Best Truck Train Horns - Top Picks and Reviews

Best Truck Train Horns – Top Picks and Reviews

Why should you have the best truck train horns? Trucks generally make a lot of noise while moving and with the traffic experienced nowadays, it will be best to have a truck train horn so that you will be in a position to move around without much stress. It will ensure that you drive in whatever zone that you find yourself in without limitations or any worries.

In case the horn you have on your truck has lesser noise, then it will be useless because the noise which is already being produced by the truck will absorb it. You will need to make sure that, you consider several factors before you settle on the truck train horns that you plan to install on your truck. When you get stuck in a traffic jam or you are traveling at high speed, it will not be enough to blow a horn. And even if you will blow your horn, then it will need to be loud and meaningful.

Comparison Of Truck Train Horns


MPC B1 (0419) 4 Trumpet Train Air Horn Kit, Fits Almost Any Vehicle, Truck, Car, Jeep or SUV

1. Trumpet Train Air Horn MPC B1

  • Constructed from polished chrome finished steel 
  • Provides a 150 dB  sound level
  • DIY instruction included
  • Over 200 positive reviews

4.3 of 5 stars


Grand General 69991 Chrome Heavy Duty Train Horn with Triple Brass Trumpet for Superior Sound

2. Grand General Train Horn 69991 Chrome Heavy Duty

  • Constructed from chrome finished stainless steel 
  • Provides a 140 dB sound level
  •  70 PSI to 120 PSI operating range
  • Over 100 positive reviews

4.5 of 5 stars


Stebel 11690039 - Nautilus Compact Mini Air Horn Chrome

3. Stebel Mini Air Horn Chrome 11690039

  • Waterproof electrical car horn
  • Provides a 139 dB sound level
  • 680 Hz tonality
  • Over 400 positive reviews

4.5 of 5 stars


Super Loud 148DB Marco Extreme Blast Premium Air Horn Car Truck SUV (BLACK MATTE)

4. Marco Super Loud Air Horn Car Truck

  • Constructed from nylon base and metal plate
  • Provides 148 dB of sound
  • Complete mounting kit and accessories included
  • Over 100 positive reviews

4.5 of 5 stars


Wolo (419) Bad Boy Air Horn - 12 Volt

5. Wolo Air Horn

  • Patented one-piece hoseless design
  • Features modern horn technology
  • Easy to install
  • Over 1,000 positive reviews

4.1 of 5 stars


Zento Deals 12V Single Trumpet Air Horn Single Trumpet Air Horn + Compressor Powerful Loud 150db for Truck Boat SUV Train

6. Zento Deals Air Horn

  • Constructed from chrome finished plastic
  • Provides a 150 dB sound level
  • 12V adapter included
  • Over 1,300 positive reviews

12V Dual Trumpet Air Horn -Zone Tech Premium Quality Classic Black Super Loud Powerful Train Sound Shiny Dual Car Van Truck Boat Air Horn

7. Zone Tech 12V Dual Trumpet Air Horn

  • Constructed from lightweight high-quality plastic
  • Provides a 115 dB sound level
  • Installation kit and 2 trumpets included
  • Over 400 positive reviews

3.8 of 5 stars


Kleinn Air Horns 102-1 Black Dual Air Horn

8. Klein Air Horns Dual

  • Constructed from XCR2 copper coated metal
  • Provides a 153 dB sound level
  • 4-12 electronic solenoid included
  • Over 100 positive reviews

4.4 of 5 stars


Vixen Horns VXH4114B 4-Trumpet Train Horn Black

9. Vixen Horns Trumpet Train Air Horn

  • Constructed from non-magnetic stainless steel
  • Features a 12V electric solenoid air valve
  • Mounting hardware included
  • Over 20 positive reviews

SUPER LOUD MARCO TORNADO Compact Air Horn for ALL 12V Vehicles: Motorcycles, Cars, & Trucks

10. Marco Super Loud Compact Air Horn

  • Constructed from metal materials
  • Provides a 150 dB sound level
  • Easy to install
  • Over 200 positive reviews

4.2 of 5 stars

Truck Train Horns Reviews

1. Trumpet Train Air Horn MPC B1

This particular horn is good for most vehicles including the SUVs, cars, trucks, or jeeps. The kit will be able to provide you with 150 dB of sound and for installation, you don’t require a lot of space. Each of the horns, which are four in number, have a solid metal construction and the same time, feature chrome finish which is highly polished.

The horns are stuck two by two with the entire unit measuring 13.75 inches length by 7 inches in height by 7 inches in width.  It also includes 12 volts, three-liter air tank, and 110 PSI compressor. The compressor/tank measures 15.75 inches in length by 6 inches in height by 5.25 inches in width.

During installation, ensure that the compressor is placed in a location which is dry and clean or it should be in the vehicle. After 60 seconds or less, the air tank refills.  It has a 12-volt solenoid which is electronic, a pressure switch that functions at 105 PSI in the off position and 85 PSI in the on position.

To activate this particular horn, you will just depress the push button switch. Each of the kits contains ¼ hose of 12 feet and a kit for wiring. The assembly for wiring  has power wires of 10 gauge, 12 feet, 20 gauge wires of 15 feet, a fuse holder, and 20 amp fuse.

You will also get various wire connectors, crimps; zip ties, and all the hardware that are necessary for installation. The materials which are provided makes it possible for you to have various options for installation. When you install it properly, this truck horn will give you several years of service which is reliable. It also comes with an illustrated and detailed instruction manual for an easy DIY.


  • Good value for money
  • It has a loud noise
  • The horns are metallic
  • It is easy to install
  • It comes with instructions for DIY installation.


  • It is not durable
  • It is a nonsealed compressor

  • 2. Grand General Train Horn 69991 Chrome Heavy Duty

    If you are in the market for a truck train horn, then this could be an option for you. You could be looking for a horn which could magnify the sound for you to be able to use it while you are driving in streets which are busy or while at high speed. It has a clear and super loud sound of about 140dB which could just be what you are looking for.

    I bought it for my car and at the moment, I am really enjoying the sound as it is just perfect for me. It is catching the eyes and ears of other drivers on the road and I am happy.

    It features a large trumpet which has a stainless steel opening brackets and between the large and medium trumpet, there are support brackets. It seems to me that, it is going to last for a very long time and at the same time, looking great.

    It is one of those horns that I consider as a truly good addition to your vehicle just for the appearance. It is covered in chrome which shines brightly while you are in the sun. The way the horns are contoured is great craftsmanship. The horns arrangement is also great due to the fact that they don’t get into the way of each other.

    They have an operating range of between 70PSI to 120 PSI  with 120PSI being good enough which will keep it functional for some time. When it comes to its performance, there is an electrical solenoid which is included with the horn that has an effect on the sound, making it be on the higher side due to the solenoid.

    You can resolve the problem with the solenoid by getting a different one which might turn out to be a bother. If you get a solenoid which is better, you might not regret due to the fact that it will improve the product significantly and it will work well for a longer time.


    • The horns look great and could fit on various trucks
    • Air powered
    • Large trumpet opening
    • Stainless steel brackets
    • Super clear and loud 140dB
    • Sold individually


  • The solenoid which is included with the horns has to be replaced for better results
  • Too big for some trucks

  • 3. Stebel Mini Air Horn Chrome 11690039

    Though small and compact, this car air horn will give you one of the best sounds that you are looking for. The installation you will not require much space. But despite it being small, it will be able to give you an incredible sound that is at 139dB which makes it be among the loudest models.

    It is an electrical car horn which is easy to install with all that is required being operational at 12V current that you will easily tap from the vehicle. It has a tone of 530Hz when at its lowest, and 680Hz at its highest; it makes it be a car horn that is high pitched which can be heard at close distances.

    It is a model which is waterproof and thus, it will not get damaged by water in case you get entangled in bad weather. So this means that, if you are regularly going across stretches of water, then you can consider this particular car horn.

    On the downside, the instructions are not good for newbies as it is hard to follow. But if you are experienced in the installation of car horns, then you will not have any problem with DIY installation.


    • Compact and small
    • Waterproof and weatherproof
    • High tonality of 680 Hz
    • Flexible and thus can be installed in all types of vehicles
    • Easy installation for those with experience


  • Instructions not clear
  • Made from ABS plastic materials which are not very durable for car horns

  • 4. Marco Super Loud Air Horn Car Truck 

    I found this system to be one of the elegant horns in the market. I would recommend that, if you have to purchase it, then install it outside the truck. This is due to the fact that it will not be damaged by rain because it has a useful and elegant metal plate black finish.

    The whole system is made of two heavy-duty compressor and two trumpets. It has a nylon base design which is also added on it. When you purchase, it will come with mounting hardware, relays, and air hoses. And since they are not on a separate air system, the sound will not be too low. But you can use it on an 18-wheeler and on small trucks too.

    It is easy to install this particular air horn and you can use it as an alternative for drivers who are unwilling to spend too much time with additional air systems. Their sound level is at 148dB and has comparable performance with other products in their class.

    Their overall capacity to work is impressive without any additional air compression. It has two small compressors which are enough to make them be able to reach 148dB.

    For the small compressor to be activated, you have to connect it to a power source. You can work with a standard 12V. It is shipped with all the necessary hardware and tubings which are needed for installation and thus, you can install it in the shortest time possible. You can install them under the hood but due to their distinct finish, you can install them in a place where they can be more visible.


    • Tubings and relays are in the package
    • The compressors are powered by a 12V system
    • Shipped with two small air compressors
    • Waterproof
    • You have several options when it comes to where to install it on your truck


  • The sound is not very deep

  • 5. Wolo Air Horn 

    If this will be your air horn of choice, then it might just attract everyone’s attention. It is designed in one horn meaning that, there are no separate air compressors or air hoses. It will easily adapt to the existing factory wiring and thus, making installation to be easy. There is a relay which is included in the package.

    This particular horn is one of those who are utilizing modern horn technology, a piece that doesn’t require any hoses during the installation. Installation is done in the shortest time possible as you will only require to use the wires of the horn that came with the vehicle to connect to the compressor. The kit has one bolt which you will use during installation.

    After you have installed it, it will be able to produce a dual-tone sound, double the sound produced by the factory horn that came with your truck. Its size is compact and thus, might be able to fit most of the trucks in the market. To get the magnified sound, you will have to connect it to the 12V energy in your vehicle. It has a compressor which is heavy duty and which is maintenance-free providing you with many years of service that is dependable.


    • Easy to install
    • All in one design
    • Use of existing factory wiring
    • It is louder than the factory horn
    • It is compact


  • A short warrant
  • Not durable

  • 6. Zento Deals Air Horn 

    If you are on a tight budget and yet you need an air horn, then this might be the right one for you. It can be used in small cars and commercial trucks. It has a profile which is lightweight. Though it appears to be made from metal, it is a plastic horn which is coated with chrome to make it durable and have a look that is distinct when you mount it.

    It has a small compressor which you will have to install together with this horn. Using the manual, you will have to get the ideal place to install the compressor. And due to the fact that the air horn works with the compressor, it means that you will have to tap power from the battery and that is why it comes with a 12V adapter.

    Its capacity is 150dB to make it loud enough to be heard from a distance and I am sure that could be what you are looking for; to be heard from a distance. You can install it on your vehicle as an anti-theft measure as you will be able to sound it loud whenever there is an attempted break-in.

    It is an air horn which is versatile, allowing it to be used by other vehicles. So during offseason, when you are just at home, you can remove it and mount it on your day to day car. It has an easy installation process. It is suitable for SUVs, trucks, trains, and boats, combining class, loud noise and an installation that is simple with its great affordability.


    • Uses a standard 12V adapter
    • Made with a chrome look that is distinct
    • Can be installed in various location on the truck
    • It can produce up to 150dB
    • Suitable for various uses in boats, cars, SUVs, and trucks


  • Thicker wiring
  • Made from plastic materials

  • 7. Zone Tech 12V Dual Trumpet Air Horn

    It is a dual trumpet air horn which is constructed from lightweight plastic materials, easy to install on trucks. Included in the package is a compressor to ensure that, you can be able to easily install it. It has a design that will allow you to install in whatever location you decide.

    Most of those who have installed it, tend to prefer to install it where the standard horn was, which is not a complicated issue. If that is what you will prefer, then you will only need to remove the plug from the standard horn and cut the plug for the stock.

    Due to the fact that is made from plastic materials, it is durable. The sound might not be that deep if you compare it to its metal counterparts but it will still work well at its budget price. It is designed in an all-black color which can easily blend well with your car parts. Its compressor has a red polish look which is distinct and which can be able to give the truck a look which is more sophisticated.

    This air horn comes with two trumpets and even though it is not as long as other trumpets, you will need enough width in order to install it under the hood.  It will give you 115dB, making them be powerful. Whenever needed, they can signal pedestrians as well as traffic participants if need be.

    You will have to avoid using them in places where there are hospitals and schools since it is very loud. It is an air horn which can easily be installed on various types of vehicles as it is a bit small than some of its competitors. One of the trumpets of this air horn is 8 inches long while the second one is 6.1 inches long. The compressor has a length of 4.3 inches and that is what makes it possible for them to be easy to install.


    • Can be installed with the wiring used for the existing air horn
    • It has a strong 115dB sound capacity
    • Comes with a compact compressor
    • It is made from durable plastic materials
    • For all types of vehicles
    • Dual trumpets


  • Too big a size
  • Can only be installed on the interior
  • Sound not as deep as the metal-air horns

  • 8. Klein Air Horns Dual

    When you are in the market for truck air horns, you need to remember that, not all of them are the same. There are those which have a deep sound while other has a high pitch sound. This particular one has a deep sound which is brought about by its design.

    It is made with longer trumpets and this makes them offer a sound which is distinct due to double trumpets. The trumpets come with a body which is all metal making them be more durable. The metal body is what produces the truer sound and though it is not very loud, it is distinct.

    The maximum sound produced by this particular air horn is 153dB and it has a compressor which is very powerful. Metal construction makes it give a deep sound as well as a loud noise.

    To protect the metal against corrosion, it has black XCR2 copper which is coated on it. At 16.7 inches, this air horn is not that long and thus, can be able to fit in various parts of the truck. Depending on the location which you settle for, they might be louder than those of a fire truck or an ambulance. You will require an onboard air system for the air to pass through the trumpet. I would advise you use a 150PSI system which is normally sold separately and which works well with this air horn.


    • Coated with a material which is corrosion resistant
    • High 153dB noise capacity
    • It has a 4-12 electronic solenoid
    • It is an all-metal construction
    • It lasts for a longer period of time


  • You have to buy an onboard air system separately

  • 9. Vixen Horns Trumpet Train Air Horn

    The way I saw it, I think it is a durable air horn which you can place your money on. It is constructed from stainless steel which is a material that is known to be durable. When you grasp them, you can easily feel how strong the horns are.

    To further extend its life, the manufacturer has used a non-magnetic type of stainless steel which is an important feature. Due to their material composition, you can easily use these air horns in any type of weather conditions while remaining confident that, they are not going to rust.

    Installing them is also very simple and you should be done with it in the shortest time possible even if you are a newbie. For it to work perfectly, you will have to connect it to a 12V electronic solenoid. It produces a clear and loud sound though you might feel as if it is very high pitched.

    Generally, this truck train horn looks great but you have to mount. It is not the mount which is ugly but it seems not to work well with this particular horns, resulting in the design concepts that clash. If you can have a way of hiding the mounting of this particular horn, then do so. On the overall, it is a solid horn and can count on them to perform well.


    • Durable
    • Fast installation
    • Has a strong powerful sound
    • Has an anti-corrosive coating
    • It is an all-weather truck train horns
    • It has an attractive look


  • The mount is not great
  • Not compact
  • It is expensive

  • 10. Marco Super Loud Compact Air Horn

    In case you are looking for a loud compact air horn, this could be one of the best options for you. It is a simple design which is not complicated with the actual compressor integrated into the air horn and thus, reducing all the needed installation wiring.

    It has been tuned in such a way that, it is hard to find fault with it. It is made of metal. Due to the fact that it is compact, performance is not compromised. It comes with a maximum noise level of 150dB. It has two trumpets, managing to offer one of the loudest horns to replace the factory horns.

    Its entire design is convenient with the 12V-24V compatibility standing out. It also works at a frequency of between 520 Hz and 660Hz and includes a relay. It is easy to install which can be a good pick if you want a quick fix.

    Because of the low amp, and being loud, it can be useful while in certain traffic situations such as avoiding pedestrians or traffic impact. When taking tight corners you can use this horn to alert your presence ahead to the incoming traffic. When in residential areas, you will have to take caution.


    • Finely tuned performance
    • Made with a compact design
    • Powerful 150dB
    • It is easy to install
    • Stylish black metal
    • Compressors are heavy-duty


    • Installation instructions not clear

    How Do Train Horn Works?

    Air horns comprise of a source which is the one that produces air that is compressed. This compressed air is the one which passes inside the horn’s diaphragm. This then, the air stream will make vibrations to occur in the diaphragm, in the process, causing waves of sound which are then followed by amplification of the horn sound, making it louder.

    Why Is An Air Horn Important?

    They should never be used for fun. They are very important to alert traffic participants of certain danger. It is a vital part of your experience in driving and without it, it might mean that you are driving recklessly, and you could be liable to committing a crime as many countries deem it illegal to drive minus air horns on trucks and other vehicles.

    The air horn on your car is a mode of communication to pedestrians and other road users. It is also the best way to let your friends know that you are outside their house waiting without the need to leave your vehicle.

    Whether you are planning to replace your regular air horn on the vehicle or you are looking for something which is a bit louder, then the air horn is the best replacement you should make. Air horn tends to be louder as compared to your regular horn meaning, you are easy to be heard faster than someone who doesn’t have one. When you own an air horn on your vehicle, it will be much safer and at the same time, give you a better sound.

    Why should you have the best truck train horns

    Things To Consider When Purchasing Truck Air Horns

    1. Sound

    This is the most important factor to consider when choosing a truck air horn. You will have to take into consideration the sound that will be produced by the horn and the kind of sound that you will be comfortable with. There are two varieties that you will come across in the market: the one that uses air compressors and tanks and the other one that uses a system of direct drive.

    If your choice will be with the direct system one, then it will include a small size air pump which ensures that the air is able to be pumped directly into the small set of horns. The air compressor then builds pressure then builds in the tank up to 200 PSI

    The pressure remains in the tank until it is triggered by the horn which a solenoid triggers electronically and which you will find in the horn during the installation process. Compared to the direct system, it is very loud and it has a blast of between 148dB to 153 dB. You will come across some system which can go up to 157dB depending on the horn type and valve size.

    The sound that is created will depend on the size and number of trumpets which are in your set. Trumpets which tend to be shorter and thinner produce high pitched sound while those which are longer and wider tend to produce a deeper tone.

    When you do the purchase of the horn, you will find that they come in sets of 2  to 4 trumpets which are designed to blend sound and quality of the horns. Most of the horns in the market have 3 to 4 trumpets which tend to produce louder sound as compared to the traditional train horns. When you are purchasing a horn for your truck, you should concentrate on the type of sound that it produces.

    2. Non Sealed And Sealed Air Systems

    If after installing an air horn it doesnt work, it could be that, the compressor is installed in the wrong location. The compressor and the tank system have to be installed in a clean and dry area.

    In case you happen to mount them in an exposed area, it will end up allowing dirt and water to attack them, getting them into the chamber, resulting in the damage of the compressor. These are damages which the manufacturer doesn’t cover in the warranty and thus, you should try to be careful.

    3. Suitability

    Different vehicles have different requirements when it comes to air horns. You will have to ensure that, the horn you are trying to purchase is compatible with the requirements of your vehicle in regard to voltage, current, resistance, and many other things.

    4. Air Requirements

    There are three features of air system of a truck which are important and which you will need to adhere to when choosing a truck horn; tank capacity, work pressure, and the duty cycle of the compressor. The air pressure working system needs to comply with a rule which states that: the louder and higher the sound that is produced by the horn is determined by the higher the pressure is.

    The capacity of the tank denotes the air amount which can be stored in the tank that determines how long the horn will be able to hold before a need for refilling of air in the tank. To calculate the duty cycle in the rating of the compressor, you will have to complete on and off cycles running time at a maximum in percentage form.

    You will have to consider the size of the tank to ensure that, you get the proper duty cycle, expected used frequency and the multipurpose air, which is also important. You will have to consider all these features before you decide which air horn is best for your truck. They will have an impact on the sound, length, and quality of the horn.

    5. Ease Of Installation

    You will have to consider how easy it is to install the horn on your truck after purchase. You have to figure out where you are going to place it and on which particular component. There are various sizes of air horns on the market and thus, you will have to figure out the one which will be easy for you to install or otherwise, you will need to utilize the service of a professional.

    But in case you are planning to do it on your own, you can go ahead and watch some online videos to find out which one will be easy for you to DIY. You can also go through the manual.

    6. Price

    Car horns are found in different quality and price but just like other products, you will be able to get what you pay for. If you decide to settle for a cheaper option, then it might not be the best in the market.

    How To Install An Air Horn To Your Truck – Step By Step

    Now that you have bought the air horn for your truck, it is time to install it. The following instructions might be slightly different depending on the type of model that you settle for:

    • You will have to find a good place under the hood to install the horns. I would recommend mounting towards the front of your vehicle and pointing a bit down so that, water does not collect in the horn.
    • Using the supplied mounting screws and hardware, mount the horn onto your vehicle.
    • You can install the included compressor to  your fender or firewall
    • The compressor has to be hooked up to the horn using the included tubing, ensuring that it is securely located and it is free from kinks.
    • Locate the factory horn wire and test it to find out if it is working. When it is off, the multimeter should read 0 and 12 volts when it is on.
    • The relay has to be connected to the horn wire. The compressor has to be hooked up with a 12-volt power and ground. Connect the negative terminal of the compressor to the ground.
    • Time to test your new horn. If everything has been done right, both the air horn and the factory horn should work.


    1.How Many DB Is A Real Train Horn?

    Most train horns put out between 140 dB to 150dB or more. This is too loud, rock concert loud.

    2. Can Your Hearing Be Damaged By Air Horns?

    You need to be aware that, noise which is too loud can make your hearing to  disappear. And when your ear stops hearing, it is hard for them to hear again. On average, an air horn emits 129dB. And sound above 85dB can make you lose your hearing. This means that air horns have the capacity to damage your hearing.

    3. Are Train Horns Getting Louder?

    The horns are normally between 96dB to 110dB and the rule mandates that, when the horn is sounded, it should be 15 seconds and not more than 20 seconds when approaching public crossings. They are normally sounded in a pattern of two long sounds, then one short sound, then one long blast.

    4. Is Using An Air Horn legal?

    Every state or country has its own regulations and rules. The vehicle and transport laws set limitations on various aspects of this area. The main thing in this laws is that a horn should not be blown out harshly, unnecessarily and loud. This means that you cannot have a horn with a harsh and loud sound.

    5. Do Truck Must Have Air Horns?

    They are installed as a warning device to be used in case of emergency or when you are alerting other vehicles that, you want to pass.

    6. Are Any Of The Other Horns As Loud As The Train Horns?

    The train horns are the loudest

    7. What Does PSI Mean For These Tanks And Why Does It Matter?

    PSI is a common unit of pressure which is expressed in pounds of the area of force per square inch. Before the operation, the tank without water should have a pressure 2psi below the pressure cut-on. But with an increase in the pressure, the air pressure in the tank will also go up.


    Some of the best truck train horns in the market are easy to install and thus, you can do the installation on your own. It is important to note that, these horns are being used by some people for emergency situations and thus, there is a need for proper testing to be done after the installation in areas where sounding is legal.

    Since there are a variety of air horns, you should choose one that is easy to install and which you can be able to use in various conditions especially if you are driving across the country. It is likely going to be under the weather conditions when you are on long routes and that is why it will be best if you chose a durable air horn. These type of horns which are durable are available but it is a matter of design and choice compatibility as you might find it tough to find the right place to install your air horns. Go through your truck owner manual and the manual of the train horns to find the best place to install it.

    My best pick is the Grand General Train horn 69991 Chrome heavy duty because the horns look great and could fit on various trucks, it is air-powered, it has a large trumpet opening, it has stainless steel brackets, it has super clear and loud 140dB and it is sold individually.




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