What exactly is in the BMW M Sport Package? Is it Sportier?

BMW M Sport Package – Explained

Confusingly, BMW now offers a wealth of packages across its model ranges. One of the more expensive (and more tempting packages) is BMW’s own M Sport. Normally this package includes some differences to the normal trim levels by way of:

  • Larger wheels and tires
  • A thicker, sportier steering wheels
  • Updated from fascias and side moulding
  • Updated suspension tuning

Here we’ll examine the exact changes available across many of BMW’s model ranges.

BMW 3 Series (328i, 328D, 335i ): M Sport Package Highlights

The most common BMW, the 3 series M Sport tends to get a lot of changes (as it should given a charge of $3,000). Note this package is NOT available on the lower 320i, and is reserved only for higher dollar models.

On the Inside, the M sport Package includes:

  • Door-sill are now aluminum with “BMW M” lettering
  • A larger M sport steering wheel
  • Power sport seats for driver and front passenger
  • Two different interior inlays (aluminum or dark wood)
  • Speedometer and tachometer with red readouts
  • New interiorlighting with variable colors of orange, red, or white
  • The key also has “M Sport” trim on it (its a blue stripe)

On the outside M Sport includes:

  • Two distinct larger wheel choices: (18″ or 19″ wheels available)
  •  An “M Aerodynamic kit” which basically restyles the front bumper, the rear bumper, and the side-skirts
  • Special colors available
  • Stiffer suspension (on all models except the xDrive cars)
  • Blacked out trim (called Shadowline)


Notice a Comparison of the M-sport to non-M Sport Below

BMW M Sport 328i 335i



What’s most noticeable


The exterior is noticeably different, and given the sheer number of other 3 series out there, it feels like the car was intentionally “understyled” so that you’d opt into the M sport package. The wheels finally fill out the fenders, and the updated front fascia looks sportier, fuller, and supposedly has aerodynamic benefits. While the “sportier” suspension gives a slightly harsher ride, it more than makes up for its firmness in better body control. Add to that sensation a thicker, fuller wheel and we think its absolutely worth it to opt into M-sport.

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BMW 5 Series (528i, 528D, 535i, 550i M Sport):

The 5 series receives similar treatment, with a few added extras. Unlike the 3-series, M sport is available on the full range of the 5 series models, and comes at a charge of $2,600 (cheaper than a comparable 3 series)

On the inside, the changes are very similar:

  • Dakota Leather with specialized stitching is included ( In Black, Venetian Beige, Ivory White, or Mocha)
  • The package still includes the thicker, leather-wrapped, M sport steering wheel

BMW M sport steering wheel comparison

  • Door-sill trim plates with BMW “M” logo

The outside receives:

  • Two distinct larger wheel choices (still an 18″ and 19″ option)
  •  An “M Aerodynamic kit” which basically restyles the front bumper, the rear bumper, and the side-skirts
  • Blacked out trim (called Shadowline)
  • LED Fog Lights as well

BMW 5 Series 528i 535i 550i M Sport Comparison



In this case, the M package does NOT include a stiffer, sportier suspension.

You can search from thousands of pre-owned BMW 5 series s with and without the M Sport Package

BMW 7 Series (740i, 740Li, 750i, 750Li M Sport):

Here, the changes are least pronounced. While many of the criteria are similar, in the 7 series the M-sport package is all about styling:

On the inside, changes are fewer than others:

  • M logos and sport door sills
  • BMW M sport thicker (but smaller diameter) steering wheel
  • Paddle shifters are present on the steering wheel

On the outside:

  • Larger Diameter Wheels (Now in 19″ or 20″ configurations)
  • Shadowline blacked out trim
  • M Aerodynamic kit (restyled bumpers and side-skirts)

BMW 7 series 740i 740Li 750i 750Li M Sport Comparison

You can search from thousands of pre-owned BMW 7 series s with and without the M Sport Package