Best Truck Loading Ramps

9 Best Truck Loading Ramps Reviews

Looking for the best truck loading ramps? Truck loading ramps are necessary in order to make unloading and loading of motorcycles, ATV, snowmobile, from the back of your truck to be easier and safer. The loading ramps replace your tailgate to allow for truck bed use which is maximum. It unfolds and folds easily for storage which is convenient.

You can use them when servicing your vehicle so that, you are able to raise it a few inches from the ground to make the difference between being comfortable in whatever you are doing or not. There are different types of ramps on the market with some being heavy duty while others are low profile. What you choose will depend on the type of vehicle that you have. You will have to get a ramp which is suitable for your type of vehicle or else, you could end up causing too much stress to the ramps.

Comparison Of Truck Loading Ramps


Pit Posse Folding Loading Ramp 750lbs 89 inches

1. Pit Posse Folding Load Ramp

  • Constructed from lightweight aluminum
  • Features tie-down strap and rubber grip
  • Foldable for easy storage 
  • Over 200 positive reviews

4.8 of 5 stars


Yaheetech YT-00034277 Silver Large 7.5 ft Aluminum ATV Motorcycle Loading Ramp, Foldable, 750 Lb Capacity, Single

2. Yateetech Motorcycle Loading Ramp YT-00034277

  • Constructed from lightweight aluminum
  • Features a soft-tip design
  • Comes with reusable safety straps
  • Over 200 positive reviews

4.5 of 5 stars


Clevr 7.5' X-Large Pair of ATV UTV Folding Arched Aluminum Ramps for Motorcycles, Dirt Bikes, 4 Wheelers,Lawnmowers Truck - 90

3. Clevr Folding Arched Aluminum Ramps For Motorcycles

  • 1500 lbs. weight capacity
  • Features a rubber tip
  • Comes with safety straps
  • Over 200 positive reviews

4.6 of 5 stars


Titan Pair of 10' Long Folding Aluminum Arch ATV Ramps

4. Titan Arch ATV Ramps

  • 2700 lbs. weight capacity
  • Features rubber tip and serrated cross bars
  • Comes with safety straps
  • Over 100 positive reviews

4.8 of 5 stars


Black Widow AFL-9012-2 Dual Runner ATV Ramp - Finger-Style Lip Rung Surface, 2 Pack

5. Black Widow Fingerstyle Lip Rung Surface

  • Constructed from lightweight aluminum
  • Features 4 rubber coated mounting fingers
  • Comes with adjustable safety straps
  • Over 300 positive reviews

4.7 of 5 stars


Titan Pair Aluminum Lawnmower ATV Truck Loading Ramps 7.5' Arched Folding 90

6. Titan Pair Arched Folding

  • Constructed from lightweight aluminum
  • Features serrated cross bars
  • Comes with safety straps
  • Over 100 positive reviews

4.3 of 5 stars


Five Star Aluminum Ramp (2) Set For Trailers - 60in.L x 12in.W, 5,000 lb. Capacity Per Pair

7. Five-Star Aluminum Ramp For Trailers

  • Constructed from lightweight aluminum
  • Features extruded toe plates 
  • 10000 lbs. weight capacity
  • Over 100 positive reviews

4.9 of 5 stars


Black Widow IBF-9550 Extra-LongBi-FoldATVRamp-7'11

8. Black Widow Long Fold ATV Ramp 1500lb Capacity

  • Constructed from lightweight aluminum
  • Features 3 heavy-duty hinges and rubber coated fingers  
  • Comes with adjustable safety straps
  • Over 100 positive reviews

4.7 of 5 stars


Aluminum Trailer Ramps Car ATV truck Ramps 1 pair 2- ramps = 6000lb Capacity 84

9. Aluminum Trailer Loading Ramps 6000 lbs Capacity

  • Constructed from aluminum
  • Features wide plated serrated cross rungs  
  • AWS welders certified
  • Over 30 positive reviews

4.7 of 5 stars

Truck Loading Ramps Reviews

1. Pit Posse Folding Load Ramp

This is a loading ramp which you can consider taking if you are looking for the best truck loading ramps for your dirt bikes. When you purchase it, you will get a 5-year warranty which could come in handy. It is very hard to find fault with this particular ramp.

It has safety features of the tie-down straps and rubber attaching points which are safety features that are important to keep the ramp in a safe place when you are wheeling your bike up

.It is constructed from aluminum to give it some sturdiness, a construction which is lightweight and resistance to harsh weather conditions. It can easily withstand conditions which can lead to wear and tear of the ramp by resisting rusting and corrosion. Due to the fact that it is foldable, it means that it is compact and easy to transport.


1. It has a 5 years warranty

2. It has a tie-down strap to be able to hold it in place while in use

3. A rubber grip which protects the motorcycle from scratches

4. Easy to store due to the fact that it can fold

5. Easy to handle as it is lightweight


1. It is only for motorcycles

2. Yateetech Motorcycle Loading Ramp YT-00034277

You can decide to purchase this particular loading ramp to load your motorcycle. Due to its length, it makes this particular ramps to ensure that no steep incline loading is incurred.  It is a ramp which is constructed from aluminum which is very durable.

When unfolded, the diameter is at 8 feet while when folded, it is under 4 inches. This makes it very easy to store it when you are not using it. Since they are constructed from lightweight aluminum materials, and easy to handle. It can be a perfect gift for a friend on their birthday. Two months ago, I bought it for my brother who owns a dirt bike and up to this day, he is excited about it.

It is designed to help in loading lawn mowers, motorbikes, and ATVs onto your truck. When you first look at it, they look quite thin but still, they can be able to handle a lot of weight of up to 1500 lbs between them with each ramp being able to hold 7500lbs

They feature a protective design and thus, there is no need to worry about the vehicle being scratched by the metal which you are loading. The main vehicle will also be protected due to the availability of caps which are at the bottom of each ramp.

These ensure that any slipping is stopped and will make sure that, the ramp is able to be stabilized while you are using it. Due to this, you will be able to have peace of mind being sure that, the ramp will not collapse while you are using it.

These ramps come with safety straps and thus, there is no need to make extra purchases. The straps are heavy duty and thus, will ensure it secures the ramp whichi s attached to the tailgate of the vehicle. The straps are re-usable without the worry about them becoming slack with time.


1. Easy to load various motorcycles

2. Rust protection and lightweight

3. Constructed for durability

4. Easy to fold and assemble

5. The soft-tipped design which is protective


1.Too expensive

3. Clevr Folding Arched Aluminum Ramps For Motorcycles

If you are looking for a ramp for motorcycles which can accommodate a maximum capacity of 1500 lbs, then this could be the one to go for. You can easily use it for your lawnmower, ATV, or golf buggy. If you need to load a two-wheel vehicle such as a motorbike then this could be the ramp for you.

The arch which they have will be able to provide you with optimal clearance over the ground. This should be able to help you to be able to load anything as smoothly as it can. This is due to its length and width which re generous, which will ensure that you use them wheel up tires which are midsized, including the ones which are four-wheeler.

They come with their own safety straps so there will be no need for you to spend extra money on purchasing them. Once you attach the straps, you will be sure the ramps are attached firmly to the vehicle’s back which you are loading onto. It also means that there is no risk in them collapsing or buckling under the ATV as you load it on the main vehicle.

They are super functional due to the fact that you can fold them up to ensure that, they become even more convenient to carry around and transport. They tend to be lightweight as well, weighing 33 lbs this means that anyone will be able to handle them with much ease. The ramps will not cause any scratches on your trailer or truck as they have a rubber tip to prevent the metal from causing scratches.


1. It has a capacity of 1500 lbs

2. Ideal for dirt bikes, ATV, and lawn mower

3. It comes with safety straps

4. It has a sturdy construction

5. Portable


1. Doesn’t support heavyweight

4. Titan Arch ATV Ramps

If you own a big motorcycle, and you want to load it onto your truck, then this could be the best ramp to use. It has 5/8 inches thick rungs which make it be able to offer the right support when you are trying to hold heavy items. It has a great side-loading which is great for loading four-wheel items

It boasts of 2700lbs total capacity weight which is distributed. The design is arched to be able to provide better clearance. There is a thicker 4 beam which is designed in the middle ramp. There is no need for assembly as it comes when it is already assembled.

To make sure that you do work in an environment which is safe, it comes with safety straps. To provide great traction, it has crossbars which are serrated.


1. It doesn’t have issues going up and down the ramp

2. It has serrated bars which have great traction

3. It has a better clearance due to the arched design

4. There is no need for assembling

5. It has a solid structure and thus safe


1. Better bolting than the strapping done

5. Black Widow Fingerstyle Lip Rung Surface

With this particular ramp, loading onto the ATV will be very easy. It is manufactured from high strength aluminum material which is lightweight. It is a folding ramp which is easy to maneuver and can be able to handle up to 750lbs for each ramp.

The arch design makes it possible to be able to ensure that, there is maximum ground clearance to ensure that, the ATV from bottoming out while you are doing the loading. Its crossbars feature 3 inches rung spacing, which provides a smooth ride and extra traction for tires that are pneumatic, even when the conditions are muddy and wet.

It has adjustable safety straps to offer security loading and the 4-inch rubber coated mounting fingers which are three in numbers and are on each ramp will ensure that no scratches are created on your trailer or truck bed.

When you are not using it, you can fold the ramps into halves to store them easily in your vehicle or garage. You should not use these ramps for loading golf carts. For superior traction, they have serrated rungs with an arched design for maximum tailpipe and maximum engine clearance.

Manufactured from high-quality aluminum materials which are high strength, lightweight with a total weight capacity of 1500 lbs.


1. Lightweight

2. High strength

3. Adjustable safety straps for secure loading

4. It is foldable for easier storage and movement

5. Offer maximum ground clearance


1. Cannot be able to load golf carts

6. Titan Pair Arched Folding

This pair arched folding ramp is able to hold a capacity of 1500 pounds of weight, this particular loading ramp is constructed from aluminum and lightweight. It comes in the form of crossbars which are serrated and will be able to provide you with great traction.

It comes in a pair and will be able to give you a clearance which is better due to its arched design. You will be able to get safety straps and it is in a design which is folding. This ramp is portable, and you can be able to store it conveniently.

The ramp doesn’t require any assembly and it will come in handy to load your ATVs. It will be able to go with any type of four-wheeler including tall trucks or high trailers. This will in the process makes it easy to transport, and the distance of the rungs is 4.5 inches.

Due to the fact that it comes in pairs, you will be able to easily place it as per the distance of the wheels. The straps are sturdy and it will not flex, easily fitting the machine belt. It could be one of the best loading ramps in the market.


1. Can hold up to 1500 lbs capacity weight

2. It is very lightweight due to the aluminum construction

3. Great traction due to serrated crossbars

4. Better clearance due to the arched design

5. Free safety straps


1. Poor customer care service from the manufacturer

7. Five-Star Aluminum Ramp For Trailers

This is a set which is designed with standards which are high to ensure that, you are able to get your cargo loaded quickly, safely, and easily. It is ideal for loading snow throwers, ATVs, lawn tractors, or whatever you want to wheel into your truck. It is sold as a pair and it is likely going to give you good value for money.

You will not be able to use it on pickup truck due to the fact that, they are too short and thus, they tend to be incompatible. They can work well on trailers for loading and unloading cargo.  Though lightweight, they are extra durable with a good construction which will be able to handle loads of up to 10000 lbs.

With the presence of heavy-duty extruded aluminum toe plates, it will be able to stand up to the day to day usage. Its arched design will be able to help in preventing hangups on the chassis while you load.


1. Lightweight and durable

2. Toe plates which are heavy duty

3. Arched design to help in preventing hang-ups

4. Has a center bar which provides extra support.

5. Good value for money


1. Too short to use on pickup trucks

8. Black Widow Long Fold ATV Ramp 1500lb Capacity

It is constructed from durable aluminum. It is a loading ramp which will allow you to load several types of cargo onto your truck. This will include things such as bikes, ATVs, and several others. It has a capacity which goes up to 1500lbs with a full extended ramp which measures 95 inches. The width is up to 50 inches.

It comes with safety straps which will allow for secure attachment where the ramp is able to attach to your trailer or track. Superior traction is provided by the serrated rungs. When you walk on the ramp, you will need to pay close attention due to the fact that, it is a ramp which is large and you might feel stuck.

This is a ramp which is durable and you can be able to easily use it in moving most of the things which you want to be moved during transportation. For convenient storage and transportation, it features heavy-duty hinges which are three in number, allowing you to fold the ramp.

The fingers are rubber coated to increase stability and support during unloading and loading. This will in the process, prevent the ramp from causing scratches onto your tailgate or trailer. Each ramp has raised serrated that offer great traction in whatever weather conditions you will be able to find yourself in.

In the box, you will be able to find adjustable safety straps to ensure that, the ramps are prevented from kicking you out.


1. Comes with two safety straps to ensure the ramp is secured well onto your vehicle

2. It can fold into halves for easy transportation and storage

3. It has a weight capacity of 1500lbs and it is manufactured from lightweight materials.

4. Design for easy and safe loading of a golf cart or ATV onto a truck bed or trailer

5. Maximum traction due to the serrated rugged surface


1. The welds are weak

9. Aluminum Trailer Loading Ramps 6000 lbs Capacity

If you are looking for a perfect ramp for your truck, then this could be the one you can purchase. It can be able to support 6000lbs, making it a ramp which is strong and high quality.

So if you are planning to lift heavy-duty cargo, then this could be the right ramp for your unloading and loading work. It has been certified by AWS welders and manufactured in the USA, which will reassure you that, it is a high-quality trailer loading ramp.

Due to the fact that it is made from strong aluminum materials, this is a ramp which is hybrid hook attachment ends which will be able to hook to the hauler ends of a car.  Its length is 84 inches providing for more space to be able to accommodate the tire of the car.  It has wide plate serrated cross rungs which will give you maximum traction in whatever weather condition you find yourself in.


1. Long enough to provide more space to accommodate the tire

2. Maximum traction provided by a wide plate which is serrated

3. Manufactured in the USA

4. Certified by AWS welders

5. Made from strong aluminum materials


1. Welds don’t look professional

How Truck Loading Ramps Work

If you compare loading ramps to steel jacks, then they tend to be safer as long as you know how to use them. You will have to try to ensure that you use them safely and properly. You have to practice driving them on a smooth surface to make sure that, your car is secure.

Here is a step by step guide on how ramps work in the right way in case you are a newbie

Step One: Ensure that you have packed your vehicle in a smooth and sturdy way, and the surface is non-slip and the wheels have to be facing forward.

Step two: Position one ramp  in a way that, its lower slope faces up to  make sure that, it is perfectly centered with the tire. Make sure the ramp is straight aligned with the tire by checking along the truck side. The same process has to be repeated with the other ramp.

Step three: Time to sit in your car and drive forward carefully and up onto the ramp. Come out of the truck and make sure that the wheels in front are on a ground which is flat, where the ramp is, and on the center of the ramps. If you find that they are not, then you will have to reverse back and ensure that you repeat the process again.

Step four: Once the seats of your truck seats on the center of the ramp, you will need to use your parking brakes to make sure that, it is not rolling back off the ramp. To check if it is secure and stable, you will have to come out of the truck and rock it gently.

Step five: Place of the wheel chocks in front of one of the wheels at the back with the other right one behind it. This is trying to take extra safety measures so that, you are sure the truck does not roll off in whatever direction.

Once the above five steps are accomplished, you will be able to work on the underside of your truck from whatever direction.

Safety Precautions To Use When Driving A Motorcycle, ATV Up A Loading Ramps

1. Don’t Fall Over Backward

When you are driving over an inclined surface like a ramp, there is a risk of being able to tip over backward. The risk increases especially with vehicles which have a higher center of gravity than for those with a low center of gravity like tractors.

Another important factor to consider is whether there is a  rear wheel drive your vehicle

2. Don’t Fall Off The Side Of The Ramp

There is another danger which involves slip-sliding off the ramp. You will need to ensure that you use a ramp which has a surface which is designed for traction and thus, avoids driving up a ramp which is wet.

3. Don’t Let The Ramp To Come Loose From The Trailer

If you imagine a scenario where you drive up a ramp and then the front wheel starts coming down on the bed of the trailer, while the wheel which is slightly elevated start to spin, this can be a dangerous scenario.

The wheel which is in motion can be able to push back the loading ramp onto the ground from the trailer. You as the driver and the vehicle will find yourself down. To ensure that it doesn’t happen, you have to ensure that the trailer slightly secures the ramp with a safety strap or chain.

4. Keep The Ramp Angle Low

When the ramp is very steep, the likelihood of an accident is very high. You can choose to put the surface for the trailer lower than the one which the cargo is being loaded from to ensure the ramp will tend to be level.

5. Adjust Your Safety Chains

If whatever the safety chains which are attaching to ramp to the trailer sag dangerously or there is a gap between the trailer and the ramp, you will need to remove a link from the chain or attach it to by a link which is different other than the one at the end.

Types Of Truck Loading Ramps

When you know the different types of truck loading ramps, it will be able to help you to be able to choose the one which is the best from the many in the market. Some of the different types of truck loading ramps include:

1. Single Runner Ramp

This can be able to accommodate an entire vehicle. It is also possible to unfold and fold it, making it be very highly portable. There are those which will even allow you to fold them up to 3 times. This means that you can easily turn it into a compact load in order to transport it.

These type of ramps have their issues. They tend to be much heavier than the dual runners. They are very sturdy but at the same time, this makes them be very heavy. When you are carrying one in your truck,  you will be able to feel the impact as it will be able to weigh down your vehicle. When you are folding it, you will find it to be hectic.

2. Dual Runners

They come with two individual ramps which are as wide as your car’s tires. You can easily adjust them so that the distance between them is not very wide or narrow. This is an advantage since it means that, this particular ramp will be able to handle both large and small vehicles within its limit of weight. It seems the ramps which tend to be high in the capacity as far as weight is concerned are the dual runners.

3. Arched Runner

When it comes to clearance, whether you get a dual or single runner, an arched runner seems to be the best. They are ramps which are arched due to the fact that they will be able to prevent pumps when unloading and loading your truck, making them be safer.

Features To Consider In Good Loading Ramps

1. Capacity

Truck loading ramps do have their weight capacity as per axle which is listed on them. For you to be able to know if your vehicle falls under its threshold, you will need to measure its axle weight.

The axle weight can be measured by driving your vehicle’s heaviest axle which is normally the front due to the fact that, it supports the engine. Using a vehicle scale. When you want to pick the right ramp, ensure that you check the weight of the ramp rating against its heaviest axle weight of your vehicle.

2. Size

Many of the pickup tailgates tend to be higher than the trailers, which means that, the height of their angler steeper tends to be less than that of loading. Steeper anglers will require longer ramps and thus, you will need to choose the one which is long enough in order to improve safety and at the same time, minimize the angle of loading.

You will also have to consider the ramp width due to the fact that, it is important when you are trying to select your model. If you happen to be working with single versions, then you will have to make sure that the width equals the one for your vehicle. In case you are in a dual setup, you have to ensure that, each of the ramps is as wide as the widest part of the tire. It is safer and quicker to use a ramp which is wider due to the fact that, it will enable you to load and unload your vehicle.

3. Design

You have an option of choosing between the single and dual runners. When you have a single ramp, it will be in a position to accommodate your entire vehicle and at the same time, be able to fold and unfold. The design which is foldable will allow for you to fold the ramp in 2 to 3 parts thereby enabling it to be easier and compact to transport and store.

The designs of ramps which are single tend to be more sturdy as compared to their dual counterparts, meaning, they are heavier. When you decide to use the dual runners, you will be able to adjust the distance between them to ensure that it is possible to load vehicles which are bigger than what the single ramps are able to hold. But if you are looking for better clearance, then it will be best if you went for ramps which are arched.

4. Materials

This will determine the quality of the loading ramp. The loading ramp strength is very important for the best functioning. There are some which are constructed from aluminum, steel, and plastic. These in the process will determine how long the ramp will be able to serve you without the need to replace it. Choose materials which are quality to ensure that you are on the safe side.

5. Price

Price range will depend on various factors. Those ramps which are expensive doesn’t automatically add up that they are the best and of good quality than the ones that are low on price. Ensure that you get to know all the features that you would want in a loading ramp before narrowing them down using the price as per your budget.

6. Ramp Width

You will need to measure the width of the tires of your truck from sidewall to sidewall in inches and ensure that, the ramp  you are about to purchase is wide enough to be able to allow for an extra few inches on both sides of the tire when you line them up, to prevent any slipping happening when you are loading.

7. Mount Connection

8. Rung Type

When the loading ramp surface is too smooth, it will be able to cause slippage while loading. There are two surfaces which tend to be reliable:

Serrated rung surface: It comprises of strips which are horizontally placed made of metal. They are normally placed equidistant from one another for the ramp length. They are serrated strips to ensure that the tire will be able to grip it well on the surface of the ramp and place the vehicle upward and forward. Most of the ramps in the market feature this surface.

Perforated punch plate: The surface will have serrated holes in the surface of the ramp. This makes it the right surface to utilize when it snowy or rainy. During the inclined stage, they will be able to provide a grip which is stronger.

9. Ground Clearance

Foot of the ramp is that part of the ramp which rests on the ground. There are three types of ground clearance which include:

◆ Knife feet clearance: At the bottom, the knife-end coverage does converge into a point which is natural to be able to provide a transition that is smooth from the ground into the ramp. If your truck has little ground clearance, then you will need to load them with this type ramps in order to prevent damage.

◆ Roller feet clearance: Ramps which have wheel ends are normally designed for car-hauling stingers or otherwise known as semi-trailers. The wheels which are at the end of these particular tramps allow them to be able to easily slid into your trailer ramp storage pockets.

◆ Stub feet clearance: These are ideal for load heights range which is larger, offering more strength than the other two types of feet. They could be the best option for flexibility and at the same time, offer versatility among the foot options. If you have a heavier vehicle or one that has a higher ground clearance such as SUVs and trucks, you will be able to benefit from stub end ramps.


1. How Do I Know What Length I Need?

There are a lot of factors which will affect the length that is ideal for you. The size of your garage has to be considered. When you get a long loading ramp could be the best but if you are unable to effectively place it into your garage without first having to retake some space out, then you might be left with a project where the car ramp will extend beyond your garage door.

The ground clearance has to be considered also. This is how low your vehicle will be relative to the ground surface. If it happens to be too low, then you will have to get a truck loading ramp which has smaller or gentler angle approach. The lower the angle of approach, the longer the ramp needs to be.

 In case your vehicle has higher ground clearance, then you will have to peg the length of the ramp on its height. The ramp needs to be at an incline between 6 and 15 degrees although there are those which are on a steeper approach angle.

The maximum grade should be 20%. If your ramp has a height of 5 inches, the vehicle ramp length will need to be at least 25 inches. If the length is 40 inches and the ramp is 5 inches high, then you have to look for 12.5% grade.

2. How Much Weight Can Aluminum Ramps Hold?

Weight capacity per ramp will be 1500 lbs per ramp with a maximum loading height of 25 inches and this will mean that you will need two aluminum ramps.

3. What Are Loading Ramps Used For?

The loading ramp is a new version of the inclined plane. They can be able to shift when they have heavy objects placed on them. But at the same time, tires which are spinning can be able to knock the loading ramp to the ground if it is not secured properly on the ground. They are good when you are loading and unloading cargo in cargo to make the work easier.

4. Do You Have Any Instruction Manuals For Your Loading Ramps?

All loading ramps come with instruction manuals of the dos and don’ts when you are using it. You will need to read them carefully and adhere to them so that, you do the right thing with them to avoid causing unnecessary accidents.

5. Can I Use A Winch To Assist Loading Equipment?

Lifting heavy objects using a winch might seem to be the right thing to do but that shouldn’t be the case. Use a hoist instead to do such jobs of lifting and lowering loads. The hoist comes with wire or chain rope and you can operate them manually or motors which are powered.

6. How Durable Are Aluminum Ramps Compared To Steel?

It is a common thing for aluminum to easily ding, dent, or scratch as compared to steel. Steel tends to be strong and at the same time, it is hard for them to deform, warp, or bend, under force, heat or weight. Steel is much heavier, denser than aluminum and thus, more ideal for ramps which are durable.


There are various things which you will have to consider before purchasing the best truck loading ramps. There are different capacities and sizes of the loading ramps which are available in the market. All you need to do is to ensure that, what you are about to purchase meets your needs depending on the vehicle you have and the objects you will be moving up.

According to the storage and height requirements, you will have to choose the ramp which will be able to work for you. It is therefore important to go through the loading ramp description to get what is going to work for you. Most of them are top quality and thus, it is possible for you to buy any of what I have reviewed here as per your budget.



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