Best Truck Topper for Camping

Truck owners who double up as camping enthusiasts have a lot of reasons to invest in a truck topper. Also known as truck caps, topper shells, camper shells, and truck canopies, they come in handy for campers looking to create a large and weatherproof camping and storage space during their escapades. Truck owners looking to increase their trunk space can also consider buying a truck topper.

With the wide array of options available on the market, finding the right truck topper for your truck can be daunting. For this reason, the guide below outlines some of the best truck toppers for camping you should take into consideration when making a purchase.

Top 4 Truck Topper for Camping


1. ARE Overland Truck Topper

  • Truck topper with heavy-duty rear door
  • Features a two-tone off-road design
  • Spray-on protective coating

2. LEER 180CC Truck Topper

  • Truck topper with fiber glass railings
  • 50/50 framed sliding windows
  • Telescopic ladder included

3. ATO Overland Atlas Truck Topper

  • Insulated aluminum composite panels
  • 100 lbs. capacity vertical pop-up tent
  • Integrated bed for two

4. GFC Platform Camper Truck Topper

  • Fully welded fabric with aluminum panels
  •  TransForm-A floor feature
  • Customizable sleeping space

Top 4 Truck Topper for Camping Review

1. A.R.E Overland Truck Topper

The ARE Overland Truck Topper is specifically designed for those looking to spend the night in the woods or riverbanks. It offers a tough and rugged look that complements most modern trucks. The topper features a spray-on protective coating as well, which increases its durability and strength in tough areas. The topper's roof rack also provides sufficient space for storing your gear, ensuring that you have enough space in the truck bed for a good nights' rest.

Despite the sliding screen side doors not being ideal entry points compared to flip-top design, this design offers excellent ventilation, especially on warm nights. They also keep other annoying bugs, such as mosquitos, at bay. That aside, the ARE Overland Truck Topper comes with optional fishing racks that you can store your rods after fishing.

Key Features

  • Two-tone off-road design
  • Heavy-duty rear door
  • Slider side windows
  • Clamp-on installation
  • Limited lifetime warranty

2. LEER 180CC Truck Topper

The LEER 180CC Truck Topper is another tough fiberglass topper built to withstand the daily abuse of construction workers and electricians. However, it also makes a perfect camping shell for camping lovers going to remote locales. Like other excellent toppers, it comes with 50/50 framed sliding windows and a full-height door, which makes loading and off-loading your camping gear easy.

You can pair the LEER 180CC Truck Topper with the LEER rooftop tent by mounting it on the rack for additional separate sleeping space. The tent comes with a telescoping ladder, which makes it easier to climb from the ground. What makes this topper outstanding it the double-locking handles, which provides an assurance that your valuables are always safe.

Key Features

  • Fiberglass rails for structural integrity
  • J-clamp installation pockets
  • Custom-fit design
  • Dark-tinted glass
  • LED third brake light
  • Limited lifetime warranty

3. ATO Overland Atlas Truck Topper

The ATO Overland Atlas Truck Topper is a perfect choice for camping enthusiasts looking to convert their truck into a home they can live in wherever they please. Despite being pricey, it meets its value by providing sufficient comfort. The unit comes with a vertical pop-up tent that can handle up to 100 pounds. The integrated bed also makes it easy for two to sleep.

With a clearance of approximately 7-feet, you can stand in the topper comfortably. The aluminum design makes it durable but quite heavy. On the other hand, the tent is made from canvas material, which is breathable and waterproof. It suits outdoor lovers who like camping and hunting in cold weather.

Key Features

  • Insulated aluminum composite panels
  • Fire retardant canvas
  • Up to 500lbs sleeping capacity
  • Stainless steel hardware make
  • Additional roof space for storing kayaks and bikes

4. GFC Platform Camper Truck Topper

The GFC Platform Camper Truck Topper is another incredible truck topper you could be looking for to complete your camping escapade. The topper perfectly melts into your truck such that you won't see any need of taking it off after camping. This huckable hotel room provides confidence for those psyched up to camp in wilder places.

The topper features a fully welded fabric, which blocks wind, noise, and water from the truck bed, making it a safe cocoon. The incredible TransForm-A floor makes it possible to configure its interior in three ways. You can configure to maximize the standing space, make it a solo bunk or a two-person sleeping space. As for the windows, the included zip makes it easy to open and close for airflow and privacy.

Key Features

  • Durable construction
  • Storage capacity supports up to 500lbs
  • Sleeping capacity of two adults
  • Aluminum panels

Tips for Choosing a Truck Topper

Before choosing one of the truck toppers mentioned above, consider the following factors;

Truck Topper Material

Truck toppers are available in one of the following materials;

  • Aluminum – toppers made from this material are less costly and affordable. However, they easily dent.
  • Fiberglass – they are aesthetically pleasing as you can paint to suit your truck's color. Because of this, they are expensive than aluminum and heavier.
  • Plastic/composite – these modern toppers are new to the market and offer a mix of pros and cons compared to other materials. While they are cheaper than fiberglass, they limit on color selection.


Several manufacturers have various truck topper models on the market. Since every brand and model has its own features, selecting the best comes down to individual preferences. Some of the top truck topper manufacturers include;

  • LEER
  • A.R.E
  • Century
  • Unicover
  • ATC
  • Jason
  • Raider

Note that the brand of your choice significantly affects its cost. Similarly, features of the topper, such as ease of installation, capacity, included accessories, and the type also affects its pricing. Additionally, the type of truck topper should influence your purchase decision. As mentioned in the reviews, some toppers have side-opening windows, while others are high-rise. Make a choice keeping in mind what type will suit your camping habits. You should also determine how you intend to use the topper before making a purchase decision.


With several options available, it can be difficult to pick the best truck topper definitively with ease. Therefore, your choice heavily relies on individual needs and make/model of your truck. Truck toppers are indispensable in providing convenience and protection from wild elements while providing sufficient storage for your camping gear. As such, make a cautious choice, noting that your decision can make or break your camping experience.

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