus, no need to consider the lightweight thing. There are tents which are made from cuben fiber which is lightweight but not durable enough for your truck. 

Get a tent which is made from ripstop nylon which is a material that is quite lightweight as well as more durable and thus, you will avoid more problems. Ensure that the material you choose has been sewn together and the seams are sealed to make it possible for them to remain water resistant. 

8. Number Of People

Your decision on which type and make of tent to purchase for your truck will depend on how many people are going to use it. Apart from the capacity, there is more to this as it triggers down to the comfort level.  

If your truck tent will only cover your truck bed, then it means that it will limit you to the number of people to use it depending on your truck size. A normal truck bed can accommodate up to two people and thus, if you want more, then you will have to look out for other options.

Other options that you could have included in buying a tent which extends out beyond your truck where you will be able to accommodate more people and have places where you could store your other items. But if you are looking for a standard truck bed tent, then only a maximum of two people can be accommodated.

9. Installation

You want a tent whose installation will be a little bit simpler so that you get to set it up faster. There are those which are more complicated than others which will all depend on your itinerary and what you want from your camping experience. If every day you are going to drive in a different spot every day, then you would want a tent which is going to be easy to install and reinstall.

10. Access

At times it can be hard to enter and leave the tent as they tend to be cramped spaces and thus, you have to crawl in. Thus, if you have a tent which is easy to access, it will be good as you won’t have the struggle to get in and out. 

If the door is large enough and D shaped, it could be the best option for this and having a tent which is able to support a door which is large door can add to your comfort level. It has to be a tent which you will easily get down and into the floor easily. Having multiple access points for a tent which extends out from the truck could be a good idea.  And this, especially if there are few persons sleeping in the tent as they will not have to climb over each other to get out. 

11. Ventilation

Whether you are in a hotel, your home or in a tent, it is important that you have ventilation of high level to allow for proper oxygen circulation as well as taking bad smells, keeping you cool, and helping to stop bacteria from being able to form. 

With a truck bed tent, get one which is breathable so that it allows air to pass through which is important in a tent and also have mesh windows for additional ventilation which will allow air to go through in a more significant way. 

What you choose will depend on your preferences as well as the type of weather that you are going to camp in. If you will be in a climate which is hot, then you have to get a tent with more ventilation. And in case it is cold then you have to get more protection from the elements. 

12. Design

For a tent to be comfortable for your truck, there are a lot of things which go into it as it has to be both sturdy and lightweight.  The design of the tent is something which is of importance. There are designs which make some tents better than the others, while other designs are a matter of choice. 

One of the aspects of the design aspect is the floor, due to the fact that some tents have a floor sewn in while others tend to leave it exposed. When the floor is exposed, you have the advantage of not having to remove any equipment out of the way in order to fix the tent.

Another design aspect which is important is the ventilation with some tents having a lot of mesh windows than others. If you will be camping in an area which is hot, then you have to get a tent which has more ventilation with more storm slaps for your own privacy.

Other aspects to consider include how tall the sides should be, how well it will be able to connect to your truck, its overall size, and how many poles it is going to have. You will have to look at the design features and see which ones will be able to match your situation.

13. Height

The height of the tent is important and in most instances, it is the most underrated specifications due to the fact that people tend to forget how important they are. When you get cramped in a tent, it can heavily affect your experience during camping as you might not be able to sit up and you will be forced to struggle to get changed along with your other things inside the tent.

Unless you are small bodied, it is hard to get a tent which you can be able to stand in. But ensure that, you get one where you can be able to have enough clearance to be able to sit up when you are inside the tent, so ensure that you check the height measurements.  

At this point, ensure that you check the tent design as it might just be high in the middle but sloped sides which are not right and will be an inconvenient and thus, need to have a tent which is going to have high sides as well as a middle which is high. 

14. Ease Of Use

If you have ever gone camping, then you know how at times, tents can be problematic when setting up. This could be due to bad design, but at other times, it could be that the tent is going to be more stable and thus, you need to take that extra care to set it.

If your camping will be for a long time, then you should not be put off by a tent which will take more time to set up to allow for a bit more time so you can have a camping experience which will be fulfilled.

There are other tents which are a bit easier to fix than others and there are some features which can help in this. Having poles which are color-coded it is likely going to help with the tent construction and also have a minimal number of poles which will be useful. In terms of being easy to use, getting one with a big door will make it easy to get in and out of your tent.

15. Construction

Apart from the construction is important to ensure that you will have a quality tent, it is also going to make it possible for you to avoid damaging your vehicle. If the tent will be placed on your vehicle, then there are chances that, it will be damaged.  But with the truck bed, it is rare for destruction to occur due to the fact that it will attach to the truck bed which is designed to take in some roughness. But for your tent to be more secure, it has to be attached to the truck. 

If the straps on your tent will cause dents and scratches to your truck, then it will be an issue.  Due to this, you will need to ensure that, whatever straps you get for your truck tent have padding which is enough to protect your truck when the straps are tied on it. Your tent construction has to be good enough so that you don’t have to worry about anything being damaged.

16. Built-In Floor

One of the key features that differentiate tents for the truck is whether they have a built-in floor or not. While it might create a strange feeling to buy a tent minus a floor, there are benefits attached to it as you don’t have to stress yourself over clearing the truck bed before fixing it. 

But as per your preference, you might be the type of person who doesn’t like leaving gaps in your truck bed, and thus, prefer the floor. If you don’t have anything blocking the tent on the truck, then it could be better to go for a built-in floor. All this adds up to personal preference.

17. Strapping

When you are looking for the best truck bed tent, then it has to be one that you can secure well in place. If it is a normal tent, you will be able to achieve this using the guide rope which extends out from the tent, secured in place using stakes which are then fixed in the ground.

But when it comes to a truck, the above cannot work as it will make your truck not to be portable and for it to keep up, the guide rope will have to go a long way. Use of strapping is the option for truck bed tent to be held on the truck.

Unless you find those which are well designed, there is a chance that they are likely going to damage your truck and thus, you need to ensure that the straps have the right padding so that you don’t have to suffer any dents or scratches.

If you go for an SUV tent, then the strapping will be less of an issue as there will be a sleeve which will go over the SUV and the tent will be able to get secured in place in the traditional way and there will be no need for additional strapping.


1. Can You Drive With A Truck Tent?

If you mean while in the campsite and you want to move from one location within the camp to the next, then that is possible. But anything other than that, you will need to take down the truck tent as it is not designed for the high winds on highways.

2. Will The Tent Work With A Toolbox In The Truck’s Bed?

If you have several items in your truck bed then it will be best if you choose a truck tent that doesn’t have a built-in floor. When you do so, then you will not have to worry about taking anything from your truck as you will be able to build your tent on it.

It might be the best way or you can choose it due to the fact that it is better to remove any items so that you are able to have a floor which is a built-in if that is what you prefer.

3. Do Truck Tents Keep Mosquitoes and Bugs Out?

Truck tents are just like the regular tents and thus, you will have the protection that a tent provides together with a closeable door which you will find at the front of the tent.

With that in mind, it means that just the way a regular tent is capable of keeping bugs and mosquitos out, so will your truck tent do. It is possible that there are those bugs and mosquitoes which will get into the tent and you will have to take the precautions you take with any other tent such as avoiding internal light on while the door is open.

4. Can A Truck Tent Be Used On The Ground?

Not to full effect as it could be like using your ground tent on a truck bed, which is inefficient. The truck tents as the name suggests, are meant to be used on trucks, thus, not suitable for being pitched on the ground. But there are some options available which can be used on the ground.

6. Do It Yourself Truck Bed Tent?

Yes, you can get a truck bed tent which is easy to install and thus, you can do it yourself without the need for extra help.


So long as you have the right air mattress, truck tent, and liner, you are assured of having great mobile camping using the facility of the truck tent. You should choose a tent which you will be comfortable with in terms of ease of construction, price, the ergonomics, and materials used. You can start with the 9 which I have listed in this article and find out if they will appeal and meet you at your point of need.  Rightline Gear Truck Tent is my top pick due to the fact that,  it is roomy, easy to set up, well designed has a lightweight design, and good ventilation.



2. Rightline Gear Truck Tent Install

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