Best Jack Stand: Top 3-Ton, 6-Ton, and 12-Ton Jack Stands to Lift Your Car Safely

Whether you are looking to install a new muffler or looking to repair the car’s floor, you need a sturdy jack stand that lifts the vehicle safely. Even servicing the car calls for a jack stand, so it is indispensable to have one.

A lot of people confuse a jack stand with a scissor jack, but both are different. A scissor jack or floor jack can lift the car, but it cannot keep it lifted for a prolonged time, and it can even lead to accidents. 

As per a report, more than 4,822 people got injured due to jack failure, so you cannot go wrong when it comes to choosing a reliable jack stand.

But how do I choose a jack stand? What capacity is right to lift my car and keep it lifted safely for hours? 

Well, choosing the best jack stand isn’t that easy, so I picked the top options and reviewed them in this article. All the stands belong to prominent brands, and even car mechanics recommend them. 

Moreover, the article covers 3-ton, 6-ton, and 12-ton jack stands, so you can quickly select a robust one for your car/truck.

Our Top Picks For Best Jack Stands in the Market:

Product Name

Weight Capacity

Height Adjustment

Item Weight

Amazon Rating

3 tons

11-1/4" to 16-3/4"

15 lbs.

3 tons

11” to 16-1/2"

13.86 lbs.

3 tons

10-3/4” to 15-5/8”

10.2 lbs.

6 tons

15” to 24”

21.2 lbs.

10 tons

11” to 17.3”

57.9 lbs.

6 tons

16” to 23-1/2”

‎24.1 lbs

12 tons

18-5/16" to 28-1/8"

26 lbs

22 tons

13-1/3” to 19-2/3”

63 lbs.

22 tons

19" to 29-3/8"

72.75 lbs.

3 Best 3-Ton Jack Stand: Best for Lifting Hatchbacks and Sedans 

With a maximum weight capacity of 6,600 lbs, this jack stand from BIG RED can easily keep your hatchback or sedan lifted while you work under it. 

Comes in a pair, the stand helps you lift multiple sections of the car for added safety. The alloy steel frame makes the jack lightweight and perfect for working in confined locations with ease.

Furthermore, the wide pyramid foot base improves the strength, and you can even use the jack on slightly uneven surfaces. Constructed with forged steel, the jack is built to last.

It has an adjustable height range of 11-1/4" to 16-3/4". And you can easily adjust the height using the sawtooth ratchet bar. As a result, the load gets evenly distributed on the large saddle surface, enhancing the overall stability.

Tested to be reliable and safe, BIG RED T43202 Torin Steel Jack Stand meets ASME standards. In a nutshell, this is among the safest 3-ton jack stands with a large concave saddle and a wide base. 

Also, it has an automatic lockable mechanism that locks when you adjust the height for added safety.

More Details: 

  • Material: Forged Steel 
  • Height Adjustment Range: 11-1/4" to 16-3/4"
  • Base: Wide Pyramid Base 


  • It’s a super stable jack stand 
  • The wide claw holds the car safely in place 
  • The height adjustment mechanism works smoothly 
  • It is compact 


  • The base can scratch the floor, so use a durable mat 
  • The lifting mechanism need frequent lubrication

Next on the list is Pro-LifT T-6903D which is a superb double-pin jack stand. You’ll love how smoothly the claw moves up and down, thanks to the big ergonomic handle!

Made using sturdy stamped steel, the stand can easily withstand a heavyweight of up to 3-ton. The ratchet bar is made using iron and is equally durable as the steel body. 

It features a pyramid base that improves stability while helping distribute the car's weight evenly on the entire stand. 

Pro-Lift offers a pack of two stands, so you can easily service your car’s motor without any issues. The most impressive thing about this jack stand is the locking mechanism.

 As you adjust the height and twist the handle, it gets locked into place, so you get the desired position quickly. 

Talking about the height range, the minimum height is 11 inches, and the maximum is 16 ½ inches making it perfect for low ground-clearance vehicles as well as crossovers. 

The overall weight of the stand is ‎13.86 pounds, so I’d say it’s a little heavy and not a portable choice.

Lastly, this stand meets and exceeds the ANSI/PALD standards, so one thing you can be sure about is durability. However, it would have been even better if this stand had rubberized feet. 

More Details: 

  • Material: Steel and Cast Iron 
  • Height Adjustment Range: 11” to 16- 1/2"
  • Base: Wide Pyramid Base 


  • Easy to use 
  • Much safer, thanks to the durable build 
  • The bigger frame keeps it secure in place 
  • Smooth upward and downward mobility 


  • Not so great for uneven surfaces 
  • The area around the welds can develop cracks after some time

BIG RED T43004 is the best choice if you need a compact and portable jack stand. It has an aluminum body so forget about rusting and expect the stand to last longer. In addition, the tubular design of this jack stand makes it portable, so you can carry it inside your vehicle. Also, it weighs 6 pounds only, so you can carry it around in confined garage spaces. You can even use it adjacent to the floor jack due to its compact size. 

The big saddle securely fits under your car's frame and holds it securely in place. Unlike other jack stands, BIG RED T43004 has a traditional large base for uncompromised stability.

You can even remove the aluminum base to carry the stand with ease. Furthermore, the device features six adjustable height positions and a lockable pin to get your four-wheeler to the desired height.

Designed for hatchbacks and low ground clearance sedans, the minimum height of this stand is 10-3/4". However, you can even lift a mini-SUV, as the max height is 15-5/8″. 

It comes with a one-year warranty and meets ASME safety standards. So, to sum up, folks looking for a durable, sturdy, and compact jack stand can consider BIG RED T43004. 

Perfect for automotive repairs, this stand can easily lift 6,000 lbs of load while keeping it secure in place as you work.

More Details: 

  • Material: Aluminum Alloy 
  • Height Adjustment Range: 10-3/4” to 15-5/8”
  • Base: Traditional Base Plate 


  • You can dismantle it for easy transportation 
  • The pin comes chained to the jack
  • Wide foot base for additional steadiness 
  • Suitable for small cars, ATVs, UTVs, and more


  • No dedicated handle to adjust the height 
  • A little pricey 

3 Best 6-Ton Jack Stand: Best for Lifting Crossovers and Mini SUVs 

If you own a heavy crossover or mini-SUV and need a super durable jack stand, CARTMAN Jack Stand is your way to go! Designed to carry heavy loads, the device features a wide pyramid frame, so the weight gets distributed evenly. 

With its heavy-duty steel construction, the stand promises amazing longevity, and you can safely slide under the car to work on it. In addition, adjusting the claw’s height is pretty easy, and you can use the ergonomic handle to do it.

It is a ratchet lock jack stand, so the iron bar locks in place as you adjust the height. Perfect to lift a high ground clearance vehicle, the max height of the stand is 24”. Furthermore, the height adjustment mechanism works smoothly, making it easier for you to work.

As the stand is heavy-duty so expect it to be slightly heavier. CARTMAN offers a pack of two stands, and these are available at a fair price. 

The product meets and exceeds ANSI requirements and is a great option to keep you safe.

More Details: 

  • Material: Forged Steel 
  • Height Adjustment Range: 15” to 24”
  • Base: Wide Pyramid Base 


  • The wide base remains stable all the time 
  • Quick adjustment mechanism makes your job easier 
  • The bigger claw safely holds the car’s chassis 
  • Requires less maintenance 


  • The stand is heavy 
  • The jack stand doesn’t always catch on the teeth 

If you are looking for something heavy-duty, look at Sunex 1210. It's a super durable and stable jack stand that's perfect for lifting up any car. You can easily lift any vehicle, including the big ones, as the max load capacity is 10 tons.

The four-legged steel base is wider than traditional stands, so it improves stability, and the stand won't wobble or tip over while you are working. Made using heavy schedule pipe, the stand boasts strength and durability.

It won’t bend even if you keep your car lifted for hours and even days. The quick height adjustment mechanism is convenient, and you can easily lift the car to the desired height.

Furthermore, the pin is thick and heavy-duty, contributing a lot to the overall strength of this jack stand. Finally, the large saddle with a locating lug fits nicely under the car’s frame, and the car won’t move when lifted on this stand.

The height adjustment is not very impressive, and the max height it can go is 17.3 inches. However, Sunex offers a one-year warranty on the jack, and most importantly, it meets a plethora of safety standards. 

Overall, owning a heavy vehicle like a mini-truck calls for a heavy-duty jack stand like Sunex 1210. Lastly, it has rounded legs that don’t damage the floor, so you can use it without a mat.

More Details: 

  • Material: Heavy Schedule Pipe 
  • Height Adjustment Range: 11” to 17.3”
  • Base: Four-legged Base 


  • Ultimate weight capacity 
  • Heavy-duty body with thick pin mechanism 
  • Easy-breezy height adjustments 
  • The frame remains stable in place


  • The height range could’ve been better 
  • The jack stand is bulky

This jack stand from Omega Lift doubles the safety, with its pin locking and handle lock mechanism. Lifting heavy cars that weigh up to 6 tons requires something robust, so you can use this pair of jack stands.

It may look like any other stand but has a super-durable body. The frame is made using sturdy stamped steel and is welded properly for added durability.

Moreover, the balance of the frame is perfect for keeping the car lifted up securely. The super-wide base makes its place on the ground and gives you extra assurance to work under the vehicle.

The stand can lift a wide range of vehicles, even those with high clearance, thanks to its adjustable height. You can use the ergonomic handle to move the claw bar up and down. 

The maximum height the claw can reach is 23- ½ inches, whereas the minimum height is 16 inches. Unfortunately, you cannot use the stand under hatchbacks and sedans due to its height.

Talking about the racket bar, it’s fabricated with cast iron and features a double locking mechanism. When you are working under a 6-ton car, you need two locks to feel safer. 

Installing and removing the jack stand is pretty easy, as the big claw holds the frame in place. Lastly, the bright yellow color helps you locate the stand at a glance, and you can even see it during the dark hours.

The gross weight of the Omega Lift is 25 pounds, and so call someone for help when installing and removing the stands.

More Details: 

  • Material: Heavy-duty Steel and Cast Iron 
  • Height Adjustment Range: 16” to 23-1/2”
  • Base: Wide Pyramid Base 


  • It has a double lock system for enhanced safety 
  • The base doesn’t wobble or tip over 
  • Big claw holds the car’s frame perfectly 
  • Multiple height adjustments are possible 


  • The claw bar can catch rust is not maintained 
  • This is an onerous stand

3 Best 12-Ton Jack Stand: Best for Lifting SUVs and Trucks 

When I saw this jack stand first, I didn’t believe it could handle 12 tons! However, it proved me wrong, and the durable stand can easily hold up to 24,000 lbs weight. 

It’s an extremely durable stand with promising strength and stability. If you own a bulky SUV and a pick-up truck, this is the stand you should be using. It looks compact but weighs as much as 26 pounds.

The thick welds on the frame enhance the strength, and the stand creates a safer environment for you to work.

Furthermore, the multi-position ratchet bar allows you to lift the car up to 28-1/8" from 18-5/16 inches. The significantly big claw fits under the frame, and the car doesn’t move if you engage it properly. 

There is a sawtooth-like handle that you can easily grip in your hand to adjust the claw bar’s height. The frame is wide enough to remain stable and handle a heavyweight of up to 12-ton.

However, several buyers said that this stand doesn't have a double pin assembly, which is paramount when using a heavy load. 

But the stand meets ASME standards, so you can be sure about the safety it offers. I liked the choice of red color that makes this stand visible. The thick coat on the claw bar resists rusting up to a certain extent and keeps the stand functional in all weathers.

More Details: 

  • Material: Heavy-duty Steel and Cast Iron 
  • Height Adjustment Range: 18-5/16" to 28-1/8"
  • Base: Wide Pyramid Base 


  • Super sturdy and durable construction 
  • Thick welds ensure the frame doesn’t bend 
  • Bigger sawtooth handle for easy height adjustments 
  • Meets ASME standards


  • It has a single lock system 
  • Made in China 

Omega 32225B is the best jack stand to lift heavy cars and equipment. It’s a high-quality jack stand that’s built to offer an impressive load-carrying capacity of 22 tons. From big SUVs to trucks and any other vehicle, you can lift it with this stand.

The stand sticks to the ground with its big and squarish base, and it won't tip over easily. Furthermore, the base improves stability and distributes the entire load evenly.

This is a pin lock jack stand that comes with a thick steel pin. You can easily insert the pin inside any of the holes to lift the vehicle and keep it secure in that place.

I loved the bigger claws, as they have a wide mouth. Moreover, the unibody design deters twisting, and this is an amazing stand to rest your vehicle on. Omega has used a heavy gauge steel frame, and that improves the overall durability and strength.

Forget about the twisting and bending, as the stand can easily handle heavy loads. The adjustable height range falls between 13-1/3 inches to 19-2/3 inches, which is pretty nice to work with big vehicles.

Some buyers found the V-shaped saddle a bit uncomfortable to work with, but these are essential to improve safety and stability. Overall, Omega 32225B is an outstanding choice if you own a multi-ton vehicle.

Undoubtedly, the jack is heavy, and that’s essential from a personal safety standpoint. 

More Details: 

  • Material: Heavy-duty Steel 
  • Height Adjustment Range: 13-1/3” to 19-2/3”
  • Base: Wide Square Base 


  • It has a huge metal claw 
  • There’s a dedicated slot to keep the pin handy 
  • Made using heavy-duty materials 
  • Impressively thick stand 


  • Not a portable stand 
  • Poor height adjustment range 

3. Best for High Clearance Vehicles: Stark 22-Ton Capacity Jack Stands Pin Style

Heavy vehicles like a Ford pickup truck need a heavy-duty jack stand, and that’s why I’ve picked Stark 22-Ton for you. If your car has a high clearance, you can easily put this stand under it, as the max height adjustment it offers is 29-3/8".

Be it a truck, a dolly, or a tow trailer, you get the freedom to list almost anything that weighs as much as 22 tons or less than that. Loved by mechanics and DIYers, this heavy-duty jack stand has a pin lock design.

The pin is super thick and is long, so you can easily insert it inside the hole without hurting your fingers. The V-shaped saddle rests perfectly on the cradle axles and other underbody components, making it easier to lift the vehicle.

The stand has a self-locking ratchet bar, so you don't need to play around with the pin to lock it. Just lift the handle, adjust the height, and you are good to go.

The handle also helps you reposition the stand as required. The material used by Stark is high tensile steel that makes it durable and lightweight. 

In a nutshell, the Stark 22-Ton Capacity Jack Stands Pin Style is the best jack stand to lift trucks and other heavy equipment. It doesn’t bend, twist, or break down easily, so you can use the stand for years without compromising your safety.

More Details: 

  • Material: Heavy-duty Steel 
  • Height Adjustment Range: 19" to 29-3/8"
  • Base: Wide Square Base 


  • It has a self-locking mechanism 
  • Heavy metal base for added stability 
  • V-shaped saddle holds the cradle axle perfectly 
  • Thick and wide base 


  • This device is heavy 
  • It requires frequent maintenance and upkeep 

Buying Guide: Factors to Look for When Buying the Best Jack Stand 

When working under 3 - 4,000 lbs or an even heavier vehicle, you need an exemplary jack stand that keeps you safe. Furthermore, the choice of a jack stand depends on the car's weight and how much lift you are looking for.

Here are a few things to consider when buying a stand.

Type of Jack Stand 

You'll find these three options when looking for the best jack stand in the market:

Pin Lock 

This is the most common type of stand that uses a pin to keep the support bar in place. These are simple to use and don't require you to move any handle in an upward or downward position.

Also, the number of holes in the support bar depends on the height range and the jack stand's brand.

These stands are great for home use, but they are not so great if you have a garage and need something to work fast. 

Screw Lock

These stands are not so popular, the reason being the slow and daunting height adjustment motion. Unlike a pin lock stand, you need to rotate screw-like center columns to adjust the claw’s height. 

However, the mechanism is super strong, and these stands are very durable.

Rachet Lock

Rachet lock stands are the most common and widely used. There is a handle to adjust the height, and it keeps the ratchet locked in place, so you don’t have to insert a pin or screw something. 

Furthermore, these stands are highly flexible and easy to operate. However, there is a high risk of failure, so make sure to choose the best rachet lock jack stand when working under your vehicle.

Weight Capacity 

If you own a truck, you need a strong jack stand, whereas lifting a hatchback is possible with a basic or 3-ton stand as well. In a nutshell, the choice entirely depends on how heavy your car is.

If you have multiple vehicles, I'd recommend going for a jack stand with a higher weight capacity, i.e., 12-ton, so that you can lift any vehicle without any issues. 


The material affects the durability of the stand, so you cannot overlook it any time. Usually, all the best jack stands are either made using steel or cast iron. Both materials are heavy-duty and make the jack withstand the car’s weight easily.

Make sure to skim through the customer reviews to know more about the stand’s durability.

Height Range 

Another factor to look for is the height range. You can easily guess how much height the jack should have in order to lift the vehicle from the ground. 

Usually, jack stands come in a range of options with varying height ranges, i.e., 10.9” – 16.3”, 11.25” – 16.75”, and 13.2”- 21.5” being the most popular options.


If you buy the best jack stand, be sure it won't break down easily. However, it would be great to purchase one that comes with a warranty so that you can easily claim any damages. Usually, good jack stands come with a 1-year warranty. 

Safety Certifications 

There are several organizations that test jack stands for the car to ensure they are safe for use. Look for PALD, ANSI, and ASME certification when buying one.


The most expensive jack stand is not always the best! So having a budget in mind will help you save a good amount of money. Don’t fall for cheap stands, as they may break and cause several injuries.

Choose any of the jacks reviewed in this article, as they all are great in terms of durability and usability. 

Benefits Of Using a Car Jack Stand: 5 Solid Reasons to Use a Stand:

I have a floor jack, do I really need a jack stand? Well, yes! There are several benefits of owning a jack stand, such as it prolongs the life of your floor jack. 

1. Improved Safety 

Working under a four-wheeler comes attached with several risks, and if you don’t use a jack stand, you are increasing the risk. Hydraulic jacks are great for lifting, but they don’t keep the vehicle lifted for longer, as it puts a lot of stress on the hydraulic mechanism.

However, using a jack stand helps you relieve the hydraulic jack, also these stands are designed to carry the load for longer, so you can work under the car with added safety.

2. Easy to Use 

Using a jack stand is easier than you think. All you need to do is put the stand under the car’s frame properly, and you are good to go. Moreover, adjusting the height is easier, and you can quickly place a stand under your vehicle to keep it lifted properly.

3. Preserves the Tires 

If you don’t drive your car frequently, you are damaging the tires unwillingly. However, you can preserve the tires by lifting the vehicle on jack stands. Get four stands, and place them near every tire to lift your car at least 3-4 inches above the ground. 

4. No Hassles of Maintenance 

A hydraulic jack requires a lot of maintenance, but this is not the case with jack stands. There are only a few movable parts like the claw bar, so all you need to do is lubricate it once every week, and you are good to go.

How to Safely Use a Jack Stand: Tips from Expert Car Mechanics:

A good jack stand makes the working environment safe, but it is essential to use the stand in order to get better safety properly. Here are some tips from expert car mechanics to help you use the stand in the right way.

1. Find a Flat Surface

It would be great to park the car on a flat surface so that you can balance the vehicle on a jack stand. A well-paved area that’s free from bumps will keep the stand touching the ground properly.

2. Apply the Parking Brakes 

Applying parking brakes is important to keep the vehicle in place, and it won’t move when you lift it. Furthermore, put wheel chocks around the tires, so there's no chance the car moves. 

3. Place the Floor Jack Under Your Car

Look for a solid and safe place under your car to place the hydraulic jack. Don’t place the jack right under the door, as it may cause damage. Now use the lever to lift the jack and make sure it is lifting the car as well.

4. Place the Jack Stand 

Once the car reaches the desired height, put a jack stand under it. Adjust the stand’s height, and make sure the claw holds the car’s frame properly. Don’t crawl under the car until you place the jack stand.

5. Lower the Hydraulic Jack 

Now you can lower down the hydraulic jack, and the car will rest on the jack stand. Don’t remove the floor jack unless you are sure the stand is secure in its place.

6. Shake the Car 

Try to shake the car, and move it to see if the jack stand is serving its purpose or not. If the car wobbles, it is not safe to get under it. However, if it remains secure in place, you are good to go.

7. Install Multiple Stands 

Install multiple stands as required, and shake the car again to be sure about the safety. You can now start working under the car. Make sure to wear a good canvas apron to keep the oil stains away.

How to Remove a Jack Stand:

Removing a jack stand is also a little daunting, but I’ll make it easier for you. Follow these quick steps and land your car on its wheels. 

  • Place the hydraulic jack under the car, and ensure it lifts the frame. 
  • Adjust the jack’s height so that the car becomes higher than the jack stand.
  • Remove the jack stand carefully, and then release the hydraulic slowly.
  • Do this to every corner of the car if you are using four jack stands.
  • Remove the wheel chocks, and your car is ready to drive.

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Q: Is hydraulic jack safer than jack stand?

A: The purpose of both a hydraulic jack and a jack stand is different. The hydraulic system lifts up the vehicle, whereas the jack stand keeps it lifted. Therefore, it is essential to have the best jack stand to keep the vehicle lifted safely.

Q: Do I need a carpet under the jack stand?

A: It would be great to put a non-slip carpet under the jack stand so as not to damage the floor. However, it is not necessary and entirely depends on personal preference.

Q:  What weight capacity jack do I need?

A: The weight capacity depends on the weight of your vehicle. A 3-ton jack stand can lift a hatchback, whereas you need a 12-ton jack to lift an SUV or a truck.

Q: At what height should I set the jack stand’s claw bar?

A: It is up to you and the purpose you want the stand to serve! Always choose a height so that the vehicle remains stable and there are no chances of tipping over. Make sure to choose the jack stand depending on the clearance of your vehicle.

Final Thoughts 

Having the best jack stand is important to work safely while you are under the car. All the stands reviewed in this article are durable, heavy-duty, and belong to renowned brands. Read the reviews, and check the buying guide to make an informed choice.

If you ask me for a recommendation, I’d say BIG RED T41202 Torin Steel Jack Stand is the jack to go for. It’s a versatile jack you can use for any vehicle. 

Make sure to follow all safety precautions, and be sure about the placement of the stand before you go under the car. 

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