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6 Best Underseat Subwoofers – Reviews & Buying Guide

By Stella Grant

September 27, 2020

A boring drive makes us sleepy and exhausted. While having a musical journey helps us to boost our energy level and makes our ride full of entertainment. To have a musical ride, we have to get a woofer system in our car. The first thing which comes in our mind while buying car accessories is the subwoofers. This technology gives us high-level base music and entertains us in our boring rides. Subwoofers play a vital role in providing a base system to the car stereo music.

It is installed under the car seat, and we will easily have the space to put our feet as they are installed in the boot place. While purchasing subwoofers, we have first to consider our car size and then its features. They are easy to install and easy to maintain. It improves our car music system by providing high volume music at the same place. They are easily affordable and come with good quality that lasts for years.

If we step in the market, we get different types of subwoofers, which have different price rates and various features. While buying this product, first we have to see our pocket range and then the best one which suites our car music system. In short words, we get a musical ride with a significant volume level only with the help of this fantastic technology. It enhances our car beauty and features.

Best Underseat Subwoofer - Reviews


1. Kicker 11HS8 8" 150W Hideaway Car Audio Powered Subwoofer

  • 150-watt RMS powered subwoofer
  • Features a bluetooth connectivity 
  • Easy to install
  • Over 500 positive reviews

Installation: This product introduced by kicker has an easy and quick installation system. It comes with a plug and plays installation system, through which we can easily connect it to our car music system. Its installation process is done in seconds while hooking it up.

Design: It has a compact subwoofer, designed for the packed location. We can easily use it while having a lot of boot space in our car.

Power: This product has RMS power with 150 watts. With its powerful battery, we can get high base music volume in a clean and clear voice.

Wiring: Kick has introduced this product with high installation wiring. We get its wring along with this product. We don’t have to need any extra wires to install this product.

Bluetooth: This product has an eye-catching feature of blue tooth. We can connect this device with our smartphones and iPods and can listen to our favorite customize playlist.

Kit: An amp kit included with this product. It gives us the benefits because we don’t have to buy any extra amplifier for our car music system.

Our Opinion

Pros: This is the best under seat subwoofers that come with significant features. We can easily install it and get a high base music volume in our car. Its Bluetooth feature makes it worth buying.

Cons: It does not have wireless remote control.

Rockford Fosgate P300-12 Subwoofer Enclosure

2. Rockford Fosgate P300-12 Subwoofer Enclosure

  • 300-watt RMSA powered subwoofer
  • Features a remote-controlled base
  • Built-in amplifier included
  • Over 1,400 positive reviews

4.6 of 5 stars

ALL IN ONE: Rockford Fosgate p300-12 is the best under seat subwoofer in the market. It is an all in one product. We get high-quality volume in our car music system just in seconds.

Power: This subwoofer introduced with a high voltage RMSA power of 300 WATT. Its high power gives it benefits for working correctly and producing a clean and clear sound.

Design: Rockford has produced this product with 5/8 inches fireboard. It has a compact and high-quality structure, which gives us an entertaining ride with its built-in line out converter. It’s not necessary to buy a LOC box for this product due to its compact style.

Base Remote control: p300-12 introduced with remote control. That gives us access to control the volume level and other features. It helps to listen to music while relaxing in the car.

Amplifier: Its built-in Amplifier gives us the cleanest and loud sound. No other amp,used while having this subwoofer for our car music system.

Warranty: Rockford gives us a reliable one year warranty period with this product. It repairs all the damages and problems within one year after buying this product.

Installation: It has an easy and quick installation system. We can use it just by hooking it up with our car music system. It gives us high-quality music in a few minutes.

Our Opinion

Pros: Rockford has made this high-quality under-seat Subwoofer with all the features needed for a car music system. It has a high-level music base volume which is easily controlled with a remote.

Cons: Sometimes, a problem is created in the low notes music.

BassPro SL - JBL 8" 125W RMS Powered Under-Seat Compact Subwoofer

3. BassPro SL - JBL 8" 125W RMS Powered Under-Seat Compact Subwoofer

  • 125-250 watt RMS powered subwoofer
  • Features low pass filter of 50-120Hz and bass boost of 0 to +9 dB
  •  Three-way circuit protection
  • Over 90 positive reviews

4.2 of 5 stars

Design and power: JBL has introduced this subwoofer with a compact design which covers less place under the car seat. It has an RMS output power of 125 watts and a peak power of 250 watts. Its high power gives a neat and clear music voice.

LED Indicators: It has Red and Green LED light indicators. It gives us ease on it’s on and off process. This feature enhances its buying reasons.

Valuable Features: Some more beneficial features included in this JBL subwoofer are, variable low pass filter of 50-120Hz and bass boost of 0 to +9 dB. It gives us a high deficiency music base level. It is controlled with a remote which is included in it.

Protection: It has a three-way circuit protection, which increases its durability. It is a thermal, overload, and speaker protected product. This feature gives us security while buying this subwoofer.

Audio Sense: This subwoofer of JBL has an automatic sound sense. This feature automatically soft the music on high notes. We can use it without any tension.

Reasonable Price: It is an inexpensive product that can be easily afforded by anyone. This way, we can get a high-level music base in our car.

Our Opinion

Pros: It is the most reasonable product which comes with a highly durable quality that lasts for years. We can use it while riding our car just by an easy installation process.  Its LED indicators help us in the on/off process.

Cons: It is not suitable for trucks.

Sound Storm LOPRO8 Amplified Car Subwoofer

4. Sound Storm LOPRO8 Amplified Car Subwoofer

  • 600-watt RMS powered subwoofer
  • Features a three-way circuit protection
  • 3-year warranty included
  • Over 400 positive reviews

4.2 of 5 stars

Design: Sound Strom has introduced this product with a low profile of 8 inches. It has a compact design that can be easily fit under the car seat. Its features can control with a remote. Through this, we can easily use it while driving a car. It has 8 inches in size and 10 inches in size.

Power: Sound Storm LOPRO8 comes with an RMS power of 600 watts. Its power helps it in gives clear sound on high notes and low notes. We get a powerful subwoofer at a reasonable price.

Circuit: This product is introduced with three types of circuit protection. It has thermal protection, Overload, and short protection. This protection prevents the wire from melting.

Amplifier: It has a high base amplifier. It is used for both up and low-level input methods. We can get a high and clear base sound with this technology.

Warranty: If we are buying this sound Strom subwoofer, we don’t have to worry about its quality and after using effects. This product has a 3-year warranty which assures us to repair damage within three years.

Affordable: This is an affordable product that comes with valuable features. We can get a high-level base with our car music system at a pocket-friendly price.

Our Opinion

Pros: Sound Strom has made this product with a durable material in a compact style, which can be easily put under the car seat. We get high base music on high and low notes with quick installation. It is a beneficial product for our car seat.

Cons: If we raise its amplifier volume it starts vibrating.

Kenwood KSC-SW11 150W Low-Profile Best Amplified Car Subwoofer

5. Kenwood KSC-SW11 150W Low-Profile Best Amplified Car Subwoofer

  • 150-watt RSM powered subwoofer
  • Installation cables included
  • Easy to install
  • Over 30 positive reviews

3.9 of 5 stars

Design: Kenwood is known for its quality. This subwoofer of this brand comes with a low profile that fits comfortably under the car seat. We get high-quality base music in a compact design.

Power: This subwoofer comes with 150 watt RSM power, which gives it a high deficiency to give base music. It works for both low level and high-level music notes.

Wires: All the cables needed for its installation process is included with this product. We don’t have to buy more additional wire for it. Its wires play a vital role in the easy installation process.

Protection: Kenwood has built this subwoofer with Urethane, which resists heat. It prevents the wires from melting or connecting to one and others automatically.

Amplifier: It comes with a high base amplifier, which gives our car music stereo high-level base sound. No outer amplifier or speakers is needed while having this product.

Installation: Its connecting process is easy and quick. We can install this product more easily with our car music system because of its installation kit. In a few minutes, we can get high base music volume after having this beneficial subwoofer.

Our Opinion

Pros: Kenwood worth each penny because of its high quality technologies. This one is best for our car music system. We get everything we want in this subwoofer. It has an easy installation process with its kit included. No more wires are needed. It gives us high quality base music with the protection of wires.

Cons: Sometimes, it’s the sound volume at high pitch slow down.

Infinity BassLink SM 8" Subwoofer System

6. Infinity BassLink SM 8" Subwoofer System

  • 125-watt RMS powered subwoofer
  • Features thermal and overload protected base system wires
  • Easy to install
  • Over 60 positive reviews

4.2 of 5 stars

Design: Infinity has produced this product with a good quality low profile. It is slim in size and can easily fit under our car seat. It provides a high-quality base sound without shaking and vibrating our car windows.

Power: This subwoofer has an RMS power of 125 watts. That helps in giving a base to the sound. It works very softly with our car music stereo.

Protection: The base system wires of this subwoofer, protected by thermal and overload protection. It helps the circuit to work correctly without melting the wires.

Affordable: It is the most affordable product in the market place. We can get a high deficiency base sound volume for our car music stereo only in 20 dollars. Everyone can easily buy it and enjoy this subwoofer technology.

Installation: This small subwoofer by infinity has an easy installation process. We can get a high base sound through this product just in few seconds.

Our Opinion

Pros: If we are looking for a small but high-quality subwoofer that suites are budget also then this product by infinity is the best option. We get a high-level base in our music sound system of the car, which is protected with two circuit protection. It is the most beneficial product.

Cons: We may need an external amplifier with this product.

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