Every vehicle we sell meets Carlypso's high quality standards,
and yes we're so proud of how we do it!
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What does it mean to be Carlypso Certified?
A closer look inside Carlypso's:
Vehicle Check-in
We get right to the basics upon your car's arrival
Transport inspection
50 state emissions check
Clean title
VIN verification
Odometer verification
Review vehicle history report
Recall and maintenance check
Exterior Inspection
We thoroughly go over the cosmetic and the physical wear associated with the exterior condition of every vehicle
Windows and windshield checked for chips or cracks
Windshield washers checked and replaced (if necessary)
All body panels examined
Check all panel and bumper gaps for consistency.
Exterior seals and trim in good condition.
Doors and trunk checked for closing and alignment
Hood Actuation
Converitable top operation
Wheels examined for curb rash or cracks
All tires measured for wear and checked for punctures.
Interior Quality Check
Every interior feature and detail is checked for its functionality and visual presentation.
Verify key fobs work
Stereo system function check
Navigation system check
Bluetooth verified
Power mirror operation
Air conditioning blows cold
Exterior/interior light check
Window and sunroof actuation
Seat adjustment verified
Seat belts tested
Mechanical Inspection
Does everything work the way it should?
Engine/transmission/driveline checked for leaks
Engine readout memory check.
Oil change (if necessary)
Alternator health check
Coolant system check
Brake hydraulic check (fluid and pressure)
Fuel lines and system check
Check battery and terminal cleaning
Underbody Inspection
Full driveline and suspension inspection
Exhaust system free of leaks or rust
Front/Rear suspension checked
Wheel bearing free play
Tie rod free play
Checked axle joints
Tire tread measured
Brake pads measured
Brake rotors inspected
The Vehicle Road Test
Performance, transmission, and suspension
Idle engine speed
Consistent acceleration
Smooth gear change
Vehicle handling check
Stability systems functional
Pedal actuation
No steering wheel vibration
No engine or valvetrain noise
No drive train noise and or vibrations
Verify cruise control function
Firm brake feel with no fade
Reconditioning and Detailing
We go the extra mile for those final steps.
Vacuum interior & trunk
Wipe down dashboard & door panels
Clean interior windows
Seat cleaning (leather clean if applicable)
Wash car
Clean exterior windows
Exterior paint buff & shine
Clean engine bay
Detail trim and grille
Wheel cleaning & tire shine
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