Citizens band radio for Truck Drivers

Best CB Radio for Truckers (Handheld and Fixed-mount)

Do you really want to buy the best CB radio for truckers? If so, it will be able to allow you to communicate between 40 channels of your choice within some mile radius. You don’t need to have a license in order to operate it and for truck use, you will find them very essential.

If you happen to get stranded along the road where there are no phone signal, having a reliable CB radio could sort you out. For the purposes of emergency, channel 9 will be able to help you in being able to receive an immediate response. For reporting traffic conditions, channel 19 will be able to get you sorted.

Go through the below list of what I think might be the best CB radio for truckers which is available in the market and maybe, choose what will work for you.

Comparison Of CB Radio For Truckers


Cobra 29LX Professional CB Radio - NOAA Weather Channels and Emergency Alert System, Selectible 4-Color LCD, Auto-Scan, Alarm and Radio Check

1. Cobra 29LX Professional CB Radio

  • Automatic channel scanning
  • Radio diagnostics feature
  • Can be used as a PA system
  • Over 1,200 positive reviews

4.4 of 5 stars


Uniden PRO520XL Pro Series 40-Channel CB Radio. Compact Design. ANL Switch and PA/CB Switch. 7 Watts of Audio Output and Instant Emergency Channel 9.

2. Uniden PRO520XL CB Radio

  • Compact CB radio with TX indicator
  • Features an integrated PA system
  • Magnet Mount CB radio antenna kit included
  • Over 3,400 positive reviews

4.4 of 5 stars


Uniden PRO505XL 40-Channel CB Radio. Pro-Series, Compact Design. Public Address (PA) Function. Instant Emergency Channel 9, External Speaker Jack, Large...

3. Uniden Pro505XL CB Radio

  • CB radio with RF power indicator
  • Can be connected to PA system
  • Squelch control produces high-quality sounds
  • Over 3,400 positive reviews

4.4 of 5 stars


Midland 1001Z 40-Channel CB Radio

4. Midland 1001Z CB Radio

  • CB radio with LED signal strength indicator
  • Features a PA button
  • RF gain and squelch control for noise filter
  • Over 200 positive reviews

4.4 of 5 stars


Cobra Electronics CBR29LTDCHR 40-Channel CB Radio With PA Capability

5. Cobra Electronics CBR29LTD

  • CB radio with radio check
  • Features a customizable LCD display 
  • Built-in audio boost features included
  • Over 700 positive reviews

4.5 of 5 stars


Midland 1001LWX 40 Channel Mobile CB with ANL, RF Gain, PA, and Weather Scan

6. Midland 1001LWX CB Radio

  • Affordable compact CB radio
  • Features automatic channel scanning
  • RN gain, ANL and squelch control for high-quality audio
  • Over 200 positive reviews

4.4 of 5 stars


Cobra C75WXST Handheld CB Radio - NOAA Radio - LCD Display - 40 Channel

7. Cobra C75WXST Handheld CB Radio

  • Compact, easy-control CB radio
  • Features a streamline design
  • Easy installation
  • Mostly positive reviews

3.5 of 5 stars


Galaxy-DX-959 40 Channel AM/SSB Mobile CB Radio with Frequency Counter

8. Galaxy DX 959 CB Radio

  • Easy to use long range CB radio
  • Features an advanced PA system
  • Built-in scaling meter included
  • Over 400 positive reviews

4.2 of 5 stars

CB Radio For Truckers Reviews

1. Cobra 29LX Professional CB Radio

If you are shopping around for the best CB radios for truckers, then this Cobra 29LX 40 could be one of the best choices to consider buying. You have the option of setting the radio to any of the four colors which are available and when driving at night, you can dim the colors to make it easy to read.

Installing the radio in your vehicle will ensure that you have automatic scanning plus instant access to 10 NOAA weather channels. In case of severe weather conditions, you will be able to get weather alerts.

Another reason why you should buy this powerful CB radio is that it has an easy channel scanning that automatically scans over 40 channel transmissions and only stopping when it has found activity.

It has a feature for radio diagnostics which ensures that you will get all the critical information about aspects of the CB which are critical like battery voltage, RF power, and the condition of the antenna. Its PA system is great and thus, you can utilize it as a public address system with a public address speaker. Using the PA system, you can be in a position to monitor the signals which are received.


1. It is easy to use

2. It has a great sound

3. You can use it as a PA system

4. Has a dimmer to use at night to dim the backlight color of the radio

5. It gives instant weather alerts


1. Every time you switch it on, you have to reset the clock

2. Uniden PRO520XL CB Radio

I chose this particular radio to be among my top 8 best CB radios for truckers due to the fact that, it is manufactured by Uniden, which is the manufacturer of some of the best CB radios that are available in three specifications. In the series, this is the best option and due to its compact size, you can install it anywhere.

It has an integrated PA system which will allow you to connect to the external speaker when you want to make some announcements. Its Automatic Noise Limiter switch limits the ignition and other background noise making sure that you get a great sound quality.

In the package, you will get the Magnet Mount CB radio antenna kit which features built-in weather channel capability. When it comes to installation, you will easily install it on your trunk or roof.

Due to its compact size, it is ideal for vehicles which have limited installation space. When you compare its specifications against similar alternative radios, it offers good value for money.


1. It has a built-in automatic noise limiter and an auto squelch feature

2. You will be able to mount the microphone at the front with an extra-long cord

3. It has channel 9 which is instant in case of emergency

4. You will have the ability to add external speakers

5. It has a TX indicator


1. It is not a long lasting CB radio

3. Uniden Pro505XL CB Radio

I found this particular product to be one of the best CB radios, at its price, it is the only one which has a public address system. Once you connect to a PA, which is external, you get your speaker amplified for the announcement with the help of an external PA jack which you will use to connect to the PA speaker.

It also has a speaker jack which you can use to plug in an external speaker to get high-quality sound. It is easy to use this particular radio as it will give you instant access to channel 9 in case of an emergency while you are on the way.

With the presence of the RF power indicator, you will be in a position to check the strength of the transmissions which are coming in.


1. Presence of an RF power indicator

2. It is affordable

3. You can be able to connect it to a PA system

4. Produces high-quality sound due to the availability of the squelch control

5. Good value for your money


1. It doesn’t filter electrical or static interferences

2. You will need to purchase a CB antenna separately

4. Midland 1001Z CB Radio

Let's say your a truck driver and your budget is tight, then this could be one of the best CB radios for your truck to consider purchasing. It is a good CB radio for beginners looking for a balance between functionality and affordability.

Its key feature is the PA button which turns the radio into a public address system when you pair it with an external speaker. You can use the PA system to give an address to the other drivers, or for fun with family members when you are out in the bush.

You will easily install this powerful CB radio on most jeeps, SUVs, pickup trucks and RVs. You will tend to love its less busy and easy to read panel that has intuitive controls which makes operating it easy right from the box.

It has 3 primary knobs: a channel scan knob, an on/off knob, and an RF gain and squelch knob. You will be able to minimize interferences from close sources using the RF gain knob, which then will allow you to have clear distant signals.

With the squelch knob, you will be able to mute weak distant and unwanted signals to be able to maintain a conversation with those near you with a great sound quality. Though it lacks the sophisticated display, it has a LED display with signal strength indicator which is easily readable and frequency display.


1. It is less susceptible to breakdowns

2. It is compact

3. It is inexpensive

4. It has excellent reception and transmits of audios

5. It is compact when it comes to tight quarters.


1. Flimsy knobs

5. Cobra Electronics CBR29LTD

It goes for a good price as compared to the feature that it will offer you. But if you are on a strict budget, then it might not be the best pick for you as it is a bit expensive.

Among the prominent features of this radio is its high-quality LCD display. You have an option of choosing from 4 colors variations which are; green, blue, amber and red to suit your mood at the time.

You can easily adjust the intensity of the color to ensure that the display is easy to read irrespective of whether it is during the day or at night. The built-in 10 NOAA weather alert channels make it possible for you to receive weather updates instantly even during severe weather conditions.

It has a programmable memory which allows you to be able to store some of the channels which you regularly use for instant access. You will have instant access to channels 9 and 19 which are good when it comes to information and emergencies.

There is a radio check feature which tends to be great on this particular radio. It will give you a glimpse of the RF power, battery voltage and antenna condition to make sure that your radio system is in good performance all the time before you go out.


1. It is easy to mount

2. Has a radio check

3. Instant access to channels 9 and 19 which are life-saving

4. Has a customizable color display making easy screen reading

5. It has a lot of inbuilt features which boosts the audio quality.


1. It doesn’t have the single side band mode

6. Midland 1001LWX CB Radio

If your reason for looking for mobile CB radios is for weather updates and highway information, then this could be the solution to your search. It can also be a good CB radio unit for you if you are on a tight budget and at the same time, in need of a mobile CB radio.

It is of compact size and thus, bound to fit most vehicles without looking overly bulky. It is easy to install with the entire installation hardware included in the purchase package.

It's front panel is less busy and thus, easy to operate while on the highway. It has a 40 digital channel tuner which scans active channels that are available easily and fast and at the same time, locks the channels that you prefer for easy future access.

For weather alerts, this particular CB radio performs automatic scanning of the strongest channels for the weather which are available and ensures that they are locked to offer you instant messages about your local weather situation.

The presence of the RF gain control, ANL, and squelch control that acts as a noise filter makes it have an above average voice output through reduction of background noise. You can also use it as a public address system when the need arises. When it comes to the NOAA weather channels, you will need to do a manual scan.


1. Compact

2. Affordable

3. Easy to install

4. Easy to use

5. Good value for your money


1. Manual NOAA scan

7. Cobra C75WXST Handheld CB Radio

If you are a truck driver and want a high-performance CB radio which will not take up a lot of space, then this could become your favorite. It has a lot of features which include weather alerts from NOAA, active channel scanning, and a display with backlit for easy night access.

You will be able to get all the CB channels with this device. Checking the weather conditions of your locality will be made easy using the 10 NOAA weather alert channels. It features a streamlined design which is ergonomic and compact. It has been molded in such a way that, it will fit your palm very well and thus, you can be able to hold and use it with comfort.

Installation in your truck is very easy as the speaker of this radio has been placed to face the front thereby helping when you have to install it in quarters which are tight. If you want to conceal it from view, its small profile will enable you to place it inside your glove compartment.

Regarding the background noise in your transmission, the soundtrack system on this device will allow you to reduce up to 90 percent of the noise. It has a dual watch, programmable memory location, and instant channel 9 and channel 19.


1. Easy to control

2. Compact

3. NOAA weather channels

4. Channel Scan

5. Dual watch channel


1. Small display

2. Speaker volume an issue

8. Galaxy DX 959 CB Radio

When in the market to shop for truck CB radios, you might come across this particular radio which is one of the best SSB full-sized radio which is available on the market.

It is a heavy duty, multi-featured and multimode Single Side Band CB radio which is easy to use whether it is at night or during day time. It doesn’t matter whether you are an amateur or experienced. Apart from the SSB CB Radio capabilities, it has a PA system which is advanced.

It is best suitable for use by heavy-duty drivers who are professionals. This is due to the fact that it has long range, it has a large five digit display, and single side band capability, plus its full size.

Its large, easy to read display which is scaled for the power output, incoming signals, SWR meter, and modulation. Aside from its SWR calibration, it also has calibrations for AM and SSB. The radio functions have a driver friendly format which is important for use of the radio while you keep your eyes on the road.

Its controls are in the form of buttons or knobs, with each having a specific task. This means that you will not have to look at the display when selecting a function or cycle through. It has a Rodger beep which contains an off and on mic gain knob which is added at the end of transmission for you to be able to know when you are done with talking.


1. Advanced PA System

2. High-quality voice clarity

3. It has a long range

4. It has an inbuilt meter which has scaling

5. Easy to read display

6. It is easy to use


1. You need some warning time due to the SSB mode

2. It is not compact

3. Flimsy knobs

What Is A CB Radio?

CB radios or Citizen Band Radio Service tends to be one of the most important tools which as a truck driver should have on the road. It will allow you as a truck driver to be able to communicate with other truck drivers while on the road using a short distance system of radio that has about 40 channels that you can access within 27 MHz bands.

For some time, even with the introduction of sophisticated technology in the market, it has remained one of the best methods of communication for long haul travelers on the road and truck drivers. The reason why truck enthusiasts and truck drivers decided to take to the waves are still valid as they were several years ago when this system of communication took center stage.

In case you are in a remote area or you get stranded, you will never be sure when your cellphone will be able to lose its signal and thus, the best contact is the point to point one between radio transmitters. In the current digital age, the channels tend to be quieter and professional drivers still tend to rely on the citizen band to be able to deliver the message.

The technology behind the function of CB radio hasn’t changed much even with the advent of new technology. But the manufacturers have tried to add new life-saving features which make it ideal to purchase this particular device. For you to know if what you are purchasing falls under the best CB radio for truckers, it should have features which meet your needs.

You can use the below guideline to help you in making your decision:

● Will you be comfortable with a radio which has an SSB feature which is a single side?

● What is the quality of the frequency RF gain?

● Which brands are the best in the market at the moment?

● Are you looking for a CB with functionality for weather update?

● Does it have a backlit display?

● Does it have an ANL for background noise reduction?

● What is your budget?

The answers you give to the above questions will ensure that you get one of the best CB in the market.

Citizens band radio

Reasons To Have A CB Radio In Your Car 

With tablet computers and smartphones available, it might not seem the right thing to purchase a CB radio. But the truth is that the CB radio remains a very important accessory in the vehicle industry.

Getting a handheld CB radio is easy and convenient to use, while the ones which are conventionally mounted might offer a superior range with more features at a price. Whatever CB you pick, it is going to provide you with a combination of security, entertainment, and communication which is inexpensive.

Other reasons why you need a CB radio in your vehicle include

1. Frugality

There are various options which you can choose from when it comes to communication gadgets to use in your vehicle which ranges from cellular phones to other high-end commercial or amateur UHF and VHF radios. Most two-way radios, apart from the CB, require you to have a license and they are normally sold at a higher cost. For cellular phones, they tend to be affordable in buying but you will require to pay for the services provided.

You have an option of opting for a monthly plan which will give you a lot of talk time, or go for prepaid phones which you will end up paying more for every minute that you use them. When it comes to CB radios, once you buy and install it with the antenna, you will not have to pay for anything else.

2. Security

When you have a cellular phone, you might face the problem of coverage which might be spotty. If you are off the road or in a remote place, carrying your cellphone might do you no good. But when it comes to a CB, you will be in a position to communicate anywhere.

The designated emergency number for CB radio is 9 and it is one which is monitored by emergency services and volunteers in the country. You will automatically get help. If you get one that has national weather radio frequencies, then you will be updated on continuous weather emergencies and forecast alerts across the country. You will be updated on natural disasters, storms, and other risks in your surrounding area.

3. Group Activities

If you are a lover of off-roading, then you will be provided by the CB radio a practical and inexpensive way to be able to keep in touch with your fellow enthusiasts and friends. Before you take your SUVs or motorcycles on the trail, you need to be able to agree on the frequencies which you will use for the day.

That done, you will be able to share warnings and advice concerning the hazards on the trail, find whoever is lost, and heckle your friends. If you are going on a road trip with your friends or family in different vehicles, the CB radio will enable you to keep in constant communication without using or running out of airtime. You will be in a position to navigate as a larger group, coordinate breaks for restroom and meals, and get help whenever you are lost.

4. Social Media

Whenever most of us think about social media, what comes into our mind is the computer screen or smartphone. When you install a CB radio in your vehicle it will be able to broaden your social media perspective. You will enjoy chatting with your friends using the CB.

As a bored trucker, a motorist, or housebound motorist, you can exchange small talk, greetings, and road warnings with anyone who is within your range of the radio. Go through the frequencies of the radio to get conversations, but ensure that you avoid channel 19 and 9. Since channel 19 is normally used by truckers to communicate with colleagues while channel 9 is normally one of the emergency channels.

A Beginner's Guide To CB Radio

The CB or citizen radio service is a radio communication service which is under the personal radio service such as the FRS, MURS, GMRS, and LPRS. It can be used as a business or individual purposes. It is covered under the FCC rules part 95 and thus, no need for a license in order to operate it.

It operates about 40 shared channels in a single sideband (SSB) or AM mode . with the SSB mode, you will experience less noise and a range that is greater as compared to the AM mode and you will find it in the CB which are of high end. The SSB has two modes; the upper sideband and the lower sideband. When you are in the SSB mode, you can only communicate with those in the SSB mode.

Any person can operate the CB irrespective of age. According to the 95.403 FCC rules, anyone can operate a CB radio unless:

▸ A representative of a foreign government, a foreign government, or a federal government agency

▸ The FCC has given you a desist and cease order and it is still in effect.

The frequencies on CB radio are not assigned to any specific organization or individual. It is possible for you to operate all the 40 CB channels and the frequencies which have been allocated by the FCC for the CB radio but you have to remember that, there are some caveats.

▸ You will only be able to use the CB on the 40 channels and frequencies.

▸ You will only use channel 9 when there is an emergency or when traveling

▸ Any channel can be used for communication of an emergency or assistance while traveling.

▸ Due to the fact that the channels are shared, you will have to give priority to communication for emergency on all channels.

The maximum power levels used for CB operations in most cases depends on the signal type which you are trying to transmit. For the AM signals, you will be allowed up to four watts. For SSB mode, you will be allowed up to 12 watts peak envelope power (PEP).

According to FCC, you are not supposed to raise the power output of your CB radio, attach an external amplifier or try to internally modify the unit. You are supposed to use an FCC certified SB unit when in the USA. Those which are certified have an FCC certified label which you will find placed by the manufacturer on the radio.

Using the CB, you will only be able to access short range and local communications only. But there is a way which you can be able to increase the range by skipping or bouncing the signal ionosphere. It is a method which is referred to as shooting skip. As a CB user, you can skip a signal a thousand miles.

But the FCC doesn’t allow the communication between CB users over 250km. But it is possible for the signals to naturally skip depending on tropospheric conditions, and thus, it is not a wonder to receive transmission of CB throughout the country or around the world without intending to.

Due to the fact that the 40 CB channels are shared by those who use the radio channels, as a user, you need to practice some etiquette. Avoid to talk more than 5 minutes continuously and you should be able to wait at least one minute before you embark on another communication.

When it was initiated in the earlier days, the FCC required the CB users to have a call sign and a license. While at the moment none is necessary, it is good to get a call sign in the pseudonym or CB handle. You can create your own handles as users within a certain group.

It is also common to have own codes and lingo with 10 codes being universally accepted as the standard for transmission on CB while in the AM mode. When you are a skip-talker or in the SSB mode, Q signal is allowed.

Equipment for CB radio equipment is standard. There are two types of CB which are basic; mobile, which is mounted in the vehicle and the handheld type. When you are purchasing a CB radio, you shouldn’t overlook the antenna.

While you will get antennas in the handheld CB, mobile units don’t have them and thus, you will have to purchase them separately. Whether you are going for a unit which is entry level or a high end one, its performance will be pegged on the antenna type that you purchase, and where you are going to mount it. You will need to consider your options very carefully before you settle for the best.

CB Radio Features

There are some common features which you will be able to get on any CB such as channel selector, volume, and squelch. With the advancement in technology, has seen several additional features which add up to the features. It is these additions which make the radio to be more effective by giving you good value for your money besides ensuring that your trips on the road remain enjoyable and safe.

1. Automatic Noise Limiter (ANL)

Just the way the name suggests, it helps in improving the sound of the reception in terms of quality by acting as a noise filter. This is done by ensuring that it filters out the wideband interferences such as static and engine noise before it elbows into your radio’s front end. It is a feature which comes in handy especially if you are driving a big truck. The circuit for ANL is built around your CB’s AM mode and it should never be confused with the Noise Blanker.

2. Weather WX

It is a very important feature that you shouldn’t go on the road if your CB radio doesn’t have it. It tends to be life-saving which is standard and found in most mid-high-end units and some low-end models have it too. If you get a radio which has an NOAA weather channel in it will ensure that you get updated with information concerning the weather and the hazards 24/7 and all around the year.

3. Bluetooth

It is a feature which you will find on the COBRA brand of radios allowing you to be able to use your cellphone via the CB. There are those which even display the information on the cellphone on the CB radio.

4. Talkback

When you purchase a radio with a talkback feature and it is enabled, it will allow you to be able to hear your own broadcast transmissions via the speaker. It is an important feature when setting the volume of the microphone or adjusting the mic gain on the CB radio.

5. CAL

In the market, you will get some CB radio which has a meter that will calibrate or CAL the antenna when in the tunning process. You have to remember that, each CB radio antenna has to be tuned to the application which it conforms to in order to ensure that performance is optimized and that the radio is not damaged from having to operate an SWR which is high.

6. SWR

This is a short form of standing wave radio. If you buy a CB radio which has an SWR meter which is inbuilt, you will be in a position to measure the power signal effectiveness that is emanating from your device as it goes through the antenna. You can use this SWR meter to perform a SWR calibration ensure that you adjust the radio properly or to maximize the antenna effectiveness.

7. Channel Scan

At times all you want is for your ears to be open. Getting a CB radio with a receiver which scans the entire band until it is able to find a strong signal could be an essential feature for you as a trucker.

8. SSB Operation

It can be able to transmit at a 12 watts power instead of the normal 4 watts. This means that the efficiency of your radio is tripled. You will only use it when communicating with someone who also has an SSB operation with the rest transmitting in 4 watts.

9. Clarifier

If you want to fine-tune a frequency very fast, the clarifier on some models will be able to adjust the frequency up or down up to 1 KHz.

10. S/RF Meter

There is some CB radio which comes with an in-built meter which will be able to show you the transmit power and receive strength for the strength of the signal.

11. Delta tune

It is a good feature which you can use to reduce static. There are some people who refer to it as a clarifier because when you adjust it, you will notice that the pitch of the voice on the other end is able to change. In case the person was sounding squeaky, you can be able to utilize this feature to reduce the effect and hear them well.

12. Squelch

It is one of the basic features which you will not miss on any CB radio. It works to ensure that it mutates the noise in the background when the signal tends to be is not strong. If you have used the CB radio before, you know the way this noise can be annoying.

The work of the squelch is to silence the receiver until it detects a signal which is strong. The squelch will be able to mute distance of weak signals to enable the strong signals which are next to you.

This function can be controlled by turning left or right to be able to listen to weak and strong signals respectively. You don’t have to turn it unnecessarily high than you need do to the fact that, it will reduce the range of the reception.

13. Backlight

If you settle for a radio which has backlit, then this feature will help you to ensure that it is dimmed when you are not using it.

14. Sound Filters

Most of the CB radios have one or more noise filters to eliminate or reduce the noise from the engine whine, atmosphere, and static noise. They are normally referred to as ANL automatic noise limiter, sound trackers, and NB, noise blanker. It is to ensure that you have a clearer reception.

15. Digital Selective Calling (DSC)

It is a VHF radio standard which you can use to communicate when in boats and distress calls sending which is automated.

16. Roger Beep

This roger beep feature is available on high-end CB radio models. When you are transmitting, the radio will audible and emit a beep over the air whenever you release the microphone key. The idea behind the feature is to inform the one receiving that, you are through with speaking.

17. Dynamic/Mic gain

It is there to ensure that the sound is clear and loud enough to the other drivers. It is a control which is quite tricky with some drivers blasting all the way up and in the process, blocking other drivers from the channels.

The type of microphone you are using will determine how far you will be able to turn this particular knob. The microphone you prefer will be the one which will dictate whether you are going to buy a radio that has a mic gain or not.

Getting a microphone which has noise canceling options are the most recommended as they don’t get as amplified and as loud as dynamic microphones. You will have to get a radio with the mic gain function so that you make yourself clear and loud to others if they are using this particular mic.

18. RF Gain

It works almost like the squelch to adjust the sensitivity of the receiver. With the difference being that, while the squelch block distance, and weak signals, the RF gain ensures that it captures signals which are distant.

It denotes that, you are yearning to know what is happening far away from where you are. It is a feature which you should look for as it will be able to capture the farthest signals.

It is a function which you will not find on all radios but still, a very important feature if you need to be able to receive signals from the furthest end. You can utilize using the RF gain and squelch at the same time to get the best service from the radio.

19. External Speaker Connection

Most of the models on the market include a jack for the external speaker which you will find at the back of the radio. It will allow you to plug the CB speaker into an external speaker which can be mounted on the vehicle for better reception. When the external speaker is in use, the radio speaker becomes disabled.

20. PA

If you get a CB radio which has a public address system then it will allow you to be in a position to address other people and drivers on the street through a speaker which is smaller. Though not necessary, it could come in handy when you are talking to several people at once.

21. Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS)

It is a set of codes for the location which can be equated to county codes.

22. Noise Blanker (NB)

In the CB, it is referred to as NB and it is one of the circuits that is used to alleviate any interference which might come from the unwanted static from power lines, ignition, and inverters among other things.

It is different from the ANL as it tends to be larger. It ensures that the front end of your CB radio is muted temporarily in case of the antenna picking the high amplitude spikes. This particular feature makes sure that spark plug noise and those from lightning will be taken care of. You don’t have to turn it on unless it is necessary due to the fact that, it affects the sensitivity.

The ANL is what most CB radio rely on. But there are some few models which incorporate the filters in the same unit. If you get such a radio, it will be good since the disturbances will be minimized.

23. Global Positioning System (GPS)

A very important feature which can be used to locate you when you are in distress or when you are searching for someone in distress or lost.

24. Lights

You don’t want to have a CB radio which you will not be able to read unless you pull out your flashlight. Apart from being inconvenienced, it could be also a channel in which important information is lost.

That is why it is important that you consider purchasing a CB which has a backlit display. This will ensure that you have effortless usage of the radio no matter your truck’s cab intensity. You will have to check out the function of the backlit if it has a way in which to dim the brightness when you are driving at night.

25. Instant Emergency Channels

It could be good to consider a radio which will allow you to jump to channel 19 and 9 which are the most popular channels. The radio will have a button which will be able to allow you to jump from the current channel to these channels.

Channel 9 is dedicated to emergencies though nowadays most people don’t utilize it due to the availability of cell phones. You will find that it is monitored by the state police and local and REACT team.

It reports serious injuries, accidents, and other road conditions which are life-threatening. You could also listen to this channel to get updates which are instant on accidents or incidents sites happening along the highway.

For channel 19, it is meant when you are driving on highways and you will get highway traffic information. It will also keep you entertained as it has some content for children that is entertaining.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is A CB Radio Useful?

It is useful especially to the long haul truck drivers who use it to communicate traffic updates, directions, and other relevant matters while on the go. It has a direct emergency channel 9 and channel 19 for alerts, which can come in handy especially when you are in remote areas or off-roading. You can also use it to keep groups in contact and organized during events.

2. Is It Legal To Have A CB Radio In Your Car?

It is covered under part 95 of the rules by FCC and you don’t require a license to have it in your car.

3. How Far Can A CB Radio Transmit?

It ranges from 1 mile up to 50 miles or even more depending on the type of antenna you are using, the terrain and other factors.

4. Is CB Channel 9 Still Monitored?

Due to the fact that it is seldom used, it is rarely monitored. Most motorists have turned into using their cellphones for emergencies.

5. Do Truckers Still Use CB Radios?

For decades, CB radios have been used by truck drivers and also the RV owners, off-roaders, motorcyclists, and all type of other hobbies found on the road. You can use channel 19 to relay general information and channel 9 for emergencies.

6. Are CB Radios UHF Or VHF?

The original brands were designed to be able to operate on the UHF band classified as CB radio A and CB radio B. The B class had technical requirements which were simpler and were limited to a frequency range which was smaller. The VHF high band is found in the multi-use radio service, which is another two-way radio service.

7. What Frequency Is Channel 19 On A CB radio?

It is on 27.185 MHz.


Though the CB radios are not as popular as they used to be in the past, they are still in use by millions of truckers and if you are not one of them, then it is high time that I recommend you join the list. The ones currently in the market have some latest technology and will be great while you are out on the road. You will be able to link with other drivers very fast, making it relevant for you to get information as it happens.

The NOAA will give you an up to date weather alerts and thus, keeping you safe from storms and other conditions which might be dangerous to you. From the above list, my overall pick is Galaxy DX 959 CB Radio due to the various features that it has to offer which include: It has an advanced PA System, has high-quality voice clarity, has a long range, an inbuilt meter which has scaled. easy display of functions and it is easy to use.


2. Citizens band radio

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