Top 6 Best Lift Kits for Jeeps and Trucks

The only viable way to increase the ground clearance of your Jeep is by using a lift kit. Such kits reward your four-wheeler with better performance, and you get more room to drive over gravel, rocks, and other such things present on off-road trails.

Furthermore, a lift kit makes your ride look dope, and you’ll have fun driving it on the roads. I’ve been using a lift kit with my Jeep for more than five years, and my experience is great so far.

Here in this article, I have compiled the best lift kits you need for your vehicle. All the products reviewed in this post are a result of hours of research and expert recommendations.

Furthermore, I’ve talked about some essential factors to look for in a lift kit and what makes it a great choice for your Jeep or truck.

Let’s get started:

Best Lift Kits: Reviewed and Compared 

If you are looking to have better clearance on your Jeep, there is no better choice than MotoFab Lift. The kit comes with shock extenders and that smoothens the ride, so you won't feel a lot of bumps when driving your rig on off-road trails.

Designed to give good height to the vehicle, the kit lifts it 3-inch from the front and 3-inch from the rear. 

Made using high-grade steel, the metal struts are of high quality and powder coated to withstand exposure to water.

Compatible with different Jeep Wrangler models, the extenders make your Jeep accommodate 35-inch tires, and you can make it look dope. You get everything inside the box, and there is no need to get anything extra.

However, there are a few downsides to using this kit, and that included no DIY installation. As it is a complete bolt-on kit, a mechanic will be able to install it well. But if you have good mechanical skills, you can install it yourself.

MotoFab has manufactured this product in the United States, and it comes with a lifetime warranty. 


  • CNC machined out of high-grade steel for added durability 
  • You get all the hardware required to install it 
  • It clears up to a 35” tire 
  • You get a lifetime warranty on this kit 


  • Not good for Jeep models manufactured after 2018
  • DIY installation is challenging 

This super durable lift kit from Supreme Suspensions offers around 4-inch extra height to your vehicle. The lift kit is designed to give your vehicle good height while keeping it look balanced. 

The set of strut spacers can easily withstand heavy load making the kit ideal for rigs, Jeeps, and other big cars. Supreme Suspensions has used the latest metal fabrication technology to ensure the lift kit accessories last longer and do not require a lot of maintenance. 

Furthermore, there is a coating on the metal parts that improves corrosion resistance and durability. Packed with U-bolts, the lift kit eliminates the hassles of leaks, and you can run your car without worrying about any issues in the struts.

After installing this kit in your Chevrolet Silverado 1500, you can put any tire that you love, but I do not recommend going for tires bigger than 35”. Using bigger wheels will give you more confidence, and you can ride your vehicle on any type of road with this lift kit installed on it.


  • Powder-coated components resist corrosion
  • Made using high-strength steel
  • It does not cause body roll 
  • The metal struts do not require a lot of care


  • Not compatible with auto-leveling suspension upgrades 
  • You need professionals to get it installed

If you own a Jeep Wrangler and want to lift its clearance, you need a TrueTwo 2.5 Inch Coil Spacer Suspension Lift Kit. This is a coil spacer kit, so you won’t have any issues installing it yourself. 

You’ll see a huge aesthetic improvement right away after installing this lift kit. You can easily achieve an extra 2-inch of lift without any factory isolators. However, if you use isolators, you get 2.5 inches of lift.

Constructed using good-quality polyurethane, the spacers do not cause any problems even in the long run. 

The best thing about using this lift kit is that you can quickly bring the vehicle to the stock condition when required.

However, there are some downsides to using this lift kit, such as it reduces the plushness of the suspension because it takes some space to get accommodated. 

You'll surely notice the reduction in suspension travel, especially when driving on bumpy roads. In a nutshell, TrueTwo 2.5 Inch Coil Spacer Suspension Lift Kit is the best choice if you want to use a lift kit occasionally.


  • Easy to install and remove 
  • It does not affect the performance of your vehicle 
  • The struts do not wear out quickly 
  • You get 2- or 2.5-inch height with this kit 


  • It reduces the plushness of the suspension 
  • The kit provides limited lift 

There are many reasons to choose this lift kit over other options, and the ease of installation is at the top! Rough Country is here with an amazing lift kit that lifts your Jeep Grand Cherokee 2 inches more, giving it the dope look you want.

Another reason why I prefer this kit over other options is that it does not affect the plushness of the suspension. You still get similar ride quality, and that’s the best part of using this option.

As you can mount bigger wheels with these struts, expect the rig to look super amazing. In addition, when you install the entire kit, you'll see the front and rear on the same level, which brings in more comfort and confidence while driving.

Aside from so many benefits, there are some disadvantages as well, and that includes challenging installation. Installing some bolts takes time, and you have to spend time under the car while mounting it on jack stands.

As per Rough Country, the est. Installation time is 3-4 hours, but it can take even more in some scenarios.


  • It is a value for a money lift kit 
  • The struts do not affect the ride quality 
  • You can use large size tires with it 
  • Great customer support 


  • The bolts may snap while torquing, so install carefully 
  • You cannot use it with stock isolators

5. For a Perfect Ride Balance: Rough Country 2.5" Leveling Kit

Rough Country claims that this leveling kit offers a bend of protection, performance, and style. Now you can lift your vehicle to give it an aggressive look when paired with large tires. Furthermore, you get unmatched ground clearance, so you can drive your rig on any type of road.

The kit includes multiple units for the front and rear, and you do not need to purchase anything separately.

Moreover, the 18mm spring-loaded piston rod improves the ride quality, and you get factory-like comfort when riding your truck.

Another reason why this is one of the best truck lift kits is the 54mm shock cooling body. The natural rubber bushings decrease the friction and enhance the lifespan of the lift kit.

The forged torsion bar adjuster keys help in fine-tuning and adjusting the lift of the suspension bar. You can achieve up to 32” tires with this lift kit, and it gives your vehicle a taller stance.

Lastly, the lift kit is compatible with 999-2006 GMC Sierra 1500 4WD, 2007 Silverado and Sierra 1500 'Classic,' and 1999-2006 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 4WD.

Check the make and model of your vehicle to ensure it fits well and gives your ride good clearance.


  • 10-stage variable valving
  • Made using 36 Kn tensile strength metal 
  • The metallic silver paint reduces corrosion
  • Charged using high-pressure nitrogen


  • You may notice somebody roll
  • You need professionals to install it

Folks that are on a budget but still want to lift their jeep up should consider Dynofit Store 3" Front and 2" Rear Leveling Lift Kit.  Inside the kit, you get two front and two rear lift blocks that can lift the vehicle up to three and two inches more.

Installing the kit is easy, and that saves you money. Made using T6 treated aircraft billet aluminum, the struts are highly durable and last longer. 

Furthermore, the 0.9-12.9 Grade bolts offer excellent resistance to corrosion, and there is no need for a lot of maintenance. Your truck instantly looks rugged and taller after installing this kit.

Talking about the ride quality, you will notice some stiffness in the suspension system, but you still get comfortable riding. The Pro Shock-Proof box that comes with the strut spacers helps the suspension system work efficiently, and you can take the ride to off-road trails.

Lastly, Dynofit offers a 2-year warranty on this perfect lift kit for any manufacturing defects. 


  • The spring compressor makes instant installation 
  • You get all hardware inside the kit 
  • The anodized black surface resists corrosion
  • The kit instantly lifts up your vehicle


  • Not compatible with vehicles with air suspension systems
  • You get limited height only 

Buying Guide: Factors to Look for When Buying the Best Lift Kits 

There are a plethora of things that one should consider when getting a lift kit. Usually, these kits are universal and are compatible with almost all vehicles. However, it would be great to ensure the one you are going for fits well with your car.

Below mentioned are some essential factors that’ll help you choose the best lift kit for your rig.

Types of Lift Kit 

The first thing you need to consider is the type of lift kit. Some kits are designed to increase the travel of suspension, whereas some kits increase the clearance of the vehicle’s body. 

You should choose a kit depending on your needs and the purpose you want the kit to serve. Here are the most common lift kit types you’ll find in the market.

Leveling Kits 

If you look closely at many Jeeps, you'll notice that the rear of the car sits higher than the front. Most of the time, bigger tires are the reason why the front sits lower than the rear, but sometimes people are using leveling kits.

Leveling kits are great if you do not want your 4x4 to have a body roll when you take sharp turns. In addition, such kits help you increase the height of the rear, and that makes driving the vehicle even more fun and enjoyable.

Suspension Lift Kits 

As you can understand from its name, these kits increase the lift of the suspension. Some of these kits often contain new frames, coils, shocks, sway bars, and more. 

However, these kits are fairly expensive as compared to leveling kits, but you get a good height for the ride. You should go for these kits if you want to reward your Jeep with off-road worthiness.

Body Lifts 

Body lift kits contain several parts that fit between the frame of your Jeep and its cab. Made using hard rubber and polyurethane, the brushings get sandwiched between the body and the frame. 

As a result, you get greater clearance, and the vehicle appears great, as you want it to be. Furthermore, there are good advantages of using body lifts, such as they do not affect the suspension system.

Also, you can use them on cars with bigger tires since the lift kit fits between the cab and the frame. 


How much extra height do you need for your vehicle? Lift kits are available in multiple levels, including a 4-inch lift kit and even bigger. Furthermore, there are some kits that only level the vehicle and do not lift it.

The choice is up to you and the clearance of the vehicle you drive. When you know the exact height you need for your ride, you can quickly make an informed choice.


Every car has a different suspension system, and there are plenty of other components that are different. So, it is essential to choose a lifting kit that is compatible with your vehicle. 

When you choose a compatible kit, you can be sure that installing it will be easier, and you'll get the best results. In this article, I’ve mentioned some compatible models with the kit to help you make a choice.

Ease of Installation 

Installing a lift kit is not that hard, but it needs a set of equipment, such as a jack stand, floor jack, and more, so it would be best to visit a local garage and get it installed. If you are a handyman and want to install it yourself, here's an installation video that will help.

Make sure to wear proper gear and invest in the right equipment to have a safer experience installing the lift kit.


Just like the suspension system of the vehicle, the lift kit has to withstand a lot of force and pressure. So, it should be highly durable and able to withstand almost anything. It is indispensable for you to know the quality of construction when buying the best lift kits. 


Lift kits manufactured by good brands come with decent warranties, and you don't have to worry about anything. Always go for a kit that comes with at least a one-year manufacturer warranty.

Below in this article, I’ve listed some top brands that manufacture amazing lift kits for Jeeps and trucks.

Best Lift Kit Brands

The reason for including this section is to help you know about the most popular lift kit brands. When you choose a prominent brand, you can expect good quality, decent after-sales support, and other such things you need after installing a lift kit on your vehicle.

Rough Country Suspension 

The brand is popular for manufacturing amazing lift kits for all types of vehicles, especially Jeeps. However, if you want your vehicle to have better off-road capabilities, consider buying a kit that belongs to Rough Country Suspension.

Skyjacker Suspension 

One of my friends is using a Skyjacker Suspension kit, and he's really happy with the performance. The brand has been there for more than 40 years and is a favorite of people looking to increase the clearance of their vehicles.


Anyone who loves cars, and trucks, knows about Mopar because the brand has been out there for years. If you have a Jeep with oversized tires, you need to have a Mopar lift kit for it.  These kits are exceptionally durable and are easy to install. 

Body Lift vs. Suspension Lift: Which One Is Better and Why?

Choosing between a body lift and a suspension lift is challenging, especially if you are getting it for the first time. Some drivers want their vehicles to look big and cool, but they end up choosing the wrong lift kit, which in return affects the driving experience.

Both body lift and suspension kit make your ride look taller, but there are a lot of differences, including the price, center of gravity, ground clearance, and handling changes. 

I’ve tried both and drove my truck hundreds of miles, and here are the differences I found in these lift kits.

Lift Kit


Lift Size

Ground Clearance



Body Lift

Factory ride

2 to 5 in.




Suspension Lift

Increase in body roll

2 to 9 in.




What are your Goals for Lifting the Vehicle?

The comparison chart will give you a good idea of what makes body lift and suspension lift kits different! But making a choice is still daunting. The choice should depend on your goal and why you want to lift the vehicle.

Do you want to ride higher? Or do you want to install bigger tires on your vehicle? Or do you just want more clearance and nothing else?

When you choose the right kit that fulfills your goal, you do not only get a smooth drive but also there are fewer complexities. 

Have a look at the table, and then compare both lift kits depending on your goal, you will be able to choose the right option quickly. 

After that, read the best lift kit reviews in this article, and select a good-quality kit to get extra inches of ground clearance for your rig.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: Are Rough Country Lift Kits good?

A: Rough Country is a famous brand in the United States and is popular for manufacturing good quality lift kits. One of the most loved kits by this brand is the Rough Country 2" Lift Kit

If you need good quality at a reasonable price, you can consider Rough Country kits.

Q: Do lift kits ruin your truck?

A: Lift kits can only damage your truck if used incorrectly. It is essential to install the kit properly or hire experts that can install it for you. Another important factor is to buy a good quality lift kit.

Q: How costly are leveling lift kits?

A: The price of the lift kit depends on several factors, such as the brand and type. You can easily get a decent leveling kit at $200-300. But some brands offer these kits at a lower price.

Q: How long does a lift kit last?

A: These kits easily don’t go anywhere, and you can use them for years. Make sure to purchase a branded kit made using high-quality material and comes with an anti-corrosion coating.

Final Thoughts 

Now you can improve the clearance of your vehicle and make it look bigger with any of these best lift kits. Read the reviews and the guide carefully to choose a compatible kit that is easy to instal and made using the highest quality materials.

Also, read the difference between suspension and leveling kit to make an informed choice. 

If you ask me for a recommendation, I’d say choose MotoFab Lifts 3 inch Front 3 inch Rear Full Lift Kit. However, if you are on a budget, consider Dynofit Store 3" Front and 2" Rear Leveling Lift Kit

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