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10 Best Truck Backup Cameras Reviews

By Stella Grant

June 5, 2020

Is it necessary to have the best truck backup camera of your vehicle? Nowadays, a backup camera on your vehicle when you are reversing is no longer a luxury but a necessity. In the USA, since May 2018, anyone who drives a passenger vehicle was asked to ensure that, their vehicles are installed with a backup camera for security and safety. Buying a backup camera for your truck might be daunting due to the fact that, there are so many of them in the market, and thus, you might be confused which one to settle for.

Since the law came into effect, there have been several options which have been introduced in the market for rearview cameras. There are brands which use Bluetooth connection to be able to send videos to the driver while others use a connection which is wired. Some have mirror mounting or mounting, different warranties, price variations, and the lenses used. There are even rear view cameras which automatically flip open when the car is placed into reverse gear.

Comparison Of Truck Backup Cameras


Rear View Safety Backup Camera System with 7

1. Rear View Safety Backup Camera System

  • 800 x 480 pixels high resolution camera 
  • Features 18 infrared lights
  • 66 feet cable and 7 inch LCD included 
  • Over 500 positive reviews

4.2 of 5 stars


iBall Digital Pro Wireless Magnetic Trailer Hitch Rear View Camera LCD Monitor Fits Any Vehicle, Car or Truck

2. iBall Digital Pro Wireless Rear View Camera

  • Rechargable rear view camera
  • Features a 3.5 inch LCD screen
  • USB charging cable included
  • Over 900 positive reviews

4.4 of 5 stars


 eRapta Wireless Backup Camera and Monitor Kit Reverse Rearview Cam Digital Signal 2018 Update for Truck

3. eRapta Wireless Backup Camera

  • Constructed from aircraft grade material
  • Features night vision technology
  • 50 ft. cable and 7 inch monitor included 
  • Over 100 positive reviews

4.4 of 5 stars


Hopkins 50002 Smart Hitch Backup Camera and Sensor System

4. Hopkins Hitch Backup Camera 50002

  • SmartZone type sensor camera
  • Features Hitch mode
  • 3.5 inch monitor included 
  • Over 900 positive reviews

4.2 of 5 stars


LeeKooLuu Backup Camera and Monitor Kit HD 720P Easy Installation for Cars,RVs,Trucks,Pickups Waterproof Night Vision Rear View Camera Single Power System Reverse/Continuous Use Grid Lines

5. LeeKooLuu Backup Camera

  • Automatic IP68 HD camera
  • Features a wireless wire transmitter
  • Waterproof and mud proof
  • Over 3000 positive reviews

4.3 of 5 stars


ZEROXCLUB Digital Wireless Backup Camera System Kit,No Interference,IP69 Waterproof Wireless Rear View Camera + 7’’ LCD Wireless Reverse Monitor for Rv/Truck/Trailer/Bus/Pickup/Van (W01-7 inch)

6. ZEROXCLUB Digital Wireless Backup Camera

  • Automatic IP69 wireless camera
  • Features 18 infrared lights with CMOS sensor
  • Night vision display
  • Over 500 positive reviews

4.2 of 5 stars


Haloview MC7108 7'' 720P HD Digital Wireless Rear View Camera System 7'' LCD Reversing Monitor and IP69K Waterproof Backup Camera Built

7. Haloview MC7108 Rear-View Camera System

  • 1290 x 720 resolution IP69 camera
  • Features Smart IR-cut system
  • Complete installation kit included
  • Over 300 positive reviews

4.6 of 5 stars


 FHD 1080P Digital Wireless 2 Backup Camera for RVs

8. FHD 1080P Digital Wireless Backup Camera

  • 648 x 488 resolution IP67 camera
  • Features NTSC and PAL compatibility
  • Monitor and licence backup camera included 
  • Over 300 positive reviews

4.5 of 5 stars


 Emmako Digital Wireless Backup Camera and 7'' Monitor System For RV

9. Emmako Digital Wireless Backup Camera

  • Wireless camera
  • Features smart switch
  • Night vision with 18 LED lights
  • Over 800 positive reviews

4.3 of 5 stars


 DohonesBest Digital Wireless Backup Camera High-Speed Observation System for Car

10. DohonesBest Digital Wireless Backup Camera

  • IP69 HD camera
  • Features a two-way input monitor
  • Night vision capability
  • Over 300 positive reviews

4.2 of 5 stars

Truck Backup Camera Reviews

1. Rear View Safety Backup Camera System

if you are looking for a wired backup camera for your truck, then this could be one of them. it will be able to offer you with an image resolution of 800 by 480 pixels. This is a high resolution meaning that you will be in a position to see clearly all the details which are found at your vehicle’s rear during backup.

It is a model which is waterproof IP69K certified, meaning, you will be able to withstand water including the rainwater for a very long time. One of the advantages of this model is that the LCD screen is large enough to view images. It is at 7 inches and this will be able to give you a nice display. You will be able to install the screen wherever you want as it has got holes for mounting in its base.

Its installation is very easy due to the fact that it comes with more than 66 feet cable which is quality for you to be able to make the connection from the screen to the RV backup camera. The only downside of this camera which I was able to observe is that it has a weak view angle of 130 degrees. But still, this could be good enough for you to get your clear view.


1. 18 infrared lights which will make it possible for you to see in the dark

2. It has a high resolution of 800 by 480 pixels

3. It has a large 7 inches LCD

4. It comes with a long 66 feet cable for installation

5. It is affordable


1. Over time, the camera can fog

2. iBall Digital Pro Wireless Rear View Camera

This is a backup camera which has a simple setup with a specific purpose of your truck. It could be what you are looking for in the market. If you decide to purchase it, you will have to attach the camera at your vehicle’s back for it to help you in viewing what is going on at the back. But there are times when you should expect that, it will give you poor results. It comes with a monitor, USB charging cable, and a camera.

It has a rechargeable battery which will take about eight hours to charge after which, it will be able to last for three hours with continuous use. To attach it to the back of your vehicle, you will have to use a magnet.

Its LCD screen is 3.5 inches and you will need to attach it to the arm which is portable that you will then have to plug into your 12V cigarette lighter outlet. To pair the system, you will have to use Bluetooth to get instant video feedback. There is no onscreen distance scale with this particular backup camera which could have made it more helpful.


1. It gives out crystal clear video

2. It is easy to install

3. It is portable

4. It is simple to use

5. It is worth its price


1. Not for a permanent installation

3. eRapta Wireless Backup Camera

This model of a truck backup camera tends to be suitable for any type of vehicle and thus, you can check it out and find out if you like it. It will be able to help you to backup safely using this camera and the 7 inches monitor.

It is a commercial grade system which is durable due to the fact that it is waterproof, with the connective cable being constructed from aircraft grade material. The night vision technology will ensure that, even at night, you will be able to get a clear view.

Once you have installed it, it is a system which will offer you with a wide view which will be impressive at an angle of 149 degrees. This means that any blind spot will be eliminated while you are doing your parking.  You will be able to avoid obstacles and maneuver effectively and safely.

With a little automotive knowhow, it will be simple for you to DIY this particular backup camera on any vehicle. It comes with a 50 feet cable for installation which is a generous length to ensure that, it is going to function properly no matter how large your RV is. Each monitor and camera comes with a 2 years factory warranty and thus, this will give you the assurance that it is built to be able to last.


1. It can be used on all types of vehicles

2. The cabling is aircraft grade

3. The 7-inch monitor will give you good quality image

4. The wide viewing angle of 149 degrees will ensure that you avoid blind spot

5. The night vision technology will allow for reversing while in the dark

6. It comes with a 2-year warranty


1. It is not long lasting

4. Hopkins Hitch Backup Camera 50002

I included this particular backup camera on my list due to the fact that I found out that it has some great features on it. With it, you will find that your towing experience will be great, more rewarding and simpler with added value.

It will ensure that you will have no hitching up your trailer by yourself with this particular camera that is patent pending and which easily aligns your trailer to the ball every time through placing extra eye sets when you need them most.

The sensor is the SmartZone type that is able to detect objects up to 5.5 feet away and in the process, providing an alert that is audible whenever there is an object present. It has 3 detection zones on the camera which will be able to alert you to the right direction and distance of the object when you are hitching and towing a trailer.

This could be a great camera to use on a day to day basis due to the fact that, it will be able to allow you to be able to hitch on your own. All you have to do is to mount it behind your license plate with the installation not requiring any splicing. All you have to do is to plug it behind the tow package connector. Its color monitor is 3.5 inches wide, giving you a static free image. 


1. Easy to follow on the day to day visual cues

2. It will allow you to hitch by itself

3. Easy 3 steps installation

4. The monitor is wide enough to give a great viewing

5. The hitch mode has the center line assistance which will give you an easy hookup on the trailer


1. The sensor spoils easily

2. It is a problem to mount on the window

5. LeeKooLuu Backup Camera

I  liked this camera due to the many features that it has to offer. It has a design which is waterproof and its video inputs are enhanced which makes it one of the best camera system to have. It is controlled by a 4.3-inch monitor which comes with two video inputs.

The pair of video inputs will be great especially if you are planning to add a second reverse cam or a dashcam for your trailer or vehicle. Another good thing about it is that it is able to clip on almost all the average sized rear view mirrors meaning, you will be able to use it on any vehicle.

When you closely look at it, you will find out that, it has an HD camera which you can conveniently install on your license plate. All you need to do is to use your existing fixing bolts and screws for this important role.

Another good thing about this particular camera is that it comes with the IP68 rating meaning that, it is highly waterproof and in addition, the LED functionality gives it an enhanced view during night time.

It tends to be less expensive compared to another backup camera with similar features. The installation is straightforward as you just have to power it to the current reversing lights. On the downside, its screen tends to glare in the sun.


1. It has a great color contrast

2. Designed to be mudproof and waterproof

3. When you back up the car, it automatically turns on

4. It has a wireless wire transmitter

5. Build to rigid standards of safety

6. Mountable on various places in the vehicle

7. Can be used on various types of vehicles


1. The wiring is too short

6. ZEROXCLUB  Digital Wireless Backup Camera

For a backup camera to be great for the RV, it needs to have features which make one be great. The fact that this camera offers no static viewing and no interferences, makes it be one of the best digital wireless backup cameras you can purchase for your truck.

It has a large LCD display which is at 7 inches. I liked it because of its upgrade features of a wireless camera system. The signals can stay smooth and clear even when you are running at a high speed of 75 miles.

Apart from being versatile to suit camper, truck, trailer, RV and van, it comes with 18 infrared lights together with a CMOS sensor. It is a unit which is easy to install on your RV after which, you can use it immediately.

When you are reversing, the unit will turn on automatically and switch to the rearview camera. This is an intelligent feature which I liked about this particular product. It can be used in various types of vehicles due to its requirement of voltage which ranges from 12V and 24V  DC power that can be accommodated by a number of vehicles.

It has a great night vision display which will be able to give you clear viewing even when you are in dark places and at night.


1. It is IP69 waterproof rating

2. It has a 7 inch LCD for display

3. 140 degrees viewing angle

4. 18 infrared lights

5. Automatically switches to footage


1. A short warranty

7. Haloview MC7108 Rear-View Camera System

This particular rearview camera system tends to have a better image resolution, longer transmission distance, and a stronger lens. This means that it will give you a whole new driving experience if you decide to install it onto your truck.

Its 1280 x 720 resolution will ensure that the images which are captured are crystal clear. Its viewing angle is wide, at 120 degrees which means that it is likely going to eliminate blind spots, which will come in handy especially when you are backing up in areas which are dim.

Installation of this particular camera system is very easy and the kit comes with all the cables which are necessary for installation, together with other installation accessories and instruction manual. The instructions are clear and easy to understand and follow and thus, even if you have not done a similar installation in the past, you will be in a position to do it.

Images will be more realistic due to the presence of the SMART IR-CUT feature. If you use the 650nm filter during the daytime, it will switch automatically to 850nm at night. This is the process, makes the color more realistic thereby avoiding color blur.

You will enjoy a long-range signal, due to the presence of a long monitor antenna which in the process, will give you better reception. Its wireless reception is up to 984 feet.


1. Wide voltage input of between 10 to 32V

2. It has a split mode

3. The digital monitor of 7 inches for a great viewing

4. It has great image resolution, longer transmission distance, and stronger lens

5. Its waterproof level is IP69 rated


1. Wireless reception, not quality

8. FHD 1080P Digital Wireless Backup Camera

Why I liked this camera is first, due to its low price tag while its resolution is just great. If you want a complementary backup camera, then this could be worth your money. 

The kit includes a monitor and a license plate backup camera. Its LCD monitor is 4.3 inches and you can mount it on the dashboard. The monitor is able to support 480 x 272 pixel of resolution and it is compatible with signal formats which include NTSC and PAL.

The backup camera is able to support up to a resolution of 648 x488. The image sensor is PC7070 with a distance line marking. It is an IP67 waterproof camera which operates while in NTSC mode.

It is great to add on an existing camera to your vehicle. Its cost is very low but its 420 TV line resolution is great. Due to the fact that it is IP67 waterproof, it means that it can be resistant to rainwater but when there is a thunderstorm and there is waterlogging, then it will negatively affect it.

It will give you a decent 135 degrees viewing angle meaning, it can work well on smaller vehicles even though, you can still use it on larger vehicles. The monitor is a very compact one which can support two video inputs.  It is also very energy efficient and thus, you can operate it on low power. You can manage to overheat.

This camera comes with 7 LED lights to be able to support night vision. Its low light visibility is good but not great.  When it comes to its installation, it might take you quite a while due to the fact that the package comes with a diagram for wiring which does not include standard US symbols.

Though it has great image resolution, it is possible for the size of the image to be distorted with the object of the camera seeming further away than they actually are.


1. The monitor is able to support two video inputs

2. A decent viewing angle

3. It is affordable in price

4. Comes with 7 LED lights for a good night vision

5. Energy efficient monitor


1. Difficult installation

2. Camera distorts size of image

9. Emmako Digital Wireless Backup Camera

If you are on a budget and yet you want to have a wireless backup camera on your truck, then this could be something to consider. It is easy to hook and you can wire it to the running or reverse lights for continuous or reverse use. That is why, it can be perfect for use on trucks, RVs and SUVs, buses, trailers, campers, 5th wheelers, and pickups.

It has an inbuilt antenna which provides great wireless connections without flickers or interferences. According to the manufacturers, its wireless signal is strong for vehicles which are less than 60ft regardless of reversing or driving speed.

The camera has an intelligent switch which will help to adjust the camera’s setting very easily. With the switch in place, you will be able to alternate between mirrored and normal pictures.

With night vision, it has 18 IR LED lights which will be able to provide you with a clear view at night. The images will appear with no color differences. On the downside, the monitor at 5 LCD that has a resolution of 480 x 272 pixels, tends to be small and low as compared to its competitors in the same category. But with its price tag, it is not bad.


1. Relatively cheap

2. Multiple mounting options

3. Adjustable guidelines for reference purposes

4. It comes with a 2 years warranty and technical support

5. Intuitive and simple button for turning it on and off


1. The screen is small

10. DohonesBest Digital Wireless Backup Camera

It has a wireless signal which can be able to provide you with uninterrupted assistance even if the car is at a high speed of 100 miles per hour. It includes an external antenna which has the capability of strengthening the signal to a higher extent.

This camera will be able to transmit auto video signals and thus, you will be able to enjoy the view. With IP69 waterproof rated, it means that you will be able to bit the weather easily and resist the fog. It also enables night vision and thus, you will be able to use it even at night with ease.

It comes with an IP68 waterproof rating meaning, it will be able to work flawlessly in whatever weather you find yourself in including when there are storms and rains which are heavy. To add to that, it is able to deliver a wide and clear viewing experience due to its 150 degrees viewing.

It has a monitor which contains 2-way video input, which means, an additional wireless rear or front view can be added to it perfectly well with ease. You can be able to fix the monitor anywhere in your car according to your preference.


1. HD quality pictures on the screen during the day

2. Power availability will make the monitor to automatically start or stop

3. Has night vision capabilities

4. It is an IP69water proof camera

5. You can install the monitor anywhere in your vehicle

6. You can manually program the system the way you like.


1. At times the camera freezes unexpectedly

2. Not water resistant to strong rains and fog

What Is A Backup Camera And How It Work? 

Backup cameras are becoming a car safety feature which is indispensable. They were not in existence two decades ago but now, they have become so effective that all new vehicles come with it as a requirement.

This rear facing cameras prevent backup collisions in personal vehicles and the technology is even more beneficial in trucks, SUVs, and other vehicles which have a large blind spot. Every year, in the USA, several people die in collisions due to lack of backup cameras. Most of the victims are normal children who are under the age of 5 years, small to be visible from the seat of the driver.

If you have a vehicle that is not equipped with a backup camera, it is high time that you install it. The backup cameras are normally equipped with ultrasonic sensors, in-cabin displays, and other features which make it easier for you to be able to monitor the space which is directly behind your vehicle.

When choosing one, there might be many factors which you will need to consider. How it works is that a camera is installed at the rear of your vehicle. The video is then sent to a monitor on the driver’s section of your vehicle by radio signals, Bluetooth, or wire. The video camera is normally connected to the reverse light of your vehicle. As soon as the shift lever is placed into the position of reverse, it will instantly activate the camera to be able to present the video on the monitor which is in front.

Benefits Of Using A Backup Cameras For Truck?

It is believed that reverse backup cameras can reduce accidents up to 57% which summarizes the many benefits of using this system in your vehicle. The other benefits include:

1. Eliminate Blind Spots

Most of the backup cameras which are in the market provides for at least 120 degrees field of the rear view of your vehicle. There are systems which can go up to 170 degrees. Traditional rear view mirrors will only show you very little and you will be required to peep out your head to see much of the rear.

With the backup system of a camera, there will be no need for you to turn your body backward as everything is sorted out in your monitor. Plus,  you will observe the parking grid lines which will be able to guide you when you are driving backward.

2. Allows For Fine Tuning Reverses While In Heavy Traffic

It is never pleasant to get stuck in traffic. It might even make you want to drive on the other side of the lane to be able to get out of the gridlock. When you park closely to another vehicle’s bumper, it can be hard to maneuver. But with reverse camera, that will be sorted out.

3. Facilitates Safe Parking In Reverse

The backup camera comes with parking guides so all you have to do is to maneuver your car to follow the virtual lines. You will also have specific zones in the grid which will be able to tell you if you are too close to a particular structure.

4. Keep Vehicle Occupants Safe

The reason why the rearview camera system is useful in avoiding collisions which are unnecessary lies in driving in reverse. This helps in protecting the passengers whether they are family, your kids, or your pets who are in the passenger seat.

10 Best Truck Backup Cameras Reviews

Types of Backup Cameras for Car

One of the thing that you need to consider when you are purchasing a backup camera for your car is the unit type that you want to install. Here are the three types that you will find in the market.

1. Surface-mounted

You will find this type in larger vehicles such as RVs, trucks, 5th wheel, trailers among others. They can be mounted easily to provide a commanding view of your rear and beyond while at the same time, giving you exceptional depth perception.

2. License-mounted

They are the easiest types to install as you can easily mount them onto the rear license plate. The perception of depth will depend on the plate location. If it happens to be closer to the road surface, then you will have less depth perception. If it is located high up in the trunk of the vehicle, then you are going to have a clear view of the rear.

3. Flush-mounted

This type is perfect for vehicle owners who would like to install reverse camera systems which are described in their vehicles. You will have to drill a hole in the rear panel of the body of your car and only the lens and the bezel will be visible on the outside. 

It provides a nice look at your vehicle and it will look very clean. But the downside of this particular type is that the camera tends to be level with the ground surface and thus the depth perception is not very great.

Things To Consider When Buying Backup Cameras For Your Truck

When purchasing the best truck backup camera, it could be beneficial especially if the system you get is appropriate for your vehicle. For you to be able to pick the best among the many, you will need to consider the following:

1. Sensor

Modern backup cameras have two image sensors available; the CCD sensor which provides quality image even when the light conditions are low with its downside being that, they tend to be expensive. There are the CMOS sensors which still can provide quality videos as long as you have adequate LED lighting built in.

2. Viewing Angle

It is a requirement that all vehicles need to have a rearview imaging technology which can be able to show a 10  x 20-foot area in the vehicle’s rear. Due to this, the angle of viewing of the camera system is very important to consider. You have to get one that has a higher viewing angle such as 150 degrees to 170 degrees.

3. Parking Lines

You will find them on the LCD monitor. They are virtual grids lines which help in guiding you in the reverse driving process. It is the one which will give you an idea of the distance of your vehicle in relation to objects and other structures at the back and around you. It will be able to show you the direction of where to maneuver so that you can make the right corrections.

4. Low Light Visibility

When you back up in low light, it can be nerve-wracking due to the fact that the visibility which is reduced will increase the risk of being able to hit something while you are driving in reverse.

That is the point where low light visibility technology comes in handy. You have to have a system that has infrared light built into it to allow for clarity of images which is greater even at night, although if you have the CCD sensors, they will be able to work right for you.

5. Monitor

They come in different sizes. You will need to pick one which is visible enough so that you will be able to get all the videos clearly to enable you to navigate well.

6. Installation

This will ensure that you have ease of installation. There are those which can easily be mounted onto the license plate frame while others you will require to do a few holes by drilling to be able to mount the brackets. You can also clip onto the lip of the plate license. So you have to pick one which has an installation which is easy, and that which will be durable.  

7. Price

Depending on your budget, you will have to go for a backup camera which will be right within your budget.

8. Waterproof Rating

Most of the car backup camera systems come with a rating of IP68 meaning, it is able to withstand up to 1.5 meters of submersion in addition to dust, dirt, and sand resistance. If you get an IP69K rated device, it will be the best for you since it is a high rate and specific for applications which are heavy duty.

Truck Backup Cameras Installing Guide – Step by Step

1. Requirements

▪︎ Truck camera
▪︎ Cables
▪︎ Pliers
▪︎ Screwdriver

2. Installing A Wired Backup Camera On Your Truck

Step 1: Mounting The Camera

Remove the screws which hold the license plate for you to fix the camera unit on the license plate top by utilizing the same screws.

Step 2: Routing cables to the camera

Because the camera is larger than the license plate, you have to route the cable in a manner which is careful to avoid obstructing information on the license plate.

Step 3: Locating The Reversing Light

There will be a need for you to tap power from the reverse lights cables for the transmitter box

Step 4: Transmitter box preparation

The transmitter box has two power cables which you will have to strip then use the cables to ensure that you connect to the power source, which is the reverse lights.

Step 5: Tapping Power From The Reverse Lights

Here you will need to utilize the pliers. You will have to start by locking the wires around negative and positive power cables. Use the ends to be able to connect to the power which leads to the transmitter box.

Step 6: Connecting The Transmitter Box To The Truck Camera

If you observe the cables well, you will be able to notice an indication where you need to connect them to the transmitter box. It has to be to the power on the camera and video box.

Step 7: Returning Your Truck Parts Back Together

Ensure that whatever part that you removed during the installation of the camera is returned back onto the truck. this includes the reverse lights.

Step 8: Attaching the receiver to the GPS

You will have to attach the GPS to the receiver. This will make it possible for the GPS and the receiver to be able to get its power from one source.

Step 9: Recheck what you have done

Try reversing your truck to ensure that, the reverse lights are working well. If need be, you can do a third check. Once you are sure that everything is in order, it will be good to go.

Step 10: Doing some testing during display

As you are reversing, the receiver box will be sensing the camera and the transmitter, and in the process, be able to broadcast this, in turn, you can switch the display screen on so that you see the rear view on the monitor.

3. Installing A Wireless Backup Camera

When it comes to installing a wireless backup camera, it is easier as compared to a wired one. This is because you will not require any wire to connect before it starts working. In most trucks, you will find that they have cameras which are attached to the license plate of their vehicles.

When you do a wireless connection, you don’t require connection to the monitor which is normally mounted on the dash or windscreen. You will need to use a suction cup mount to do the installation.  From the monitor to the camera, signals will be transmitted wirelessly. Though it uses a wireless method, it derives its power from the truck’s electrical system.


1. Do Backup Cameras Reduce Accidents?

It is estimated that the cameras could prevent between 58 up to 69 deaths each year. Backup cameras, according to the AAA Foundation for traffic safety is able to lower the backover collision risk by at least 46%.

2. Do Wireless Backup Cameras Work Well?

Wired backup requires that you have to run a very long video cable from the camera to your display monitor. But with a wireless camera, it is considered to be the best due to the fact that, during installation, you only require a receiver/monitor, you install a transmitter/camera, and everything is connected to power for it to start working instantly.

3. Can You Put A Backup Camera In Any Car?

Yes. If you have an old car which doesn’t have this backup system, then you can install it without much difficulty. For newer versions of cars, they already come when it is already fully installed in it.  There are a variety of aftermarket rearview camera kits which you can DIY without any problem. The cost of installation and purchase varies based on the resolution and size of the digital screen.

4. What Are The Colored Lines For In The Backup Camera Image?

If the backup camera that you have offers dynamic guidelines, they will be able to move when you turn the steering wheel. The red horizontal line is the one which is closest to your vehicle and normally is a representation of the area which is about 18 inches from your car’s rear.

5. Can I Add More Cameras To A Backup Camera System?

A big decision with any type of system is where you will be able to mount the camera. The biggest decision, especially for cars which don’t have an in-dash monitor, is where to be able to install a separate screen for viewing. There are various camera mounting options which are easier, due to the fact that the cameras are small and thus, you can place them in various locations.

As long as the monitor contains more than one video input, you have a chance to add additional wireless front or rearview cameras to the current system.


If you own a truck, you should not hesitate to investigate in getting one of the best truck backup cameras due to the fact that, it will give you many benefits in return. Even though it is important that you consider the cost, it is also necessary that you invest in a quality backup camera for trucks which will have several features, though this means that, the cost will go up. When you purchase it, ensure that it comes with an installation guide so that you do the installation in the right way.


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