Best Rust Reformers: Top-Rated Rust Converters Picked by Experts

“WD-40 300038 Specialist Long-Term Corrosion Inhibitor is the best rust reformer out of the thirty products I shortlisted and compared”!

The biggest rival of your beautiful car is rust! Be it the doors, the trunk, or the floor, rust can affect almost every metal part, hindering the structural integrity of the car.

Usually, modern cars are more rust-resistant than older vehicles, still these machines can catch rust if you live in an area with saline water. When I saw rust patches on my car, I quickly purchased a rust reformer to stop it from spreading. 

WD-40 300038 Specialist Long-Term Corrosion Inhibitor helps control the spread of rust. It is a long-lasting rust inhibitor that leaves a thick film on the metal part breaking its contact with moisture.

Continue reading to know more about the best rust reformers to get rid of rust patches from your car.

Top 5 Rust Reformers: Reviewed and Compared 

Selecting the rust converters wasn’t easy at all, still there are plenty of them available in the market. I asked several car enthusiasts about the products they recommend, then spent hours researching to shortlist the products I’ve reviewed below.

WD-40 300038 is always my first choice when it comes to protecting the affected metal for longer. The rust reformer comes in an aerosol spray, so you can conveniently spray it over the rusted metal part.

The potent formula starts working as you spray it over the rust and forms a thick layer to safeguard the metal. When used on the inside parts of the car, the spray's effect can last as long as 2-years. 

And for the outside parts, say the hood, it can last for around 1-year, which is pretty decent.

The strap helps you spray the rust reformer with precision, and it prevents the solution from spritzing all over the applicator.

Perfect for all types of environments, the rust reformer can easily withstand winters, summers, fall, and monsoon. 

Furthermore, WD-40 300038 is 50 states VOC compliant, so you can use it in any city within the United States. Talking about the drying time, the corrosion converter can take around 1-2 hours, but it depends more on the climatic conditions, said some users.


  • Easy to apply on the affected metal 
  • Works well on different types of metal objects 
  • Clings to the metal to prevent its contact with moisture and air 
  • Ideal for any type of weather 


  • Some users said the smell was unbearable 
  • The solution has a thin consistency, so it drips over 

2. Best Easy to Apply Rust Reformer: Corroseal Water-Based Rust Converter Metal Primer

Usually, rust reformers available in aerosol cans are easy to apply, but you’ll find this water-based solution easiest to apply. The reason is that it does not require any prep, so you don’t have to actually spend a lot of time sanding and scraping the metal object.

The solution is non-toxic and is non-flammable as well, which means you don’t have to worry about irritations and allergies. However, it would be great to wear protective gear when using this rust converter.

You can even pour the liquid into a spray bottle and use it on any type of metal object. 

You can even pour the liquid into a spray bottle and use it on any type of metal object. The best part about using the Corroseal Water-Based Rust Converter Metal Primer is that you can wipe it off whenever required. 

Just rinse the layer using a soapy solution and sponge when you want to treat the metal part with something else. To sum up, using this rust reformer primer, you can protect any type of metal surface from corrosion.

Apply it properly using a brush, and cover the entire piece of affected metal for excellent results.


  • You can apply it using a brush, roller, or spray bottle 
  • The rust reformer offers great coverage 
  • It is a non-hazardous rust converter 
  • Ideal for different types of application including marine, automotive and industrial 


  • It can get washed off during downpours 
  • The solution takes multiple coats to cover bigger rust patches

3. Rust Reformer Spray with High Coverage: FDC Rust Converter Ultra

Folks that have plenty of rusted metal objects around the house should consider using FDC Rust Converter Ultra. Available in liquid form, the solution is easy to apply, and you can enhance the lifespan of the affected metal objects.

When using this rust reformer, you don’t have to worry about grinding or sandblasting, or even scraping. Just apply the solution over the bare metal, let it dry, and you are good to go. 

The thick layer offers ultimate protection and can even cover the toughest or biggest rust patches. As it is a versatile rust converter so you can use it on different types of metals objects, including railings, tools, structures, cars, and more. 

The chemical compound is non-toxic and does not have a foul smell, making the application hassle-free. There’s no need to use a chemical thinner, as the consistency is fairly thin to offer you good coverage.

However, make sure the chemical does not drip over from the metal, so use it carefully. Overall, this is a fantastic rust reformer from FDC that’s perfect for any type of rust patch, either big or small.


  • It has excellent primer coating capability 
  • No need to use a chemical thinner before applying it 
  • It can convert the toughest of rust stains 
  • It dries quickly in under 20 minutes 


  • The lifespan of the rust reformer is not that impressive 
  • Contact with air can harden the chemical, so cap the lid carefully 

4. Best Effective Rust Reformer: Henkel 1381192 Rust Converter

If you want the rust patch to get dissolved quickly, you need to use Henkel 1381192 Rust Converter. Available in a gel-based form, the rust reformer is highly effective and is ideal to use on different types of surfaces.

The chemical is designed to convert the brown rust to a flat black paintable surface that can withstand contact with air and moisture. You can apply the chemical using a brush, but it will require several strokes since the gel has less volatility.

The best part about using this rust reformer spray is that it does not drip over. As per several users, this inhibitor is super strong and dries quickly within an hour.

Also, the lifespan of the coated layer is good, so you don’t have to reapply the gel multiple times. One thing to keep in mind when using Henkel 1381192 is that it’s a highly toxic compound, so it would be great to wear proper protective equipment to avoid catching any allergies or irritations.


  • It has a good shelf-life when coated properly 
  • Hides the corroded patches with a thick layer of black compound 
  • Extends the lifespan of the coated object 
  • Works well on different types of metal objects 


  • You need to apply multiple strokes to spread it properly 
  • Available in small packaging only 

5. Best Oil-based Rust Reformer: Rust Oleum 7830730 7830-730 Rust Reformer

Choose Rust Oleum 7830730 if you want to protect the rusted metal object and make it paint-ready. Available in a convenient bottle, the rust reformer is highly effective, even for stubborn rust patches. 

The chemical compound is popular for converting the rusted patch into a smooth surface. You can either use it as a top coat or mix it with oil-based finish to make the metal look great while enhancing its life.

After proper application, the Rust Oleum solution takes around 30-50 minutes to dry, mostly depending on the climatic conditions. You’ll see a thick black layer, which protects the metal from moisture and air. Thus, it puts a full stop to the corrosion process.

There is no need to sand the metal or scrape off the rust, and you can directly apply this solution and then paint over it after 24 hours. 

The only downside to using this rust inhibitor is the smaller bottle capacity which limits its usage to small metal objects only.


  • It leaves a thick and smooth finish over the metal surface
  • No need to sand the metal when using this rust converter 
  • The dried black coating is perfect for painting 
  • This corrosion inhibitor has good coverage 


  • Available in small packaging only 
  • Some users said the coating turns white after some time 

Buying Guide: What to Look for When Buying Rust Reformer 

When looking for a rust reformer, there are several things to keep in mind. From the type to the chemicals it contains, you need to look at such things to ensure the product is perfect for the project.

Here are some factors you should consider in a rust reformer to make it work the way you want.

Types of Rust Reformers 

Start with finding the right type for your needs. These corrosion inhibitors are available in liquid, spray, and gel form, and each type has its own pros and cons.


The spray rust reformers are the easiest to use since you can spritz them over the rusted patch directly. Furthermore, you can instantly spray the chemical compound without getting your hands dirty.

However, the spray cans are only ideal for smaller projects, as you cannot spritz the compound over a large part. 


The gel form is thicker than liquid removers and is less volatile as well. The biggest advantage of using such corrosion removers is that the chemical compound stays in places resulting in exterminating the corrosion.

The gel-based solutions are perfect for slanted parts such as the bonnet since the solution does not drip over. 


Liquid rust reformers are highly common among car owners because of their ease of application. However, when compared to the spray rust removers, these inhibitors require some prep-work such as you have to sand down the rust before applying the solution.

Liquid rust reformers have lower consistency, so they drip over quickly, be careful when applying them to the vehicle.


Next, you need to decide on the strength since a more effective rust reformer will be ideal for bigger corrosion patches. The choice depends on how stubborn the rust patch.

While checking a rust patch can be daunting for a layman, you can still easily guess the right strength you need as a cure. 

If the patch is in the initial phase, you can go for any regular rust reformer. On the other hand, for big patches, you should go for a highly effective solution.

Drying Time 

Choose a rust inhibitor depending on the drying time. A good corrosion reformer should dry quickly after you apply it to the metal part. Aerosol inhibitors usually dry quickly as compared to their liquid and gel-based counterparts.

Make sure to know about the drying time so that you can start sanding rust and the painting process afterward.


Buy a rust reformer depending on its application process. Spray cans are the easiest to apply, and you can directly apply the corrosion inhibitor to the rusted area.

On the other hand, applying liquid and gel-based rust reformer required you to use a brush and prepare the area so that the solution sits on it without dripping. 


Rusting is a chemical reaction, and it needs another chemical reaction to stop the rust from eating up the metal. Several rust inhibitors contain different types of chemicals, including phosphoric acid and other volatile compounds.

It is essential to ensure that these chemicals are not toxic so that you don't catch any allergies or irritations when using the rust converter.


The corrosion reformer should be versatile so you can use it on different surfaces. Most of these products reviewed in this article can be used on different types of surfaces, including cars, lawnmowers, and more. 

Future Rust Protection

Lastly, you should go for a rust reformer that has a lasting effect and does not require multiple applications. Usually, good branded rust inhibitors offer good protection, and you can expect the effect to last longer.

Tips You Need to Know When Using a Rust Reformer 

Even if you have the best rust converter in hand, you need to use it properly in order to get excellent results. Here are some tips that’ll help you apply the corrosion inhibitor properly to get rid of rust.

1. Let it Dry Properly 

Read the drying time of the rust remover, and let the solution sit for the time the manufacturer asks for. The drying time can vary greatly depending on the climatic conditions and other factors, such as how you apply the coat.

2. Let it Dry Properly

Read the drying time of the rust remover, and let the solution sit for the time the manufacturer asks for. The drying time can vary greatly depending on the climatic conditions and other factors, such as how you apply the coat.

3. Wear Proper Protective Gear 

Always wear proper protective gear when using rust inhibitors. It would be great to wear gloves, masks, and goggles to ensure zero contact with the toxic chemicals.

4. Do a Strip Test 

Before applying the rust reformer to the entire piece of rusted metal, you should do a strip test first. Apply a small amount of solution over the metal and see how it reacts. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: Do I need professional help for applying a rust reformer?

A: No, you can apply the rust inhibitor yourself without any professional help. Using these solutions is easy, and you can apply them directly to the affected metal.

Q: How long does the effect of the rust inhibitor last?

A: Well, it depends on the type of rust reformer you are using. I’d recommend using WD-40 300038 Specialist Long-Term Corrosion Inhibitor because it can last around two years when used on indoor metal objects. Make sure to apply the solution properly and let it dry before you paint over it.

Q: What types of metals can I use a rust reformer on?

A: You can use a rust inhibitor on different types of metals, including iron, steel, and more. However, there are some metals the metal converters are not effective on, these include aluminum. 

Make sure to read the product label to know which type of metals fall in the compatibility list.

Q: How much do corrosion converters cost?

A: The cost of the corrosion converter depends on several factors, such as the type, size, and potency. In this article, I’ve covered the best rust reformers for every budget, so you’ll find one that fits the bill.


A rust reformer enhances the lifespan of the affected metal objects and curtails the chances of corrosion. It is indispensable to treat metal before corrosion eats it up and makes the metal untreatable.

The best rust reformer you can use is WD-40 300038 Specialist Long-Term Corrosion Inhibitor. It works well on different types of surfaces and leaves a long-lasting finish. If you are looking for something with excellent coverage, you should choose FDC Rust Converter Ultra

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