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Best Dash Cam For Truckers – Buying Guide and Reviews

By Stella Grant

March 3, 2020

Are you a truck driver? If the answer is yes, then there is a need for you to get the best dash cam for truckers. As a driver, the safety of your truck, as well as yours, is very essential. And that is why investing in the best recording device which will help you to be able to capture everything that is happening around you while you are on the road can be very good.  Picking a cam which will be the best for you can be a daunting task bearing in mind that, there are so many types out there in the market.

Comparison Of Dash Cam For Truckers


KDLINKS X1 GPS Enabled Full HD 1920x1080 165 Degree Wide Angle Dashboard Camera Recorder Car Dash Cam with Gravity Sensor, WDR Superior Night Model

1. Dash Cam For Truckers Review

  • High-resolution GPS enabled dash cam
  • Features a night vision function
  • 8GB SD card included
  • Mostly positive reviews

4.7 of 5 stars


Rexing V1 Car Dash Cam 2.4

2. Rexing V1 Car Dash Cam

  • Loop recording dash cam
  • Features G sensor technology
  • Supports up to 128GB SD card 
  • Over 10,000 positive reviews

4.4 of 5 stars


WheelWitness HD PRO Dash Cam with GPS - 2K Super HD - 170° Lens - 16GB microSD - Advanced Driver Assistance - for 12V Cars & Trucks - Night Vision Dashboard...

3. Wheelwitness HD Pro Dash Cam

  • High definition dash cam with TFT LCD
  • Features a 170 degree swivel
  • Built-in drivers assistance software included
  • Over 2,400 positive reviews

4.1 of 5 stars


OldShark Dash Cam with 32GB Card, 3

4. Old Shark Dashcam With A 32GB Card

  • Loop recording dash cam
  • Features G sensor technologyl
  • 32GB SD card included
  • Over 2,100 positive reviews

3.8 of 5 stars


Both 1080P FHD Front and Rear Dual Lens Dash Cam in Car Camera Recorder Crosstour External GPS HDR Both 170°Wide Angle Motion Detection G-Sensor Loop...

5. Crosstour Dashcam With Both Front And Rear Dual Lens

  • Double lens HD dash cam
  • Features a smart design
  • Starts automatically as the engine starts
  • Over 2,600 positive reviews

4.3 of 5 stars


Uber Dual Lens Dash Cam Built-in GPS in Car Dashboard Camera Crosstour 1080P Front and 720P Inside with Parking Monitoring, Infrared Night Vision, Motion...

6. Crosstour Uber Dual Lens Dash Cam

  • Double lens HD dash cam with hardware kit
  • Features a gravity sensor
  • Built-in GPS module included
  • Over 2,400 positive reviews

4.1 of 5 stars


Crosstour Front and Rear Dual Dash Cam FHD 1080P Mini in Car DVR Dashboard Recorder with G-Sensor, HDR, Loop Recording, Motion Detection, Parking Mode,...

7. Crosstour Front And Rear Dual Dash Cam FHD

  • Water and weather resistant double lens dash cam
  • Features HDR technology
  • G sensor included
  • Over 900 positive reviews

4.2 of 5 stars


ITRUE X6D Dual Car Dash Cam Pro Stealth Full-HD 1080P 170°Wide Angle, Night Mode, G-Sensor, WDR, 16GB MicroSD Card and Hard Wire Kit

8. ITRUE Dual Car Dash Cam

  • Auto-locking GPS enabled dash cam
  • Features a unique triangle design
  • Date and plate stamp recorder included
  • Over 200 positive reviews

3.7 of 5 stars

Truck Dash Cam Reviews

1. KDLINKS X1 GPS Enabled Full HD

I consider this one to be one of the dash cams you can purchase if you are looking for one. It is loaded with so many features which you would want in a dash cam for your truck and it delivers them in a cool package.

It has a full HD 1920 x 1080p resolution which will give you a rich and detailed video, bringing out great profiles. It comprises of a 2.7-inch screen that will give you easy viewing. For storage purposes, it has an 8GB sd card.

It has a night vision feature will ensure that you will be able to capture footage at night which is high quality. It can also handle all types of climate and thus, no need to worry about poor coverage when there is weather change. It is able to handle temperatures as low as -40°F and as high as 170°F.

It is a camera which will offer you with GPS functionality which can enable you to connect to google maps, rotating at 165 degrees. Other additional features on this dash cam include g-sensor, emergency lock button, and a one year warranty that covers all the hardware.


1. Emergency lock button

2. Good price for the quality

3. The construction which is rugged

4. Has a one year warranty

5. High-resolution quality of the video


1. The casing is thin

2. It is difficult to switch SD cards

2. Rexing V1 Car Dash Cam

Why I included this particular dash cam on my list is because it might be having all that you are looking for in a dash cam; it powerful, discreet and other features which you might just like. It is an ultra high durability dash cam which has discretion. In case you are involved in an auto accident, the recording of this cam will allow you to do it discretely without the other party knowing that you have a cam.

Apart from its sturdiness and design, it will provide you with loop recording for your older videos to be removed automatically and new videos added.  Instead of a continuous loop, you can select three and a  half or five minutes block of time to loop. While it is capable of supporting up to 128GB in an SD card, this cam doesn't come with any memory that is standard.

It has an additional g-sensor which detects gravity that knows when you are in an accident. The video will be kept locked so that it is protected no matter what happens. It will not be erased or overwritten.

It will allow you to capture stunning quality which you will need when you are dealing with different landscapes and changes in lighting. It only records in 30fps, which doesn’t go well with the quality of this particular camera. But it is good to note that, it will still do the job right and allow more videos to be written to your removable storage device. The 170-degree angle and six-layer lenses will give you a high quality while at the same time, giving you recording space that is optimum.


1. Durable

2. Loop recording in blocks

3. G-sensor for detection of accident

4. Clear images


1. Tends to record only up to 30fps which is not the high speed at all

2. Doesn’t include any memory card you have to buy it separately

3. Wheelwitness HD Pro Dash Cam

The first thing I noticed about this camera is that it slightly has a wider resolution than any standard 1080p which comes at 2306x1296 resolution. It also has a secondary option of recording at 2560x1080 if you want to utilize it.

It doesn’t matter which resolution you will settle for, the video is of high quality and crisp resulting in a picture which is more clearer. It also comes loaded with an 8GB microSD and thus, no problems when it comes to recording trips which are longer. But I would recommend that you upgrade the SD card to a 32 GB if you will be going on longer trips.

It comes with a motion detector which acts as a silverware one system when you are in motion. In case you have parked your vehicle somewhere doing some shopping, then any movement happening around your vehicle will be recorded. This can be a little overwhelming especially if there is a lot of movement but still, this is a great feature to have in a cam.

It has a 3 inch TFT LCD which will be able to show you live view of whatever you are trying to record. This can also be used to replace any footage that you might be having on your storage without any problem.

It is hassle-free to set up this particular camera as it comes with 2 sticky mounts, a suction cup, and a power cord which you will use to connect the cigarette lighter and the camera. Its built-in battery comes in handy in a lot of scenarios and even though it is small at 450 MAH, it can be able to shoot up to 15 minutes of footage.

It is a high-quality cam which will give you great video quality especially if you link it to its price. There is an installation kit, a built-in GPS system, and a microSD card.


1. Easy to set up and install

2. Provide good video quality

3. It has built-in drivers assistance software

4. It has a 170-degree swivel feature

5. A good price


1. The wire to plug in the adapter is heavy

4. Old Shark Dashcam With A 32GB Card

I was shocked at how inexpensive this particular dash cam is and that is one reason why I added it to my list. So if you are tight on a budget and you are looking for a dash cam, you can consider purchasing this particular one. When you are on and off the road, the superior suction cup mount and the zinc alloy chassis built will give you great stability.

It is a camera that has night vision thus, you will be able to get images even when you are driving at night. But one thing you should remember that, with night recording, it will eat in your memory due to the high resolution required to get great images. It comes with a 32GB sd card and thus,  you will have enough to store your videos and images.

At 170 degrees angles, it will allow you for a wide range of recording while the emergency mode and accident lock secure your video from not being overwritten in case of an accident. It has a playback button which you can use to view the videos on the 3.0 inches LCD screen that comes with this camera. The adapter wire tends to hang down well.

If you decide to purchase this particular cam, you will be given an 18 months warranty, 45 days to be able to choose if you want your money back or you will keep the cam, and a lifetime customer service. There are a lot of standard features that are in this particular camera. But if you want an insurance premium deduction, then this model is inexpensive and the best way to go about it.


1. G-sensor

2. Good value for money

3. Durable suction cup

4. Loop recording

5. Night vision


1. It consumes a lot of memory

5. Crosstour Dashcam With Both Front And Rear Dual Lens

With this particular dash cam, both the rear and front lenses are at 1080p. its performance is great especially on the definition at night. It combines value and discrete.

It is compact making it great for discreet recording when you don’t want other people to realize that you have a dash cam setup. It has a good low light performance for both at the rear and front. Its high contrast makes it easy to be able to spot even the small details.

The reason behind its powerful performance is the HD resolution which enables it to produce great images. It produces the videos at 30 fps and with a 1920 x 1080p resolution. You can count on it to give you clear indication in the format of a video to your insurance organization or to the policeman.

Setup is very fast with this cam as it applies on and off automatically. Once you start the vehicle, the recording automatically starts. When you stop, the video stops recording.

On the negative, you might find it difficult to set its menu especially white balance and changing image quality.


1. It produces quality

2. It has a smart design

3. Starts automatically once the engine starts

4. Has double lens

5. Has a super powerful night vision


1. When in control, the camera has to be connected to outside energy.

6. Crosstour Uber Dual Lens Dash Cam

If you are an uber driver, this could be the best dash camera you should go for. in addition to interior and street cam, the uber cam which is dual has a GPS which is built in. This built-in GPS module offers to record location and speed, driving track.

Its front camera offers 1080 full HD to be able to record the street while there is a 720p which records what is happening inside.  It can work with hardwire kit if you want it to continue recording even when you are parked. Its night vision supports with 4 infrared LED lights, and F1.8 super big aperture, with Sony IMX323 sensor, makes it be in a class of its own.

In case of a collision, it has a gravity sensor which locks the video that it records at that particular time of the impact.


1. Best for Uber drivers

2. Has a 720p inside recording

3. Has 1080p street recording

4. It has an inbuilt GPS module

5. It works with a hardwire kit to record even when the vehicle is stationary.


1. At times it turns on and off while driving

7. Crosstour Front And Rear Dual Dash Cam FHD

If you are looking for a dash cam that will give you dual surveillance, then this could be the one. With its recording which is dual, you will be able to capture clear and crisp videos which you can compare only to the VGA rear modules.

Its front camera is able to capture 1080p footage at 30 fps. With the rear camera, you will be able to get good quality as it records 720p footage at 30 fps. It is a camera which is compact and sleek and thus, you can hide it near the rear anywhere.

It has a wide 170-degree angle together with the HDR recording which will make you get wide and sharp videos every time you record. The rear cam will be able to offer you with 120-degree range. When this camera combines, they will give you a great parking mode camera.

Its night vision is great and the HDR technology will give you an output which is decent. Just like most dash cameras, it is temperature and water resistant. It comes with a G-sensor which, in case of an accident, will enhance the recording. You can expand the storage memory up to 32 GB


1. Can expand memory up to 32 GB

2. Has a G-sensor

3. It is temperature and water resistant

4. HDR technology good for the night vision

5. Will give you wide and sharp videos


1. The design is not great

8. ITRUE Dual Car Dash Cam

Though it is last on my list, it doesn’t mean that it is the least. It is a dash cam for truckers which has a unique triangle design for smoothness and stealth. Its round edges make it be ergonomically friendly and thus if you drop it, it doesn’t have sharp edges to cause damage.

It comes with a 3M adhesive tape which you can affix the dash cam which means that you will not require to drill or use brackets so you don’t have to worry about your dashboard getting damaged.

This camera easily records footages in full HD and thus, you will be able to see everything very well when you are replaying it. It offers both wide angle and night vision options to ensure that, you capture everything.

In case you are involved in an accident, it has locking which is auto during the time of the incident. It also has a date stamp and plate stamp recorder and thus, good in case you want to use it as evidence in a court of law.

It comes equipped with GPS capabilities with a GPS antenna sold separately. You will need to plug it in and in case of an emergency, you have the option of using the battery for backup.


1. It has GPS capabilities

2. It has a good triangle design

3. It has a date stamp together with a plate stamp

4. When mounting, no drilling or brackets needed

5. It has an auto-locking in case of an accident


1. You have to purchase a GPS antenna separately

2. It is hard to hide the wires.

What Is A Dashcam?

Best Dash Cam for Trucker

Unlike the other gadgets you might be having in your car, dash cams are not meant for entertainment, offer convenience or comfort, or make it safe to drive. They are compact and small devices which will give you little in terms of frills and their main laser purpose in your truck is to ensure that they provide you with recording everything that happens around your vehicle on the event that, something goes amiss while on the road and you want to retrace your steps and want to know what really happened.

They are small video cameras which you will install either on the windscreen or dashboard of your car or anywhere else that you feel convenient. You can use any portable camera or recording device as a dash cam. But in most instances, dash cams are typical:

▪︎ Run on 12V DC
▪︎ Automatically overwrite old data as new data is automatically recorded
▪︎ It features an always-on recording

There are other features which are available but the above are the core set which defines the dash cam as a device. Its ability to be able to run on 12V DC means that it can be able to be hard wired into the electrical system of the vehicle. The always-on denotes that, it will automatically start recording whenever you drive the vehicle. Its ability to overwrite data which was written before means that, you don’t have to go deleting the old files to create space as this is done automatically.

Types Of Dash Cameras

There are three types of dash cams which are available to be used as dash cams; digital cameras, purpose-built dash cams, and smartphones. In case you want to install a dash cam and want it to record whenever you are driving, then you should go for a purpose-built device.

In this category, you will be able to find units which are basic no frills, those with features which are advanced, and dual mode exterior/interior cameras. As for the type of features you will have to look for, it will be pegged on your budget and what you want to get out of it.

1. Basic Dash cameras

Most of the dash cameras available in the market tend to fall into this category since there are suitable for several purposes and are affordable.  The basic cameras are the ones with no frills but at the same time, are convenient, set up and forget about it type. 

They are hard-wired into the electrical system of your vehicle. There are those which are designed to fit into a cigarette lighter while others have a built-in lithium-ion battery. Basic dash cameras are basic with just a video camera that has a removable or built-in storage media which will constantly record whenever you are on the move. If that is what you are looking for, or you are on a budget which is tight, then you should get one for yourself in this category.

2. Dash cameras With Features That Are Advanced

Even though most of the dash cameras on the market are simple, there is still a subset of the devices with a more advanced set of features. Some of the features that you might want to find in your dash cam might be:

■ Speed sensors
■ Audio recording
■ Accelerators
■ GPS logging
■ Uninterrupted power supplies (UPS)

GPS logging is one of the interesting features which you will find on the dash cameras. Getting a device with this feature have built-in GPS receivers which they use to provide the video overlay of the physical location where your vehicle is. This could come in handy in case you want to establish the actual location of your car after the occurrence of an incident.

Speed accelerators and sensors can be very useful as they will provide a record of the speed at which you were driving your vehicle at the time the incident happened. It will also indicate the change in acceleration if and when another vehicle strikes yours.

When you have uninterrupted power, it can really help in case of an incident since the camera will continue recording. It is also a feature that will come in handy if you want to use your camera as a surveillance device when you park your car as it will be able to allow you to avoid draining the battery of your vehicle.

3. Dual Cameras For Exterior/Interior Dashcams

You will get some dash cameras which are two in one where one records the interior of your vehicle while another one faces the outward of the vehicle. Their main purposes are two which are:

To allow you as a parent to keep a tab on your new teen driver

To allow you as a vehicle owner to surveillance both the exterior and interior of your vehicle.

If you happen to be a parent of a teen who has just started driving, then this could be the camera you can get. It will be able to record both the exterior and interior include a clear view of the driver and a view of the front through the windscreen. All the images are then composited into a single video which can give you proof as a parent that, your child has safe driving habits.

Though if you have a teen who is privacy-minded, it will provide an open dialogue about responsibilities, privileges, privacy, and trust.  This camera can also be a great device for security purposes. If you set it up when your vehicle is parked, it could be able to catch the video evidence of both the hit and run theft and accidents.

How Do Dash Cameras Work? 

While it is possible to use any recording device as a dash camera, there are several reasons which should you push you to buy a purpose-built dash camera instead of having a makeshift device.

There are factors which make a dash camera separated from other recording devices which make it be easier and more convenient than the alternatives.

How It works

Unlike the the recording devices which are general purposes, the dash cams have no frills with nofancy decorations like the power recording and switches controls. The basic components that you will find on a dash cam include:

■ A video camera
■ Power inputs that are hard wired
■ Removable or built-in solid-state storage media

Without the on and off switch, a dash cam is wired into a circuit which turns on whenever the ignition key is started on or in running position. And without having any sort of controls for recording, dashboard cameras are designed to do a continuous recording whenever they are powered. That is how they are designed to automatically turn on and start to do their recording each time you drive your car without the need for any interaction or input from you as the driver.

The above is different from the portable recording devices for general purpose. Although you can use any device as a dash cam, there will be a need for you to turn them on and off and have to set it whenever you get into your vehicle. So the day it slips your mind to set it up, there will be no recording and if that is the day you land into an accident, then it will be unfortunate for you.

What Of The Storage Filling Up?

In case you are using recording device which is portable, no matter if it  is a digital camera, a cellphone, or whatever it is, then when it fills up, there will be a need for you to delete files manually and create space or insert a new memory card for you to keep on recording. If not, the device will stop recording.

But even though the dash cams record all the time, they don’t have storage filling issues. Unlike the the recording devices which are general purpose, a dash cam is designed to overwrite the older files on the storage media in case it fills up. This is something which happens automatically. This is a feature which you wouldn’t want in your iPhone or digital camera as it might delete something that you greatly need to keep.

GoPro vs Dash Camera: What Should I Use?

Best Dashcam for truck drivers

There are drivers who tend to prefer GoPro to be their dash cam of choice. But just because others are doing it doesn’t mean that you also have to do it. Before you decide that is the way to go, it is important that you understand everything you need to know as far as GoPro is concerned.

#1. What is A GoPro 

This is a specific type of action camera which is best for capturing extreme weather and extreme sports conditions. They are normally durable, compact, waterproof, lightweight, and their frame per second is very high for them to catch the action. It is good to take on a backpacking trip, offroading adventures, or snowboarding.

#2. What is A GoPro Used For?

It is a small video mounted camera which is normally mounted in the vehicle or the windscreen of your car where it will continuously record videos as you drive.

#3. Characteristics Of A Dash Cam

There are six fundamental features which you will find on a dash cam which include:

➤ It is designed to remain in your car all the time

➤ It powers on automatically whenever you start the engine of your car

➤ It starts its recording as you power it on

➤ It does loop recording and thus, never misses a moment

➤ They can record from several angles at the same time

➤ They can be set up to safely monitor your vehicle while it is parked

The GoPro has some specs which might be impressive but they have their place and not to be used as a dash cam for your day to day driving.  In case you decide to use a GoPro as your dash cam, then you will need to consider the following:

✣ You Will Have To Turn It On Manually And Hit Your Record Every Time

When you are using a GoPro to record whatever is happening inside or outside your vehicle, you will have to remember to turn it on and press the record button every time you drive. This could be frustrating because, if you forget to put it on and you get involved in an accident, then there will be no recording.

✣ The Life Of A GoPro Battery Is Very Short

Depending on the video mode and another set that you place, the battery will last between 1 to 3 hours. This is not long enough to cover your day to day undertakings while driving your truck. It will not be able to record the entire trip.

If you are not intending to purchase several backs up batteries or to have to remember taking your GoPro battery inside to be charged and then bring it back into your truck on a day to day basis, then it will be best if you chose to use a dash cam.

A dash cam is easy to operate as you only need to plug it in and it will be able to automatically turn on and beginning the recording on its own whenever you turn the engine on. It is supposed to be in your vehicle all the time and thus, the installation will only happen once. When you use a dash cam, there is no worry about switching it on when you are on the go as it will automatically switch itself on, charged up and recording.

✣ The GoPro Doesn’t Have An Intelligent Parking Mode

If you want to keep an eye on your vehicle while at work, shopping in town, at the gym or while sleeping, then you will have to get yourself a high-quality dashcam. It will act as a motion activated surveillance system which will record video files when there is an activity that is detected by the camera lens or the vehicle is physically bumped from the outside. This could come in handy especially if there is vandalization or a thief who is messing up with your vehicle while it is parked.

In case you decide to go for a GoPro and leave it on while the car is parked, the battery will not last for long and thus, the dash cam becomes the best option.

✣ Unlike A Dash Cam, A GoPro Doesn’t Seem To Withstand Extreme Temperatures 

High-quality dash cams are built in a way that, they will be able to withstand the extreme temperatures which you will experience throughout the year. dash cams are kept installed in the car the whole year irrespective of the weather changes. But the GoPro is likely going to have issues with powering on when the weather is extremely cold.

✣ GoPro Is Easy To Be Recognized And It Is Expensive

With the fact that the GoPro is expensive and it is easily recognizable, it is easy for you to become a target of theft if you have it installed in your truck.  Dash cams are affordable and thus, do not attract thieves as they are readily available at a price which is manageable.

Best Trucker Dash Cam Buying Guide For Beginners

1. Image Quality/Resolution

The dash cam is to protect you in court in case of an incident. That means that you need one which has high resolution in order to get the best identifying details such as faces, license plate numbers. I would recommend you go for the highest resolution that you can get. Stay away from VGA images and stick to videos which are high definition.

2. Field Of View

Even though other features are good, this is one of the very important features which you should always consider before you purchase a dash cam. This is especially when you consider that some traffic accidents do occur at the vehicle’s side.

If you are using a dual cam then it will become an issue because the rear camera isn’t designed to be as good as the front camera. For the front camera, it should be at 170-degree view angle though anything which gives you at least 150 degrees and above is good. For the rear camera, 120 degrees view angle could do. A front camera which has anything below 100 degrees should be suspect and should be avoided.

3. Storage Capacity

If you normally go for long trips, then it means that your recording will be for longer hours. And with that, there is a need for you to get a large memory capacity which will be able to store the entire recording. For a start, you can go for 8 GB.

It can also be great if you got a camera which will be able to compress files which are stored or one that can do loop recording. This will enable you to free space to increase the storage capacity of your dash cam.

In most instances, dash cameras have a limit as to how much footage they are able to store. There are those with a 32 GB limit while others have a 64 GB limit. On the high end, you can get a cam with over 100GB storage limit.

The quality of the video will determine how much storage you will require. If the video you want to record is 1080 pixels in an AVI format, with an fps of 30, you will need 400MB for a clip of 3 minutes.

It will take about 3 hours of continuous recording to fill an 8 GB memory card; 6 hours to fill a 16GB and with the increase in the storage space, the more hours you will be able to record continuously.

4. Loop Recording

This is a very helpful feature which allows the dash cam to be able to record until the memory space is over. The recording will be able to continue with the new video being recorded over the older one. This means that the insignificant and older videos will be done with and the new ones will be stored which are likely going to be more relevant.

5. Mounting System

You will need to go for a dash cam which is easy to mount with good controls which are placed strategically so that you will be able to access them effortlessly. The common mounting materials are either a suction cup or an adhesive pad with the windscreen being the most common mounting surface.  When you buy the camera, it will have the detailed user manual which you can be able to refer to in case you are having any issues.

Whatever mounting materials you take, it will be effective, but if you are looking for one that you will remove easily, then use the suction cup. For the view you need, you will have to position your camera appropriately.

Get a camera from a seller you are sure that will be supportive in case you will have issues later on. For ease of use, get a camera that includes all the gears for mounting. The controls need to be strategically and intuitively positioned so that you will be able to easily access them.

6. Display

Get a screen which will offer you with the best display so that you don’t go straining. It should be a camera that will offer you with HD images that have a high clarity degree.

The displayed image quality will depend on the lens type which you are using to record. If the lens is a high grade, it will be able to capture the finest details. And with a wide field of view, you will be in a position to record at a greater angle and catch more details.

The range will be very important how far behind or in front of the vehicle the camera can be able to capture will be very important. 20 meters could be best to go for. If you are using a good HD camera, then it should be able to operate in a range of 720 up to 1080 full HD with about 30 frames per second. The higher the fps, the higher the quality of the pictures produced.

7. Software

This could be a plus for you as you will be able to utilize the use of your smartphone as a dash cam to store some of the information. With the wifi connectivity, you will be able to access some things online while you are on the move.

There is some dash cam for truckers which come with software which will allow the viewing of files in a way which is revolutionary. It might be able to display a map of the area the truck was in when the incident occurred. It could also be able to record other info such as the speed of the vehicle when the incident happened.

This is important information especially if you are trying to build a clear picture of what happened. With the availability of the software, it will be possible for you to discard files or be able to save them on your internal memory or transfer them to cloud storage or external storage.

8. Design And Size Of The Screen

There is no need to have a screen which will require you to keep your eyes off the road in order to get to see what is happening. A quality dash cam should have a big screen which will make it possible for you to view and see everything at one glance.

The best size should range between 5 inches to 7 inches CCD, LCD, and LED are the best designs of screens which you should get with such cameras. You need to ensure that you get one that will be able to fit your requirements of visions and will give you confidence.

9. Connectivity

Most of the dash cams available on the market either connect via a USB or removing the memory card. In most instances, most USB dash cams need you to have a computer in order to download the images if it includes that feature:

  • Wifi: This is a more convenient way of connecting externally. It will allow the dash cam to be able to sync with the smart device that you have which can control it. The video stream can also be downloaded from the dash cam to the wifi and onto another external device.

  • Smart Device: Apart from wifi to connect your device to smart devices, you can use a USB port which you will use with a computer. You can also utilize Bluetooth. But the problem with Bluetooth is that it is prone to interferences and thus unreliable.

  • Output: Direct feed is another way of connectivity. The dash cam needs to have a port which you can connect to another device for display. But it will be hard for the display device to control the dash cam. Various TV screens which are built into trucks can be able to accept HDMI or AV input and be able to display what the camera is taking in real time.

10. Time/Date Stamp

Though it might seem like a basic feature, it will come in handy especially when the video is called upon to be used as evidence as it will help in validating the record.

11. Frame Per Second (FPS)

This is what will determine how well your dash cam will be able to take still images and how well the moving objects will be captured on the recording.

The ideal fps should be 60 which means each second of recording, 60 individual images are recorded. This in return, increases the speed at which the dash can be able to snap still images and provide more images to ensure that a car which is moving at 50mph or more will still show clear images on the recording.

But it is common to find more high-quality dashcams at 30 fps with few recording at less than 30. You have to invest in a cam with at least 30 fps or else, it will only produce quality images while parked.

12. Accident/Parking Detection

It is a feature which can be helpful especially in the case of an accident when you are driving in difficult terrains or paths or when parking your vehicle. The camera will be able to alert you that you are about to hit an object.

13. Emergency Locking

There are dash cams which come with a g-sensor which will detect an accident automatically thereby start to record. But it is possible that you notice something interesting that you want to be recorded and yet your g-sensor doesn’t recognize it. There are cameras which have an emergency button to allow you to record it.

14. Night Vision

There are times when you will find yourself driving at night. If the dash cam you have has the capabilities of a night vision, then it will be able to record clips at night.

15. GPS Receiver

When you have the GPS function on your dash cam, it will help in getting the location and speed of the vehicle. This will ensure that, if your vehicle is with a driver, there will be no false statement. But it doesn’t mean that it will provide navigational support.

16. Dual Cams/Single Cam

While you are looking around for the quality dash cam, get one that will give you value for your money. But you can still get a single cam which will provide you with good clarity due to the fact that they have increased high definition.

17. G-shocker Sensor

It is a feature which measures the motion of the truck in three axes and the data will be recorded to assist you in being able to come up with a clear image of what really transpired in case of an accident.

Important events such as crashes, collisions, heavy braking, and swerving will be recorded. This is a mechanism which will be triggered by even incidents which are minor like potholes and speed bumps. You can alleviate it by altering the sensitivity of your cam.

18. Durability

There are times when you will purchase a camera and within the shortest time, it will be useless. That is especially true if you go for a low-quality model. If you are intending to use the camera for a longer time, then get a high-quality one which is constructed from sturdy materials and that which will be able to withstand harsh conditions.

19. Warranty

It is possible for even the best manufacturer to make mistakes and come up with a low-quality camera. If you receive a camera which has issues, there is a need that there should be an assurance that, you will be refunded or the product is going to be replaced without you paying an extra amount. And that is the reason you have to consider a product with a warranty.

20. Capacitor Power Supply

As the truck runs in the sun throughout the day, it will make the camera to become hot to touch. That is why it is necessary to use a capacitor in order to avoid any issues in regard to safety with swelling or leaking batteries.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is It Legal To Use A Dash Cam?

Yes and No. You will have to first of all check with your state department of transport to be sure if it is legal or not.

2. Should I Hardwire My Dash Cam?

You only require the hardwire kit if you will require recording even when the engine is off and your camera has a parking surveillance mode feature. But if your motive is to use the dash cam only when you are driving, there is no need to hardwire. You will simply need to plug the power cord of the dash cam into the cigarette socket and start the engine for the recording to start.

3. How Long Will The Batteries For Dash Cam Last?

On a full charge, an dashcam battery should be able to give you  up to 30 minutes of nonstop recording. It is designed in such a way that, should there be a power loss, the camera will continue recording. Before you use it, it is recommended that you charge it at least for 2 hours.

4. Can Dash Cam Footage Be Used In Court?

It is very legal to use dash cam footage in court as it is admissive evidence. But you need to be careful about what your dash cam is recording. In case your vehicle is recorded in an area which is considered to be private property, then you will need to turn it off.

5. Can An Action Camera Be Used As A Dash Cam?

Due to the fact that an action camera uses the micro USB port for charging, it is possible for you to connect it to a standard car charger while you are driving to use it as a dash cam.


Though there is no single dash cam which can be said to be the best than the rest in every scenario, you will need to get one that will be able to suit your specific needs. If you keep some of the above features in mind like the image quality, controls, mounting system, display, size, the field of view (FOV), Wi-Fi/smartphone app, GPS receiver, dual cams, parking surveillance, driver-assist features, and capacitor power supply. 

Maybe a camera which is inexpensive with no frills might just do the job for you, go for it. It could be that you are better off with a dual camera model especially if you stay or work in an area with a crime that is high. The dash cam alternative could be what you are looking for especially if you have a smartphone or any other recording device and you are tight on a budget.

My overall pick is ITRUE dual car dash cam due to the amazing features that it has and also, that is what I use in my vehicle. It boasts of  GPS capabilities, a good triangle design, a date stamp together with a plate stamp, no drilling or brackets needed during mounting, and an auto-locking in case of an accident. Choose what will work best with you and as per your budget.

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