Despite rapid EV depreciation – the BMW i3 and i8 are faring well

Electric cars have experienced massive depreciation. We first reported on the Nissan Leaf depreciation in early 2015 and went on to publish a “worst resale study” in late 2015 featured in USA today.  We examined 10 popular EV’s (and the BMW i8 and BMW i3) to determine if their depreciation continued that trend. Surprisingly, despite… read more

The Best BMW Dealers in the Bay Area

Without a lot of data to go by – it’s tough to know how to evaluate your northern California franchise dealership. Is it Yelp or Dealerrater that you should go by – or do these experiences reflect only the happiest and least happy customers out there?   Ranking Top Bay Area BMW Dealerships: The Results… read more

Why Did Beepi Fail? What Does It Mean For Online Car Sales?

Beepi’s Series B Surprise In October 2014, Nick and I were scratching our heads. We had been trying to scale up our Peer-to-Peer car sales service, forced the company to grow “over 40% month on month” while finishing up Y-Combinator and found almost every piece of our business breaking. We were killing ourselves selling 50… read more

What exactly is in the BMW M Sport Package? Is it Sportier?

BMW M Sport Package – Explained Confusingly, BMW now offers a wealth of packages across its model ranges. One of the more expensive (and more tempting packages) is BMW’s own M Sport. Normally this package includes some differences to the normal trim levels by way of: Larger wheels and tires A thicker, sportier steering wheels… read more

Everything you need to know about the Nissan Leaf Battery

So you’re about to buy a Nissan Leaf – but its your first electric car and a common set of lingering questions remain: How long does the battery last? Are there any differences in battery amongst years? What’s the battery warranty from Nissan? What do I not know about the Nissan Leaf battery that I… read more

A Guide to Your Auto Loan: 4 Things to Know Before You Go

Most car buyers think the negotiation is over when they settle on a final price. But paying for a new or used car is actually the more complicated process, and not preparing yourself can result in hidden costs or financial hardships. Avoid the common pitfalls by educating yourself and learning as much as you can… read more

4 Signs You Are Talking to a Shady Car Dealer

Bad dealerships ruin it for the rest of us who try to sell vehicles. Luckily, the number of shady terrible used-car ‘sweat shops’ is going away, and gradually being replaced with more organized and structured good operators (e.g. Carmax and Autonation). The problem with shady dealers is that they ALWAYS pose as the “good guys”,… read more

Carlypso Buyer’s Guide: Electric Vehicle Edition

Are you all “charged up” about your next vehicle purchase? If so, you’ll probably want to have a look with us as we dive into some of today’s most popular Plug-In Hybrids and Full Electric Vehicles. When choosing an EV, it can be easy to get excited over potential gas savings, but there is also the… read more

Carlypso Buyer’s Guide: Trackday Miata

From time-to-time, we’ll publish Buyer’s Guides to share some of our wisdom gained from helping thousands into their perfect ride. Now, the Carlypso team is made up of automotive enthusiasts of all kinds. Some of our team bikes to work every day, while others take their cars to the track on the weekends. This Buyer’s… read more

Carlypso’s Top 10 Depreciating Cars of 2015

They may have lost a lot of value in 2015, but these almost new cars actually signal great deals for savvy customers. 2015 was a great year for new vehicle sales, as much as 17.5 million according to most analysts. But the old adage that your new car purchase loses 20% of value as soon… read more