Best Truck Chassis Frame Paint

Best Chassis Saver And Truck Frame Paints

When you go into the market to buy the best chassis saver and truck frame paints, you will come across several of them. It is important that you know the various steps which you require to take before you buy and apply the paint. Though some manufacturers will advise you to apply the paint directly on the part which is already rusted, I have a feeling that it will be better if you cleaned the surface before doing the application.

Searching for the best paint is not an easy task. Which paint is the best for me? That is a question that you might ask yourself. For it to give you superior performance, you will need to go for a brand which has the best reviews on the market. Below are what I think might be the best paints in the market.

Comparison Of Truck Chassis Frame Paints


Magnet Paint Co Gloss Black Chassis Saver GL. (MPC-UCP99-01)

1. Magnet Paint Co Gloss Black Chassis Saver

  • Provides rust and corrosion resistant coating
  • Provides non-porous glaze like finish
  • Easy to apply
  • Over 400 positive reviews

4.6 of 5 stars


 POR-15 45001 Gloss black Rust Preventive Paint - 1 Gallon

2. POR- 15 45001 Gloss Black Rust Preventive Paint

  • Permanent rust preventive paint
  • Provides non-porous hard shelling
  • Lead-free
  • Over 3,000 positive reviews

4.6 of 5 stars


KBS Coatings 4501 RustSeal Gloss Black Gallon, 128. Fluid_Ounces

3. KBS Coatings 4501 RustSeal Gloss Black

  • Moist-cured rust preventive paint
  • Provides a rust-resistant coating
  • Easy to apply
  • Over 100 positive reviews

4.4 of 5 stars


Gloss Black Frame/Chassis Truck AUTO Rust Prevention Paint

4. Gloss Black Truck Frame Paint

  • 2-in-1 frame paint
  • Features dense sealing capabilities 
  • Easy to apply
  • Mostly positive reviews

Rust Bullet RBA53 Automotive Rust Inhibitor Paint, 1 Quart Metal Can, Metallic Gray

5. Rust Bullet RBA53 Truck Frame Paint

  • 2-in-1 frame paint
  • Provides a UV-resistant coating
  • Easy to apply
  • Over 400 positive reviews

4.5 of 5 stars


Rust Bullet 856084000630 BSQ BlackShell Rust Preventative and Protective Coating Paint, 1 Quart Metal Can, Gloss Black

6. Rust Bullet 85608400630

  • Industrial-grade preventive coating
  • Provides a long-lasting scratch resistant coating
  • Top coat not required
  • Over 100 positive reviews

4.3 of 5 stars

Truck Chassis Frame Paints Review 

1. Magnet Paint Co Gloss Black Chassis Saver

It is a paint which is formulated to ensure that, corrosion and rust are permanently stopped on trucks and automobiles without the need to use primers and topcoats. You will need to clean the surface with a sander or wire brush to be able to remove all the scale which are loose, together with the rust particulate and then apply it on the rust directly.

If you sand the area, then you will be able to get results which are maximum. After you apply, there is a rock which will be able to form, hard yet a finish which is great that tends to be nonporous and glazes which will not be able to crack at the end of the day or cheep, peel, or flake. It is a paint which is not affected by road salts, gasoline, diesel fuel, oils, battery acids, hydraulic acids, solvents, chemicals, and corrosives.


1. Stops corrosion on trucks permanently

2. Easy to apply

3. Good value for money

4. Unaffected by elements

5. Leaves the truck surface with a glaze like finish that is nonporous


1. It takes a longer time to dry

2. POR- 15 45001 Gloss Black Rust Preventive Paint

If your vehicle is currently showing signs of corrosion and rust, then this might be the right paint for you. It is a paint which can be applied to rust patches which are currently existing on your truck. According to the manufacturer, you don’t have to strain cleaning the surface. But for a better finish, I would recommend that you prepare the surface first before applying the paint.

Note that, this is a colored paint. So if you want to make your undercarriage or truck bed appealing, this could be the product to try out as it will give you a finish which is sleek and smooth. Due to its consistency, users can be able to paint this particular substance.  Any brush for painting will allow you to get this product on smoothly. Just a little of it and it will fix the rust.

You can also use it in spray guns by using POR15 solvent to thin it down. But you have to ensure that, the spray gun is cleaned after use before the paint dries up. Once you have applied, it is going to form a hard wearing gloss, which will prevent any rust from expanding to other areas by sealing it in place.

The harder shelling will protect any non-corroded metal surfaces as well. It is a paint which dries immediately after being brushed. It also offers durability. Once the paint is dried, there will be no need for you to worry about chipping or cracking. Its nonporous nature inhibits moisture from being able to seep in and cause oxidation and it is going to stay in place for a very long time.


1. Compatible with metal substrates

2. Black paint

3. Seals existing corrosion

4. Permanent paint

5. Available in various sizes


1. Toxic

3. KBS Coatings 4501 RustSeal Gloss Black

It is a paint which features amazing coating and sealing capabilities which prevent the rust from being able to spread. Once it seals the holes, there is no more oxidation and thus, your vehicle will not be able to host rust. It is a paint which is highly durable and yet inexpensive.  This makes it one of the paints which is rust resistant and cost effective.

This product is very versatile as you can be able to use it at home for your farm, vehicles, or for other similar needs. So in case you have a problem with rust, this paint can be used due to its sealing and coating ability.

When I speak of sealing, it is a paint which is capable of penetrating deep into a material to the point that, it is part of the material. It is resistant and durable to all types of conditions. It is a paint which is moisture cured meaning, it is very suitable for areas where moisture and humidity could be in a position to damage your vehicle and appliances.

Applying this particular product is very easy. You will just need a simple brush to apply directly to the surface. It will be able to protect the material from ice, rust, and temperatures which are high. The paint tends to be flexible and thus, you can apply it to any movable parts, the ones which contract and expand. It comes with a lot of flexibility as you can apply it using spray, brush or any other tool. The paint will be able to self-level and fill the pores and thus, no need to press hard when applying.


1. Prevents rust

2. Affordable

3. Highly durable

4. Versatile

5. Great sealing


1. Not intended to be used as a final finish

4. Gloss Black Truck Frame Paint

It is a paint which is a chassis saver that is designed to protect and extend the automobile chassis durability. It is good in eliminating and preventing rust due to the way it is dense, making it act like a 2 in 1. Before you apply it on your chassis, there will be a need for you to do some preparation such as scraping or brushing the rust in order to enhance efficiency.

It hasa technology for stopping rust, which when you utilize it on the chassis it is effective with  this paint, and therefore, there is no room left for the chassis and air gets  into contact. Whichever rust which exists will be suffocated as there is no supply of oxygen and thus, no more oxidation.

It is a paint which is going to sort you out as far as rust is concerned as it will prevent it from happening. You don’t require any catalyzers or activators when you are applying it. When applied, it dries quickly and in the process the rust is cured fast and thus, after you have applied it, let it dry alone. All you have to apply is one layer and you will be done with the painting job.


1. Easy to apply

2. It has value for money

3. It is durable

4. Can be applied on various occasions

5. Decent, dense sealing capabilities


1. It has peeling and adhesive problems

5. Rust Bullet RBA53 Truck Frame Paint

If this is your paint of choice, you have a choice of sizes to choose from depending on the amount of paint you want to do. It is a paint which is easy to use due to the fact that you can use rolls, brushes, or spray on the surface you want to apply.

It can be applied to undercarriage, chassis, suspensions and other vehicle parts and thus, making it be versatile. It is a value for money, high-quality paint, one which you can apply directly to the surface without the need for preparing the surface. But I would advise that, for great results, prepare the surface before you apply.

It uses more metal than a standard formula for Rust Bullet, making it be thinner, thereby granting you the ability to be able to apply the paint fast. It is a paint whichresistant to rust, resistant to chip, and somehow UV rays resistant though mildly. It is a 2 in 1 paint which eliminates rust from the surface as well as prevents rust from being able to reoccur.

I would recommend that you do two layers painting with this particular paint on any iron or metal surface regardless of the surface quality. The surface could be painted, rusty, or unpainted. To get the best results with it, I would recommend that you use finishing guns.

I would also recommend this particular paint to any road vehicle owner due to the fact that it does an amazing job as far as rust prevention is concerned.  It is painted which acts instantly. Once the first layer is applied and left to dry, the paint will strengthen the material and thus, the second layer application will be much easier.


1. It is a 2 in 1 paint

2. Easy to apply

3. Durable

4. Prevents rust and corrosion

5. Protects the surface from UV rays


1. It is very expensive

6. Rust Bullet 85608400630

If this is your product of choice, then you don’t have to use a topcoat. It is able to protect the bare metal from UV light and any scratches together with oxidation. It is a formula which is good for preventing the spread of the rust which already exists.

If your truck has minor to mild patches, they can be painted on directly using this particular paint. All you need to do is to ensure that, you get rid of the flakes before you do the application. This makes it efficient for the parts which are already corroding.

It is paint which you can use on iron or steel, whether painted or unpainted. It is a paint which is made to last for quite a long time and thus, a need to be very careful when applying it due to the fact that, it is hard for it to come out easily once you have applied it.

It has strong sealing and adhesion properties and thus, oxidation is trapped underneath making it impossible for the bubble to go through it or bleed out. I think it is one of the paints which will give you peace of mind as you will be sure that, your car is protected.

Once it is dry, it will not chip or flake off. It forms a decent base for a topcoat to be able to be applied over it, although it is not necessary. Just a small portion and a great painting job will be done. You can be able to apply it using a roll, spray gun or brush and thus, multiple methods of application.


1. Gives a smooth finish

2. Gives a generous coverage

3. Scratch resistant

4. Doesn’t require a topcoat

5. Long lasting


1. Difficult to store open cans for a very long time

Factors to Consider when Choosing a Paint

It is important that, after purchasing paint, it gives you the highest performance. There are several options in the market that you will have to pick from with one of the key component to consider being eco-friendliness.

In order for your paint to give you an outcome that is excellent, you will also have to consider how durable it is going to be. But the thing is that the performance of your paint might greatly rely on the way you are going to use it.

1. Durability

Durability is an important aspect to consider before you purchase frame paint. Its durability after it has dried has to be considered greatly. Most of the paints in the market are able to withstand any kind of corrosion, rust, and UV. Most of the brands in the market are able to withstand rust of any kind around the formation of a bond. Durability has to be one of the key factors for selecting frame paint for your truck.

2. Price 

The paint you buy will depend on your personal budget. There are some paints which will be able to work well on your truck frame and they are affordable while others are damn expensive. In most instances, the price is affected by the quantity and not quality.

Depending on how much you have to paint, you can go for the smallest quantity. Instead of looking at the anti-corrosive paint as an expense, look at it as an investment. When you purchase it, it will definitely make your vehicle more resistant to rust and durable. It will also protect it from other conditions and chemicals.

3. Brand name

At times, it is very important to consider the brand name of the paint you are purchasing. Most quality products are made minus Lead which is one of the critical items that has a negative impact on human health. And that is why quality products maintain the responsibility for the performance of various brands. Great brands maintain an after sale service which is great. This makes more and more customers be satisfied with the brands and come for them again and again.

4. Color of the paint

Depending on your truck color, the color of the paint you want to purchase for your chassis matters a lot. There are brands which have a fixed color while others are available in a variety of colors. Many customers tend to like using black as it tends to blend well with any other color.

In order to provide quality of the highest order and improvement of quality, then color choosing is an important factor.

5. Quantity

This is one of the important qualities to consider when getting a truck frame paint. The size of the vehicle will determine how much you are going to purchase. That is why, before you go out shopping, you will need to know the paint coverage per square feet. There are chassis which require more than one coating and thus, you have to factor in this when considering the quantity to be used.

6. Bonding formation

To provide high-quality performance, bonding formation is very important. You need to get a product which can enhance the paint performance by creating a bond with the truck frame. How durable the product is going to be will depend on the bond formation quality.

Protection against any kind of corrosion and rust is likely going to be reduced by the type of bond formation.

7. Protection against rust

One of the most important aspects of paint is its ability to protect from corrosion and rust. It should have super performance against any kind of material selection and protections. Products which are high quality maintain their reputation to reduce various types of rust by ensuring that excellent bonds are maintained. All the best paints ensure that they provide a solution which is comprehensive to give out a superior performance.

8. VOC compliance

For any type of truck frame paint, VOC compliance is something which is very important. It means that the product doesn’t have any components that will be harmful to the environment and human health. Any best chassis saver and truck frame paints will have this standard.

Health Hazard: In today’s life, the health hazard is a very important concern. There are some brands which don’t consider the health of human beings during their manufacturing process. Products which are considered high quality ensure that they take into consideration the community and customers as a whole.  Some cheap brands tend to have Lead as a protective element yet it is harmful to humans.

9. Environmental effect

Any product development has to consider the environment. Before you purchase any paint, ensure that it doesn’t have any negative effect on the environment. There are paints which contain toxic materials and thus you will avoid them.

Properties: You will need to consider the pros and cons of the paint and what it can be able to do. factors such as UV resistance and if you really need it or not. Due to the fact that you are applying to the chassis which is not exposed to the sun, then the UV properties might not be necessary for your purchase.

There will be a need for you to consider the paint’s density. There are products in the market which are very dense and you will have to apply only one layer to protect them while there are others which you will need to do more than one application in order to have great results.

It will also depend on your residential area’s weather. If you live in an area that has a lot of humidity, then you will need to get paint which deals with the humidity situation better. The more properties you consider, the narrow your list of preferred options become.

10. Paint or Spray

Spray paint is faster in the application as compared to brush paint. Most of the spray paints are oil based and tend to provide a finish which is more durable than the brush paints which are mostly latex. Spray paint dries faster than the brush paint and thus, you will have to choose which one you think is best for painting your truck frame.


How Long After Painting A Car Can You Drive It?

Typically, the paint on your vehicle needs to be dry within just a few hours. But this is different from curing. Color is not an issue here but you need to keep in mind that, if you are doing a stage 2 paint, then there will be a need for a second layer of protection through a clear coat.

If you are looking for cure time, then most dealers approximate it to be between 30 to 90 days. That is the time it will take for the paint to fully set and be able to harden, giving your vehicle full protection measures. During the 30 to 90 days, it is a time when you don’t want to apply any other protective sealant, wax or anything else.

Does Rain Affect New Car Paint?

Yes and no. Regular rain watermarks don’t tend to damage your vehicle but it only takes away the shine from the paint. But if you fail to wash your vehicle after it being rained on severally, it is possible that there will be a build-up of marks of water which means, a build-up of dirt.

How Do You Clean Bare Metal Before Painting?

Use mineral spirits to enable you to remove grease and then apply a rust inhibitive primer before you perform the painting. But for surfaces which already have paint which is still in good shape, you will have to remove the dust using a dry clean cloth, de-gloss the surface with sanding which is light and then wipe it with mineral spirits to make sure that it has good adhesion.

Can You Paint Over Chassis Saver?

Yes. Within the first 24 hours, it is possible to apply any finishing systems over the chassis saver. But after 24 hours, the chassis saver surface will be scuff sanded to give it proper adhesion of the topcoat.

Can You Paint Over Existing Auto Paint?

Priming could be the best. If you have to do two paint coats to be able to cover the color which was on the auto, why not just go for a primer or primer sealer and one good paint coat? Primer tends to stick on old auto paint than new paint. I will advise that you use one coat of primer and one coat of fresh paint.


Finding the best truck frame paint is one of the most important and crucial tasks. In the journey to finding the best paint, I have reviewed some of the paints which I think are among the best in the market. They are a great combination of price and features. The performance of the product can easily be increased by the name of the brand.

The durability of the paint can affect its performance with bond formation is the key aspect. Paints can be replaced by quality sprays which tend to produce quality performance. In order to get the right results, you have to do the right balancing. Magnet Paint Co Gloss Black Chassis Saver is my top choice due to its properties of; stopping corrosion on trucks permanently; easy to the application; good value for money; unaffected by elements; and leaves the truck surface with a glaze like finish that is nonporous.



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