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8 Best Truck Bed Mats and Drop-In Bedliner

Have you ever thrown things in your truck bed and heard the scratching sound that comes from it? Then it is high time that you ensured that your truck is protected from such by investing in the best truck bed mats (drop-in bed liners). This will be doing your truck bed justice by ensuring that you protect it.

When you remodel your truck, it means that you will have to put in some accessories which are right and which you are sure that are going to prolong its life. Protect the surface of your truck bed from scratches and dents which are likely going to occur when you are shifting cargo by installing the best truck bed liners.

Comparison Of Truck Bed Mats/Drop-In Bedliner


BedRug Full Bedliner BRC07SBK fits 07+ SILVERADO / SIERRA 6' 6

1. Red Rug Full Bedliner

  • UV-resistant polypropylene bed liner
  • Features a non-skid surface
  • Well cushioned flooring
  • Over 100 positive reviews

4.5 of 5 stars


DualLiner Bed Liner 2015-2019 Ford F-150 with 5'6

2. DualLiner Bed Liner

  • Polypropylene panel bed liner
  • Features a non-skid surface
  • Lifetime warranty included
  • Over 60 positive reviews

4.5 of 5 stars


Penda 63011SRZX 6'6

3. Penda Bed Liner 63011SRZX

  • Bed liner with molded board holders
  • Features a non-skid under body
  • Installation kit included
  • Over 30 positive reviews

4.3 of 5 stars


Rough Country Rubber Bed Mat Fits 2015-2019 [ Ford ] F150 5.5 FT Bed RCM640 Bed

4. Rough Country Rubber Bed Mat Fits

  • UV-resistant rubber bed liner
  • Features drainage on both sides
  • Easy to install
  • Over 200 positive reviews

4.6 of 5 stars


Dee Zee DZ86972 Heavyweight Bed Mat

5. Dee Zee Heavyweight Bed Mat DZ86972

  • Nyracord rubber bed liner/mat
  • Features rubber cleats on the underside
  • UV, tear and abrasion resistant
  • Over 900 positive reviews

4.7 of 5 stars


Westin 50-6145 Truck Bed Mat

6. Westin Truck Bed Mat

  • Recycled rubber bed liner/mat
  • Features a ribbed non-slip surface
  • 3-year warranty included
  • Over 200 positive reviews

4.7 of 5 stars


BedRug Bed Mat BMX00D fits 66

7. Bedrug Bed Mat Universal Size BMX00D

  • 100% UV resistant polypropylene bed liner/mat
  • Features a non-skid surface
  • Easy to clean
  • Over 100 positive reviews

4.1 of 5 stars


Toyota Accessories PT580-35050-SB Bed Mat for Short Bed Tacoma Models

8. Toyota Accessories Bed Mat For Short Trucks PT580-35050-SB

  • Constructed from rubber material
  • Features a non-slip surface
  • Removable and easy to clean
  • Over 1,400 positive reviews

4.9 of 5 stars

Truck Bed Mats Review

1. Red Rug Full Bedliner

This is my number one when it comes to bed liners and I even have it in my Silverado pickup truck. Why did I decide to pick on it? It is innovating, unique truck bed liner which apart from protecting your truck bed and your cargo from dings and damages, it will provide comfort to your knees if you decide that you want to crawl in your truck unlike spray on liner.

I have been having it for close to a year now and I can attest to the durability of this drop in truck bed liners. It is constructed from polypropylene which is plastic. This truck bed liner has been able to stand the harshest of weather elements; battery acid, gravel, and the likes. They are available in various sizes, molded to fit your particular truck. Once you install it, your surface will be void free which will allow easy access to factor tie-downs and accessories.

This drop-in truck bed liner has a non-skid surface which is ideal to make sure that your cargo is kept in place. Debris won't collect in due to the availability of a built-in hinge that is between the truck bed and the tailgate. The material is UV resistant protective coating and thus, it is hard for it to fade.

Its foam I can only liken it to the one which is used to make live jackets meaning, it doesn’t absorb water or cause mildew. Water will just run on the surface, out of the truck bed drain holes via the perimeter. When it comes to cleaning, you can use a power washer or a vacuum and it will be as good as new.


1. It perfectly molds to fit your truck

2. Heavy cargo will be handled perfectly well due to the presence of the rugged construction

3. Battery acid, bleach, and oil will easily be washed out

4. The floor is well cushioned, perfect for knees, pets, and cargo

5. It has a surface which is anti-skid which is UV and stain resistant


1. Expensive

2. DualLiner Bed Liner

It is an innovative type of drop-in truck bed liner which tends to combine all the top features of some of the great bed liners on the market and that is why I think it is one of the best. It comes pre-cut for factory LED lights and Box Link system. This truck bed liner sides are made from tough materials and the panels of polyethylene are designed in a way that, they follow the contour of your truck to give it an exact fit for your particular model or make.

This truck bed liner, at 3/8 inches, making it one of the thickest bed mats on the market and if that is what you admire in a truck bed mat, then go for it. It is a mat which will ensure that your cargo remains in place due to having a zero skid feature which will be able to protect your truck bed as well as your cargo.

It is a mat which is designed to add to the underside the cleats which help in ensuring that it keeps from laying flat on the finish of the vehicle while at the same time, allowing water to be able to drain out from the drain holes which are factory designed.


1. It fits all types of truck beds

2. It is made in the USA

3. It has sidewalls which are hard to protect it from dents

4. Ultimate protection from the super thick mat

5. Lifetime warranty


1. Tailgate panel doesn’t fit well

3. Penda Bed Liner 63011SRZX

If your budget is a little over $200, then you should consider purchasing this particular drop-in truck bed liner for your pickup truck. This bed liner has a number of molded-in board holders to ensure that, its stability is increased for your cargo. It holds onto each item in a specific position. This is a cool feature which is unique for this particular truck bed liner and it is rare to find it on other liners with the same price tag.

It comes with some precut holes where you will be able to expose the LED lights and thus, there will be no need of you worrying about endangering other motorists when you are driving at night.

This truck bed liner is easy to install as it basically fits onto the truck bed. Its only downside is that it doesn’t have pre-drilled holes for the tailgate extender cage. But you can resolve this easily by just drilling the holes during installation.

So if you are willing to carry out the alterations which are needed to give this truck bed liner a fit which is tight, you will be able to enjoy its benefits of skid resistant, molded in board holders, and no drill installation which is made easier by the installation kit which comes with the liner when you purchase.


1. Molded in board holders

2. No drill installation

3. A skid-resistant underbody

4. Comprehensive installation kit

5. Fits fine on the truck bed


1. Doesn’t fit well on the tailgate extender

4. Rough Country Rubber Bed Mat Fits

If you are one of the truck owners who deals with handling heavy loads, and you are shopping around for something which will keep it free from unsightly dents and scratches, then this particular drop-in truck bed liner could be for you. It has a contoured rubber made from the heavy duty of about 3/8 inches rubber which is indestructible.

This bed liner is made from the quality compound which ensures the rubber does not crack even when exposed to extreme temperatures. It also doesn’t fade when it is exposed to the harsh UV rays.

It is a truck bed liner which looks stylish with the company logo imprinted on it. It has angled lines which gives it a look which is unique that if you decide to purchase the mat, will give your truck appearance a transformation while at the same time, offering your truck bed protection from the harsh elements.

This truck bed liner is designed for truck beds measuring 5 feet 5 inches. It offers fast installation and durability which is excellent. If you want good value for your money, this could be one of the options of truck bed liners to go for.


1. Great traction

2. It is easy to install and at the same time uninstall

3. Prevents rust and mildew due to drainage on the sides

4. It has a durable rubber construction

5. Tear and abrasion resistant


1. Not compatible with all types of trucks

5. Dee Zee Heavyweight Bed Mat DZ86972

It is a bed liner for trucks from a great manufacturer used all over the world. It works tirelessly that your truck surface which does not sustain dents and scratches and thus, cutting down on maintenance of your car expense.

It is important for you to know that it is a truck bed liner which is exceptionally durable as compared to other models in its category. This is due to the fact that it is constructed with materials which are extra thick at 3/8 inches; the Nyracord, a rubber compound which is highly strong.

It is a material which is well known for resisting tear, breakage, abrasion and cracking. This truck bed liner even resists oil spills and fuel. On the underside of the mat, you will find rubber cleats which promote drainage of water. For the truck bed liner to be kept in place, this cleats also helps greatly.


1. No damage on your goods or truck due to the cushioning

2. Protects against UV rays and thus, lessens fading

3. It is affordable and durable

4. It features rubber which is compressed that fights against fuel spills, scratches, and cracking

5. It will not break or rust due to extreme temperatures as it has enhanced cord and high strength.


1. It at times feels like it is constructed of old tires

2. It is not heavy to offer maximum protection

6. Westin Truck Bed Mat

It is a drop-in truck bed liner which is designed to preserve your truck value. It helps in ensuring that it prevents contact between the goods you are transporting and your truck, keeping any damages off.

This truck bed liner is made in the USA from heavyweight rubber which is recycled meaning that, it will be in a position to endure your cargo, irrespective of how tough it is, for a very long time.

This truck bed liner has a nonslip ribbed surface which helps in ensuring that the mat stays in place. This means that your cargo will also remain in place while you are on the move. This will in the process, reduce the shifting which mostly causes the dents and scratches to the truck bed. It is a truck bed liner which comes with a design which has a custom fit thus, maximally covering the entire truck bed for great protection.

This particular mat comes with a 3-year warranty and thus, a risk-free investment.


1. Preserves the value of the vehicle

2. Lines and protects the bed of your truck

3. Nonslip, ribbed surface

4. It is made in the USA

5. It is made from recycled rubber


1. Doesn’t fit all types of truck beds

7. Bedrug Bed Mat Universal Size BMX00D

If you are not sure of the size of truck bed liners for your truck bed to go for, then you can decide to pick on this universal drop-in bed liner. This is due to the fact that it is easy for you to be able to cut it to fit your truck bed area. This truck bed liner is waterproof, slip resistant, affordable and chemical resistant. But you have to remember that, it is only available in plastic drop-in bed liners.

This bed liner has the ability to protect against damages, scratches, chemicals, and dents. Moreover, it is easy to clean too. The material doesn’t absorb water and thus, no worry about when you are washing it or when you are caught up in the rains.

This drop-in bed liner is constructed from 100 percent propylene and thus, expect it to give you good resistance, protective coating, durability towards UV rays and other chemical products. This truck bed liner is skid proof and thus your goods and the mat will stay intact as you transport.

When it comes to maintenance, then you will find it easy to clean. Installation requires drilling and thus, not an easy one. It is one of the strongest and lightest bed liner which you can get for your truck bed.


1. Good water drainage

2. Good for exterior use

3. It is 100 percent propylene

4. It is skidproof

5. It is easy to clean


1. You have to drill holes when installing

8. Toyota Accessories Bed Mat For Short Trucks PT580-35050-SB

It is a thick truck bed liner which is very heavy duty. It is one of the best truck bed liners in the market which I came across. Why do I think it is of high quality? This drop-in bed liner is custom designed for a particular fit with the bottom having some little circular bumps to enable it not to slide when you place it on your truck bed.

The top of this liner is slip resistant and thus, when you place whatever tools you are carrying around, it will not slide. You will be able to climb into your truck and you will not bruise your knees as you try to kneel due to the cushion of this particular mat.

If your truck came with a bed made out of plastic, chances are that it is slippery. If you throw something into it, it is likely going to slide off and bang up the bed of your truck and thus, using this particular mat will help in solving the slipperiness.

As compared to drop in liners, this bed liner is a lot cheaper and thus, good when you are operating on a tight budget. It has a nice ribbed texture and a nice logo in the middle to give it a cool look. The rubber feels and looks like a car rubber and due to being tacky, it guarantees no sliding.

It is a bed liner which is solid and thick, and with easy installation to your truck bed. All you will need to do is to take the bed liner with the right side up and then put it down without any rolling, adjusting or cutting required.

The bed liner is made in such a way that, it is removable and thus, you can easily take it out and ensure that it is cleaned or transfer it to another car if a need arises.


1. It is thick

2. The quality is good

3. The traction is good

4. It is a good value for money

5. It is a good fit for Toyota Tacoma


1. Doesn’t cover the entire truck bed

Difference Between Truck Bed Liners And Truck Bed Mats

As you go through the various options of protecting your truck bed, you will come across various choices. Most popular that you will come across are truck bed liners and truck bed mats. In order to make the right decision, there is a need for you to know the difference.

Each of them offers benefits which are similar and thus, the need to get what makes them be different.

1. Truck Bed Mats

For you to prevent cargo from shifting when in your truck, then one of the options is to use truck bed mats. You can also use it to save your truck bed from dents and scratches. Many of the truck bed mats in the market are constructed from durable materials. They are mostly in carpet, plastic, and rubber.

Truck bed mats tend to be versatile and flexible and that is why you should try them out. You can utilize them in various locations and thus, easy to take them to the boat or workshop when the need arises.


1. They are easy to clean whenever dirty

2. It is easy to get one that is custom made for your model of vehicle or do a purchase which is universal and trim it to fit your truck

3. It will offer protection to your truck bed

4. For more protection, you can pair the tailgate mat and truck bed mat

5. It will cover the entire flat surface on your truck bed

6. In comparison to the truck bed liners, they are affordable

7. Removing them is very simple, and thus a great nonpermanent option

8. It is easy to install them and anyone can be in a position to do them


1. In comparison to the truck bed liners, they are of low quality and thus not long lasting for a longer time

2. Under the mat, corrosion can build due to the fact that it is not watertight, creating an ideal environment for rust.

3. It is possible for the cargo to slip when the bed mat moves around

4. It doesn’t offer the side of the bed any protection.

5. If it doesn’t fit properly, there is a possibility of it going over when you drive or hit a bump which is an issue with your safety and your cargo and bed protection.

2. Truck Bed Liners

It is another popular option for protecting your truck bed which can be in the form of a spray in or drop in materials. If you go for the drop in bed liners, they are similar to bed mats and made from plastic materials.


1. They are capable of protecting the truck bed from dents and dings which are normally caused by cargo which is shifting

2. It is easy to customize them to your truck to match its interior

3. Every inch of your truck bed will be covered as well as the tailgate sides if you want to

4. You will have a lot of options to pick from when it comes to materials, color, and methods of application

5. They are made from materials which are high quality

6. Cleaning them is easy

7. Cargo will be kept at one place

8. Last Longer


1. They are expensive

2. If you are not sure of the way to install it then you will require a professional to do it for you

Factors To Consider When Choosing A Truck Bed Mats/Drop-in Liners

Truck bed mats are the cheapest way of ensuring that, you protect your truck bed. When purchasing a truck bed mat, there are things which you will need to consider which include:

1. Size

Different manufacturers have different dimensions of bed mats. So before you settle for a specific mat, ensure that measure the truck bed. You will have to close your truck tailgate and measure the length using a tape measure.

Take the width measurements, the depth starting from the bottom and up to the top. You will then change the units into inches if you didn’t measure in inches. That will make it possible for you to pick the right mat for your type of truck bed.

2. Fit

You will need to pay close attention to how the bed mat is going to fit when in your truck. If it is too small, that means that it will not be able to offer enough coverage and therefore less protection. If it is too big, it might mean that it will be hard for you to install.

There might be a need for you to trim the mat which might leave it looking awkward. Carpet and rubber mats for the truck and tailgate are readily available in all type of sizes for any model and type of truck.

If the mat is properly installed, it is possible for it to protect your truck bed for a very long time. If you are not sure of the size, the best is to take a bigger one and then trim to fit.

3. Price

The price of the mat should be considered too. When a mat cost less, it doesn’t add up that it is low quality. Before you judge it, check out its durability and material to know if it is worth the price or not.

If you want a mat and you have a tight budget, get a carpet mat but remember that they will not last for a very long time. There are plastic and rubber mats too which cheap and at the same time, tend to offer great protection. Mats made from rubber tend to be stronger as compared to mats made from plastic and at the same time offer protection of high quality when it comes to the sun rays.

4. Maintenance

Ensure that the mat you buy is easy to clean and maintain. If it is made from rubber, all you will require is a hose and water, and you will spray it clean. It should also be easy to remove for cleaning and reinstall it for use after it is cleaned and dried, ready for use.

5. Ease Of Installation

The process of installing your truck bed mat should not be a hard one. Ensure that you get a bed mat which is easy to install and remove in case you want to. You don’t have to use a lot of effort to do that. Before you purchase it, ensure you know the installation process, unless you will utilize the service of a professional technician.

6. Texture

The texture of your preferred bed mat is very important. if you will be loading cargo which is heavy then it should be able to slip into place easily. You will need to get one which should have a slick texture. If you need friction to be able to keep things into place during transport, then you will be better to choose a texture which

7. Warranty

Get a bed mat which comes with a warranty as it will give you peace of mind.

8. Weather Resistant

The truck bed is a place which experiences harsh weather elements. I recommend that you consider purchasing a mat which suits the type of weather conditions in your area.

9. Traction

Ensure that you get a mat which is skid proof. Most of the time, when you get rubber mats, they tend to have cleats which help in creating a strong grip for the truck bed to ensure that the mat doesn’t slide around when you are driving your truck.

A skid proof surface ensures that the bed of the truck is protected as well as keep your cargo safe. This ensures that tools or boxes don’t slip on the surface while you are transporting them and they will remain in intact. The mat itself will also remain intact.

This is something which is good when it comes to rubber mats but there are some bed mats which also have snaps and velcro to ensure that they are secured to the truck. To give it additional protection, you can decide to add a tailgate mat. Carpet and rubber truck mats and tailgate mats are normally available for all types or models of trucks.

10. Materials

You will find them in various types of materials with some made from marine gray carpet, rubber, or even carpet and plastic. If you utilize your truck for moving a lot of materials for construction, or heavy cargo, then I would recommend you go for rubber mats due to the fact that it can put up with a lot of abuse. They tend to be a little thicker than textile or plastic.

It will be good to get a mat made from rubber if you are looking for a heavy duty mat. These particular mats are made from recycled tires thereby offering protection against chipping, heavy loads, and your truck denting.

The carpet on top of carpet mats and the knob top on rubber mats minimize them from causing load shifting. Installing the mats is a simple thing as you will just have to clear the truck bed and then roll out your new truck bed mat. There are some which install with snaps or velcro for a sturdy installation.

You will have to pay attention to the material since not all rubber mats are made equal. There are those which are not UV resistant meaning that, they will not reflect away the harmful rays of the sun. if that is the case, then they will discolor very fast or even melt if it is of poor quality. There are those which are hard to clean.

Marine gray carpet is another option of material for truck bed mat. It offers a feel of luxury and also comes with additional comfort on your knees when you are doing some crawling in your truck bed.

Carpet and plastic are other materials to consider for your truck bed mats. They are normally of low quality and it is possible for them to cause more damage than protect your truck bed.

Mats made from plastic tend to be thick to provide protection. It is possible for them to melt if they are exposed to too much sun. carpets are also a cheap alternative. They are easy to stain and when it comes to water, they don’t protect your truck bed. If you don’t take a carpet mat or a plastic mat to dry, it is possible for your truck bed to rust, grow mildew and mold.


1. What Is The Best Truck Bed Mat?

The best truck bed mat is one that meets your point of need and which you are comfortable using.

2. How Do You Protect A Pickup Bed?

There are several ways in which to protect your pick up bed which include:

▸ Installing a bed liner

▸ Using a bed mat

▸ Using a truck cap

▸ Ensuring that you take care of the underside

▸ Using a tonneau cover

3. Do Truck Bed Mats Fit All Pickup Truck?

No, and yes. No, because there are bed mats which are small while others are large. There are those meant for specific trucks and thus, they will only fit those particular trucks. But if you get a universal one, then you will be able to customize it to fit your pickup.

4. How Do You Clean A Rug Under A Bed?

You can use the vacuum extension to be able to ensure that under the bed is cleaned well. Vacuum after removing all the area rugs or you can give them an old fashioned which involves beating them outside.

You can vacuum and mop the floor if, by chance, you have a hardwood floor. In order to make sure that the carpets are freshened, use baking soda and sprinkle it on the carpet, and let it sit there for some minutes before you wipe and clean it.

5. How To Clean Your Truck Bed Liner Or Truck Bed Mats – Step By Step

The truck bed mat helps in ensuring that the bed of the truck bed is protected and in the process, it traps dirt and debris. This means that you will need to clean it on a regular basis. You have to remember that, the type of liner or mat will affect the way you will clean.

If you have a spray on liner, or a drop in liner, usually made of polyurethane or rubber, there is no need for you to worry about how to clean because the material is easy to clean and durable. For the truck bed mat, you will just have to remove it first before you do the cleaning and the bed of the truck also requires to be cleaned before you place the liner back.

Step by step of cleaning the bed liner of the truck

Step 1: You will need to remove all the items from the truck bed. Get rid of rocks, sticks, and other unnecessary items from the truck bed and sweep out any other dirt present.

Step 2: Check the liner if it has stains and ensures that you treat them using a degreaser for automotive. You should utilize a pressure washer when you are cleaning your truck bed. Ensure that you spray water on the truck bed ensuring that all the spaces are given good attention. Allow the dirty water to flow out of your truck.

Utilize the car shampoo whenever you need to wash the truck bed which is unlined. If you don’t want to remove the liner when cleaning, you can utilize the use of an all-purpose cleaning gel or a quality liquid. Make sure that you scrub the liner so that the debris and dirt are removed.

Step 3: To rinse the liner plus the bed, use a high-pressure hose and leave it to dry. You can also use a microfiber cloth to remove all the water that might be remaining in the truck bed and the bed liner as well.


You might be thinking that a bed mat for your truck bed is not a necessity. You could be that guy who handles stuff in your pickup truck with care and thus, avoid making any damage to your truck bed. But remember that, if that is the case, then you spend more time doing so, which might be expensive as compared to having a bed mat spread inside the truck bed.

Save both time and money by going for a truck bed mat that is within your budget. Protect your investments by purchasing one of the best truck bed mats which will be able to protect your truck and cargo while you are on the go. The Redrug Full Bedliner is what I consider to be the overall top on the ones I have reviewed due to the fact that, it perfectly molds to fit your truck; heavy cargo will be handled perfectly well due to the presence of the rugged construction; battery acid, bleach, and oil will easily be washed out; the floor is well cushioned, perfect for knees, pets, and cargo; and it has a surface which is anti-skid which is UV and stain resistant.

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