Best Truck Bed Air Mattress for Camping

Best Truck Bed Air Mattresses & Buying Guide and Reviews

What are the best truck bed air mattresses? They are the type of mattresses which are designed to specifically fit over wheels in your truck bed and offer you a comfortable sleep wherever you are out in the woods. They come with either external or integrated air pumps which you will use to plug in the charging port of your vehicle. If you pair them with a truck bed tends, they will be able to provide an experience when you are camping or tailgating, that is very comfortable.

You will find them in various sizes to be able to accommodate both full size and mid trucks. But it is important to remember that, a majority of these mattresses are prone to deflation issues which can be really frustrating. And that is why, it is best to look out and make your decision wisely when purchasing so that, you end up with the best in the market.

Comparison Of Truck Bed Air Mattresses


Etekcity Camping Air Mattress Inflatable Single High Airbed Blow up Bed Tent Mattress with Rechargeable Air Pump, Height 9

1. Etekcity Camping Air Mattress

  • Adjustable air tight mattress
  • Features a non-toxic PVC top
  • Portable electric pump included
  • Over 500 positive reviews

4.4 of 5 stars


AirBedz Lite (PPI PV202C) Full Size Short and Long 6'-8' Truck Bed Air Mattress with DC Corded Pump (76

2. AirBedz Lite Full Size Short And Long

  • Constructed from high-grade PVC
  • Features an interior air coil system
  • Portable DC air pump included
  • Over 1,200 positive reviews

4.2 of 5 stars


Coleman Soft Plush Top Inflated Quickbed , Twin

3. Coleman Soft Plush Inflated Quickbed

  • Constructed from puncture resistant PVC
  • Features a comfortable coil system
  • Torrent pump included
  • Over 1,300 positive reviews

Therm-a-Rest MondoKing 3D Self-Inflating Foam Camping Mattress (2018 Model), Large - 77 x 25 Inches

4. Therm A Rest MondoKing Self Inflating Air Mattress

  • Urethane foam air mattress
  • Features vertical sidewalls
  • Attached storage unit included
  • Over 500 positive reviews

4.5 of 5 stars


KingCamp Camping Sleeping Pad Foam Mat Mattress - Deluxe Plus Self Inflating 4 inches Thick Pad with Carry Bag, Suitable for Traveling Hiking Family Camping...

5. King Camp Deluxe Series Thick Self Inflating Camping

  • Constructed from puncture-resistant 150D polyester 
  • Features solid brass air valves
  • Compression straps included
  • Over 20 positive reviews

4.6 of 5 stars


AirBedz PPI 302 Mattress with Built-in Air Pump and 19 Foot Cable

6. AirBedz PPI 302 Mattress with A Build In Air Pump

  • Constructed from high-grade PVC 
  • Features a comfortable coil system
  • Optional inserts and 3 adapters included
  • Over 300 positive reviews

4.2 of 5 stars


Rightline Gear 110M60 Mid Size Truck Bed Air Mattress (5' to 6' bed)

7. Rightline Gear Mid Size Truck Bed Air Mattress

  • Constructed from heavy-duty PVC 
  • Features an automatic air valve
  • 12V pump, patch kit, and storage bag included
  • Over 200 positive reviews

4.2 of 5 stars


Pittman Outdoors PPI 104 AirBedz Blue Truck Air Mattress (for 5'5

8. Pittman Outdoors PPI 104 AirBedz Blue Truck Air Mattress

  • Constructed from durable materials 
  • Features a built-in coil system
  • Battery operated integrated pump included
  • Over 400 positive reviews

3.9 of 5 stars

Truck Bed Air Mattresses Review

1. Etekcity Camping Air Mattress

This is an inflated air mattress which comes with an ergonomic and skillful design, thus great for both outdoor and indoor. It has excellent features that make it be among the best inflatable bed.  Its nontoxic PVC top cover is 0.355 thick, which has additional stability, firmness, and comfort.

Due to its design which is ergonomic, it makes it versatile for outdoor and indoor uses, for picnicking, camping, hanging out and vacationing. It features a distinctive inner construction with an extra thick covering which makes it firm, durable, and stable just like a real bed.

It is 9 inches high, it is likely going to offer first-rate insulation from the cold and wet ground surface, and thus, good for outdoor. It comes with a carry bag for easy storage and transport.


1. It has a one year warranty and support for a lifetime

2. The mattress is airtight, adjustable and firm for your needs

3. Within one minute, the pump inflates the air mattress

4. It comes in two sizes the twin size and the queen size

5. It comes with an electric pump which is efficient and portable.


1. Not durable

2. AirBedz Lite Full Size Short And Long

If you are looking for the best truck bed air mattress, this could be one of the best which is manufactured by one of the most renowned manufacturers. The products of this manufacturer are known for their affordability, quality, efficiency, and durability.

Apart from being comfortable when you sleep in it, it tends to have been built to last for a very long time. It has cutouts on both sides which allows for a perfect fit the product if you decide to buy it and place it in your truck bed. The cutouts design makes it be more versatile as it allows the mattress to be used on various truck models and make, regardless of the shape and position of the wheel wells.

It has an interior air coil system which is designed to ensure that, your weight is evenly distributed in the mattress. It is 12 inches thick, featuring a construction which is heavy duty, making it be resistant to wear and tear.


1. Its air pump has a 16-inch cord

2. It has air coils above the wheels

3. It is ideal for truck beds of between 6 inches to 8 inches

4. It is made of high-grade PVC

5. It comes with a DC air pump which is portable

6. It has a great coil system which is comfortable


1. It is possible to experience uneven air distribution in the mattress.

3. Coleman Soft Plush Inflated Quickbed

I included this particular air mattress due to the fact that it is manufactured by a top company which has been in the market for some time and it has a great following of custom.

So whether you are looking for an air bed which you will take with you to your campsite or take for an overnight sleep at a friend’s apartment, this could be the right one for you.  I think it is high quality and thus, will give you a comfortable sleep.

Due to the fact that it is doubled in its height, it will give you a mattress which is raised for comfortability away from the ground. On and off the mattress is easy. With a top which is cushy and soft, I think this bed equates to an actual bed, especially as far as comfort is concerned. The wrap and roll system on the mattress makes transporting it very easy.

When you want to move with it, you can be packed and ready within no time, which is a very important feature. I think you will be able like the high-quality construction that consists of a coil system which is comfortable, heavy duty puncture resistant PVC, as well as cushioned and soft top which will give you ample comfort.  Its price is great, bearing in mind its features.


1. It is 18 inches high

2. There is a storage unit which is attached to the mattress

3. It is comfortable

4. It is a good value for the money

5. Coil system makes it comfortable


1. It does come with a pump

2. There is no patch kit

3. It has an initial rubber odor

4. Therm A Rest MondoKing Self Inflating Air Mattress

Getting this particular air mattress means that, you could be getting one of the luxury mattresses which are designed for purposes of outdoor. It has great and excellent features which have made me include in my list of the best air mattresses.

It features vertical sidewalls which have coupling kit that could make it possible for you to secure two or more of the inflatable mattresses together, thereby providing a space for sleeping for two individuals.

It features a urethane foam which has a compression that is synthetic which is easy to inflate as well as to adjust to a firmness which is ideal for you. it has inbuilt dual valves allowing it to be able to self-inflating. When you unpack it inflates and expands effortlessly.


1. It comes with a 2-year warranty

2. It is lightweight and has a stuff sack which handles convenience portability

3. It is 4 inches thick

4. It is a versatile mattress that you can use for camping, hanging out, hiking, traveling and also indoor purposes.

5. It comes with a torrent pump which pumps the airbed to a maximum firmness in less than 1 minute.


1. It doesn’t mold with the body

5. King Camp Deluxe Series Thick Self Inflating Camping

The first thing that will pull your attention to this pad is that, it is made in China and that it is not a cheap product. Meaning that, if you are on a tight budget, it might be out of your reach. But if you are no working on a budget, then you can consider purchasing it.

While the pad is heavy at 6 pounds, it is comfortable, easy to deflate and inflate and one that is waterproof. In the manufacturing industry, I consider it to be a knock-off where its manufacturer has done great homework and incorporated their knowledge into the pad itself.

Its shell is puncture and tear resistant at 150D polyester. It has air valves are made of solid brass which cannot rust and its compression straps are always a good addition to this kind of pad.


1. It is high quality

2. The shell is puncture and tear resistant

3. It is heavy duty

4. It is easy to deflate and inflate

5. It is fully waterproof

6. It is comfortable


1. It is expensive

6. AirBedz PPI 302 Mattress with A Build In Air Pump

If your truck bed is between 6 feet to 6.5 feet, then you can go for this particular truck bed. For you to install it, you will require to fit it over and around the contours of the wheel wells. This design will help you to take advantage of the space which is available.

On its underside, it has a cut-out design which helps in ensuring that it is able to fill in the entire truck bed and thus, the air mattress will not jiggle or move around when you are sleeping and you prefer to rest in different positions. Its size will comfortably accommodate two adults and it is a good choice for long road trips and camping.

Other features which if you decide to purchase this air mattress you will be able to enjoy a flock top surface for comfort enhancement, three adaptors for the pump and an optional wheel well inserts which will provide great stability.

While it is not a truck bed air mattress which is not compatible with all types of truck beds, if your model fits this air mattress, then it will give you excellent comfort which is meant for multiple people.


1. Stable

2. Comfortable coil system

3. Compatible for truck beds for between 6 inches to 8 inches long

4. It comes with optional inserts for wheel wells

5. It is constructed from high-grade PVC

6. It comes with 3 adapters for the pump


1. Only compatible for 6 inches to the 6.5-foot truck bed

7. Rightline Gear Mid Size Truck Bed Air Mattress

This could be a perfect complement to your tent in the truck. It will be able to enable you to have comfortable, up to the ground, in total comfort and dry can be a great option for you if you are going for weekend warriors, adventures, family campers, hunters, and fishermen.

It is an air mattress which is made of heavy duty PVC material with a top which is flocked which makes it be comfortable to sleep on. The pump it comes with is 12V, which easily inflates valve to let you inflate or deflate the mattress in the shortest time possible.

When you remove the air pump, the valve immediately closes to prevent any escape of air. If the air pump for some reason is unavailable, you can fill it manually using your mouth. When it comes to storage, you can easily store it between the walls of the bed and the mattress due to the design of the wheel well. You can place your clothes, glasses, flashlight, duffle bag and phone in this particular area too.

When you want to store this particular air mattress, it is easy as it folds up into a compact sack for storage.


1. The 7 inches of the mattress makes it be very comfortable

2. It is of a simple design

3. It is budget friendly

4. It comes with a pump, patch kit, and a bag for storage

5. It fit well in between the wheel wells


1. Doesn’t provide maximum comfort

2. It has a small size.

8. Pittman Outdoors PPI 104 AirBedz Blue Truck Air Mattress

I find this product to be a great one from Pittman outdoor to give great comfort. Its 12 inches of depth provide cushioning of great amount. It has a great in-built air coil system which distributes your weight while you sleep on it evenly.

It has a newly designed valve also allows you to have a simple adjustment during deflation and inflation thereby allowing you to be able to easily tailor your mattress’ firmness to match your individual preferences.

It has an extra tough construction which makes the mattress to be extremely durable making it be one of the options when it comes to using it when in the outdoor as it will definitely stand out to the test.

It comes with an integrated pump and battery operated for ease of storage and uses and thus, at no given time will you miss the pump. The product is well designed with useful and excellent except that, you will not afford it if you are on a tight budget.


1. It has a tough construction

2. The inbuilt coil system ensures that your weight is evenly distributed

3. It has an integrated pump

4. The pump is battery operated

5. It is comfortable


1. It is expensive

Benefits Of Having An Air Mattress In Your Truck?

The most notable benefit of an air mattress in your truck is that they will serve as a primary sleeping surface. Other benefits include:

1. Quick Inflation

Within a few minutes, it is possible to inflate the air mattress to full size. Twin size can take roughly 5 minutes while a smaller mattress for camping can take less than 3 minutes to inflate. It is easy to inflate air mattresses for you to have a proper and comfortable rest.

2. No Sagging

When a surface loses functionality, sagging occurs, and it happens after several years of usage. It is a problem which creates an effect similar to a crater when you sleep on the mattress. In case your air mattress starts having a sag, then it might be high time for you to replace it.

3. Reduces Pain

It can be uncomfortable to travel and when you travel and at the same time sleep in a position which is not comfortable, it might result in you developing pain or bed sores. With an air bed, the problems of pain might be eliminated, providing you with great comfortable nights. No need to experience short or long term discomfort caused by bad night’s sleep.

4. Durability

Depending on how you take care of the mattress, it is possible that it might last for a very long time. The fabric which is used in designing this particular bed is very strong. The air mattresses tend to withstand more weight and damage as compared to traditional mattresses. The more careful you are with your mattress, the longer it will last.

5. Comfort

Just the way the name suggests, when you sleep on an air bed, it feels like sleeping in the air. You can adjust the mattress’s firmness by ensuring that you add little or more air as per your comfort. Due to the fact that the bed will be able to fit the form of your body, it will reduce the aches and pains when you wake up on the following day.

6. Customized Firmness

Air mattresses tend to provide a customized firmness setting, especially for permanent beds. You are free to set the bed as firm or as soft as you desire. You can reduce the air to have a softer and plush surface. For a firmer surface, you will just have to add some extra air. Air mattresses are also a great option for guests because they are in a position to adjust to their own personal preferences.

7. Economical

As compared to regular mattresses, air mattress tends to be cheaper while at the same time, having the same benefits. There are times when you require a place where you can have a quick nap and thus, the air mattress will be able to provide you with that solution. Air mattresses also provide economical and comfortable solutions to your guests at home. As compared to buying new mattresses, they tend to be a cheaper option.

Truck Camping: Sleeping Pad Vs. Air Mattress: Which Is Best?

When it comes to camping, there is no one fit all situation and thus, everyone has their own preferences. When going camping, an air mattress might be a good option for your backyard camping, but when you are going out, it might be too much for your backpack. There is a big difference between air mattresses and sleeping pads and thus, you need to discover the pros and cons and which one you can pick for your trip.

1. Sleeping Pad

What Is A Sleeping Pad?

A sleeping pad is at times referred to as sleeping mat, roll pad, ground pad with the sleeping pad being most commonly used. It has a thermal technology, which provides adequate warmth from the cold hard ground and a night’s sleep which is comfortable.

Type Of Sleeping Pads

➤ Closed cell foam: It is the simplest, cheapest and rugged of the rest of the sleeping pads. Its insulation consists of foam with an out layer which is protective and nothing more. They come in different sizes, shapes, and comfort ratings, but at the end of it all, you will need to strap it outside your backpack as it is not compatible enough to fit in the backpack.

➤ Self-inflated foam: They were created a long time, in the 70s and in the modern age, most common. All you will have to do is to unroll it open the valve then allow it to absorb the air which inflates in the shortest time possible. With this type of a sleeping pad, you won’t require an air pump. They are compact, comfortable, and lighter as compared to the closed cell foam making them a good option for ultralight backpackers and hikers.

➤ Manual inflatable pads: They are the type which has the bells and features and whistles but you should be ready for the bulky weight, have a big insulation/comfort ration problem, and you have to inflate it manually. You will have to blow air in using your mouth or an air pump. There is a challenge when it comes to this type of pads, as they are not easy to insulate together and balance. Before you purchase this particular type, you will need to do quite a lot of research to ensure that, they are right for you.

➤ R-Value: All the sleeping pads have an R-value which in most instances, is inaccurate due to the fact that they base it on an average woman or man of 25 years and of average weight and height. The truth is that everyone has a different age, weight, and height and thus when you get that sleeping pad, it might not be the right for you as the specifications used to get its specs are not right. So take the R-value as a baseline and not as a full accurate thing. The higher the value of the R, the more likely it is going to offer you with warm sleeping which it will provide and the more expensive it will be.


1. Great for backpackers and ultralight campers

2. Versatile as they can be used for sleepovers, camping, or just camp out in your backyard with your children.

3. Lightweight as they happen not to be very thick

4. They are affordable as you can get some with as little as $10

5. Self-inflating and foam pads which cannot be punctured

6. Can pack down really small and highly compact to leave room to carry other things


 1. If you get one that is pure foam, then they are not compact and thus, you will have to carry it outside your pack.

2. The R-value is highly inaccurate

3. For manual inflatable pads, due to the fact that they have no foam inside, it is easy for them to be ruined in your trip if you don’t have a repair kit

4. Due to the R-value, if you are bigger in size, you will need to go for a more expensive one.

Recommended Use Of Sleeping Pads

A sleeping pad is very versatile and it tends to be more common as compared to air mattresses. The fact that they are readily available in the market, they tend to be inexpensive, and you can easily take it everywhere and thus, a good option for outdoor activities.  It tends to be used by many due to being compact, lightweight, and affordable while offering warmth from the cold ground of the earth. Best for use when doing overnight camping, lightweight camping, wilderness camping, and ultralight backpacking.

2. Air Mattress

What Is An Air Mattress?

It purely consists of air which provides good distance between your body and the earth’s cold ground. It is called an air mattress since it doesn’t have any foam inside. At times it is referred to an inflatable mattress, air bed or blow up bed. Due to the fact that it is buoyancy, they are at times used as flotation devices. But in other instances, you will find it being used for camping. With modern technology, most of the air mattresses are self-inflating and thus, you will only require a wall outlet in order to inflate it using an electric pump. But if you get a cheaper one, then you will have to use a hand pump or inflate using your mouth.


1. A great option for a luxurious or glamorous camping

2. It comes in various thickness sizes and thus, good for people of different sizes and weights

3. It tends to be a lot warmer as compared to the sleeping pads due to the fact that, they have a more cushioning effect.

4. A lot warmer due to the increased distance from you to the ground and thick size


1.  They are heavier than sleeping pads and thus, not good for lightweight backpacking or camping

2. It is more expensive as they are made from highly durable materials

3. More problems as most of the mattresses deflate in the night, which is a problem which you should know before you purchase one

4. It requires a lot of maintenance if it gets punched, it will not blow up until you fix it.

Recommended Uses Of Air Mattresses

As compared to a sleeping pad, air mattresses are not very versatile due to the fact that they are a bit heavier. During the night, they are likely to deflate and can easily be punctured. If weight is not an issue, then they might be the option for you. they are also good if you are heavily built as chances of bottoming out are minimal.  You can best use an air mattress for car camping, public campsite, backyard camping, and luxury camping.

Things To Consider When Buying Truck Air Mattress 

1. Mattress Size

This is the first that you need to consider when you go out to purchase an air mattress for your truck bed. Different truck beds are build out differently. This means that not one air size mattress will be able to fit all the truck beds.

You have to also consider the shape and positioning of the truck’s wheel wells. Due to the fact that there is a variety of size option for truck beds in the market, it will not take long before you get the right one for yourself.

You have to get a mattress which has the right size, length, and width for it to fit the bed of your truck perfectly well. And it should be an air mattress which is specifically designed to be able to fit your truck’s wheel well.

For you to determine which size will be able to fit your truck bed, it is best if you take your truck bed measurements. The measurements are normally available in 3 sizes:

✤ The full size which measures 54 x74 inches
✤ Full XL size which measures 54 x 80 inches
✤ Queen size which measures 60 x 80 inches

If you go for a full or full XL, they tend to have a width which is compatible with the most bed of the trucks and thus, you should consider this size first. The Full Xl will be best for long models of pickup truck beds due to the fact that it packs an extra 6 inches in length. For the queen size, it is wider and longer, and thus, best suitable for bigger pickup trucks which have extra space at the back.

If none of the above fit your truck bed, you will need to go around looking for a custom sized design of a mattress which will only be good for you if your truck bed is also custom size. So long as you are able to take the correct measurements of your truck bed, there will always be an air bed mattress for you.

2. Measure Your Pickup Truck Bed

When you are taking the measurements of the bed of your pickup truck, there is three types of measurements which are very important.

✤ Make sure that you take the length from where the tail drops, behind the truck. It has to include the tailgate if you want to get a mattress which is longer.

✤ The width has to be from one sidewall to the next sidewall

✤ Take another width which should be between the two wheel wells.

It is important that you pay close attention to the width which should be between the two wheel wells as that is the reason why you cannot fit the bed of your truck with a normal air mattress. This is especially if you don’t want to maximize all the room that is available. Your truck bed air mattress will include cutouts to be able to accommodate the wheel wells.

3. Pumping Mechanism

One of the most important benefits of the air mattress is due to the fact that you don’t require a lot of storage spaces.  When you deflate it, the space required to store it is negligible meaning, you will have to inflate it every time that you want to use it. Then it has to be one that is easy and efficient to use. 

At the moment, there are various types of mattresses which you can use for your truck bed. While you are shopping for this air bed mattresses, you will have to consider the three main types of mattress pumps for air bed mattresses which are:

✤ Rechargeable pumps

✤ Hand pumps

✤ Pumps operated using a battery

The right mattress pump for you will depend on your preference and how much your budget is. There are mattresses which have built-in pumps while others come as two separate units from the mattress. If you already have a pump for your truck which you use for inflating tires, you can go for a mattress which doesn’t have a pump which is not built in.

If that is the case, you will save on some few coins when you are doing your purchase. If you will buy a rechargeable pump for your air bed mattress for your truck bed,  I will advise you to opt for one which can be able to plug into the cigarette lighter in the truck.

The ones operated using batteries run on either C or D. Just like the hand pump, the air mattress battery operated pumps are normally preferred due to their affordability  But for ease of use and convenience, then the rechargeable units are the best.

4. Materials And Other Features

Most of the air beds in the market tend to be made from extra thick or durable vinyl layering which protects the bottom of the bed from harm. Even with materials which are durable, you are recommended to at least place a tarp below the bed on the ground to ensure that there are no punctures from sticks or rocks. The top of quality airbeds is made from a material which is much softer, velvet-like material, which ensures that you get the needed comfort and thus, no need for extra layering. It is an all in one bed.

✤ PVC: PVC material is extremely tough. When it comes to truck mattresses, then this tough material is the one to go for. The truck beds are not always tidy and clean and in most instances, you will get a little bit of dirt and debris and even rubbish which will always accumulate in the mattress which has been constructed from a material other than the PVC 

✤ Brushed Fabrics: While the material which most of the air mattresses are made of tend to be PVC, though it is not the most comfortable material to sleep on especially when the climate is hot. You can get a mattress which has a top cover that is made of brushed fabrics. 

✤ When you are out camping, you can make it more comfortable by carrying your sheets or whatever covering which you think might enhance comfortability. For emergency or occasional use where you don’t have sheets, just ensure that your mattress has a brushed fabric. 

5. Repairing A Leak

It should be easy to repair a leak on the air bed mattress which you are choosing for your truck bed. Most of this air mattresses come with a vinyl leak repair or sometimes referred to as a patching kit which could be a smart investment. If you don’t have one, you can get it from the nearest sporting or outdoor goods store. 

To repair the leak, you will have to do the following:

✤ Identify the leak source by listening for the hissing sound

✤ Once identified, deflate the mattress completely and allow it to rest for some few minutes to ensure that all the air has been removed

✤ The repair kit has sealant which you should administer and allow it to set for several minutes

✤ Apply at least two layers of the sealant

✤ Place the patch on the area which has been sealed for additional protection.

At no given time should you place your air mattress in water to help in getting where the leak is? If you do, it is likely going to cause damage which is irreparable to the mattress’ interior.

 6. Air Coils

High-end air mattress tends to have the air coils. They are normally built into the internal structure of the mattresses and are normally flooded with air whenever you inflate the bed. An air mattress which has air coils will help in ensuring that your body weight is distributed evenly, allowing you to have sleep which is comfortable. On the cons, such mattresses tend to be very expensive. 

7. Durability

Look for an air bed mattress which has extra coils if you want it to be durable. The coils tend to offer great support and ensure that your body is aligned while you sleep. To enhance the durability, there will be a need for you to take care of your mattress. You will have to at least clean it after every two weeks. When you do that, ensure that the bed won’t lose its quality and you will save you money in the long run.

8. Wheel Well Cutouts

Most of the truck’s wheel wells tend to easily break and stick out what, otherwise, could have been a surface which is flat for sleeping. If you get a quality design of an air mattress for your truck, it will get around this by ensuring that the cutouts are incorporated which can easily slot in the wheel wells.

When you do that, it will be able to give you more space for sleeping. If you will be using the mattress for off the truck too, you can get using a spring for filler pieces to enable you to be able to plug the cut-out gaps.

9. Price

It is very important to consider the price of the air mattress for your truck especially if you are under a tight budget. Most of the truck bed air mattresses are below $150. It is also possible to find some other cheaper brands on Amazon. All you need to do is, to ensure that the mattress has not been used before you purchase it.

10. Weight Capacity

Most of the truck bed air mattresses can be able to support up to 300 pounds which could be enough for most sleepers. Before you make your purchase, you will need to inquire about the weight capacity of that particular mattress model.

11. Warranty

Most of the air mattresses for the truck come with a warranty of less than one year while others don’t have one at all. Get an air mattress for your truck, which at least has some sort of a warranty.


1. Is An Air Mattress Good For Camping?

I highly recommend air mattresses for an overnight trip which include truck camping or backpacking. You will have a great range of options from mattress pads which are manually inflated to self-inflating, high profile designs which have micro coil layer for your added support when sleeping.

Most of the ones currently sold in the market for camping have waterproof, antimicrobial covers to ensure that the bed will be able to withstand the outdoor elements. You shouldn’t confuse air mattresses with airbeds, which are more expensive, larger, and used specifically for sleeping indoors.

2. Will A Full-Size Mattress Fit In A Truck Bed?

With a truck bed length being over eight feet and a width of over five feet, then if you are moving a full-size mattress, such a truck will transport it comfortably as it will hold it flat in the bed and for a queen size, at an angle.

3. Is It Legal To Move A Mattress On Top Of Your Car?

It will only be illegal if you have a roof rack and yet the mattress is not secured to it properly or the roof rack is not properly secured to your vehicle.  So long as the mattress is tied down well and it is not obstructing the view of the driver, the registration plate, or the lights, then that is very legal.

4. How Do You Secure A Mattress In A Truck Bed?

If it is a closed truck bed then you will have to:

► First of all, cover the mattress with a tarp before you put it into the truck. In case you are using a truck with a large enclosure or a moving truck, you should concentrate on protecting the mattress.

► Place the mattress in a flat position on the bed of the truck. The tarp has to cover the whole mattress. If you require the mattress to be upright, you can place in such a way that it leans on the side of the truck.

► You can secure the rope using a rope on the side of the storage area inside the truck. Most of the moving trucks normally have rails which are wooden on the sides which enables utilizing tie downs. Tie from one end to the next using the rope to the near the mattress top, rotate the rope under and over the mattress, and tie the other side on the lower rail.

If it is a pickup truck, then you will:

► Use a tarp to cover the mattress and secure the tarp by tying a rope around the mattress running from top to bottom and side to side ensuring that the entire mattress is wrapped up. This will ensure that the tarp doesn’t blow off.

► Place the mattress on one side of the pickup truck to reduce the airlift which could pull off the mattress from the truck. If you have a second mattress, you can place it on the other side to create a balance.

► Utilize the tie down which is normally in the pickup truck bed. Connect the rope to the other ropes which are tied around the mattress tarp. If your truck has tie downs located on the side and on the floor of the truck, utilize them. Ensure that you connect to at least one of the tie downs on the side of the mattress. You can also run a rope around the mattress and connect it to the part of the truck frame which is underneath the truck, going down outside of the truck.

► It is time to close the pickup truck tailgate in case the mattress doesn’t go over the near end of the bed of your truck. If it is impossible to have the tailgate closed, utilize the opening to tie the rope to ensure that the mattress doesn’t slide out.


When it comes to purchasing an air mattress for your truck bed, it should not be an automatic thing, but something that you require to think over and over before making the final decision. There are many brands and types in the market and the only way to determine the best out of the many is to do thorough research and to compare and contrast what you come across.

While if you are a person who does frequent travels an air mattress can be a good thing for you, it can also turn out to be a nightmare if you end up purchasing one which doesn’t meet your specific needs. Rightline Gear Mid Size Truck Bed Air Mattress is what I consider to be the overall best due to the fact that, it has the 7 inches of the mattress makes it very comfortable; it is of a simple design;  it is budget friendly;  it comes with a pump, patch kit, and a bag for storage; and it fits well in between the wheel wells.


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